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Googleshng - September 22 '00- 3:00 Eastern Daylight Time

This is it. After working here longer than any Q&A staffer ever, I'm finally leaving. There, now that people are officially freaked out, I'll tack on this here "for a week." 8) Honestly, it's not that I'm sick of doing Q&A or anything, not by a long shot. Basically, it's just that, well, right now the vast majority of you people are busy getting back into school routines, and therefore don't even have time to play RPGs, let alone ask questions about them. That makes my job a good deal harder and less fun. So, I'm going to hide in a secret bunker thousands of miles below the earth's crust winning games I should have already won by now for a week while everyone gets their schedules in order. Make sure to torture the people who cover for me so that they learn not to vollunteer for that sort of thing in the future. For now though, here's C.C.

Cheshire Catalyst: Hola amigos! Beinvenido a! Aqui, mucho informacion en cuanto a RPGs! Mi pantalones esta incendio, y su madre esta muy muy guapo! Hey there. It's me, Cheshire Catalyst, back from my magical journey saving princesses and crap. I'm here to dispense my knowledge unto ye unworthy peons! Bow! Bow, I say.

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I should win this.
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Chrono Cross
Twice as fun the second time through.
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Deus Ex
A magical journey through the land of Conspiracy, Nanotech, and Jack Webb-ish protagonists.
Simple Question, long answer
What the flurk is "Hydra Humour" ??

It's what makes the Hydra so durned funny! Wah-wah-wah-waaaaaaaaaah! Back in ancient England, "doctors" (or, as they are known today "insane psychopaths") believed that the body had 4 chief fluids inhabiting it. Blood, phlegm, yellow bile (or choler) and black bile (or melancholy). These disgusting liquids we're called "Humours", and it was believed that a proper balance between them was necessary to maintain good health. God help the poor soul who's doctor said, "You're sick? You must have a phlegm deficiency! Have some of my kid's; he has more than enough to share!" And, Hell yes, I love The Simpsons.

The Simpsons bit was in the subject. I hate that wascawy stuff in subjects. Anyway, this here is why I offered CC here weekends. He didn't leave anything for me to say... except that Blood mucus bile and bile fits the tune of Head Shoulders Knees and Toes. 8)

Hey whasssuuuuuuuuuuuup Google!

You know I always thought that the part in the middle of "Knight of Fire" in Xenogears where it supposedly says "Sentient Mode is Capable" was just a bunch of scratchy sound effects. Well maybe that's because I'm hearing impaired, but I don't know.

Anyway, on to my question. I was reading a song lyric text file somewhere on the net and I noticed that there was a last part about two people walking hand in hand or something. Supposedly it plays during the credits to Xenogears. But when I watched the credits again and I cranked up the volume of my TV I didn't hear the part I mentioned above... So where does that part play?

Oh hey another question... I downloaded 2 Xenogears mp3s from the Xenogears OST, "Light from the Netherworld" and "Stars of Tears". Why are they in the OST when I SWEAR that I never heard these songs in the game before? Or is my memory bad?



The song doesn’t specifically mention anyone walking “hand in hand”. For the complete lyrics, here’s a link. Perhaps the lyrics you read were from an alternate translation of the song. As to the ending of Evangelion the RPG Xenogears itself, I can’t say much. I was too busy contemplating the deep metaphysical meaning of Elly’s.... tracts o’ land. As to the two tracks you mention, Stars of Tears is a classic example of a cut. Music is sometimes left out of a game at the last minute. Another example would be the two tracks left out of the game, Chrono Trigger. (“Singing Mountain, and “Battle 2”) But back on the subject of “Stars of Tears”, rumor has it that a music video of the song (featuring animated Xenogears scenes) is on the first disc. I hear the trick to making it work is to put in the “Making of Lunar” CD from Lunar:TSSSC, start your playstation, then remove the disc and put in Xenogears Disc 1. Haven’t tried this for myself though. Perhaps Google can clarify. I haven’t seen, or heard rather, “Light from the Netherworld” in the game either.

Rumor nothing. It's on disk 2 though, not disk 1. Also, the lyrics are in english, which is odd considering there's no way to hear it in the game proper.

Hey Goog and Double C,

Do you think true communism could actually be created and work if it were allowed to be developed properly rather than being thrown together without the dictatorship and corruption that's been inherent in all previous attepts? And do either of you have any idea how big the Eldridge in Xenogears is? They mention something being 40 miles across , but that's only the bridge sections I think , and I've heard estimates of 400-600 miles in length judging from the picture in XG: Perfect Works , placing it many times above the death star in size and volumn.

What kind of colony ship would need to be that big anyway? Heck , with the level of technology they've shown to miniterize life-support equipment and food storage/growing and such , I wouldn't be suprized if it held populations many times in excess of that of Earth , and it also seems to have enough firepower to destroy any life forms on a planet they encounter to make room for some of those people......

Finally , do you know what will be in the goodies box with Lunar 2?


Interesting bit about the Eldridge. As to Lunar 2, I understand you'll recieve a soundtrack, probably a "Making of Lunar 2" CD, and (only if you preorder) a Ghaleon punching puppet! I'm serious. You ever see those "boxing nun" puppets? That's sounds cool. Why can't Square do crap like that? Maybe "Chrono Cross, the cereal" and a blow up Lady Agrias love doll.
As to Communism, I can't say. I would have asked my neighbor the Poli-Sci major, but that would require me leaving the room.

Yes, simply put, the Eldridge is the biggest thing in anything... well, I suppose Dyson Sphere's, Ring World and the whole turtle with the universe on it's back are all bigger, but still, DARN BIG. As for Lunar 2, I believe you covered everything. The place I ordered from wanted a bigger deposit for the punching puppet, and, well, I find the concept too freaky to do so.

Chrono Cross
Little CC Spoiler

Hey there Googleshng and CC,

I just beat Chrono Cross (Chrono Cross...Cheshire Catalyst...CC...hmmm....) Anyways, I had two questions about it. First of all, in the beginning FMV before the game even starts, it shows different parts of FMV's throughout the game. In one part it shows Serge standing in what appears to be Termina with his weapon out in front of him, then he runs to the left and leaps off the screen. Maybe I just missed that, but when did that happen in the game? Secondly, how in the poop do you get the different plates armors? (like the Green Plate, Yellow Plate, Red Plate, etc) I've looked just about everywhere.

-Krazy Kefka

Sorry, but I can't help you with the bit of footage with Serge in Termina. That has me puzzled too.
The plates are a different matter. In order to get the plate mails, you need to steal them from the Dragon of the appropriate color. (Green Plate from the Green Dragon) Since Kid won't be in your party at this time, you'll have to use Fargo in each battle you want to steal Plate from. My recommendation: The Black plate is the most useful. Especially againt that smurf, Dario.

To my knowledge that little clip is never really in the game. If I'm wrong, send corrections to me, not Gin.

Chrono Cross final boss spoilers

Yo Google and Cheshire Cataclysm,

I got some info on how to beat Lavos to get the good ending!

Lavos does not cast the elements in order, but he DOES have a pattern in casting them, and here it is:

In most circumstances, Lavos uses a green element.
If the last element casted was yellow, lavos uses a red element.
If the last two elements used were yellow and red, in that order, Lavos uses a yellow element.
If the last three elements used were yellow, red and green, Lavos uses a blue element... I think.
If the last four are yellow, red, green and blue, Lavos uses a white element.
If the last five are yellow, red, green, blue and black, Lavos uses a black element. It's a cruel, cruel Darkness of Time.

I never got to casting all six elements in the correct order to see what Lavos would do, and even if I had, I would have just hurried up and used the Chrono Cross. My guess would be that he either casts a random element, or just sits there 'til you play the Song of Life, or he beats on Orcha physically.

So that's my little piece o' info, hope you like it!

Lesse, questions... OK, I got some!

Google: What's your favorite Chrono Cross character, other than Serge? In case you couldn't tell, mine's Orcha... I would say Grobyc, but there's something thought-provoking about watching a fat chef fighting the ultimate evil/good in the Darkness of Time.

CC: What's your favorite RPG, SNES RPG, non-RPG, RPG character, Least favorite RPG, SNES RPG, non-RPG, RPG character, car company, etc. etc. blah blah blah the whole works.

Sabin "Let's get this over with and grab a bite to eat!" XIII You spoony bard! "I'm not a spoony bard, you jerkhead!"

Yup, that's the pattern you have to use to beat the Time Devourer. Basically, power everyone up to Level 8 element casting ability. Then wait for the T.D. to cast a green element. Follow suit using level one or two elements until the pattern is filled out. Once the pattern of colors is in alignment, use the Chrono Cross to summon Captain Planet!
Think I'm lying, punks?

For the rest of your questions... (deep breath)
1) Lunar:TSSSC or Chrono Trigger. 2) Chrono Trigger 3)Deus Ex (well, it's sorta an RPG) 4) Kyle, from Lunar, is my frickin' hero. 5) Robotrek 6) uhhh... you repeated some I think.... uhh... Trigun; Cheese, Mayo and Mushrooms; and Lady Elaine Fairchild (there, that should fill SOME category)

I actually got the good ending first try no problem. As for my favorite CC character... uh... I don't have one really. I ended up using Kid and Fargo most of the time though, thievery is always fun.

That's it
A number of issues rising from the fact that I've been avoiding RPGamer to cut down on the number of spoilers for Chrono Cross (we'll get to that later):

1) I was wondering if I was the only one who came away from FF7 with the impression that Cloud himself was an Ancient. I mean, he did the whole "Talk with Dead Mother" thing, had blonde hair, and went through all the psychotic episodes you'd expect from an ancient. There are just too many scenes in the game that become worthless if Cloud isn't an Ancient. Or maybe I'm just crazy.

2) What ever happened to Lufia 3? Wasn't it supposed to come out of GBC, or was that cancelled?

3) I happen to be PlayStation-less at the moment (due to an unfortunate accident involving my parents not letting me take it to college) and was wondering if Chrono Cross would work with bleem, or some other PSX emulator? I really don't enjoy narrowly dodging spoilers every second of ever day.

4) For every reason not to get a PS2, there is an equaly good reason that you should own one. In fact, I think ever frame of the Metal Gear Solid 2 trailer (which I incidentaly just finished downloading) should be counted as a seperate reason to own a PS2. Of course, I would settle for even a PS1 at the moment...

5) Are there any places online to order RPG soundtracks. I happen to be in a part of the country without any anime stores for miles in any given direction, and none of the major online sites (like amazon or cdnow) sell them. For the record, Walmart didn't have any, either.

If you answer even one of these questions, you have been a tremendous help (unless you only answered the Lufia question, in which case you have been almost no help whatsoever).

- Tetris, The One Person in the World That Doesn't Own Chrono Cross (Not That He's Bitter or Anything)

1. Cloud wasn't an ancient. He was just insane thanks to being pumped full of Mako.
2. I haven't heard any word on Lufia 3
3. It has been my experience that Bleem is about as reliable as an M-16 in the mud. It's even worse with Role-playing, Multi-disc games.
4. PS2 does indeed look good.
5. is where I get my stuff. is pretty good too. (Has more stuff, it seems)

MGS2 isn't a launch title. I still say you're better off waiting for a price drop. Everything's been quiet on the Lufia front lately. Finally, while Bleem may have it's problems, a friend of mine tells me that Chrono Cross, and everything else he's tried, works just fine on Virtual Game Station.


in Final Fantasy VII, is there any way that the flower girl Aeris won't die (Killed by Sephiroth)? Thanks!

CC: Yeah, just before you get to the part where Aeris becomes shish-ka-bob, type in the code X O X O up down. After that, hit the "power" button on your PSX, remove the CD, feed it to your dog, and have the last laugh.
Google: Heh. Technically that would work... Personally I'm shocked that people are still looking for ways to prevent Aeris from dying.

I looked that word (if it even is a word) up in the Encarta dictionary and it wasn't there.

CC: From what I read, the word must mean "Really Heady" or something.
Google: Big headed.

I didn't do it.

CC: Tell it to the judge
Google: Woozle Wozzle?

The master is not just another pervert; he's an addict! For him to be unable to touch a woman is like not being able to breath!

CC: That sounds like a Ranma quote to me. (concerning Happosai maybe?) But I could be wrong.
Google: Ah Happosai, you can't help but want to kill him.

"Warning: Contains nuts"
-Warning label on a can of assorted nuts

CC: "Put me in your mouth, genius!"
-Warning label on a urinal cake.
Google: Heh. I still like my canker sore medication that says to contact poison control if accidentally ingested.

New Junkion test model, is a sleek sexy import, with turbo handling!

CC: Either I'm not getting a lot of obscure quotes, or huffing paint fumes has become popular again.
Google: You haven't seen Transformers: The Movie!?! And to think I almost gave you a job!

for the love of god just tell how to hook up a ps witha pc screen please please please
thank you

CC: In the words of Calvin's father, "I can't tell you, it's a secret."
Google: I tried replying to this person before but it didn't go through. You need to get a TV tuner card for the PC, they're easy enough to obtain I'm told.

It's like spiting on a fish

CC: It's like barking up a tree
It's like I said, you gotta buy one if you wanna get one free
Google: Dare to be stupid!

A song about a babe     What Babe? A Babe with the power     What power? The Power of Voodoo     Who Do? You Do.

CC: Thank you for that musical number.
We love having you on the show.
Google: Do what?     Remind me of the babe. You screwed up the beginning though, it's You remind me of the babe.

I remember when me and my friends all watched the transformers movie and no one believed me that the song was "dare to be stupid" by Weird AL. I SHOWED EM ALL!


CC: Here's hoping, now that you have your revenge, that you leave the giant death robot in the garage.
Google: Giant death robot? Can I have it?

Destiny... You cannot... destroy... my... destinyyyyy... *BOOOOMMMM*

CC: Agh! Again, clueless. I'll have to use my 50/50, Reg.
Google: Orson Welles died while making TF:tM. I always wondered if it was during that line and they recorded it for authenticity. 8)


CC: That's what I said when my friend told me there was an anime worse than "El Hazard" out there.
Google: Hahahahaha! Hahahahaha! Hahahaha- *SLUMP*

Hey, Goog, quick! You'd better squeeze all the charmin you can, while Mr. Wiggle's not around!


CC: Hey, at least I get the Wierd Al quotes. And what the Hell was Mr. Wiggle's problem anyway? Bizarre guy from that psycho-pervert community of people who gaged toilet tissue effectiveness by their "squeezability" ratio. That, and the blue fluid from the tampon commercials. That's just screwed up.
Google: Isn't it Whipple?

How many e-mails about the Smurf's did you get after that communist quickie?
(psyce class is fun!)

Magna Maduin

CC: I think it's nice that Cartoon Network has created the "Boomerang" network. It's like they've segregated all the smurfy cartoons.
Google: Maybe I shouldn't have used smurf to censor out a swear pertaining to smurves...

The Last Laugh:

CC: Well, we've come to the end. Another day answering questions. And what have we learned? We learned that houses made of Brick are better than ones made of straw or copies of Wild Arms. We learned that if you believe in yourself and your lesbian ninja bodyguards, you can accomplish anything. And maybe, just maybe, we learned a little something about ourselves too. For tomorrow, read Chapter 6 of the AD&D Dungeon Master Guide "Money & Equipment", answer the even-numbered questions, and be ready to discuss why Batman would kick Captain America's ass in your TA session this week. Thank you... and goodnight.

Google: Well, that was fun. Now however I must go. Enjoy Gin and the Robs who fill in next week!

Googleshng "See you next month!"
Hmm... a vacation... that'll give me plenty of time to work on stuff!

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