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Googleshng - September 12 '00- 3:00 Eastern Daylight Time

Games are coming out too darn fast. Still playing Diablo 2, Chrono Cross comes out. Just when I start a + game, VP comes out, just when I finish the first disk, PE2 comes out! Plus I still haven't won LoD, Lom, or Vagrant Story... or WA1... still need to pick up the 2nd. I know it's something of a sick request, but I kinda wish everyone would slow down and delay a couple games so that I can take my time with all these. Heck, I'm not even in school like most of you are. Despite all this though, today I'm going off to pick up PE2 and go used game hunting. First thought, it's column time.

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First RPGs
What was it that first drew you to RPGs (maybe when you were a young slime, or a teenage slime, or the slime not too long ago)? Is it the story? The graphics? The fun from just holding the controller and playing?
What's mine?....primarily the numbers...and the fun of the battles...that's what first drew me to RPGs. I still remember thinking that Fenix Downs in FF3 US revive characters for 75 HP...

- Beedrill51

Well, my first RPG was THE first RPG (well, first console RPG). Phantasy Star. As for what made me play it, honestly, blind luck. Way back then, there wasn't really any widely available way to find out about games before buying them (except rentals) so everyone I knew would just literally buy games at random. play them, and try to sell them if they sucked (or in my cousin's case, after a couple months whether they sucked or not, his mom was weird that way). SO, I just happened upon Phantasy Star when it was first released (with an $80 price tag), played it, and loved it. As for what I liked about it... honestly, I think it was mostly the whole concept of EXP, and the strategy involved in combat. Not that the mindblowingly good graphics sound and plot didn't help too.

Emulation is bad, m'kay?
Where I am second impact is tomorrow! Half earth's population will die! On a lighter note I turn 16 on second impact and I'm getting Vagrant Stroy. It's also 'teacher's only' day so I get a day off school, too. Sweet, huh?


I observed the End Day from Crystalis, but I think I'll skip 2nd Impact. If for no other reason then, well, I'd prefer Eva not to come true. I mean, if Crystalis were to come true, that'd be great. There'd be spiffy monsters all over, everyone would have Magic, there'd be really spiffy swords, and I'd be able to impersonate Stom and uh... take over RPGamer's news department. If Eva were to come true I'd have a creepy extra long spine, everyone would have Gainax Bounce and in a couple years everyone would turn into big LCL geysers or whatever weirdness goes on at the end there, been a while since I've seen it. Oh, and uh... happy birthday.

Now entering Spoiler Country
CC Spoilers from here until quickies

Chrono Cross Spoilers

Just so everyone hates me before I even open my big yap, I hated Xenogears!

Anyways, Hi Gin!

I just had 2 questions regarding everybody's favorite sequel to one of the greatest games of all time:

1) What the hell happened to Harle after you find Kid again?

2) How in the world are you supposed to figure out how to get the good ending in CC without looking it up? I mean, I could see how you could MAYBE get the right sequence, but how on earth are you supposed to figure out you can use it as a weapon????

-The Snoremaster of Trafalgamore

Hey! Get your greetings straight. Anyway, Harle pops out to go fuse with all the happy dragons into our big icky friend or somesuch, and as for the ending, believe it or not, that ISN'T totally out of left field. Noticing you can equip the Chrono Cross isn't a challenge, noticing that it keeps track of the last 6 spells cast should get you thinking a little. There's that one room with the glowing crystals from which you CAN determine the order (it's just darn hard), and the fact that you do all this at the very end IS hinted at pretty heavily towards the end. Plus I've been told the last boss casts spells in the right order for you, which is good because that is the hard part. With all that, it IS possible to figure it out on your own.

Hey Slimey One

Well I just reached the top of Terra Tower and I'm facing doubts. On my course through the game I failed to fight the Black Dragon, yet I still managed to get his relic (he just gave it to me). And I know this is the only way to forge Prism weapons. So am I totally out of luck as to whether I can beat the game without them or not? Also, I tried fighting Dario for the Masamune, but he kept kicking my keister, mostly cause I don't use Riddel, so you should factor that in too.

The Wandering God

P.S. Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, Black, White; right?

The end of the game really isn't very hard so you should be fine with stone stuff. As for your PS, I'm pretty sure that's right. If not, I know someone who will beat me about the head until I print a correction, so you don't have to.

You shouldn't have trouble finding it, after all, it's GREEN.
Hell-o goog! THE almighty Crono Cross seen-that-done-that guy(or whatever)...

I'm stuck in CC on that point where you hafta defeat all the dragons. And the thing that I can't do is to find the ugly Green dragon.. Where is it, and how can I get to it?

And the second question.. are there any other BONUS places than the Fight arena?

Webziz "serious brain damage"

You need to get a flute and some fruit, take those to the Hydra Marsh, and do what the Beeba-Beeba's say.

OK, this isn't really a spoiler.

I found the secret summon spell in Chrono Cross. After you get Orcha the chef in the first playthrough, there is a secret boss you can fight. If you can beat it, the game unlocks the all powerful Iron Chef summon which is availiable in New Game+ modes. See the pic?

-Adam Felder

The Iron Chef is just such a weird cool show. I'm tempted to check when it's on and watch it regularly.

Quickies's a quickie. You mentioned a Chrono Cross save bug...what kindof save bug? I don't want my valued CC games to go to waste.. -Akkie the Mad

Game's occassionally don't save right. So, use multiple slots.

I like traffic lights.

But not when they are red.

Some people take voice lessons. I hang on trees impaled by my own spear.
You'd think after all this "wisdom" i'm getting for body parts, I'd know just to build a library...

I repeat. I'm a sucker for the Norse jokes.

Hiya Google!
I've just got one question an' that is: What about this game/thing whatever called "Radical Dreamers"?
I've heard it's the background story for Chrono Cross or something. Can you help me in this matter please?
Herr Mullen

RD was a weird text based pseudo-sequel to CT released only in Japan via that SNES satellite thing. Chrono Cross CAN be called a remake of it kinda, but they changed a lot.

ok...if WE didnt start the fire, WHO did!?!?

They did! The same "they" that killed Kenny.

Ginny was wrong! The meaning of life is actually 42! .. So.. Um.. There. See ya.

No, that's the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything. The Meaning of Life is that creepy Monty Pyton movie with the eploding fat guy and stuff.

Hey, Kasumi, this fish cake is tough

Oh I'm so sorry! I'll get you another one right away- HEY! Wait a second! I'm not Kasumi! So uh... tough! Eat it and like it!

The Last Laugh:

There you go, column up. Now, before I go to sleep and then wake up to go pick up games, a few little things need mentioning. First, the message boards have finally been updated after a long lull for those who care. Second, I KIND OF updated my page, but don't expect to be amused. Third, I made a mistake in that letter to Gin. It's not that everyone has to hit to do special moves. Each successful hit increases the combo gauge, which lets you do specials when it hits 100. Now me sleep then shop.

Googleshng "Bye bye money!"
It still bugs me that people who whine and commit suicide get to go to Valhalla. Still a fun game though.

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