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Googleshng - September 21 '00- 3:00 Eastern Daylight Time

There are days when out of 120 letters I only get 10 quickies. Today is not one of those days. Quite the opposite. Glancing through, I don't see any real print worthy questions at all. I'm sure there's some that I just didn't seem but EGADS! Tonight's batch of letters just has so much fluff in it that it seems like there's nothing else. On a lighter note, remember Cheshire Catalyst? He made a whole bunch of humorous pictures for the bottom's of columns, he guest hosted once, and that went so well that went Brad retired, I offered him weekends. At the time he was home for the summer and I was sending to his college adress, so he never heard it, but now he's back so... Gin's fired. 8) Just kidding obviously, but seriously, tomorrow C.C. will be guest hosting tomorrow as something of a consolation prize. So, send him some nice solid questions please. While you're at it, if you have anything really important to ask me, now's a good time, I'm going to be taking a little break after this week.

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Hey goog,
A few years ago, well many years ago, when I was younger I played Lunar 2 - eternal blue. Then I played Lunar - The silver start story for playstation and beat it... So, there coming out with another remake of part 2, this starts my question..... When I played lunar 2 eternal blue many years ago, I couldeve swore it was all the same characters from part 1, I remember every single one of them you played, and it continued on from part 1, yet when I read the review on part 2, they have completely new characters and none of them from the original....... Am I sick?!!? Should I be shrouded in odd clothing?! With people not knowing if I am a man... a woman.... or should they even ask?!

Yours truly, Magisephiroth.

Evidently your memory is a tad out of shape. Lunar 2 is set 1,000 years after the original. However, a good deal of the characters look an AWFUL lot like characters from the original, which is probably what threw you.


Did you know that a CD called "The best of Final Fantasy 1994-1999" is going to be released in the states? (NOT to be confused with Final Fantasy 1989-1994) It'll be the first domestic release of any kind of FF music (though i think the FF8 OST was available on Squaresoft's site in "English" form.) Anyways, this is big news, in the same way Square launched the RPG genre here they could launch the Videogames Soundtrack Genre here too. It's only $10 friggin bucks so what has anyone got to lose, it's being released the 26th. Not to far off is it? I got the news story here so if anyone wants to read up check it out. Supposedly, the FF9 OST is getting a domestic release in limited form here and so will Parasite Eve II. Times seem to be getting better for the RPG Audiophile.



Hi! I'll cut to the chase!

1.) If I bought my guinea pig a plastic sword and taped it to his back, would it be weird to call him Cloud?

2.) I have a debate wiht my younger sister. In FF7, at the end where the Highwind 'crew' wathces that green stuff come out of the ground, is it Holy or the Lifestream? My sissy think Holy, I think Lifestream.

3.) Do you anything about the Legend of Dragoon action figures coming out?

4.) Okay, I'm stranded for cash here, with Christmas coming up. Which game do you suggest: Vagrant Story, Chrono Cross, Lunar Complete 2 (whatever it's called!) or Final Fantasy 9.

And finally:

5.) In Final Fantasy 7, what purpose do the 1/35 of a Soldier and the Tissues serve?

Thaks so much for any help!

- Quistis Chick ^.^

Yes, the green is lifestream. Holy's the white. I'm not really big on action figures, so, I don't know much there. CC I know is good, Lunar 2 I like, FF9 should be good. Just ask yourself which you want the most? A new FF, more Lunar, or more CT/Xenogears? Finally, to quote a fabulous movie, "Nothing! Absolutely nothing!" 8)

Better late than never
Hello??? Ok hi
just wonderin where i can buy xenogears?
i checked ebworld and they don't have it
and I really loved CC and i though try xenogears!!
ah well

Ok c'ya 4 now

Uh... used game stores are your best bet.

I here (from my super secret info source) that there is a PS3 coming out sometime around 2005.
I have seen the logo and the "New Look" of the PS3. Do you know anything about this at all?
I really want to know anything i can about this thing.


...The Thunder God, Thor...

The PS3 was announced months ago actually. Yet another strike against the PS2 in my book. It's REALLY a bad gesture to announce the NEXT system you're planning to make before the one in question has even launched. Sega never even made a blunder like THAT.

That's it
Dear Goog,

I've been watching your for a while. And I've observed that you enjoy many of the things I enjoy. Your fellow love for Roger Zelazny started it, with your love for RPGs the obvious foundry of that. Also, in the last section you made a reference to miasma, which is the second Nausicaa reference you made (the other about Horseclaws) in a while. So I've just got one thing to say, if you're a girl... I'm SO stalking you...

Senshi no Jidai
formerly known as Vegeta_Zero

I ran out of serious stuff so now I'm just going by size. Good luck trying to stalk me though. I don't leave the house and you don't even have a name to go on. 8P


r u 4 reel?

Heh. Good one.

You go wrong way! You fool I say!


"Me Grimlock fool?" You know, I've watched that movie literally over 100 times, and I have NEVER been able to make any sense out of the next thing Wheelie says. "Pickle mein Gott! No fool you not!" It's just too squeaky to tell.

"Aw, it's a cute little hypercephalic kitten!"
"He's adorable! Let's take him home and put tape on his feet."

Mud Pepper

Love those Sam and Max quotes.

I've got a couple big ash trees in my front yard I wanna get rid of. I don't suppose you know how i could get to Muspelheim, do you?


Just take a left on main street and head into the huge swirly vortex. Can't miss it.

Just curious, Goog... have you ever read Bio of a Space Tyrant? Piers Anthony wrote it, and I understand you like Piers Anthony...

Don't know where you got THAT idea. I've never read anything by Piers Anthony. I've heard good things about him though... or was it really bad things... one of those two. 8)

Just for once I want to be called "sir" without "you are making a scene."


Animal farm is the best! Go symbolism! Go mother Russia! Communism is the best, eh comrades? (And I'm serious, I'm a marxist..heh).

-John "Old Major" Dill-

Silly commie, Trix are for capitalists!

The Last Laugh:

You people don't even want to know the kind of stuff I didn't print tonight. That was a freaky batch of letters. No offense to the one person who may have sent something decent I overlooked. Anyway, tomorrow CC guest hosts, so send questions in.

Googleshng "Away I go"
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