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Googleshng - September 13 '00- 3:00 Eastern Daylight Time

DOH! PE2 didn't come in yesterday, so TODAY I'm going to go pick it up. In the meantime, it's time for a column. Speaking of PE though, which I was... kinda... did you know that starting with Floor 41 of the Chrystler Building there's MUSIC? It rules.

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Mythology Lesson
I haven't got the game YET, but there's something I need to know.

I've seen pics of a character named Frey. Since you foreigners misspell all the Norse names, I suppose this means Frej - but SHE's a GIRL!! That's wrong in SO many ways! Frej is a MAN! What's going on here?!

Oh, btw, the part about you misspelling the Norse names, I've told you this about a million times before, but you never post so...

If you've changed your mind, here it is again:

Odin - Oden
Slepnir - Sleipner
Gungnir - Gungner
Loki - Loke
Frey - Frej
Heimdahl - Heimdall
Fenrir - Fenrisulven (or Fenriswolf)


/Adam aka Mimer

First, regarding your spellings, ever hear of the concept of alternate spellings? The annoying thing about just about any long established religion, or even old enough stories, crops up all kinds of different spellings. I've seen Odin spelled every way from Odhinn to Wuotan in official, researched works. Now then, as to your Frey comment, that's just a slip-up. Freya they do just fine, but evidently they transposed the names of Freyr/Frey/Frej and Frigg/Frigga/Frija/Fricka. There are worse mistakes they could have made, I can see how all those Fr- names can run together. They also stuck her with a REALLY nasty voice. Still, she isn't see or heard from anywhere after the intro at least up until the halfway point. Actually, all things considered, VP is a LOT more accurate then I thought it would be. I'm bothered by things like people drowning themselves and still getting into Valhalla though. Oh, and if all this talk is getting everyone interested in Norse mythology, you might want to check out THIS, but I personally disagree with it on a few points, and pretty much all of those spellings.

Wow! Someone else who's heard the Monty Python's traffic lights song! (I think) Yay! But what about that quote? I'm sure that's said in many a game, but I think either Golbez or Zemus says it in FF4. And for a question, if you played FF5, what jobs did you use a lot, I'm just having everyone shuffle, but it's taking a loooong time...

I got a whole bunch of interesting theories on the quote for this week, but that's not the one I was going for. As for the Traffic Lights song, it's just so great to irritate people with isn't it? Now then, on to your serious question. Basically, if you play like me, you are eventually going to want to have everyone be a Mime with 3 secondary abilities. So, really what you want are good combos of abilities. A finish up a ninja and a hunter and you can get a fighter with 8 attacks per round, plus an extra slot for whatever you want. Another popular choice is to get RedX2 and pair it up with 2 other magic types. Earlier in the game though, you probably just want the ultra-useful classes. Those being: Thief (although they messed with the whole dash thing so it's not AS good) Blue Mage, Dragoon (Lance rules), and Monk.

Spoiler backlash
Chrono Cross Spoiler

Dear Googleshng, There are actually a whole bunch of hints as to the appropriate order of elements to cast in order to use the Chrono Cross properly during the last boss fight.

1) The glowing crystal room you mentioned. This is actually probably the worst method because you don't get a starting point for the sequence.
2) The second-to-last boss does indeed use spells in the right order...but only if you don't break it up by casting your own spells
3) Note the order in which the 2nd-to-last boss teleports to the various Dragon Lairs...and also the order in which its innate color changes.
4) Most simply, when you use the final teleporter in the Terra Tower (the one the Aquator was sitting on, six lights flash on the ground in the correct order.

So, although I certainly didn't pick it up on my own, the game itself gives you a number of chances to observe the right sequence...and then there's all the stuff that Belthasar and ...the red-haired kid...tell you near the games end.\

Humble database of RPG info,

Yup, there you go. It IS possible to figure out how to get the good ending on one's own... although by reading these methods, you aren't getting it on your own, but it's the principal of the thing! 8)

"I know it's something of a sick request, but I kinda wish everyone would slow down and delay a couple games so that I can take my time with all these."

Tell you what...I'll delay Mythri.
No, it has nothing to do with publishers not having our demo yet, or Nintendo claiming 75% of their cartridges for Pokemon before the holiday season...we're delaying Mythri JUST FOR YOU :)

Hehehe. Only 75%? Actually, that reminds me. I need to replace my gameboy somehow for those two games.

Hey Google! How ya doin? Thats good to know! Well, here come some questions, just as many as I can count with my left hand, and a little extra!

1.What good Gameboy RPG's are there? I've played Final Fantasy Adventure, Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening, Final Fantasy Legends II and Pokemon. I'd prefer something like Legend of Zelda or Final Fantasy Adventure, but any good one would sufice.

2.I've been wanting to make an RPG in the style of Secret of Mana. What program(s) are good for that? (free ones, I don't have money to spend)

3.I don't know of you've played Thousand Arms, but I started and found it lacking. Does it get any better as it goes on, or is the dating pretty much the only good thing about it?

4.Similar problem with Tales of Destiny, exept I find the battle system the only reedeming quality. Does the plot get better past the beggining?

And the little extra. I tried to attatch a fan Google pic, but aparently, it won't work. Hopefully, this will.
That should be it.
Until Odin rides fenrir into my house, I remain
Four Finger Wu

When asking for gameboy RPGs, I'm amazed you somehow didn't mention Pokémon. I mean, sure, it has a wall of hype so massive that peope forget how it started, but what came first was the GB RPG(s), which quite frankly are great. Then there's the other FFLs, GBC rereleasal of Crystalis... that's all I can name off the top of my head. Oh, DW Monsters too. For making a SoM type game... Verge MIGHT work, but you'd be better off learning a real language (I always say that don't I?). TA I never played, dating sims with dull combat aren't my thing... however I'd LOVE to see the Sakura Wars series translated. ToD I also never played. Hmm... I just didn't help you out much at all did I?

Goog, god of the slimes
2 things
1 ) The quote is said by Rena in Star Ocean 2 (she also sounds like she's orgasiming, but thats another story, only tri-ace, though I would like to know why!) Can I have a tilde?
2 ) You know little slime, it sucks knowing when and how everything will die and not be able to stop the bad guys by chopping them in half with my Gungir. Hey.....wait! THATS A GOOD IDEA
~Odin the wise~

Wow, you got the quote AND sent a (barely audible) wav of it. Have 2! ~~ Oh, and for everyone else who got it right: ~~~~~ Plus for people who named other things with that quote... some of the defects: ----

The Last Laugh:

Really sorry, but I have to cut the quickies and bottom pic short today. Blame Lucifer. He kept me from starting the column until an ungodly hour and now it's pushing 5 AM. I'll give you presents to make up for it, and I'm definately putting a rant up soon.

Googleshng "Bye bye money!"
It still bugs me that people who whine and commit suicide get to go to Valhalla. Still a fun game though.

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