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Googleshng - October 20 '00- 4:00 Eastern Daylight Time

I've been meaning to ask this for quite some time. Since it worked last time, if anyone out there has any experience programming in z80 Assembly and a lot of time to kill, drop me a line and I'll hook you up with a Super Secret Project.

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In the N64:
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These questions have been bugging me for a while.

1. Have you played the Crystalis remake for the GBC? How about the original version? If yes in both cases, doesn't the music in the GBC version suck hard compared to the NES version?

2. Would you trust a man who keeps his change in his wallet?

3. When the time comes, I'm told I can only pick between getting Karsh or Zoah in CC. Who should I get?

4. What do you like in your omelets?

5. So is OB64 worth getting or what? I've never really played the first OB, TO bored me and I really want to buy just one more game for my N64 before I shelve it. I only own Mario 64 & Zelda 64 at the moment.

6. Do they make green Hershey Kisses? I like to carve your face into the regular ones before I eat them but brown isn't really your color.

JooJooFlop, soon-to-be proud owner of a cabal modem.

I played the original Crystalis and loved it, but, well, I have no GBC, so no remake for me. With Karsh and Zoah, you get the other an about hour later, so, moot point. I really like OB64... and, TO is a bad game to compare it to, since, well, it's not even the same style of game. Finally, well, at Christmas they make those red and green hersey's kisses if you count wrappers, and, I'm allergic to eggs, but mushrooms.

VP Questions
hey Goog,

As much as I like valkyrie profile, it doesn't like me. I get through the first 3 chapters no problem. But when the 4th chapter rolls around....i have some problems.
After the gorthia HQ place, you then go to the black dream tower. I suck at this place. The ghosts things hit me 900 each time, but everything else is ok. Then when i get to the boss, that wizard guy and the red tooth dragon...i just can't seem to hit them! I use a holy crystal..but it still doesnt kill the wizard. And half my party dies while trying to beat that stupid wizard. i cast reflect so all its stupid shadow spells hit him instead of me. I finally beat that (barely!) Then I have to go to the Thackus caves place, I can't hit the crabs! i must be really stupid or something, haven't figured it out, but everytime i hit the crabs I only hit 1. i end up running away from the crabs everytime. Then when I get to the boss...i use 2 flare cyrstals to finish it off, which is pretty cheap. comes Lezard...and I've been avoiding crabs and those wisp things, so im at a really low level. I am just horrible at that game!
I fought every monster in every dungeon before getting to the Black dream tower, but I still die!
am I missing something?


For this and all other questions, I have one simple answer. Use an Ether Scepter or three. Only the last two bosses in the game can last through 3 Ether Scepter powered deathblow spells. On another note though, stuff in VP is going to kill you. Period. Stock up on items to compensate.

OB64 answers!
Hello, blah, blah, blah,

In a letter today (at least, it's today *now*...) Scarecrow asked a couple of questions about Ogre Battle 64 that I feel like answering/clearing up. First, no--soldiers gain no experience during training battles, and thus cannot be promoted during training. For every "real" battle you fight with soldiers, your soldiers get one EXP per soldier. So if you have a unit with three soldier groups, each with three soldiers, they'd get 9 EXP after every battle. If one soldier dies during a battle, you'd get 8 EXP, and so on, until they total 100 EXP and one soldier group gets promoted.

Also, he commented on the similarities between Destin and the hero of the original Ogre Battle (ep. 5). This is not a coincidence; Destin IS the hero of OB. In the Japanese version of the game, the hero had a default name, "Destin Forlorda/Foroda," which was removed for some reason during the localization. In the "best" ending of OB, the hero Destin, after being told of Endora's true motives, decides to go north to Lodis (or Rodista, as it was originally called) to try to halt the invasion while Tristam stays in Zetegenia and becomes king and everything. A lot of other things in the "best" ending serve to set up plot points in OB64 (and Tactics Ogre)--such as the disappearance of Lans, Warren, Gilbert, Canopus, et al.

Have a nice life.

--E. Eldervy (who has neither an N64 or OB64 and is trying desperately to get both before it's too late)

Thank you for that first answer. A lot of people mentioned the 2nd, but that's the best explaination of the first I've heard.

Another multiparter
Ok, what I really want to know is:

1. How do you feel about the reputation meter in Ogre battle 64 being hacked out? I think it greatly relieves pressure about alignment and the infavorable 'best ending syndrome'..

2. What are you going to do about the RPG Crisis? There are too many good games.. I can't decide, and I can't buy all of them!

3. Are you going to have a Dreamcast Christmas?

4. What are your feelings of Online Gaming? Afraid of changes?

5. What is Skies of Arcadia about? (I'm not a cave dweller..)

6. What about the quickies?

Thanks for answering them.. if you print the letter, that is..

- Jamil "I'm an obessive gaming freak.. sort of!"

The rep meter was a really great concept, but it didn't let you have any fun. It's nice being able to play a similar game without it... and it seems to me the difficulty is higher to compensate. I don't recall death being nearly as much of a threat in the original, and I KNOW troops were infinate... If you want all the games coming out, you can always get a job or two or three. 8) I got a DC last Christmas... and I'm getting these games this November... so, no. I'm having a pure cash Christmas. Skies of Arcadia is an RPG by the Phantasy Star team about pirates on airships in the elemental plane of air. I've been drooling over it for some time now.

It's a multiparter day...
Hey Google.

I know you're gonna get a bunch of letters on this but anyway. Destin is the hero from the first OB, unless you played as the female lord. Anyway, here are some questions.

1. How is Pokemon Silver and Gold? I do want them but I'm short on money. Improvements, strengths, flaws, ect...

2. OB64 is great. I've had it for a while now. I'm not sure if you can answer this but how do you keep your chaos frame up? There is chaos frame points in OB64. but there's no rep meter or anything to at least judge where you "stand". All my units are good alignment except for the one unit with a black dragon and a wizard. =/ The only thing I can think of is not letting towns be cpatured, but that's it.

3. What you said about the PSX2 is interesting, waiting until next year that is. I was going to get one for Christmas, but... are ANY good games going to come out by then? I want a Dreamcast, I just wanted to wait until good games come out/it gets way cheaper and that's starting to happen. I also want a Saturn and imports but that's different. -.-;

4. Are you getting Zelda? People have been asking you about it but I haven't seen an answer from you on whether you are or not. Personally I really want to. You're right, Shigeru Miyamoto. But it does look innovative in its ideas, and I need good games for the N64. ^_^;; I have four games for that total. The good thing is that they're all good games at least.

Hopefully I get a few of those answered because I really want to know your opinion on a few, since you give good reasons for your answers. Not that Gin doesn't, I just haven't asked him anything yet.

Tristan Adnade

Well... Pokémon G/S adds a hundred more Pokémon, doubles the size of the world, keeps track of time, and it matters, gives you a nice sortable inventory, and a few more features. So, yes, it is a real sequel. If you want to be good, capture towns with really good units, and don't lose'em. Oh, and don't kill anything or go up levels. 8) I'll have to look at the mammoth instructions I think. Oh, and yes, I'm getting Z:MM.

Mac RPG Maker
in response to the thing you said about nothing in the realm of RPG making for mac outside of Hypercard , I found out about this RPG development program coming out soon for mac which I think requires little or no programing skills, but allows yous to create something close to the caliber of Baldur's Gate in terms of graphics. I believe it's called Coldstone. Here's the developer's site for more info-
oh yeah,out of curiosity, do you prefer sci-fi or Fantasy RPGs? -D.V.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Ambrosia? Too bad they seem to be going commercial lately... not that I don't plan to pay all these shareware fees once I have the money.

The Last Laugh:

I got 1 quickie... I'll save it for Tuesday.

Googleshng "Sleep time!"
8( Wendy wants brains now... wait, I LIKE zombies! 8)

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