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Googleshng - September 5 '00- 1:00 Eastern Daylight Time

I just had a VERY odd weekend. Massive infestation of spiders, relatives from out of town, sudden massive downpour, police report filing, partying pit crew downstairs... but the bottom line is, I haven't been able to get to the mall and buy Valkyrie Profile yet. Today I should though.

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Hey, remember me?
Probably not, but I let you into my hotline server for the last day back when I had an internet connection worth the name. Still trying to save up enough advance cash for a DSL. I'm stuck on my family's dial-up AOL account in the meantime *blech* Well, remember you said awhile back that you would post a URL for me and I said my homepage really sucks? Well, my homepage still really sucks, but it occurred to me that I should take sick and blatant advantage of your offer to plug the website of the game coding group I write music for, Firebell, and to go ahead and say a little about our little group. The website is Feel free to post the following links to some of my latest written music as well. and respectively. They are in MP3 CD quality format. As if you couldn't guess, they are a forest music and a boss music respectively. These are for our latest game, Dream Quest 2000 which has started off as a pretty blatantly obvious Final Fantasy (older) clone, but has moved well beyond that. The final release will be complete FF-independant and will feature beatiful handdrawn sprite graphics in 640x480 with my own music rendered in MP3s or some such compression (though there's been talk lately of porting to a console system). This however, is all a bunch of hot air at the moment, since the only impressive thing we've really accomplished so far is Dream Create, an RPG maker program that effectively allows you to build your own pre-FF7 style Final Fantasy game. While certainly not even TOUCHing Verge for flexibility, its a hell of a lot easier to use AND it has a built authentic Final Fantasy battle system at that :)

Oh yeah, since I'm writing to a Q+A columnist, I should provide some questions. You may have to ask JD about this one, but why is the Swordsman in Ys 4 so teary-eyed? (heh heh), and for something else that most non-cult-favorite-gamers would recognize, what's WITH all the hair in Square games? I mean you have Cloud, in his spikey glory, then Fei in Xenogears has the gravity defying factor. Then someone had the bright idea to combine the two ideas for Ashley in Vagrant Story. He's both spikey AND gravity defying! Are their artists taking lessons from Akira Toriyama or something? Why not? I mean after all he DID the art for Chrono Trigger which is one of their games. While I'll be the first to admit that Toriyama did an uncharacteristically good job on Chrono Trigger (despite the fact that the characters STILL have those god-awful constipated looking smiles). Still, if they had to base art on ANYONE's style it should be Yuki Nobuteru of Escaflowne fame, eh? Oh yeah, speaking of Escaflowne, this is just about the FUNNIEST thing I've ever seen, if a little long-winded, just like me, eh?

This person let me into his REALLY nice Hotline server the day I got my cable modem so I could download all sorts of spiffy (LEGAL!) stuff. Out of gratitude, I offered to plug his site a little, so there you go. Anyway, on to these questions. I wouldn't count Cloud really, but yes, there is an unsettling hair trend in recent Square games. Xenogears: Fei has the pony tail, which is OK, but then he has that MASSIVE cowlick, then in SaGa Frontier 2, Gustaf has those two funky ram horns made of hair, now in Vagrant Story, Ashley has those three giant cochroach antenae. What does this all mean? Simple. In Square's next pseudo-sequel, there will be someone with FOUR long strands of hair that go in weird dirrections. As for Ys 4, he's crying because nobody ever plays Ys 4. 8)

To cheat, or not to cheat?
Dear Googleshng,

I know you don't necessarily like carry overs from the other columnists, but a Matt in the first quickie in yesterday's column asked about playing Diablo 2 on a 233 Pentium. That's the minimum megahertz recommended, but I've been playing it with a mere 166 Pentium with only 48 Megs of RAM and a really old S3 VirGe graphics card (not 3-D). And beat it with the Barbarian yesterday. So if I can, he most likely would be able to too. And I just wanted to tell you that you do excellent work. :)

Will Meister (Yes, my real name)

Yes, this came up when Diablo 2 first came out. Evidently as long as you have enough memory, it'll run (slowly) on just about anything.

Wonder what now?
Do you think that the U.S. will have a chance to see Final Fantasy 2 and 3 with the Wonderswan finally coming over here? If the Wonderswan lasts long enough in the States for them to get translated, that is.. How much do Wonderswan games cost, anyway?

Oh, just a little note to anyone who is interested. You can now find Princess Mononoke at your local Blockbuster. -Nova

I think the question is, will the Wonderswan Color even be released in this country? Assuming it is, then you have to ask if Square would even bother translating the game. They didn't give us the FF4 or Chrono Trigger remakes, which they didn't even have to translate, so that isn't looking too likely. THEN you have to ask if it would even be worth getting them, because, quite frankly, FF2 and 3 kinda suck. Rereleases of 5 and 6 are fine, because 5 has a really fun job system and 6 just plain rules. FF2 is just unspectacular no matter how you look at it though, and 3 has a very poorly done job system if you ask me. No Job Levels. While it technically has JP, all they do is restrict how often you can change classes, and at that it's not really much of a restriction. Then of course there's the system itself. If it comes out, and the FFs, AND you decide to buy them, are you really going to get anything else for it? Probably not. Shame on Square for not going Gameboy.

Shiny thing here!
I am playing Chrono Cross as a first-time through. Where do you find all of the "shiny" items, e.g., shiny leaf, shiny dew, etc. I am also trying to figure out how to trade; the strategy guide does not give any hints regarding this, that I can find. My e-mail is I thank you for any assistance that you can give me.

Whenever you kill something with a summon, you get one of the appropriate shiny materials. For example, if you kill 5 monsters by using a water summon, you get 5 Shiny Dews.

Hi Goog!

I know you weren't the host of the yesterday's Q&A column, but still... Scar came to the conclusion that Harle is pronounced Har-lee... Well, i have to disagree.

Since Harle is French (well, she speaks French half of the time) it would make sense to pronounce her name in French, wouldn't it? So, it should be pronounced without the "e", just "Harl".


There seems to be a 50-50 split on this issue. Here's what I did. Change name: "Harley" There. Now I know that in MY game at least, it's DEFINATELY pronounced Har-lee. That's the last thing I'm going to print on the subject. 8)

Ok, I can't believe how little some people think! I've calculated the maximum attack power of any character with his/her ultimate weapon plus every stat enhancing item and the plus Ultimecia's HP, and then subtracted each characters max HP minus her most probable attacks and caluclated that it is impossible without Junctioning a GF! Hah ha! Even with items and the max # of X potions plus the ratio of... oh my god I've gone cross-eyed!

"Curse this women-allergy of mine!"-DNA2

Read more carefully. You can junction, you just can't summon. That's one of the easier challenges really.


Do you know the Muffin Man?

Doesn't that song end "... who lives on Drury lane"? Hey Chia, are you the Muffin Man?

Hail and well met,

Take a look at the Chrono Trigger PSX remake movies. If you look at the very end of the clip you will see the VERY, VERY begining of Chrono Cross.


this may be silly to ask, but will my import FF9 save file work with the US FF9 game?


Almost definately not.

Hey Goog

I come to this site alot and from what I read, Chrono Cross sounds like a good game. How much does it cost and where would I find it?

White Rose

Uh, the same price as any other RPG... $40-$50 I believe, depends a little where you get it. As for where, uh... anywhere really. It's selling out like crazy though.

Talking Heads?

80s bands good.

New Game+ what?

+ Calcium?

This may seem like a stupid question, but are there any penalties, hidden or otherwise, for running away from battles, namely boss battles, in Chrono Cross?

Your friends will laugh at you?

The Last Laugh:

Eep. It's late. Need to go grab VP.

Googleshng "Nocturnal"
Off I go!

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