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Despite my saying I flat out wouldn't print any quickies if they made up the bulk of my mail today, it happened. Also, the last couple days, people have been sending me gatling quickies. As in, 10 letters, each containing half a thought, recieved in a 3 minute period. Please don't do that.

Now then, tomorrow, due to a dozen or so people requesting it oddly enough, Jake Alley will be guest hosting. If that name sounds familar, it's probably because it's printed at the top of most of the recent reviews on this site. So... send in any questions about any of those reviews, reviewing in general, or just general opinions on games. Ah, to have the luxury of sitting around constantly playing games and telling people what you think about them... wait, that's what I do... except I have to answer questions while I'm at it. 8)

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In the PSX:
or BFM, or PE2...
"Hint #1: Talk to everyone!"

It has always been the case that, with console RPGs, a player should always talk to every single person (multiple times) in every single town. In the beginning (DW, PS, FF) that was simple, and quite necessary - almost everybody had very important things to tell you. But as the years go by and console RPGs get more complicated and larger, the practice is becoming more and more...annoying. With Xenogears and Chrono Cross it got downright infuriating at times, with such huge cities and so many people. My question to you is this - is talking to every single NPC still a necessary practice? It's gotten to the point where I dread finding a new town. And are PC RPGs a whole different ball game? Are we the players supposed to explore every last room and talk to every last person in every last town in gigantic games such as Baldur's Gate II? Thanks for your help on this disturbing issue.


Interesting point. Back in the days when towns were tiny little things with just a dozen or so people, talking to everyone seemed only natural. Especially since they tended to have a single sentence to say to you. These days though, there's towns with 50 people each of which has 2 or 3 different things to say or more. A lot of those are pretty verbose too. Game Arts is the worst. Although a good chunk of their stuff gets translated by working designs, and humor balances out the drudgery of talking to everyone. CC and VP aren't too bad by the way. FF8's the worst since it has randomly occurring and moving people. Anyway, the bright side is, there's no real reason to talk to these masses. These days RPGs always tell you who it is that has all the important info in a town, so you can just skip the rest. Seems like something of a waste, but it does save you a good hour. Oh, and as for PC RPGs, traditionally they're even worse in that regard. Diablo 2 is nice. Fallout I THINK is nice. Most though... *shudder*

Late game stuff
Hey Googlely thingy ...

A short series of questions and a general hello ...

1. Did you ever get to the Seriphic Gate in Valkyrie Profile? I really love the game but I can't seem to muster the energy to finish the game in Hard Mode ... normal mode was a blast though ...

2. Parasite Eve 2 ... been said once, been said lots of times ... lots like Resident Evil ... not that that's a bad thing though ... what's do you think is the best weapon? I'd prefer not to play through the game another 6 times or whatever to get the Gunblade and it turns out to suck ...

3. What's a good anime to watch if you've finished Evangelion, Slayers, Ranma, Bubblegum Crisis, Tenchi Muyo, and Saber Marionette J? I just got my ethernet connection at college ... like to do something productive with it ... just for samples of course ...

Thanks for printing this drivel ...


Ah yes, the gate is quite the easter egg. Teach those other dimensions a lesson! I didn't do much there yet though... too busy. In PE2... well, your question is something of a matter of opinion. I really like the machine gun, it's great for clearing out bunnies, but uh... it's not exactly high damage. Then of course the really big stuff has very limited ammo. In any case though, I doubt I'll ever finish PE2. It's a terribly botched attempt at copying the RE series, and it just gets more annoying as I go on. Oh, and as for anime. If you haven't watched Escaflowne yet, do so... unless it's the hideous Fox dub. Also Lost Universe and Those Who Hunt Elves if you like Slayers.

Hundreds of monsters EVERYWHERE!
Hey Googs,

I have a Funcoland story and a question(which may turn out to be more of a opinionated statement than anything). I'll start with the story.

I've heard that Ogre Battle for PSX was a very, VERY good game, so I went to Funcoland a couple years ago to get it. I'd also heard that it was really rare, so I wasn't expecting to find it. To my surprise, I found 4 of them. I picked one, stupidly without looking inside, and went to pay for it. Then right before I handed over(again stupidly) $80 for it, I looked into the CD case to find that there was only an instruction book inside. So I went back to the other 3 and checked, and all of them had nothing but the book. I was pretty PO'ed, but I ended up leaving with Lunar:SSSC and Secret of Mana for a little under $100. It's safe to say that I'm never going back there again.

And to the question. Do you think that Pokemon is overrated? For me, It's good for a little while, then it gets really boring playing through battles that remind me of DW1. To me, it doesn't deserve all the hoopla that it generates. It seems like a cutesy version of FF8, only instead of millions of people liking it only for good graphics, even more millions of people like it simply because it's cute.

Thanks for reading and maybe even posting this,
Billy Ho

I don't think Pokémon is overrated. I think it's overhyped, and there's a huge difference. Heck, a lot of people have obsessions with Pokémon that have never even played the game! Anyway though, as for the virtues of the game itself, the combat can actually be unbelievably strategic. While you don't get much of a challenge in the game itself until the very end, if you hook up two gameboys and actually have a fight instead of just trading, you really gain an appreciation of the thing. There's the strategy involved in choosing your 6 Pokémon, which moves to give them, which order to deploy them in, and even during fights there's strategy involved with certain moves. For example, Skull Bash seems lowsy until your opponent decides to use Fly.

Do want you want
I was going to write something about quickies... I just forgot. Anyway.

Oh, and hi.

What would you think about a game in which you can do *anything*? It's not possible to do such a thing right now, I believe. Not until AI, memory restraints and lots of other stuff gets much better. But let's say your current mission in such an RPG is to get into a locked house. The game won't have a list of things you could do. Instead, it would react to whatever you're doing. You could try digging a hole in the wall using a spoon, you could try to hire someone in town to break into it, you could do, litteraly, anything you can think of!

Wouldn't that be incredibly cool? The problem is that such a game might get incredibly non-linear. Not to mention the reaction of every concerned parent in America once they find out you can kill people or rape sheep or something. Still, it'd be really cool. Now that I think about it, it reminds me of the fantasy game in Ender's Game.

So what do you think?

Zohar Gilboa

You realize of course that you just described Zork. 8) Except of course you don't start with a spoon, or near a town, so you're pretty much stuck going through the window. Seriously though, I've been told that's the drive behind Shen Mue. It's set in the real world, in the 80s. You can wander around to arcades, find a kitten to take care of, and the plot evidently branchs a bit. Then it also contains those slightly controllable movie segment type things... it confuses me.

Google, please tell me. In VP what does the coin of fortune do? I have absolutely no clue. And I have already been through the whole game once and never found out. Also what mode did you choose to play? If you play on hard in chapter 7 you can get Lyseria, A really powerful mage. Aoshi19

The coin of fortune makes you get more experience. Make sure you always have it equipped, unlike me. As for difficulty, I played on normal and got the B ending. Next I'll do hard and A, then easy and C just for laughs.

1 ) About playing dreamcast online, yes, any ISP will work, unfortunately on any ISP other than seganet it's less than great, crap really, both personal experience and online places seem to show this, and equally unfortunate is the fact that you can't get seganet up here in Canada
2 ) And as for the PE2 question about the power I'm going to assume he/she/it means the power to the under ground games room, if the powers on, you can get some items down there, but if the powers of you can read a message on one of the barrels which is a part of a series of clues which gives you the combination to the loft safe, which gets you the holy water, and if that's not what's being asked I apologize for wasting everyone’s time

I'd have to disagree on the comment. I've played Chuchu rocket 4 way via earthlink, which is one of the most mainstream and therefore sluggish ISPs out there and had no problems at all. Besides, the only way you can have a lag free online experience is with broadband, and that'll be available for the DC very soon. As for your second comment. That's a first. I made a mistake, only one person corrected it, and they included something else. WOOHOO! Thanks.

The Last Laugh:

Yesterday Rad sent in a comic I forgot to print, so you get doubles.

Anyway, like I said, tomorrow, Jake Alley will be here to answer all sorts of review type questions.

Googleshng "Ooh, 5:30 AM"

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