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Googleshng - October 11 '00- 3:00 Eastern Daylight Time

Too... many... quickies! In fact, until like 5 minutes ago, I was so low on actual letters I was just going to throw up some fluff and save what little I had for a full column tomorrow. Then I got one decent letter. SO... I'm moving on to plan B. I am not going to print any more quickies until they stop being the bulk of my mail. If you insist on sending me obscure references to my obscure interests, stick them in real letters that ask relevant questions please. However, one of today's quickies was a link to a page containing one of the funniest songs I have ever heard. If swearing really bugs you, you should probably skip this, but otherwise click here, or here for the real player version. FUNNY. Now for a quickieless column.

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One quick question. What do you think of Zelda: Majora's Mask? Are you happy with the format, with it being a "gaiden game" and all?

It bugs me that a Zelda game is being made without Shiggy, but I'm still looking forward to it. Interesting premise if nothing else. Still, I wish it had all the masks from tOoT with trasnformative powers. Just think about being able to turn into a Stalfos, or a Gerado... that'd be just perfect with the rain causing song. Even has the right hair color for Ranma jokes. Would be even better if you got the twin kopeshes.

Many Qs
sup goog,

I got a couple of questions,
1. When was rpgmaker suppose to come out?

2. What good games are coming out for Christmas?

3. is being a Q&A guy easy?

4. In star ocean 2, what is the easiest way to gain exp?

well thats it for now


p.s. Silkenray has a beautiful voice.

RPG Maker has been out for weeks. A truckload of good games should be out by Christmas. Mainly keep an eye out for FF9, Lunar 2, Pokémon 2, Grandia 2 maybe, Skies of Arcadia... I think I'll move on now. Doing Q&A is much harder than it looks. It's amazing how hard it is to find decent questions sometimes. Finally, character build! 8) Seriously though, that last cave on disk 1 is very nice... the one you take a vote to... unless of course you want a place at the end of the game, in which case, go to the super fun happy cave full of nasties like at the end of every game. 8)

Important Question
'sup goog,

ive just got a quick question for ya.

i bought a dreamcast a couple of months ago partially because i wanted to play online rpgs. the problem is i live in small town, iowa and it would be long distance for me to hook up to seganet!! is there any hope for me to be able to play any online games or do i have to go through seganet?? im currently hooked up to a local isp. thanks homie g-slime.


"hey foxymophandlemama, that's me"

OK, everyone pay attention now.
Online Dreamcast games can be played through any ISP! Broadband too in the very near future! Except maybe AOL. AOL sucks too much to do much of anything.

Hey Googleshng,

1) I've never written in before but the cry for more letters has drawn me to it. I actually have an idea that I hope will be good for a hefty supply of letters, if only for a day. I think you should devote a day to FuncoLand horror stories. I mean I'm sure a ton of people have them and it's always good for a laugh.

2) A Dragon Force Question: I'm at the end and I was wondering what level I should be at before going to the mountain? Also is there a way to build levels besides fighting Dragons? How can I beat those ghost things too, what is good against them?

3) After I finish Dragon Force I have two other Saturn RPGs; Albert Odyssey and Shining Wisdom. Which should I play first?

4) How do you get rid off spam mail? These people just won't shutup and when I reply to them to unsubscribe as they say, their accounts don't work. Any tips?

Thanks for your time,
The Money Snatcher

In DF, you should be fine if the big 8 are all over 20... and having real troops for the long range pair helps too. AO is a nice little game with a hilarious translation, so I'd hit that next. Finally, spam is unavoidable. Just be glad you don't runa Q&A column for a major website with readers that like to submit your address to opt-in spam lists.

Go0g: Conceived up a few questions about Valkyrie Profile I hope you might be able to assist with.

1) Is it possible to acquire another Emerald Necklace if you accidentaly send a character to Valhalla with it equiped? I did this on accident once. Large type mistake.

Slight spoiler here for anyone not up to chapter 5.

2) When attempting Lezard Valeth's Tower near the close of chapter 4, what party do you reccommend? I managed to rough my way through it with Arngrim (my new name for bull-dozer) Kashal, and Jelanda. Defeating Valeth's bodyguard was no problem conisdering Kashal had the Dragon Slayer equiped. (which promptly broke shortly after. in humans don't know how to craft a decent weapon) I think one attack took it out. Unfortunately, by the end of the battle, everyone had been wiped out with the exception of Lenneth Valkyrie. How did you fare in this battle? Valeth quite effectively handed me mine arse.

3) Out of the Sorcereces, who's your personal favorite? I'm partial to Nanami myself.

Here's a non VP question just to keep it interesting:

Parasite Eve II) In that desert town you go to (second major event) what's the purpose of turning off the power in the room proceeding the sewer area?

And now for the obscure Norse exit quote:

"Now isn't this something. I didn't know these were Dwarf infested waters. Neato ring though. *yoink*"

Too obscure maybe?


Sending off your necklace sucks... as does not realizing what the Coin of Fortune does until chapter 8. Anyway, the fight of which you speak, like, well, pretty much every fight, can be done in one round with nothing more than an Ether Scepter and Mystic Cross. My favorite sorceress in the game is probably Mystina, since she looks an awful lot like Lina from Slayers and I'm Ether-Scepter-happy. Just fits somehow. In PE2, don't worry about that until disk 2. Finally, yes, I do get that reference.

Hey Googs and Loki
The reason you're at least like Loki or are Loki is that Loki can change genders. Heck he fathered and mothered different things which is creepy. But changing gender at will can be a sick parlor trick. Maybe gender changes when wet. But Googs what's the list of characters have you been accused of.
Imperial Mog

That's a pretty flimsy argument... Loki changed genders just the one time, and turned into a horse while he was at it. With that logic you'd have a much better case for calling me Ranma... or the more obscure Futaba. Oddly enough, I've never been accused of either of those. I have however been accused of being: Brad's girlfriend, Thor Antrim, Mikel Tidwell, Andrew Vestal, and Paws repeatedly. Oh, and also Veronica back when she did weekend Q&A.

The Last Laugh:

No quickies for you. However, tildes for those who caught the quote as being from Chaz' weird little fixation from PS4. ~~~~~

Googleshng "laughing at Hawking"
Steven Hawking+Entropy+rap=HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

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