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Googleshng - September 14 '00- 3:00 Eastern Daylight Time

We went to the mall. I had a good feeling! Inside we found an Electronics Boutique. We openned it up and inside it was... There were 4 cool games in there! I guess this one was a success.

Specifically, I just picked up Parasite Eve 2, Brave Fencer Musashi, Wild ARMs 2, and Metal Gear Solid. Yeah yeah, MGS isn't an RPG but it was dirt cheap and, well, "It's just a box." Since I won MGS way back when, I'm not going to touch it for a while. Since I haven't won WA1 yet, I won't be touching WA2 either. I did however squeeze in a little play time on the other 2 before having to start the column though, so here's some first impressions:

BFM is the game that came free with that playable FF8 demo. It has Kirby-like mechanics, which is always cool, and annoying voice acting, which is never cool.

The original Parasite Eve is like a blend of Resident Evil and an FF game. Parasite Evil 2 on the other hand is like a blend of Resident Evil and Resident Evil. Movement uses the turn and go forward type control of RE, which is an improvement. Combat is also RE style. Move around, stop, point gun at monster, shoot as fast as you can hit the button, reload when you can. It's still RPGlike enough that the screen flashes when a fight starts, and you get money and EXP when they end. Kinda kills the flow really though. Oh, and EP doesn't make you go up levels. It's spent on spells.

Now then, on with the column.

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Enough with the formalities:
1.) Did you know that, in Australia, a goog is an egg? Of course, Eggleshng doesn't have either a pleasant look or a pleasant sound.
2.) Does your cousin STILL have your Gameboy?

Thank you, and good morning!

Insanerest of AOL
Servant of Darkness and D.D.S.

He might have lost it, but I never got my gameboy back, no. Just holding out for a GBA now.

THis again?
Hello Sir Goog,
Is it just me or does Amano from the Final Fantasy Suck. I mean everyone is ranting and raving that he is coming back my opinion Final Fantasy is better without him; I thought Final Fantasy VII & VIII were the best out of the saga and he did only a little arkwork for VII and none for VIII and those games have done better than any other ones. If square wants a real artist they should pick Akira Toriyama. Now thats an artist if I were square I would get rid of Amano and put in Toriyama one of the best artist out there whos drawings look like the people that he is drawing and a really good quality. Thats my arguement and I am sticking to it!
The Amano Hater,

OK, first of all there's something you have to get through your head. Character designers don't make drawings based on characters. It's the other way around. So, saying you don't like Amano because his character sketches don't look like the characters doesn't work. It's not his fault that when the actual graphics for FF6 were done Terra was given green hair. Also, while you may not like his anorexic albino drawing style, he is the one who came up with the appearance of Black Mages, Kain, Mog, and so forth. Plus his original Magitek sketches just plain rule. The character designer for FF7 and 8 however, while fairly talented, really isn't very creative. Cloud looks like a standard generic hero. Barret IS Mr. T. I could show you about 50 Sephiroth lookalikes. FF8 just has a bunch of punky looking people. Now, while this is pretty good for, say, The Bouncer, as RPG character designs go, they're dull. The reason FF7 and 8 sold so well is that they had huge FMV fest ad campaigns. Finally, as for your suggestion of Akira Toriyama, he does the art for the Dragon Quest/Warrior series. Therefore, he wouldn't agree to do an FF game.

Fell through the cracks.

Sorry about all the trouble. Apparently it's a function of sending attatchments through Outlook to someone not running Outlook. I'm fairly sure sending through the excite account works, though. The file "Iron Chef Finished Product Jpeg".jpg should be attatched to this message. Hope this works.

Thanks for the time.

-Adam Felder

That pic was supposed to be attached to that letter from yesterday. There you go.


I was looking at my Xenogears jewel case and realized just how cool the mechs are. The obvious next question was:

Are there any other rpg's where mech's play a big role?

And the obvious next step was to ask you.

Thanks greatly,


Off the top of my head: Vanguard Bandits, the Sakura Wars series, Wild ARMs, FF4 has one, and a ton I can't remember.

Hey Goog... 1) I have a friend who's gonna buy the PS2 and Chrono Cross when the PS2 comes out. How much willit cost (asuming that Chrono Cross' price is $40)? 2) Which game is better: Chrono Cross or Chrono Trigger?(I say Trigger) 3) Finally, which 3 RPG's would you buy for Christmas (I have FF7, FF8, FFA, SO2, and Azure Dreams, and have played Parasite Eve) if you could? P.S.: It's an old question, but what's your opinion on changing character names in RPG's?

$300+$40=$340. Better off waiting for a price drop I say. There is no way I'm going to touch your second question as it would create and endless raging debate. Compare games on the message boards, not here. 8) As for your third question... let's see... FF9, Zelda:MM, and Lunar 2 if WD actually gets it out in time. As for renaming, it's always fun, but you need a lot of letters for really good names and don't tend to get enough.

More on Norse spellings
Valkyrie Profile seems like a fun game... do you have any idea if there will be a PAL version, or will we Europeans miss another great game? (Chrono Cross... why???)

And hey, about those Old Norse names? The names in Adam's list are the present day Scandinavian names, but the sounds of our language have changed quite a lot since 900 AD. They're not much more correct than the English ones...


Right. Languages change and split off over time so you get these little thinks like checks/cheques, gray/grey, mold/mould, Odin/Oden. It's part of what makes etimology so interesting.

The Last Laugh:

Today I had a burrito. The beans were sour. I don't feel very well. I also have to get up really early. So... no quickies or bottom pic again. I'm sorry.

Googleshng "Bye bye money!"
Rancid beans give me a headache.

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