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Googleshng - October 4 '00- 3:00 Eastern Daylight Time

Did you miss me? If so, that's a tad stalker-ish of you, I was only gone a week. Oh, and for the record, at least twenty people thought I was leaving forever. People should read more carefully.

Now then, as for what I did while I was gone, first of all, I totally renovated my page. Didn't get a chance to put a new rant up, but there's no more frames and a much much spiffier archive. I also built a couch, not that I expect any of you to care about that.

Anyway, now that I'm back, I see that the flow of honest to goodness questions is still a tad dry. If this keeps up, I'm going to have to take drastic measures. Oh, and have I bugged you all to go get VP yet? It's very spiffy. That new review that's up pretty much says why, but doesn't mention how with the right kind of staff, any mage in the game basically becomes a Slayers character. Having 3 people chant long incantations and then blast away with spells so overpowered it's disgusting is just so much fun. Needless to say, that's what my party is now.

DOH! Once in a blue moon fate conspires against me and a column takes 26 hours to write. Sorry for that happening today. I'll see if I can find something to make it up to you with.

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In the PSX:
Good question
Been busy
How long does it take to beat Phantasy Star 1,2,3, and 4?
Can you just give me an ESTIMATE on each game?
Thanks, Jason

OK, basically RPGs fall into one of the following categires of length: Average (About 30 hours), Short (About 20 hours), Long (40 hours), Really long (60 hours), How much did I pay for this? (10 Hours), and Xenogears (80 hours for most people). Now, the PS series lacks in-game clocks, but comparing to other examples of those categories, I'm pretty darn sure they're all about 30 hours long, for me at least. PS3 is really 3 10 hour RPGs cemented together, arguably 7. They all have character building in them though, so that shifts the times a bit possibly.

FF7 Questions
How do I get ' Master Summon' Materia?
Why do I suck?
Where is Lucrecia's cave?
Do I get a tilde?

In order: You need all 3 Bahamuts, all the Huge Materia, and a mastered version of each materia of the appropriate summon (well, you don't need all the yellows mastered). You're still playing FF7. It's on the edge of a round lake surrounded by mountains, you need the sub or I suppose a black chocobo. No.

Lufia stuff
"Thank goodness you've returned. Much has changed since you lived here, my friend. The church at the edge of town has been desecrated and is being use for dark rituals."

Seriously, though, did you have a good week Google?

I was wondering about Lufia: The Legend Returns and Lufia 2.

1. You guys posted new art and stuff from those games so does that mean that Lufia III(The Legend Returns) still exists and will be released in NA?

2. Any idea on a release date?

3. Where did the Lufia 2 art come from? Is that game being remade or something?


OK, there has been stuff floating around for a Lufia 3, a Lufia: Ruins Chaser, and now Lufia: The Legend Returns. GBC, PSX, and Dreamcast have been flying about and it was all just really confusing. So, one of us finally decided to go directly to the source and ask just what the heck was going on. Bottom line, the only Lufia game being worked on at this time is Lufia: The Legend Returns, which is for the GBC, and, as RPG tradition dictates, is set 1000 years after the original. It should be out early next year. As for the new Lufia 2 art, while clearing up the release date, they threw that in for us. Nice of them.

Pink mecha
Hey Goog,

Am I the only one who is pissed by the idea that we will probably never see a Sakura Taisen game? I mean the new trailer for ST3 looks *Insert multiple vulgar adjectives/adverbs* amazing.


HECK NO! I can't imagine anyone NOT wanting to play a Tactical RPG in which you have to date anime style girls so that they'll upgrade their pink moogle-like mecha. Plus there's an anime series based on it. Help us Working Designs! You're our only hope!

DC games
Just picked up a new Sega Dreamcast the other day and I like it quite a bit. I'm especially looking forward to the upcoming RPGs for the system, particularly Grandia II. But I had some questions I hoped you could answer...
First, do you know if Grandia II is more than one CD? I haven't seen a game yet for the Dreamcast that wasn't a single disc. If you know how many discs Skies of Arcadia will be, I'd appreciate that as well.
Second, how exactly does Sega plan to implement the "universal translator" in Phantasy Star Online? (I refer to the system whereby all players can communicate with you in your own language regardless of what language another player is using.)


This is Bug Week.
Nothing can stop Bug Week.

As far as the disc numbers, haven't been announced yet, but PSO is almost definately a 1-discer, Grandia 2 might have 2, ditto SA. The only multi-disk DC game I've played is RE4, but I know there's more. DC discs hold a LOT and they can do FMV quality graphics in real time, so filling up more than one is rare. As for PSO's translation, it works like this. You hit buttons on the controller to say "Everyone" "Attack" "That sandworm". Then, everyone else's games will have you saying "Everyone attack that sandworm!" or "Mortimus [that sandworm]" (dear gods my Latin has gone downhill), or set the AI on the computer controlled characters you have to have since you can't find 3 friends to attacking that sandworm. Think of it like issuing commands to your characters in a normal RPG, except that they won't nessessarily listen to you. I believe there's also an option to actually type messages in with the DC keyboard, but that obviously wouldn't get translated.

Shiny thing here?
Google, please give me the great wisdom you possess.

(1. what's yer overall opinion of the Shining Force series?

(2. Will they make Shining Force for Dreamcast and/or any off the new systems coming out?

(3. If they do, do you think that they'll stick with the crappy storline from SF2, or try to go back to the original beautiful storyline?

(4. If you don't know answers for 2 or 3, what do you THINK they should do?

Sorry, but i really like Shining Force,
You da man

I see you're denying the existance of SF3, which is just as well since I never played it. Anyway, I haven't heard any plans for a DC Shining Force, and it doesn't seem THAT likely. They were great for their time, but these days there's FFT, Vandal Hearts, Front Mission 3, and Vanguard Bandits out there. If they made a new Shining Force with the traditional giant archers shooting people on the other side of a totally flat forest and mountain range and TERRIBLE AI, I don't think it would really go over too well. On the other hand, if they made new complex 3D mechanics, people would be upset that they changed it. I personally would like to see a new SF with updated mechanics though, and now that I think about it, Sega IS making sequels to Phantasy Star and Space Harrier, so they just might do it. Heck, they might even make DC updates of Wonder Boy and Alex Kidd! Oh, and I agree, SF1 beats SF2 on so many levels, most ly character design though.


Got Milk?

-Magus Darkstar-

Having never seen Trigun, I don't get it.

This is my comic. Is it not nifty? Worship the comic! - Beedrill51

Uh.. where?

Google dont tell me your also a member?!


P.S. Welcome back

Uh... member of what?



Goog, I just have to know... What is the coolest magical item you own?

"Happo-Fire Burst!"

Well, I just got a new futon/couch/bed/transforming piece of furniture, that's pretty cool... or am I supposed to perpetuate a running gag by saying Paws? (Who I don't THINK is magic... or an item... or mine)

Well, I seem to remember getting the Baka Song MP3 (of Ranma) from the column some time ago, don't know if it was from your or whoever, but after much painful searching I found the lyrics and the translation for those of you that care. You are welcome...I guess..


I could have translated that for you!

'Damn! Where's my liches?!?'

This was sent to me a week ago, and I can't remember what the context was, but that's always a good question to ask. 8)

The Last Laugh:

That was cool. Not only did I have just enough really good letters to do the column by exact count, they were all in order in my box. Most of the 26 hours this column took was the intro. It's hard to type with 3 cubic meters of cardboard and paper garbage in front of the keyboard (long story).

In other news, the lead programmer for my game is currently in Japan. After a bit of poking him, he admitted that he probably can't finish for a good 3 years. I'm not too keen on waiting that long, so I have two options. I can either sit down and finish myself (Groooooaaaaaan) or I can hire a new lead programmer. So, on the off chance that anyone reading this has experience programming 3D engines (ideally for all 3 platforms), is willing to put up with my slave-driverish ways, and not see any money from me until the game is on the market (at which point you'd get just as much as everyone else involved, myself included), then, well, drop me a line, NOW please. 8) Oh, and some hirer math knowledge wouldn't hurt either.

Googleshng "Hiring"
Did I mention the revolutionary new type of graphics engine I need made?

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