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Googleshng - October 17 '00- 3:00 Eastern Daylight Time

This nice big check that's been sitting in my bank forever finally cleared yesterday. So I promptly spent it. I have a tad left though, planning to pick up Pokémon Silver and OB64 later today. On another note, today when I was making my weekly rounds, checking on all the other updates on the site, this fanfic caught my eye. Pretty amusing, although I couldn't help but notice it looked a teensy bit familiar.

On another note, an awful lot of today's mail is about something someone wrote about me on some other website over the weekend. Nice sentiments in a few of those, but I'm not going to be posting any. Also, regarding quickies. I didn't quit printing quickies last week to suck humor from the column. I mean, heck, I printed that long song begging to bring'em back. Last week though, my mail was starting to be 95%: "hi" "bleh" "do you see the green wiggly". Not really amusing. So, how about this. I'll print amusing quickies, and I'll print quickies that ask questions, just make sure you send me stuff that deserves printing... and I still prefer longer stuff.

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Staff letter #1
Hey Slimey, got a few questions for ya.

1. Regarding Final Fantasies 1-8, do you think the games have gotten worse since the start, or better, and why?

2. What is so special about the Phantasy Star series? What separates it from the pack?

3. Does Aya move as slowly in Parasite Eve II as she did in the original? That's the primary reason I stopped playing, the pace was slow enough without it.

4. Have you ever notice that while people are constantly complaining about Aeris not being Aerith, that they've missed one aspect: the prononciation? Aeris should be pronounced "Iris", which fits perfectly with the flowers. Just a thought.

--Ryan Mance

Like any long series, the FFs have peaks and valleys. In general, the first FF on a console isn't all that great, and the 3rd is fantastic, with the second being a matter of taste. Now, as for what's so great about the Phantasy Star series, well, the first one is unbelievable. It's more advanced than most 16-bit RPGs, let alone 8-bit. More importantly, a talking cat joins your party. The rest are set thousands of years later with cool little tie-ins to the first. In PE2, the main character is Aya, and you can cast spells. The similarities end there. Otherwise, it is a horribly designed blatant Resident Evil clone. So, yes, you move at a decent speed... but you can't dodge anything since you have turn and move controls, and automatically spin towards monsters.

Staffer Question #2
* So -- FF9 is almost upon us. When do you think we're going to start getting more info on FF10? And do you think that the Final Fantasy franchise has pretty much run its course, given the proliferation of other RPGs?

* Am I the only one that misses the days where an RPG would come out once every quarter, rather than every other week? *eyes stack of Unfinished Games wearily*

* Are you as tired of the never-ending console wars as I am? Why can't people just calm down and realize that different systems do different things well?

* Looking at some of the games I've played recently, I'm realizing more and more that game developers draw on all sorts of myths and legends to really give their games some depth. There's Xenogears, with its amazing religious symbolism; Valkyrie Profile, which is very Nordic, etc, etc. Do you think that games should do this, especially when they're trying to conjure a fantasy feel to them? Personally, I think that it's fun chasing down all the references, but I know people who think that developers should make up their own worlds rather than draw on myths we already have.

I don't care about FF10. Granted, in months to come, I might here stuff about it that will make me want to get it, but just the fact that it's FF10 is a bad thing in my book. Square loves innovating. It's what they do. However, if a game starts with Final Fantasy, there's certain things it has to have. It has to have the same set of spells as the rest. The same summons, a Cid with an airship, Wedge and Biggs, the same special abilities... I think the FF team would be better off dropping these franchise elements and REALLY doing something new. Moving on, I don't dislike the fact that we've been bombarded with RPGs this year, but I would like a little time to finish them. The reason console wars exist is that the average person can't afford to own more than 1 or 2 consoles per generation, so they want the ones with the most good games. Only two console makers are needed to ensure capitalistic competition though, so I'd like Sony and Microsoft to kindly butt out. Religious symbolism is not in VP. Symbolism refers to vague allusions and such. VP is a weird take on a specific myth. I like this concept, but I doubt we'll be seeing much more of it. I suppose an RPG could be made of The Odessey, but most myths just don't work as RPGs. Oh, and for the record, I don't consider Xenogears to be full of religious symbolism, unless you count Mecha Anime as a religion. Actually, some people do, so I retract the comment. 8)

Mythri is spiffy
Heya Googleshng,

I was wondering some things, so I wrote a list.

1) You have any luck finding programmers for your game?
2) What's up with Mythri? RPGamer seems pretty chummy with the Mythri team.
3) Have you seen Evangelion? I don't remember if you said or not. How about Please Save My Earth or Key: The Metal Idol? What about X? They're all filled with happy metaphoric goodness!

That's all, have a nice day
"I don't try unless I know."

I sure did. Haven't seen any results yet of course, but yes. As for Mythri, well, I personally am on pretty good terms with the Mythri team, and, based on a bunch of stuff I've seen, it looks very very good. Not enough games have PS4 style manga cutscenes. In fact, if it comes out before the GBA, I'll most likely get a GBC just for it myself. Oh, and if you meant does it have a publisher yet, nope, not quite. Finally, the only one of those I've seen is Eva.

The Last Laugh:

Short late column. Sorry. On the other hand, I printed nothing but multiparters, so this is really more questions than you normally get. I'll make it up to you tomorrow. Oh, and I will print quickies if they're printable, but again, I'd prefer some lengthy stuff.

There's your rad comic, and here is a Guifá one. Darn, didn't get to pick my games up after all. Oh well, I can get'em tomorrow.

Googleshng "Long Day"
Off I go!

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