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Googleshng - October 24 '00- 3:00 Eastern Daylight Time

It's weird to walk into the kitchen and not see a stove. It died, so today was the sort of day that makes you really glad microwaves exist. Anyway though, between that Amano comment yesterday, and a certain sick little joke, I'm short on letters. Let's see if I have enough!

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Let's straighten this out first...
To Googleshng

I don't write into the Q&A column very often but I do so now with a heavy heart. I was extremely saddened to find out by way of Sharkey's site that Thor has unfortunatly passed on. Thor was one of the funniest most witty persons I have ever had the pleasure to come in contact with. He was the first host I have ever read on the Q&A column even before I had a computer of my own and had to use my bosses. He was also I feel the best Q&A host on RPGamer ever. I sit here crying about the death of a person I never met but feel I knew very well. Thor you will always hold a special place in my heart and memories. Here's to Thor BLARG!


People have been coming up to me all day on this topic. For those of you who don't know, which is evidently a LOT of you, Sharkey is known for making the occassional very sick and very overelaborate joke. He once converted his page to an authentic Sailor Moon fan site complete with links and images for about a week. Now then, here is a list of some of the subtle things that let you know this is a joke: 1- That's a funny picture. 2- The alt text. "It's true. I like saw it on the news an..." 3- "last week Thor was struck by a car and killed while out getting a very early start on his trick-or-treating." Yeah, 2 weeks early. 4- "His mother called me last night and gave me the news" Now, I know Thor, I know Sharkey. Sharkey and Thor don't know eachother well enough for their mothers to have eachother's phone numbers. 5- Rather than actually take down his page, Sharkey just cleverly hid a link to it, where more funny pics like that can be found. If he was actually upset, there wouldn't be anything there. For the record though, I'm pretty darn sure if I suddenly died, and Sharkey found out, he'd throw up some hideous joking image made from stuff on my page and tell some jokes. Oh, and here's a little followup now that I've fallen asleep, woken up, and went on my daily rounds. 6- Thor just updated his page this morning. 8)

YAY! HTMLized!
Anyways, thanks to some horrendous render times for my contest art entries (which are render at 3072x768, much better content than the ones I've been doing for y'all, but, I'm only a HSer), so there won't be a pic for 'bout a week. So anyways, on to the question(s). How the heck to bring up my level quicker in OB64? I was equal with the enemies on one mission and all of a sudden I was 5 levels behind on the next mission. I don't want to waste money on training. Also, I've been trying forever to get this to work, but I can't. How the hell do you get a triple spell. Am I trying with the wrong elements? I'm working with Fire, Wind (lightning), and Water (Ice). Do those just not mix? Also, where do I find the instrument in Dragon Warrior CGB I? I'm told it was burried with the minstrel person, but nothing is there in the town named after him (where I'm presuming he'd be buried).
"Fe + 2CuNO3 -> Fe(NO3)2 + _?_
And organic chemistry is harder? Wah!"

OK, OB64 uses a pretty standard TRPG convension. It only takes 100 EXP to go up a level, but the ammount you get depends on the difference between your level and what you're fighting. So, high level characters won't get much EXP wise except against bosses, or similarly high levelled characters. As a general rule of thumb, you should try to stay within 2 levels of anything you kill (being two levels lower is obviously better). As for getting one or two units to REALLY high levels, I'm afraid you're stuck character building. Now, for triple spells, I don't believe they work with opposing elements. So, Fire Wind Water won't work, but Fire Wind Dark would. More importantly, Water Wind Water works. It works VERY well. I've seen it do 170 damage. Make sure everyone's in the same row though. Now, for the DW question... "one must travel to Rimuldar, buy some keys, come back, and dig through the cave, the grave is in the locked away of Grimanham, or whatever it's called, same as DWi NES, it's in the final room" - da boss.

More questions
.. It's my turn? Alright, let's do this:

1. About the classes in Ogre Battle 64.. do you have to have a member of a new class in your party to have others become that class? Like, if you want an Amazon to become an Archer, do you have to have in Archer in your legion? Or just have the equipment?

2. I try to avoid the Final Fantasy 9 information network. But if you will please tell me this without telling me too much it would be greatly appreciated: Is it going to be easy, like Final Fantasy 8? Or hard..?

There. I gave you the old one-two. You know, there should be an RPGamer RPG. With some sort of special ability for everyone. Like, for you, it could be,uh.. really good agility. Like this,"Googleshng dodged the question!". Ok, fine, really bad joke. But I'm bored and sick. On an unrelated note, are you going to get Shen Mue?

-Jamil "Do I bother you?"

If you have the basic equipment for a class, and someone with the stat requirements, it's displayed as an available class. I've been avoiding ALL FF9 info, but I've heard it's not as easy as the last too, but it's still not HARD hard. I know of like 5 people making RPGamer RPGs with RPG Maker. Finally, yeah, I'm probably getting Shen Mue. I like Space Harrier and Outrun. Wish the DC could use SMS controllers like the Genesis can.

Xenogears rules.
Spoilers for the one guy who hasn't won XG

(semi spoilers maybe) Hi Ggl,
I picked up Xenogears some days ago to try out some things I've thought about and i need a different persons (or whatever) opinion. First, the Ft. Jasper. Is it just med or do it look very much alike one of the gunplattforms on the Eldridge which are shooting down the escape shuttles during the opening FMV?
>From my observations the size is pretty much the same and the beam they shoot also look quite similar.
The only fact that would ruin this speculation is that Citans mentions that the Ft. Jasper nad Babel tower are ruins from the same time period. What do you think?

Next one, which part/parts of it did you like most?
I, liked the Babel Tower and the Kahr-Miang battles since they was the most challanging.

And finally, is there any part that you cannot make very simple by choosing the right party and equipment/gearparts? Except Kahr-Miang battles.
As an example, the Babel tower, Fei with some e-circuits, Billy with his square attacks and Elly. Then you will only get hit like 3-5 times in the entire tower. And only Billy will use a little fuel. And if you also have Elly equiped with power magic and e-circuits Babel-Kahr will go down by one, and Siebzehn two. Or, you can deafeat Deus at once, not taking out the 4 other parts first, by having Fei put on speed shoes, and Xenogears equiped with the powerful engine with 1000 fuel, 50% power up and z-charger.
Deus down within 5-6 turns.
Guess you understand wha i mean. /db

Yes, Ft. Jasper is one of those tiny little lasers from the intro. Think about how big it is. Think how many are on the ship. That ship is the biggest thing I can think of that you can really get a mental grip on. My favorite scenes in the game would probably have to be: ChuChu getting bigger, the elements forming Voltron, the SDGY4 scene, Billy's gear launching, the big desert fight, and the Kislev arena, probably in that order. Finally, yeah, pretty much everything late in the game is a snap with the right equipment, but figuring out what to equip is the strategic goodness that makes me love the game so.

Woohoo! I got one!
greetings to the wise, yet letterless slime of rpg related knowledge,

to continue the popular trend, this will be a multipart question:

1) Due to your frequent "suggestions" I have put off getting a ps2 at launch, and instead will get a dreamcast, most likely sometime in december. I am looking forward to being able to play grandia 2 as well as pso, but I'm not sure what other great rpg's will be coming out for it, what are your recomendations?

2) Is seganet required to utilize the internet connectivity of the dreamcast, or will any ISP work?

3) When do you anticipate the first price drop for the PS2? My wild random guess is sometime march/febuary to $250, but thats just me

4) Lastly, how is your game coming along? Did you find your assembly coder?

kokochiyoi yume

First, YAY! Now then, you'll probably want Skies of Arcadia. You also might want Shen Mue. It might not be an RPG really, but whatever it is, it seems pretty cool. As I've said many times, DC net based games will work with any ISP. Considering that the PSX2 won't even be available until the general public until March, you might have to wait until april. Finally, the assembly coder wasn't for me, that was for a friend. Both of us would seem to have programmers now though.

goog/man/lady/slime being

alright i know i should be sending this to GIN but its more of a response to a letter about Yoshitaka Amano and FF7 character designs....

"I always thought that Amano didn't do the character designs for FF7, but, as you can see, this is undeniably supposed to be Cloud." -DarkRider X

i can answer this one,Amano didn't design the characters at all but he did do some art with the characters for promotional use (to which i haven't seen directly) Amano also did paintings for FF8 which really had nothing to do with the game itself...he might be doing it for fun perhaps?

-Maddox <---please post this...its fanart and stuff...i am without shame....

When I saw that letter yesterday, I thought to myself, Uh-oh. Thankfully I caught it early on, so this explanation here is handy rather than box clutter. So, thanks.


Heeheehee, I always knew you were a boy, Googleshng!Wait a minute, *splashes with cold water* Eeeekk!!!Your a girl? Wait a minute!!

JapaneseSchoolgirl: Now here's an inside joke that hasn't come back to haunt me in awhile, let me go boil some water before continuing.

Since i couldn't find any info on Dew Prism in the review section, I'm asking for your take on the game.


You'd have more luck finding info about it if you used it's official title (Threads of Fate). Still, no review. I personally thought it was kinda fun, but not sufficiently so to be worth buying.

Am I the only one who noticed that the main character of Pokemon Gold walks to the beat of Parapiri Paradaisu?

That's Pararira Paradaisu, and, I don't have it for another hour. I'll have to test this.

What does 'bishounen' mean???...I asked everyone even 8 random strangers and 2 of them were drunk...Please don't let me go insane. The social worker is working on that. I AM NOT LOVABLE! LEAVE ME ALONE!...see?

Bishonen: Guy who looks like a girl. Common in anime. Most girls drool all over them for some reason.

Escaflowne on DVD sooooooo pretty

I'm sure it is.

Hi Goog,
I found a pretty groovy "music video" that is all done in 8-bit-esque graphics and music. Doesn't have much to do with RPGs, but it's a trip down memory lane for us old timers:

"I played that game!!"

That's very cool.


The subject was Zelda. That's it, just "Zelda".

The Last Laugh:

I hate having to do columns in the morning. Especially when I end up sleeping until 2 PM. Hopefully tomorrow's will be on time.

Googleshng "Nintendo game having"
OB64, Pokémon Silver, AND Zelda: M&Ms! WOW!

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