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Googleshng - October 19 '00- 4:00 Eastern Daylight Time

Ever have one of those days were you wake up feeling like a zombie? That's what I'm having today. Anyway though, I spent a good chunk of yesterday playing OB64. It's interesting. On the surface, it just looks like OB1 with better graphics and the reputation meter hacked out. However, many many other things have been changed. In the original, by the end of the 2nd fight, you have something like 100 troops of various classes. I'm 6 hours into OB64, wishing I had enough Fighters and Amazons to fill out my ranks. As is, I still have a few Soldiers. You can't buy new troops anymore. Instead, at the end of every fight, a number of soldiers join your party. They're these weird little things that only count as 1/3 of a troop (and therefore come in clumps of 3). If you keep them alive long enough, one will grow into a REAL basic human. Bringing back dead people is also a bit more of a hastle. Then there's the whole legion concept, but I'm not far enough for that yet. Basically, clumping units together.

Oh, and on a small note just to get people to be quiet about it, over the weekend, someone at some other website decided to throw up a big long rant about hating me, or so I gathered from all these letters here. Anyway, as luck would have it, I ended up talking to this person last night, asked him about that, and he admitted he didn't really have anything against me, just did it to bring in some flames as he was low on letters. Much like I am lately... hmm... HEY GIN! YOU SUCK! 8) Anyway though, that's the end of that for the 20 or so people who actually care. Now on with the column.

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Heya Goog!
What's up? So you're getting Pokemon Silver and Ogre Battle? Good choice! I got em last week. They're both improvements of their own versions. Ogre Battle is VERY addictive now.(Ok got that outta the way now for questions)
1. Are there and Neon Genesis Evangelion games out?(Here or Japan)
2. Have you played Rhapsody? Is it any good?
3. Is the re-release of Persona out?
4. Have you played/seen anything on the Vampire Hunter D game?(I love the movie!)
5. I've seen "new" Escaflowne tapes out. Are they just the crappy Fox version?
That's all for now!
-The Kaiser Hero

There's tons of Eva games... in Japan. Mostly for the Saturn. I have not played Rhapsody. It isn't any good. That's why I haven't played it actually. 8) Persona doesn't seem to be on the shelves again yet, and the fact that you care frightens me a bit. From what I've heard, that new VHD PSX game is the standard example of a spiffy license being used for an unplayably bad action game. Finally, "new" Escaflowne tapes would be the hideously mangled Fox dub yes. Make sure all your Escaflowne comes in mindblastingly horrifying white clampshells.

J'ai une question...

1.) In Valkyrie Profile, what do the Seal and Evaluation values do.

2.) Extremely stupid question approaching... Phantasy Star Online do you actually have to play it online or is that just an option?

3.) Is it just me or are there too many good games coming out in November: FFIX, BOF4, Lunar 2, Zelda, Skies of Aracadia ... christ I don't have that much time one my hands

Tapion15-"I am pure,,,, pure evil"

OK, Seal Value is a measure of how much you're like Odin's little lapdog. If you want the "good" ending, you want to bring that down. Evaluation however is how much Odin likes you. Keep it high so he keeps giving you presents. PSO has 4 characters, you control one of them. The rest are either controlled by AI if you want to play solo, or 3 friends via a modem. Think of it like Secret of Mana. Finally, next month is going to be SICK.

OB64 questions!
Hello Goog-
Here are a few of OB64 questions already:

1) Do you know if your soldier reserve can change to a fighter or an amazon during training?

2) Did you notice the similarites between Destin and the hero from the first Ogre Battle?

3) Are you having trouble raising Magnus' alignment?

4) Is this one heck of a game or what?


1) I don't see why not. 2) I don't remember much about OB1 except that the PSX version once glitched out and inverted all my alignments and my rep meter. 3) RAISING? No. I'm in an evil mood. 4) Yes.

Hey your All-mighty slimey-ness,

Couple of questions here...

1. Knowing that you are a fellow Mac user, one of the few, the proud, are there any good RPG programming, or otherwise programmer systems that you can refer me too so I can get a lil bit of experience?

2. Do you think the Dreamcast price will be dramatically dropped because of the PS2 coming into the next gen console war? I don't have one yet...have little money, but want PSO, and some others coming out for I'm really hoping the Dremcast will be lowered, even 10-20 bucks will help me out.

3. My two cents...there are few good games out for the PS2 as of yet...why waste 300 dollars on it when you can wait a year...good games will be out, and the price will be dropped minimally $50, it's stupid!

Ahhhh don't have to print this, however input on the first question is GREATLY appreciated...and input on the second would be nice.

~ *iL* ~ *(hi$)*~ (Tha Green Eyed Dragoon)

I can't think of a Mac equivolent of something like RPGMaker or Verge, but there IS Hypercard. Sure, it's not much, but it's really easy to get into, and it IS object oriented programming technically. I've made simple RPGs using it in a matter of days. I don't think the DC will drop prices too much to compete withe the PSX2, seeing as it's already half the price, and the average person can't even buy a PSX2 until spring. As for your third comment there, uh, that's what I've been saying for months.

LoD chest

Yo, goog,

So I'm playing LoD (sweet game) and I get to the Phantom Ship. I find this chest which has a 3-digit combo. I find the ghosts who give me four numbers. I figure, okay, I'll just go save and come back and if I don't get it, I can just try again with the same numbers. There's only 24 possible permutations of 4-pick-3, so that's 2.4 tries worst case. But it seems like it's smarter than that... I tried every combo for a given set and none of them opened it. Then I consulted the FAQs. One FAQ writer said I could do it my way, one said "get lucky and be patient." So I guess the question here is, do you or does anyone know for certain whether the combination resets every time you reload the game?


Ah yes, the chest. Evidently, the combination changes: every time you check what it is with the ghosts, every time you try and fail, and every time you reset it. Furthermore, it seems the PSX keeps it's randomness values when you hit reset. However, if you absolutely insist on cheating, this should work. Save your game. Turn off the PSX. Now just turn it on, head straight for the chest, systematically try as many combos as you can. Turn the PSX off again, and repeat. If you try every possible combo like this, you will eventually get it. However, you'll probably get it faster if you play by the games own terms and hope for some luck. Most combos seem to go medium high low by the way it seems... unless that was just how it worked out for me.

RPG Maker
About how many many maps (dungeons, towns, forests, etc.) can you make with RPGMaker?
Also, where would I find a Dexdrive (I think that's the name) to store my memory card data on a computer?

- Lord Sephiroth

Wow. Evidently RPG Maker can handle 990 maps, and 12 characters, which is a decent ammount to cram into one memory card, and more than enough for anything you'd be likely to do. As for a DD, sells'em I'm told.

The Last Laugh:

Hmm... OK, tomorrow I promise I'll get a column up on time. This was a really hectic week.

Googleshng "OB64 time!"
Fight it out!

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