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Googleshng - October 6 '00- 2:00 Eastern Daylight Time

Funny thing. Last night, I go to do the column, have basically no mail. So I throw up that weird substitute. An hour later I check my mail: 96 new messages. It seems my mail server is taking it's turn at being crazy. All day today it just spit the same 3 letters at me over and over. I think it's fixed now, but I might have lost some things. In any case though, today I have plenty of good letters, so, let's go.

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In the PSX:
Pretty fun actually
Parasite EVIL... 2!
Oh great googley one, I just have a few questions regarding Square's new *cough* masterpiece *cough*. Why in the name of Odin did they change the control scheme. I have played numerous RE games and I have always been irritated with the control. It makes dodging enemies and getting around very very complicated. Also why did they change the storage system to random boxes placed sporadically through the levels. It seems like toward the end of the game, that they are placed even worse. You can't leave anything important in one, because it takes hours of retracing to get that weapon you left. I really liked the RE idea, because the weapons and items "transported" to each one you went to. Of course if they did THAT in PE2 then it would be even closer to the RE series. It also seems that the plot is even RE-ish. Where I am in the game (return to Dryfield), it seems like some company is making these monsters to further their own good. That sounds just like the RE games in my opinion. The only reason I feel I got my money's worth was because of the graphics. While the graphics of the game are very impressive, the rest of the game just seems "so-so". So..enough rambling for now, I just decided to write in during your "drought" and give you my humble opinion -Shin "You are bugs. Insects. You mean nothing to me. Less than nothing." Karasu-

I'm basically printing this to give myself an excuse for bashing PE2 a bit. Start with a blatant rip-off of a Resident Evil game, right down to a half-hearted attempt at putting in puzzles, and the plot. Anyway, then remove all vestiges of horror, except for one movie which is honestly just a tad nauseating, not scary at all, and the scene from RE2 where a licker drops through a sky light. Now, keeping your inventory at a painfully small size, limit the ammount that can be put in item boxes, put item boxes in extremely out of the way places, and don't link them, leading to having to waste half an hour every once in a while moving the contents from one to another. NOW punish people for running from fights, an give money and MP for beating fights, so there's no real attrition, put boxes of infinate handgun ammo all over the place, but make monsters take 200 or so hits before they go down, so you have to visit these ammo dumps after every fight, which boil down to standing still and shooting one monster for a while then switching to the next. Finally, cut back on the FMV segments a bit despite them being the game's selling point, and make bosses with painfully high HP and cheesy attack patterns, turning them into frustrating 15 minute ordeals rather than horrifying experiences. Now you have PE2. Oh, and did I mention how simple most monsters look?

Diablo 2 and more
Ho Grubby Slime So, I have just got a copy of Diablo 2, and I was wondering: 1) Is there a new game+? So can I play thru on normal, then use my chars equipment and stats in the next difficulty up or anything?

Uh, that's the only way you can play on the higher difficulty levels.

2) Is their a reward for completing it on the highest difficulty? (a mega super piece of equipment perhaps...)

You'll get plenty of godly junk on the way there.

3)Whats your fav Character class? I like Barbarian myself, but am also playing with Amazon.

Barbarians can jump, which is amusing, and Sorcs are pretty fun, but I have a soft spot for necromancers.

4) Whats your favourite RPG? (You always say you've answered this enough already and I have never found out what it was.)

Phantasy Star, Xenogears, or FF6. That's as specific as you'll get from me.

5)What was the first RPG you ever played?

Phantasy Star, which was the first console RPG period.

6)Whats the longest time you have spent on any RPG?

That can be taken in many ways. There's games I haven't won until a year after I got them since someone borrowed them, I still play the original PS... be more specific.

7)Are you going to be buying a wonderswan colour for the FF remakes? Yes. Thats it. -Althalus-

Heck no. I think Square's being a bit too egotistical to rerelease games for the WSC. It's like they're testing the waters to see if they could sell their own console or something. Besides, I've already played all the FFs.

GBC games
Wow, slow week huh? With all of those people concerned that you were leaving permanently, you would think that there would be a flood of new content...oh well, guess not.

Anyways, to the point. I don't really have a question except maybe have you picked up a copy of Dragon Warrior 1&2 for game boy color? If not, and this goes for the readers also if you decide to print this, BUY IT. =) Seriously though, I have been playing games for at least 17 or 18 years, and I still remember the first time this game came out for the NES. It was my first RPG experience, and it is just as fresh now as it was then. I highly recommend this game, especially if you are itching for a little old school gaming.

Btw, ok here is a question, are you going to buy Pokemon Gold/Silver? If so, what color? I am looking at getting Silver right now so I can get Lugia... Also, do you know if the characters from Red, Blue and Yellow can transfer over to Gold and Silver? I really don't want to lose a level 99 Raichu and Blastoise. Also, maybe you many times can you beat Pokemon before being labeled obsessive? I think I am at 40 or so...


Am I going to buy the DW1 and 2 rerelease? Simply put, NO SMURFING WAY! While Enix has made some pretty fun games, in my personal opinion, the first 2 DWs are not examples of this. The only appeal Dragon Warrior has, aside from possibly some weird zen deal with character building, is nostalgia. Like many people, I played Dragon Warrrior when it first came out, but unlike most people, I have no warm fuzzy memories of it, because before DW first came out, I had already played the original Phantasy Star, when IT first game out. PS is so superior to DW in every single way that it's disgusting. If I had the nostalgia thing going though, getting DW1+2 would be a great deal. As for Pokémon, yes, you can trade from the old ones to the new ones, but not vice versa. I personally am getting Silver, just because I know one person getting gold.

Valkyrie prepared.
Hi again
I really enjoy Valkyrie Profile, to bad i must I actually asked one question yesterday, but i can make some more. 1. In Valkyrie Profile I've heard about transforming the "Broken Spear" into some really nice spear once you've gotten the Creation Gem. But where can you get it? From slaying enemies or finding it in some chest. I'm quite sure I've found all chests though.

2. In the town where all got stoned (literally) there is this church. Is there anyway to get rid of those slime walls down in the catacombs?

3. Which artifacts are must keeps, or put in a different way, are making up for the evolution drop?

4. Any other tips for characters, parties or how to obtain the ultimate destructive power?

5. Which characters did you hesitate to send to AsgĆrd?

Hope you like 5 more than one (questions that is)

Happy Soulgathering

I believe some obscure monster occasionally drops broken spears, but I wasn't paying attention, due to the answer to your 4th question. To take out those slimy walls, you have to make ice crystals for the big icy rays on the ceiling to bounce off of, then shatter the frozen pillars. I didn't keep any artifacts, but it'd really be a question of personal taste. The most damage possible in the game comes from doing the following. Take your 3 best mages. Give them those magic power boosting accessories, and Ether Scepters. Then have them all learn Mystic Cross. There might be a better spell to use, but this is good enough. Now when you fight a boss, just use Valk's special first, followed by all your mages in ascending order of magic power. The last two bosses are the only things that can survive a round of this on normal, and they can't survive 2. The catch of course is that you have to bring the mages CT gauges down before you can hit'em with a 2nd volley, but later skills and Charge potions make that a non-issue. Finally, I kept Arngrim around the whole game just because he's spiffy, and Mystina just because she's so non-heroic. It kinda sucked sending up good ol' EXP doubling Lucy though.

PSX2 Launch
Whats up G,

Just want to say, the ps2 will be a great launch. The only drawback is the games and the price. But, from their on, we have Bouncer, Silent Hill 2, Tomb Raider ps2 game, Resident Evil ps2 game, ff10, ff11, Dark Cloud, Star Ocean 3, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, Zone of Enders, and new Twisted Metal game. The point that im trying to get across is that people are judging the ps2 to early. Yes, I understand that it is being overhyped and YES, it is overpriced. But, as time passes i will guarantee all you people out their that their WILL be a ps2 in your home because of the power of the ps2. Noty many people realize the power of the ps2 and what it's capable of doing and processing. Many companies will look on and create games so excellent and utterly amazing that you'd think that it couldn't get better than this. whoo...anywayz, I thought I'd get that off my back. Now as for a quick question for Google (well hell, he is the RPG GOD). Shenmue and Skies of Arcadia are coming out in a matter of a few weeks. Do you think they will be nothing less than another ff classic or surpass Phantasy Star?

now thats a letter :D


Well, it's always nice to reiterate this point. What I'm always saying is that the PSX2 won't have anything decent AT LAUNCH. There have been about 3 PSX2 games announced that seem interesting too me (and oddly none are RPGs), but none of them are going to be available AT LAUNCH. In other words, the day everyone recieves the PSX2s they've preordered, there won't be any really great games to play on them... well, old PSX games I suppose. Therefore waiting for hardware price drops and decent games is a better way to go if you ask me. As for your DC question, I'm drooling over So'A, and see ShenMue as an arcade classics collection with a really long intro. Not that that's a bad thing. 8)

Mail troubles
Wheres MY personal response, huh? I even said hey and welcome back and all. But no- that doesn't matter to you! I eve asked a question too! *Sob* Doesn't anyone care?! So maybee you beat dario really easy, but I always DIE!!! Can't you help me..? Please?! And I...I...said something else too, but I can't remember!!! You...errhg... !!! }:(


I don't recall ever seeing the original letter this person is grumbling about my not responding to, but anyway... while I never did that part myself, I'm told stealing from dragons will take you far. 8)


Can I have the last laugh?

--The Laughing Target

This quickie is incredible funny, but only if you've seen/read the story in question. It's in Rumic World Vol. 1 I believe.

Hey Google
Today Friday is my birthday in that I turn 19 today. Speaking of birthdays, what the hell would I give Mimir for his birthday. I can't think of anything other than a hat, but he's sick of that but what is the best gift. Also I know you're Loki because of one odd characteristic.
Imperial Mog

A- Happy birthday, B- How about one of those party favors where you blow and they extend and go BWEEEEEE? C- THat's twice today people have accused me of being Loki. Could you explain your logic? Because I think I'd remember if I fathered 3 hideous monsters and mothered an 8 legged horse. That soulds like it'd hurt... a LOT.

I think it's about time to change the poll.And what are those medals at the end of battle in FM3 for?

I am now officially in charge of the poll, so I'll do so later today. As for FM3, bragging rights really.

What do those symbols under your logo mean?
Sorry I couldn't think of a better question.

That's Googleshng in katakana... well technically it's Guugureshingu, but close enough.

If black is to white as paper is to cheese, what are you to.



Oh yeah. A question. This isn't really a game question, but more of an RPGamer question. When is Jake Alley going to guest host the column. I love his reviews.

Thanks a Million

Signed, Richard M. Nixon
The "M" is for "Mojo"

Good question, I'll ask... oh spiffy, A week from today.

I, Happosai, challnge you, Googleshng, as master of the founding school of anything-goes martail arts! When I win, I get your transforming futon/chair/bed! And, on the off chance that you might win, you will get this. (holds up on of Paws' bras.) Come at me when you're ready.

"Happo-Fire Burst!"

Paws: I'd like to know how he got one of my bras :o I don't wear them, so what was he doing in my dresser drawers? :o
Google: OK, first I'm pretty darn sure it wouldn't fit me, second, I'm really out of shape and would almost definately lose, and third, unlike some people, I don't have a strict honor code, so I can just refuse. 8)

The Last Laugh:

Junk mail, junk mail, rat from Jay...

Er, comic from Radrisol, but then that wouldn't have been a Critic quote. Anyway, last night I spontaniously became extremely ill, which is why this column is late. Really sorry about that, especially to Gin, who I've deprived of 12 hours of precious letter recieving time. So, ask him good stuff please, and send any corrections on today's column to me, not him. Bye.

Googleshng "groooooaaaaan"
Random observation: It's hard to use a computer when you're a mermaid.

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