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Googleshng - September 19 '00- 3:00 Eastern Daylight Time

I got a ton done this weekend. First off, I got a rant up. I also did a lot of cleaning, played games a bit, started messing with 2 new programming languages, and increased the order of magnitude to which one thing I was doing all ready to a ludicrous degree.

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Well, Google, I hope you like questions, because I'm laying them on thick tonight...

1) "And colon semicolon too!" Is from Sam and Max Hit the Road, when you use the exclamation mark to talk to the freaky engineer with psychic powers at the World of Fish, isn't it? God, I love those two, too bad there's only one game, and the series seems to have disappeared...

2) You said on Thursday that Akira wouldn't work on an FF game, since he works on the Dragon Warrior stuff, so why did he do CT's character art? Same company, just a freaky world. :P

3) Death isn't good enough for those evil critters that killed Lucca. Any suggestions?

4) Xenogears time: Is there some kind of designer overlapping going on between those two? The music feels a little similar, there's a few little things like the whole Shevat/Zeal thing, and not to mention Lucca in Lahan. Heeey, maybe she didn't die, she just ran away to Lahan with a couple developers!

5) Why does Emeralda look about 10 or 15 years older in the ending FMV than she does all the rest of the game?

6) Isn't a Z Charger and hyper mode just plain evil?

7) Why did I send you these on a FRIDAY? Just realized that, but I'm too lazy to just scrap it and send later...


Yes, Sam and Max rock. I can't see Toriyama doing character designs for an FF game because, well, FF and DQ are the two big contenders of the RPG world. So that would be a DIRRECT conflict of interest, doing CT isn't that bad. If you pay close attention, Lucca is officially kidnapped, not killed... and is then just kinda removed from the plot. While we're on the subject, it REALLY bothers me how non-chalant CC is about killing off all the characters from CT... I mean, what gives? Moving along, CT/CC and Xenogears are made by the same development team... give or take enough people to explain Monolith. There is an optional scene where Emeralda ages, and they didn't feel like making 2 endings. I never really messed with chargers. Fuel was never a problem for me. Finally, that's a good question. You should have sent this to Gin, he really needed the letters!

Hey Googlie slime-dude.
I finally rented Lunar: SSSC, and its awesome. I never paid much attention to stuff about it before, but I seem to remember something about not bein able to buy it anymore. My first question is whether that's true or not.
Second, do you think that new Aidyn game looks any good? It looks kinda bad to me. The battle system looks a little awkward, in my opinion. Also, the characters aren't all that diverse. I mean, they all live in or near the castle at the beginning. Oh well, I suppose I'll still give it a chance, considering the fact that there isn't exactly a buttload of info on the game right now (that I've seen).
Oh yea, I almost forgot. I couldn't remember if it was you or someone else. Is it you guys (Q&A people) that prefer letters to be in html? Just for future reference.

~v~ Shogun Ryuujin ~v~

It's not that you can't buy Lunar any more, it's that it was going out of production. In case anyone is still confused over the issue, all games go out of productionshortly after they're first released. The reason people made such a big deal over Lunar is that it game with all kinds of spiffy little extras. You should be able to find it used somewhere if nothing else. As for Aidyn, first of all, it's the only real RPG for the N64. Beyond that, I think it looks pretty interesting. I for one am going to get a copy. Finally, it was probably me you were thinking of regarding htmlized letters, but I'm sure Gin would appreciate it too. Just sticking <br> at the end of every line shaves... well, seconds off my workload.

Poll Comments
Yo Goo gleshng,

Got a question 'bout this week's poll: Why would anyone NOT vote "Villans revealing a desire to rule/destroy the world near the end of the game"? I realize that everyone has their own opinion, but...

1)"Arenas where the last fight is unwinnable." I don't think I know of a single game where this has happened. I'm thinking that a possible one would be Star Ocean, with that big cave, but that unwinnable thing hasn't been PROVEN yet, right?
::looks at poll percentages::
12.38%? What the heck!?

2)"Villans revealing a desire to rule/destroy the world near the end of the game." I've attached a text file that names all the games I've played enough to know for sure that have this cliche.

3)"Burly recurring boss joining your party." The only one I know of is SMRPG, where Bowser joins your party, but that doesn't really count because SMRPG was also home to the "rule/destroy the world" cliche.

4)"A major character discovering they aren't human." Uh... Terra... But she's half human... Ashley from Wild ARMs 2 turned into that mewtwo lookin' thing, but I only played the game for about five minutes, so I wouldn't know if he can always turn into that. So that's... Two games. OVERUSED CLICHE

5)"Arbitrary existentialist philosophy during/near the end of the game." ::looks up those hard words, dang it, should have been paying attention in 3rd grade:: Okay, THIS I could understand. Still, it's a lot less overused than the rule/destroy thing.

I looked at the name of the person who submitted the poll, and... It was you. So here's my question: Why do you think poll votes numbers 1, 3 and 4 are cliches, let alone overused ones? I'm not really saying you're wrong, I just want to know exactly how many games I've been missing out on...

Peace, love, and a demonhide glove,

Sabin "Local Kirby fan" XIII Nobody thinks to look for hidden text in the letters anymore, so... I can insult readers that scroll by! Yo, dork! "I'm not a dork, you jerkhead!"

OK, first off, every single one of these cliches can be found in Legend of Dragoon. Now then, the arena where only your main fighter can participate and the last fight is unwinable can also be found in, off the top of my head: SO2, Xenogears twice more or less, heck 3 times if you count when you first fight Rico. That's 5 occurances off the top of my head of a VERY specific occurance. Big bosses joining you can be found a number of FF games, Chrono Trigger, SMRPG as you said, and oh so many others. Inhumans, there's FF4, 5, 6, 7, 8 sorta, Parasite Eve, the BoF games, you can KIND OF count VP actually, but that's going the other way around. The others I'm not being fought on. As you can see, all of these have been used an awful lot, particularly recently. A number of people have been trying to point other things I left out, but, well, having a crazy main character is a strictly Squaresoft thing, and they HONESTLY only did it twice... 3 times if you count VS. Another one someone mentioned was princess saving. Looking back at the last few games I've played I can't name a single one that has that. Granted it's been done, but really not too often, and not at all lately... except in LoD, which has every cliché. 8)

Parasite Evil 2
Why are everyone so hyped about PE2? Gin seems to be ready to rob a bank so that he can get it. I myself really liked the original - aside from it being too short - but the sequel is nothing more than a mere Resident Evil clone. I rented it yesterday, and it's in the PSX now, and I can honestly say that it does not even come close to the original.

So why are everybody anticipating it so? Have they simply not yet played it, and think that it will be like it's predecessor? Well, they're in for a surprise. I rather nasty one too.

The battle system is just: "lock on, press R1 like hell!!!". What's good about that? The battle system in the original was very good, and yet they go from that, to this? Bad move, if ya ask me. Sure, the graphics are nicer, but sheesh! The gameplay stinks! They changed the controls too. Now it's:

Up= Walk forward
Left/Right= Turn
Down= Walk backwards

Instead of the simple "wanna walk right? Press right!" system, which is much better.

Oh well, this is turning into a review so I'll stop here.

Did you play it? What did you think?


Hey! Parasite Eve 2 comes PLENTY close to the original... Resident Evil. Seriously though, the original PE, while it wasn't scary at all, did have a lot going for it. There was the really fun equipment customization, the spiffy map screen, and Daniel's reckless driving. Not to mention the novelty of a game set in a real, famous city. I was expecting PE2 to offer polished versions of all that, and a new innovative plot. In actuallity, it contains none of this. Instead, it's a carbon copy of the Resident Evil series, containing only the elements of Parasite Eve that killed the atmosphere. Effectively unlimited ammo, magic, and regenerating MP. Even the plot and setting could be taken from any Resident Evil game. Granted, there's a difference between a motel in a desert and a humorously named city, but still, the resemblence is painfully clear. It's still a decent game mind you, it simply ditched it's roots and copied a highly successful franchise.

PAL stuff
Something like 6 months ago you had as your guest host some guy who lives in Scotland. He gave a wonderful explaination on how to use an NTSC PSX on a PAL system, if I recall correctly. I have tried looking through the archives, but I can't find it. Could you perhaps use your magic and reprint that tidbit for a poor American who has relocated to Germany? I miss my RPG's. :-(


P.S. Germans don't love David Hasselhoff anymore...

Well, since it's been coming up a lot lately, sure. Let me just go find it... ah, here we go, from April 13th's column.
Alright there Big Collin? Late May is my Birthday man, come along, and get merry :) Anyhoo, you need your PSX, and some games for a start (these would probably be regarded in the 'essential' bracket). Then, you need a Transformer which will convert the UK power voltage of 230v to a more sedate US 110/120v. This should come with a US plug adapter, allowing you to plug the PSX straight into it. This will set you back about 30, or um....$45 ish. You can get em cheaper though in places but in the high street this is what you pay. Then, you need a SCART cable. This is a 21 pin connector, long and rectangly with a slanted slope at one end. This will allow the PAL TV to run NTSC games in full colour (with a 'u'). This is about 10 or $15. You also need a TV (or video) which accepts SCART input to convert the signal. The SCART will go wherever your normal TV connection goes. This is all you need (2 things). But it is slightly pricey, although then you can get down to some game playin or something. Email me nearer the time if you need more help.

Yesterday's List
3. Lucca had purple hair in both games, what's the person growling about?

5. Ayla (your party member) was the one that named Lavos, not Azala (her nemesis).

7. What the hell is this person talking about? Luccia is NOT Lucca's mother. Lucca's mom is named Lara! Luccia even says that she and Lucca were good friends and study partners, not related.

No kidding. That's just a few of the many many many many weird innacuracies in that list. Too many to correct. In fact, I was trying to figure out what possessed Gin to print that for hours, then I finally remembered. Gin has never played Chrono Trigger. So... no more corrections on the matter please. I got plenty today.



Gai Daigoji


Will the Final Fantasy remakes, IV and VI, be released in the United States?

This question confuses me so much. If you mean FFA, it was released in the US like a year ago, with just 5 and 6, no 4. If you mean the Wonderswan remakes of FF1-3, then your roman numerals are really screwed up, and there hasn't been any announcement of that.

Here is that pic you forgot to post last week. Chronodin really likes (I know 'cause I chat with him often) it so post it!
"Accent on the A you fool!"

Yeah yeah yeah. I meant to post that earlier but, well, been too busy.

Why are you such a sucker for Norse jokes?

Insanerest of AOL
Servant of Darkness and D.D.S.

Simple. The best jokes are the ones not many people get. 8)

::descends on
Doth thou seek the power?
::gives more hps to google::
::ascends from

Hmm... <Gives Fei a cookie> Stay calm Fei...

... And you say that you're already a god, but your father trapped you in a mortal shell to teach you humility? How ridiculous. Does he make you braid your hair like a girl too?


I've been getting such weird quickies lately.

Hi Googy. I miss Lore. A BUNCH. I'm depressed. Is there a cliff in the area?

You know, Lore still has her e-mail address, and her own page, and her channel, and so forth. Go ahead and drop her a line.

The Last Laugh:

Who likes ascii art?

Silkenray did that. Pretty darn impressive I say. Anyway, there's the column, enjoy, keep letters coming in, now I have to go work straight until it's time to do tomorrow's.

Googleshng "I will work harder!"
Let'sa go!

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