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Googleshng - October 5 '00- 3:00 Eastern Daylight Time

26 messages, 0 unread. I think I personally replied to all of these except for quote guesses. That's from the ending you get in CT when Lavos kills you. Here's tildes for the shockingly few people that got it. ~~~~~

Now then, as I believe I hinted, since I have basically nothing to print today, I'm going to do Something Else. If this lull continues, this may become a regular thing and I'll find cool stuff to show you all, but for now, I think I'll just let you all know what's behind all those other links most of you skip by to find Q&A.

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Points of View This is Paws' reviews section. Her rules aren't all that harsh, but she strongly enforces them. Still, if you follow them, and remember that 5 is average, not 7, you're pretty much guarrenteed to get posted. Reviews of old games by staffers are also posted here, which is nice when you're looking for something new to play.
Information Station Simply put, this is where new walkthroughs and such are posted. Generally you're better off going through the games section to find them, but if something isn't there, this is the place to check every week. Generally new walkthroughs come in right when games come out. FAQ writers freak me out.
Editorials Ever find yourself writing a 5 page essay to me able how Legend of Dragoon is such an unoriginal game? This is where you should be sending that. I'm told some of the eds are even interesting reads too.
Fan Art Some of the fan artists that submit to RPGamer are VERY talented. Every week I take a look at fan art, and see at least 2 or 3 pics good enough to keep copies of in my own little collection.
Media Central This right here is the newest feature of the site, and one of the most interesting. Basically, it's the miscellanious submissions section. This link I'm posting is to an update with a pretty good cross section. Mostly it's wallpaper, desktop themes, and such, but Silk also posts things like this FUNNY Lavos sound file, java games, heck, pretty much anything. Yet oddly enough she's always low on submissions.
Music Well, this is pretty self explanitory. Spiffy remixed midis, MP3s, and other formats of sounds from RPGs. Nice stuff.
Fan Fiction I'd like to be able to say I love this section, but, well, I just don't like fanfics on principal. Still, the people who run this section do an ecellent job of screening stuff, so if you like reading people's impressions on the characters of your favorite games, or want some stories to fill in gaps and backstory, everything here is heavily screened, so you should like it.
New Media Our coverage of the major upcoming titles has recently been beefed up with a ton of pics and movies, which are always nice for inciting drool.
Games An awful lot of people don't seem to realize this page here exists. Just click the big huge Games under the dragon and date up in the corner there, and you get a big huge list of all the games we cover, linked to absolutely everything we have about them.
Releases This is an even better version of the above. Not only do you get all that, but you also get release dates for all those games, PLUS it's a nice searchable database.

The Last Laugh:

Well, there you have it. A nice little rundown of the rest of this site. What few letters I got today I'll keep around. If you want a nice regular column tomorrow, ask me some questions. Otherwise, I guess I'll have to throw something like this up again. Watch out, I might get used to it.

Googleshng "Questionless"
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