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Googleshng - October 18 '00- 4:00 Eastern Daylight Time

Doing columns when there's people in the house is always slow going. So, I'll just forgo the intro today... ooh, OB64 is here... must be strong...

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In the N64:
Get out. OB64 time!

Yes, it's a multi-part letter:

1) Is the internet thing in Front Mission 3 a big waste of time?

2) Why do you think Sony and Microsoft should butt out of the gaming scene? Would the RPG world be a better place without Square, Enix, Working Designs, Atlus, ect?

3) What's your take on LoZ: Majora's Mask?

Take it easy on us, thinking up questions is more difficult than it looks.

-Red Raven

Waste of time? Not at all. It's chock full of cool backstory! OK, seriously, it gives you new disktop patterns. More seriously, it gives you new training sim levels. Fine, real answer. By messing around with the network, towards the end of the game you can buy a VERY nice wanzer online. I think Sony and MS should go away because they don't make cool games, they just make hardware for 3rd party companies to do stuff with. We only need 2 consoles for competition. Finally, as I always say. There's no Shiggy. There's no functional Gerado mask, but it still looks really good.

Are you an android?
Hey Google,
I'm just about to get my third badge on Gold, and only though I've only caught a handful of the new ones, most of them seem pretty uninspired. I could live with an electric rat, but an electric SHEEP. It looks like their just cuts from the original instead of new fresh ideas. What's your thoughts on the game, and the new pocket monsters?
Do you believe I pre-ordered my Playstation 2 in May, and it looks like I'm still going to be out in the cold on the 26th. When did us gamers become such a huge market? I been gaming since Atari, and now I may not get the "deuce" right away, because of all this newbies. Gaming going mainstream is not always so great.
Oh by the way, Long live the quickie!!!
The Great Cornholio

Obviously the developers of Pokémon have been reading the book Blade Runner is "based on"... despite having a totally different plot setting and title. 8) Anyway, I tried to get it myself today, and it was sold out. Doh. Still, the originals aren't all that original either. Look at Rattata or Pidgey. A rat and a pigeon. There's still some weird stuff, and they stuck with the same design concepts. As for the PSX2, it's not so much high demand as low supply. There just aren't many PSX2s out there. By the way, why are people preordering them? If not for the backwards compatability and DVD player, you're preordering a $300 doorstop. Wait a year for some games to come out on the thing, by then the price should drop. Just make this a DC christmas I say.

Wuzzup, Googlio
I know there are double and triple techs in Chrono Cross. But, I've played it for awhile and only found one double tech, and that's the X-strike with Glenn and Serge. You think you could give me some or all of the combos that could be used? I wanna see some more!

Oh, and my birthday's the 19th! What game should I get now? Valkyrie Profile? You seem to think it's a great game. Or should I TRY and get PS2..... I didn't preorder it.......*sniff*.....

Oh, I hope this doesn't pass as a quickie.....

I don't feel like listing off all the techs in CC right now, low on time. Just click that big Games link on the left, then Chrono Cross, then FAQs, and tada, a big list is right in there. As for a game, well, VP is very nice. OB64 I hear good things about, more on that tomorrow, you could hold out for Arcadia if you want something more traditional, or of course you can give in to peer pressure and get Pokémon 2 like everyone else in the world.

Nice that you saw my little reference. Tho' I suppose you would, being it's your comic and all. ^^; I wonder how many other people spotted it.. Anyway, I believe that quote is from FF2/4, and is said any time Cecil manages to deal instant death towards an enemy while equipped with the Black Sword. Also, any time a character dies in that game, it calls it 'Swoon' instead of death. Do I get a tilde now? ^^;

- J.Zulpes

Yes you do. ~ So does the one other person who caught it. ~

A few things
In the Valkyrie Profile ads, it's touted as being "from the makers of Star Ocean 2", yet we all know how much you despised SO2. So what makes it better? And what exactly was bad about SO2? I'm thinking about getting VP, but can't decide.

Also, if you could be transported to live in any RPG world for the rest of your life, which world would it be?

And finally, how many FFs do you think they'll eventually come out with? And will you be getting Final Fantasy online? If so, what job class are you going to pick?

-Squall the Surly SeeD

SO2 had really really irritating voice acting and emoticon bubbles, a blah plot, much to much linearity, and game mechanics that sound great but didn't turn out too well. So, I didn't care for it much. VP on the other hand has none of these problems, except maybe the voice actung if you're really picky, and some cool features that make me like it. Square will keep making FFs until saying "FF" makes people sick to their stomach rather than start drooling. 12 maybe? 8) I'm not touching 11 with a twn foot pole. Stupid gimmicky concept, and monthly fees. As for an RPG world... hmm... Xenogears... before the game takes place.


I was wondering if there are any games out there that have the same type of job class system such as Final Fantasy Tactics (ignoring all other Final Fantasies)? Maybe a PC game that I have overlooked? I am in need of something addicting to play! Thanks!

-Shield Dragon

I'm not quite sure what you're asking here. Tactics Ogre and Hoshigami are by the same team as FFT, therefore contain the same basic gameplay elements. If you've asking for any non-FF game that let's you change classes though, there's too many to list. Heck, Dragon Warrior 3 has class change.

The Last Laugh:

Uh... I would have printed some quickies but I only got like 2, I can't find those, and I'm late as is. 8)

Googleshng "OB64 time!"
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