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Googleshng - October 10 '00- 3:00 Eastern Daylight Time

First of all, I threw a rant up last night. That's the last you'll get out of me until halloween. Also, remember how last week I asked if there were any experienced programmers out there willing to work on my game? 3 people responded to that. That's 3 more than I was expecting. I really should reply to them all after I get this column up.

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Big early quickie

I apologize for missing this the first time around, I was otherwise occupied in Utgard.

As stated by Imperial Mog:

"Also I know you're Loki because of one odd characteristic."

Stares at the slime intently, then looks into a mirror

I'm sorry, I just don't see it. I am quite interested in being enlightened as to why Imperial Mog thinks you are me. Very interested indeed.

One last thing, please let it be known that I am not ~Loki who has taken upon itself to attempt to steal my identity. 10,000 deaths are not enough for that individual.

In closing,
"Why would I shapeshift myself into a mare and bear Svadilfari's offspring? Well, why not? It'd be something to tell the grandkids one day."


OK, granted, this is not a print-worthy letter really, but it's here for a number of reasons. 1- This is from one of RPGamer's newest staffers, and I just about always print letters from staffers. 2- I still want to know why two people accused me of being Loki. 3- It's interesting that people are contending for the right to sign letters as Loki. Finally, 4- That closing quote there is just plain funny.

hey, how's it goin?

I just picked up a dreamcast the other day, and I was looking in the store and I wasn't seeing any rpg's that didn't look 'fruity' (I'm still feeling the scars of legend of mana) and I was wondering if you could suggest any. I hadn't really planned on buying one, otherwise I would have been looking already. the only one I've ever heard anything about is shen mue, and it's not even out yet I don't think. anyway, if you help me, then thanks. if not, then oh well. bye

OK, this here really depends on your definition of "fruity". I'm not going to argue that LoM isn't fruity, but there's still a few things you could mean. If you mean the graphics are bright and shiny, I believe you're out of luck. The Dreamcast naturally has bright shiny graphics. The only DC game I can think of that isn't bright and shiny is RE4. However, if by fruity you just mean that freaky hippie aura LoM exudes, I think you're pretty safe. The Evolution games are by Ubi, so you might want to skip them, but that leaves E.G.G. Evolution: 7th Cross... and if you wait a little bit, some REAL RPGs, like PSO, SoA, and Shen Mue isn't fruity at all... however the new trailer movies we have up ask a couple questions that they really should answer. "Is it an RPG?" "Is it a game?" Until someone shows me some gameplay screens/movies that aren't from the freaky FMV adventure mode it uses at times, I'm just going to keep treating it as a classic arcade collection with an overly long intro... although it does have Space Harrier and Outrun... mmm... nostalgia kicking in.

Lufia stuff
I got to watch Princess Mononoke for the first time on the same day I played Parasite Eve (the first one) for the first time... I wouldn't recommend it...

To get rid of the disgusting image I just put in your head, I included a picture of my cat! Isn't she cute?

Sabin "I'll just go lie down now..." XIII

After deleting the 10 stupid pseudo-quickies sent to me by the same person in less than 10 minutes total, it seems I don't really have any questions at all, except one that can be answered via walkthroughs better than me, and one that was both vague and about the CT remake, which I forwarded to someone. Anyway though, what's weird is that maybe half an hour before I got this letter, I happened to take this non-demonic picture of Lucifer. He almost looks cute there... unless you know that this is about 5 seconds after he jumped up and sank his teeth into the neck of the cat sleeping there initially until he got up and left. Freaky little vampire.


Are you a bad enough dude? ~Loki

Mmmmmmmm....... no.

Weren't you on a show with a robot?

(This letter was brought to you by Anubis markets, a division of Osiris Foods. Just look for the sign of the jackal-headed man.)

Mmmmmmmm....... no.

Yer asking ME to host? Why thank you, i'd love to.

Mmmmmmmm....... no.

"I wasted all my money on you baby, and I want it back."

-Magus Darkstar-

Mmmmmmmm....... no.

Don't it suck that game soundtracks cost more than the game!

Mmmmmmmm....... yes. HEY! You broke the pattern!

Silkenray has a beautiful voice. But then what did I expect, she's a theatre major.

You know, one person wrote in asking if Silken was a girl. Go listen to that MP3 Silk posted of herself singing Happy Birthday to Da Boss. Freaked me out. I've always her her using the standard Mac Text-to-speech voice that sounds like Steven Hawking

*kicks RPGamer*
Post this and I'll doubt my sanity.

- Beedrill51

Always glad to perpetuate madness.

The Last Laugh:

There's the column for you... kinda. OB64 is out, no questions on that... nor PE2, VP... well, heck, no real questions at all today. Oh well, better luck tomorrow I suppose. Bye fr now.

Googleshng "Q-less"
That's right, Q-less. No nerds to build me things, no gods to be jerks. 8(

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