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Googleshng - September 15 '00- 3:00 Eastern Daylight Time

There are 34 letters in my inbox. There are normally 120+ letters in my inbox. I guess this is what happens when school starts and a truckload of games come out. My skipping quickies for two days probably didn't help things either. Anyway though, I suppose it's time for me to try and piece a column together out of this, and then you get Gin. By the way, thanks to a MOST GENEROUS donation of a scary pic, I plan to put a rant up some time this weekend.

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In the PSX:
Disk 2 already? O_o
This is my first time, i have a few questions.

1) What, in your opinion is the toughest section in an rpg? My vote goes to the Death Waldol battle in Shining Force SOH
2) What is the most annoying section of an rpg? My vote: The Desert of Death in Breath of Fire 3
3) Am I the only one looking forward to Breath of Fire 4?
4) Between playing rpgs, giving your cats attention, eating, and working on the site do you sleep? the only solutions are either a) your species doesn't need to eat and/or sleep, b) you get 48 hours sleep on the weekends then don't sleep during the week.

Oh and if Amano designed the black mage he is a god in my books.

Nalyd Psycho

The hardest part of any RPG is the end of SaGa Frontier 2... that or maybe the Gargoyle in Koudelka when you wait too long to fight it. Most annoying is the last tactical battle in SF2... well, frustrating. Annoying would have to go to bad voice acting that can't be skipped. Lot's of people are looking forward to BoF4, but I'm not one of them. Finally, as for sleeping... well, there's more important things than sleep.

End of CC
Sorry to hear about the beans Slimey One

Now I'm not going to give away any plot points about it, but is it just me or did the ending of Chrono Cross seamed tacked on sort of? I know it sounds dumb, but the whole game just to do that one task??? I still love it though. I'll keep playing it now for the mulitple endings and all that good stuff. What do you think about the whole thing?

The Wandering God
"I'd love to see them jiggle...Her arms of course"

I wouldn't say the ending seemed tacked on, but it did seem very very rushed... either that or it's just that I was rushing through it so that people couldn't spoil it for me.

More on Mecha
Hey Googie,

I was looking through my Xenogears Perfect Works and in the beginning there was a timeline for the Episodes (official proof, so far I think there has just been a general concensus that that's what the Episode V at the end of Xenogears meant) but there's also an Episode VI. So let's all dance around and hope for a sequel/pseudo-sequel to Xenogears. Curse my inability to read Japanese yet.


Interesting. I heard about the whole Perfect Works one episode per reincarnation/potential game thing, but I never heard there was a 6th before.

Heya Goog,

My birthday's coming up next Wednesday, and I don't know what to ask for. I was thinking of getting another copy of Xenogears, having sold my first one. I was thinking of Vanguard Bandits, but it didn't really look too appealing; same for Valkyrie Profile and PE2. Other than that, I haven't missed any recent games. Any suggestions?

Ramrod Zombie

First of all, VB and VP are VERY good games. PE2 I haven't seen enough of to say. I'd probably get Xenogears back though.

I can't use these things together.
Hey Google!

So do you LIKE PE II? I love it! It looks like Square has finally decided to tread, with little reservation, on Capcoms holy RE ground! Ah the bliss of almost-survival/horror. But I was wondering something! In all the reviews and comments I've read on it so far, nobody has mentioned my favorite part of the game. Examining things!!! Or more specifically, the things Aya thinks when you examine things! I'm glad to see the interior monolog stuff Square played around with through Squall in FF8 is going somewhere. Its just neat (to me anyway) to learn more about my character by seeing her coment on the cuteness of dolls, or the fascinations of men ("boys and toys"), or her aspirations to be like Anney Okley. I have more fun examining mirrors and pick-up trucks than fighting...well almost anyway. I think Capcom should take notes. It sure beats reading "theres nothing usefull here" a hundred times over. Whats your take? I gotta know!


That does add a very nice touch to the game. Another thing I like is the fact that you can attach a bayonet to a rifle. In every single RE game I try to combine the knife with the shotgun. Never lets you.

Hey googlesnake, (uh..?)

I have four short questions for you.

1. What are all the final fantasy #'s Japanese and English. I mean like, Jap 6 is US 3 or whatever.

2. Will Lunar 2:Eternal Blue be worth buying when it comes out? Or should I wait? How much will it cost?

3. When does Dragon Quest VII come out?

4. Have you got the developers ending in CC yet?

RX (RazorX)

FF4j=FF2us, FF6j=FF3us, the rest are the same.Get Lunar 2 when it comes out, unless you hated the first. DQ7 should be out next year some time. We have a release dates section you know, and every date I know is in there. Quicker for you to check yourself than ask me. Finally, no, I haven't had time to get + Game endings yet.


Front Mission 3 also has mechs, and it's in English, and it's good. :-) It's a strategy RPG, though.

Zohar Gilboa

I don't know which is freakier. The fact that I forgot to mention the Front Mission series, or the fact that nobody else pointed it out.

where is the hekran bone (key Item, I believe) found in Chrono Cross? I need fuzzy pink doggy power.

It's in the back of the restaurant in the very first town, but there's another, better way to get Poshul.

Hey, you old pervet, wha'd you do that for?

I spy a Ranma quote with no context whatsoever.


I'm not...

(In Ralph Wiggum's voice)My Bahamut smells like dragon food.

and colon semicolon too!

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't Eurpeans be one of the FIRST to get Chrono Cross? I mean...Square in Europe...why not?
-I bet this has been asked..oops.

Uh, you're QUITE wrong. Square, like nearly all game companies, is based in Japan. For some sick evil reason, they decided not to release CC in europe at all.

You are just jealous of my fancy dance steps!

Why won't today's quickies make sense? ;_;

The Last Laugh:

That was an odd column. Freaky when I'm low on letters and have to print pretty much everything eh? Anyway, enjoy Gin, and all the games and homework you all have stacking up. I'm off to update my page.

Googleshng "Swoon!"

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