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Googleshng - September 6 '00- 1:00 Eastern Daylight Time

Shut up! Stupid vikings! </Monty Python> What do you want? It's the only universally recognizable viking joke there is. Anyway, if my odd mood didn't tip you off, I am seriously enjoying Valkyrie Profile. I'm not very far at all of course, but what I've seen so far is cool. Cool and very very bizzare. Like Koudelka, VP is a game where the developers took a bunch of things I like, and cram them all together. Side scrollers, FF airships, Ogre Battle style evaluations, anime, and Norse Mythology. Fun though.

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Valkyrie Profile
THAT'S Lisa Ortiz?
Price, quote
I don't know if anybody's gotten this yet, seeing as I've missed something like the past week of letters, but the quote was said by Jelanda in Valkyrie Profile, when she gets angry at Arngrim for how he treats her father.

Oh, and I don't see why nobody seems to be able to find Chrono Cross- most of the stores here in Madison stocked up and have plenty of copies, all for ~$39.95.


Yup. Lot's of people got this, so here's tildes for all! ~~~~~~~~~~ I don't particularly like her, but that's an amusing catch phrase. Plus there's something to be said for spending points to make someone cuter and like their dad more. Someone also suggested places like Target for CC. Remember the dark ages when we HAD to go to places like Toys'R'Us to get games?

One of these things is not like the other.
Everybody is raving about Chrono Cross (I'm not, text looks ugly and the names of the spells are butchered, anyway) I must rave about Valkryie Profile. What a gorgeous game everybody must bow to 2D because it is god! All the characters have good back story and almost none of them are useless. When you think about it Chrono Cross and ValkPro have alot in common. Battle System is unique, interesting lead characters, good music, and kickass graphics (I think ValkPro looks better but that's just me)

To the questions.

1) What do you think about Enix and DQ7 so far?
2) How about Breath of Fire 4
3) What do you think about Arc the Lad Collection and will Working Designs ever get that and Lunar 2 out in time


Well, VP and CC are pretty much equally different from the average RPG, but in different dirrections. CC has beautiful polys, VP is darn good 2D. CC has no EXP, VP is ABOUT getting EXP. Anyway though... I never have liked the DQ series, and I probably never will. Nothing against Enix though. BoF4 I have no real opinion on, the first two are pretty funky though. Finally, I'm drooling over both of WD's current projects, but uh... in time for what?

Odd letter
Dear sir or madame (Whatever you be),

I wrote Brad a month or so ago asking for prayers (or whatever) for my father, who has colon and liver cancer. I'm sure many people don't remember, but just go back through the archives, it's there. Anyway, I'd like to thank anyone who did send out a brief note of hope or anything, because he seems to be doing much better, and all of his doctors are predicting a moderately clean bill of health once this is all over with. He goes in for operation on October 1st, and after that, things should settle down. Again, you all have my sincerest thanks.

And for a comment, I'm making a friend of mine play Chrono Trigger before I give him Chrono Cross. Is that ethical?

Thank you again,

Brian Adamson,
Juneau, Alaska

Well, the ending of CC would lead to a lot of head scratching if you hadn't played CT, but on the other hand, you wouldn't mind all the bad things CC does to CT characters.

OK, because the current poll is so cool, I thought I'd sit down and figure out how to do each of the challenges. Surprisingly, they're not too hard when you think about them.

FFI's challenge isn't that hard; just twice as hard as the regular. Tricky, but nothing special. Just level like all-getout. FFIV's eliminates something a little more vital, but as long as you have Kain in your party to jump over your opponent's attacks you don't need magic for the game to be a cinch. For the times when Kain is off busy being evil, pure attacks are really enough. FFVI's challenge? No Espers? I scoff at thee! I only really USED Espers so I had an excuse to put Terra in the last battle. Special abilities really are enough, as are such fun combos as FixedDice/FixedDice/Offering/GenjiGlove or Illumina/ForceShield/Beads. Next. FFVII's challenge takes away materia. Now, that's harsh, but do you really need glowy stones to beat Final Fantasy 7? Marlene and that retarded guy in the tube could have taken Sephiroth out in 3 rounds, max. And finally FFVIII, which takes away GF's, limit breaks, and drawing. However, it leaves junctioning, and drawing from the islands closest to heaven and hell. I'll miss the limits, but Ultima x99 to Strength is enough for me.

So really, the only one that has me stumped is Final Fantasy V. How would you beat the game with only one job change? I can't think of a way, can you? Hell, I'm just bored enough to try.

For FF5 I think I'd use a red mage. Redx2 would be handy under those circumstances. By the way, a lot of people were really confused by the wording on the FF8 summon. You CAN junction GFs, you just can't summon them. If you weren't allowed to junction them, it wouldn't say that bit about drawing, because without junctioning, you can't draw. You also can't use items, which people forget fairly often. Really that's one of the easier ones, because without draw and GF, you have more room for commands like Recover, Revive, and Mad Rush. Plus there ARE draw points on the world map, with some very very good spells.

Blue Hair
Hello Google,

Just a couple of simple questions:

1. In CC I have one character slot open and I can't seem to find any other characters. I've checked all the FAQs too. Is that slot the one Harle takes when she's in the party, or is there some SUPER-DUPER-ULTRA hidden character?

2. Why do most RPG main characters have blue hair?

--Da GoblinKing

Well, I can't really answer your first question without a complete list of everyone on your party, and I'd rather not be given one of those. As for your second, it's FAR from most. All I can name off the top of my head are the BoF games, PS3, VP (close to silver though), CC, and arguably SO2 and Wild ARMs. Granted, I'm probably forgetting some, but that's all out of the games immediately around me. More if you count other characters in your party. The rest of the many games I can see from this chair are pretty much all blond or brown, with a couple reds, greens, and silvers in there for good measure. Oh, and 1 purple. So, blue really isn't the majority.

Before I start, lemme just try something: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE POST THIS, I THINK THIS INFO IS VERY IMPORTANT TO ALL RPGAMERS OUT THERE! Google- I remember reading a while ago some problems someone was having getting Crono Cross to work with Bleem! Well, I sent an e-mail to Gin (who was doing that column) pointing out that Connectix Virtual GameStation, for Mac and Windows, runs the game beautifully, minus a minor glitch which could lead to slowing down the player, but the emulation runs beautifully. I personally have been playing Crono Cross on my computer, albeit a Powerbook G3... heh... and in comparison to the playstation's performance with the game (a negligible difference, in favor of VGS) I think I'm going to play Crono Cross on my computer from now on. Oh yeah, and most games also run beautifully on VGS as well. Oh yeah, for those of you who are figuring I'm just an ignorant Mac-User, I saw Bleem! try to emulate versus VGS, and well, VGS wins out hands down, sorry Bleem! pundits, VGS is simply better. Okay, for a question, since this IS a Q&A column, will FFIX utilize any copyright protection mechanisms, ala FFVIII, because I am going to be using my computer to play Playstation games from now on, and I don't wanna have to deal with the game not loading due to it not liking the software, a problem I have as of yet to run into, but still this IS emulation, and with copyright protection stuff, who knows what'll happen. Oh yeah, and FFVIII runs beautifully on VGS as well. K, thanx for the space on the webpage Goggle! -DracoDeus

The other advantage to using VGS for CC is that you have more insurance against that nasty save corrupting bug. Oh, and after FF8 Square just gave out on the whole lockout concept.


Whats up, Googs?

So, you're taking on the Fan Art section for a while? Wanna clean my room while you're at it? =] Seriously, though, I think it's great you're so committed; where would any of us be without you? Keep up the great work! You da, something!

Just to clear things up a bit. I'm not taking over fan art. A permanent replacement HAS been found, and will be starting pretty soon. Lore didn't know said replacement's e-mail address when she wrote her retirement update, so it's just pointed at me for now.

Lorelai is leaving. Where'd you go out of town this time, Goog?

~The Sack~

She decided to retire while I was bedridden for a few days a couple weks ago, so my curse is still in full swing it seems. Although really she's been considering retiring for over a year. Shame to see the seniormost staffer leaving like that, but that's the way things go.


Why are today's quickies so messed up?

Oh my gosh...

First Brad... then Darian... then Amber Michelle... man what's happening? Before you know it, even Lorelai will... *Checks Fanart Page*


Like I said, school starts, mass retirement.

No more usable quickies


I'm your only friend

I'm not your only friend

but I'm a little glowing friend

but really I'm not actually your friend

The Last Laugh:

but I am

Forgot to mention it last time, but these CG pics are all being done by Guif´. On another note, Paws has a pain in the neck seeing thse since she's red/green colorblind. Meaning they're all dark grey to her basically. Hmm... that must be weird around christmas.

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