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Googleshng - October 25 '00- 3:00 Eastern Daylight Time

Having 3 new games, all on Nintendo systems, is surreal. Out of all the new features in Pokémon Gold and Silver, the following are by far my favorites: You have 4 seperate inventories (Items, Balls, Plot Items, Machines), so there's none of that annoying business with throwing away TMs to get keys, plus each Pokémon can hold an item. There's an option to move Pokémon freely between boxes and your party, which makes sorting them so much easier, AND you can name your boxes. Searchable Pokédex too. The map takes no space. There's an experience bar under the HP bars. Finally, the whole built in clock concept is pretty cool... except that it's not aimed at nocturnal people. I set my clock to Pacific time... in retrospect I should have gone even farther. Zelda on the other hand, well, let me just say this. The whole 3 days to accomplish any given task thing is a LOT less restrictive when you use the song that slows time down to something like 20% of the normal rate.

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Xenogears spoilers

Heya Goog,

Okay, my passionate love of everything Xenogears made me write this. In response to that guy's question yesterday about the Fatima Jasper looking like a laser pod.

Actually, here's a freaky theory, the tower of babel could quite possibly be a piece of the Eldridge that conveniently smashed into the ground straight up. Insane yes, but if you think about how advanced you'd have to be to build a ship like the Eldridge, I'd think your ship would be made of tough stuff. Also notice the entire city in the tower is built on the SIDE of the tower, as well as everything else being sideways, which supports the theory that Babel is a piece of the Eldridge. The Shevites simply modified it.

Of course if my theory is too unfathomable it's obvious that Babel's architecture is based directly off of the Eldridge, the control panel designs are identical (yes there is a part of the game where the game's graphics engine shows you what the inside of the Eldridge cockpit looks like.) Which also explains why Ft. Jasper looks like one of those homicidal laser pods.

God Xenogears theories are fun! It's why I love the game so much.


PS- Now let's all discuss the ethical concerns of Nanotechnology!

Spiffy, other people pointed out things like that if you look carefully at the map, you can see the impact crater from the tower. That's just plain spiffy.

More on Xenogears?

I guess I'm the one guy who hasn't beaten Xenogears! I just got it throught the mail yesterday and it's a great game so far. Thanks a bunch for the spoiler tag. I'm about an hour and a half into it and Fei is shaping up to be a schitzo just like Cloud... sounds good!
A couple things though... why is the young Dan balding and why does he have the appearance of a burnt-out circus clown? Any input would be thoroughly appreciated. :-)
"Like a midget at a urinal, I was going to have to stay on my toes." - Frank Drebin

Well you see, Cloud is just totally off his rocker, where as Fei just has the one, realisticly portrayed, disorder. They're plenty different. Now then, as for Dan, well, Dan scares me. He's a creepy little midget that doesn't like you. I think maybe he was adopted too, because he REALLY doesn't look like Alice.

Hello Gobbleygookgle,
Hey, in yesterday's column you warned that one person that hasn't won Xenogears that spoilers were ahead. Well, I'm guilty as charged. Personally, I didn't like the game as it was unbalanced and boring, much like my "deceased" virtual friend, Thor, says. I'd explain what I don't like about it, but I fall back on using explitives way too much to be able to send it to you. So, what am I missing that's so great about the game. It's not the gameplay, that's for sure.
Okay, this is just something that irks me, but why do people say won something when referring to a video game? I, personally, have beaten or finished games... it just sounds better. That, plus, I like to believe most video games are more advanced than Candyland.
As for questions, what's the major factor in coaxing monsters and demi-humans to join you in Ogre Battle 64? Is it your alignment or if you have certain types of characters in your party? I noticed I've done better recruiting Golems with a Doll Master in the party and the same goes for dragons with a Dragon Master... but is that just a coincidence? Or, should I smack the monster around a little, first, before getting them to join me? I have a lot of trouble getting hellhounds, cerebuses and vultans joining me. Yet, I have no problem with young dragons, faeries and gremlins. Figures.
Last question, I swear. Which of the following are you looking forward to more? Final Fantasy IX, Skies of Arcadia, Grandia II, Lunar:Eternal Blue or Phantasy Star Online?

The Asian Persuasion,
Terry Rader

I don't say I've finished a game unless I've done everything possible in it, for example, get all the endings in Chrono Cross. I don't say I've beaten a game, because I don't consider myself to be actuvely competing against what I'm playing. I think I'm competing against the AI level of psychoticness in the game designers, by playing the game, hence I say "won". As for OB64, I believe it's mostly a matter of alignment, yes, with classes like Doll Master factoring in a little. Finally... I really can't say. L2, SoA, or FF9. It's too close really.

Big Quicky
mmmmmmm... Zelda M&Ms

Say, what kind would those be? Link is green, so would they be the obscure mint M&Ms that only come out at Christmas time? And people thought Final Fantasy Coke was major product placement.

Magna Maduin
(Digivlolve to Omega!)

Sure. By the way, Z:MM gives us a glipse at what the world would be like if Shiggy were to drop dead suddenly. It's a fun game and all, but, well, it lacks that unplacable little charm that makes me keep playing, heck, the original Zelda, after all these years.

Odd question.
Hey Goog,
If Cyan Garamonde is a samurai (obviously Japanese), then why does he speak Old English (obviously... well, English)? This has been bothering me for a while.
Mana Goddess

Uh... because FF6 is set in a world where everyone speaks the same language, FF6 was made in Japan, where all the characters would speak Japanese, Cyan more formally due to his honor code, and, well, when you translate ultra-formal Japanese, that's what you get. Although technically, that's NOT Old English. If you read something in Old English, chances are you wouldn't be able to understand a word of it.

Odd selection today.
As I understand it, Escaflowne had the first episode stripped for the English version. The DVD version is supposed to have both the English version and the Japanese version with English subtitles. So can you tell me the if DVD version includes the first episode of the Japanese version or is it only the episodes that were dubbed (mangled) into English ? Also how similar is Ogre Battle 64 to Final Fantasy Tactics ? I consider to latter to be the best game I've ever played on the Playstation and since I also have a Nintendo 64 I was thinking about getting the former. Allan

I would assume the DVD is less mangled, but I still wouldn't listen to Dilandu dubbed. As for OB64 and FFT, uh, they have absolutely nothing in common. In FFT, you control a party of effectively 5 characters dirrectly in tactical fights and have total mastery over their advancement. In OB64, you direct a party of effectively 50 characters which operate mostly on their own AI and advance how they darn well please relatively speaking. Plus it's more realtime.


Please don't call the elements gear Voltron, thats about it, please. Oh... and on a sidenote you ever play super robot wars.

I'm going to keep calling it Voltron until it stops looking just like Voltron thank you very much, and no, I haven't, but if I ever start importing games, that's near the top of my list.

This week's qoute is from Alundra after you get that little bitty key fixed by the keysmith. It's also form Saturday Night Live (I think that was the joke). Good localization, dontcha think?

Chainsaw "I'm feelin' a little ferklemped!" Repairman

Here's your tilde: ~ and for the others who got it: ~~

I got Zelda!!! 2 days early!!! YEAH!!!

So did I, and everyone else I know. That means it's not early.

Vote Captain Planet for President November 7th.

No. If he gets dirty he lapses into a coma. Plus he's a dork.

(a pint-sized perverted old man pours cold water on Google) Ahh, sweet Google, let me sleep on your bosom...

"Happo Fire-Burst!"

JapaneseSchoolgirl: Quit that! Great, now I'm going to be late for class and have to stand around holding buckets. On the other hand, *mallet* *Happosai flys away*, that's convienient.

"Spoilers for the one guy who hasn't won XG"
Wow, thanks. Strange how you seemed to know I was out there...

I exaggerated. There's really like 3 of you.

OK, I'm a stickler for stuff like this, but bishonen means "beautiful boy", not a "boy who looks girly". Sure, I guess in some cases that definition works, but not really.

That's a more literal translation, but mine's close enough.

The Last Laugh:

Zelda... Pokémon... BYE!

Googleshng "Nintendo game having"

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