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Googleshng - August 31 '00- 1:00 Eastern Daylight Time

Sorry again for the lack of a column yesterday. There were a number of factors, including thought-crippling heat. You probably don't care though. In any case, today's column looks like it should be a good one. Oh, and if you've noticed I haven't been posting many CC questions lately, there are a nuber of reasons. I've been answering them all personally (I hope, I might miss some here and there), I prefer cuttng back on spoilers, and I know that we'll have a nice big HTMLized Guide/Walkthrough soon that someone has put a LOT of time into. Thought it would be up by now honestly. In other news, I'm suddenly not broke, and in the process of reverting to my natural state of pennilessness, I'll probably pick up Valkyrie Profile. After some deliberation, Norse mythology beats one bad experience. 8)

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Hey googs,

Questions for ya,
1) Why is it that both you and Gin are so afraid of starting a debate? Why can't both of you just sack up and welcome some controversy into the column every once and a while? Is it that you don't want to have to deal with multiple letters on the same topic? Why did you take the job then? You're getting duplicate letters on CC and even PRINTING them!? I know there is an editorials section, but you can always print a couple letters from each side and then just say, "O.K. you can all respond to this tomorrow and then that's it." Controversy would certainly get more people to read the column and it would ceatainly be a HELL of a lot more interesting than explaining Chrono Cross' f@&%ing battle system for the 17th time.....
2) What kind of music do you listen to?

Maybe we'll see some debates soon?


The contrast between those two questions is absolutely priceless. Think I'll answer the happy one first. All the music I listen to can be classified as at least one of the following: Weird Al, They Might Be Giants, 80s techno, game music (like this cool Metroid remix), J-Pop/anime theme songs, and/or classical. At that I don't listen to much though. Now then, on to your serious question. First of all, RPGamer has has both an editorials section and message boards in additon to this Q&A column. Between those two, you can have nice quick debates between a ton of people, or long winded cerebral exchanges. That should cover all your debating needs. It should also be stressed that this is a Q&A column. It's for people to ask me Questions, and recieve Answers to them. So that's what I try to deliver. It also should be noted that there's only two sides to any debate. So, if one breaks out, I get 50 copies each of two letters, and practically nothing else. I know you'd THINK that everyone in one camp would have a different take on any given issue, but experience has proven otherwise to me. Chalk it up to great minds thinking alike if you need an ego boost, but the vast majority of you readers tend to have the exact same things to say on any given topic. Bottom line, if I host a debate, I'll only have two letters to print. Maybe a couple more if I'm lucky. So, looks like they'll have to stick to the boards and eds.

To cheat, or not to cheat?
Dear Goog,

Long time fan, first time caller.
I have a problem. I am so anal retentive when playing RPGs. For example, I had to sit there hours on end drawing every magic in FF8. Usually I use a FAQ or walkthrough when playing a game because I hate when I miss something that was so important in the game that I never would have gotten. (i.e. Yuffie was like my favorite character of FF7... there is no way in hell I would've aimlessly run around in a particular forest without knowing she would be there waiting for me) Usually such anal retentiveness causes me to get so fed up with a game, that they get added to my pile of "uncompleted" RPGs. (BOFIII, Grandia, etc. etc. etc. --- I am trying to conquer them, but more come out before I can beat the ones I have! AARGH!) So do you have any suggestions? Should I just not care if I don't get everything? But then I end up being so pissed after finding out I missed something (like the fact I didn't get Ocult Fan Magazine III because of that stupid fisherman in FH). Should I stop reading FAQs or walkthroughs? I am so insane. Please help.

Anal RPG Player,

P.S. - EARHTBOUND RULES! (So does Xenogears, but EarthBound more --- Pray Pray Pray)

Ah, philosophy. Here's my take on it. In general, it is a MUCH more satisfying experience to play a game without any outside info. Strange comments for someone working at an RPG site granted, but I stand by them. In the vast majority of games, with a little dedication, you can find everything on your own, and that gives you a real sense of satisfaction. However, lately there's a really nasty trend of games having secrets you'll never find on your own. FF8 is the biggest example of this I can think of. You flat out will not get Doom Train on your own, amoung other things. If you want to play such a game, and care about getting absolutely everyting, then sure, use a walkthrough. However, if, like me, you can't stand that kind of money grubbing trickery, use a walkthrough off a website, like this one, rather than pay the company to tell you how to find the stuff they hid just to tell you where it is. Either that or buy less games and play through twice, once solo, once with a guide. You'd save a lot of money that way. 8)

Yo, Googleshng! (Wow! I got it right in one shot! Sometimes I scare myself...)

I've been a long time list... Er... reader of this column, and this is the first time I try to write... So be gentle, please... : )

The other day, I was listing every game I am planning to buy, and it turned out pretty much like this: LoM, CC, PE2, FF9, Zelda MM, Paper Mario... I was also planning to buy Lufia 3 (whatever the name or the system is gonna be) and Pokemon2 (and then, I might need to buy a GBC, since my 11 years old GB just can't handle it)... And I'm still looking for a copy of Xenogears... And then I checked my bank account...

Anyway, Through all the information I gathered as well as my general knowlege about video games, a few questions came up (And most of them are not only jokes... Freaky...).

1) In LoM, there is a trick to get a Chocobo as pet with the help of a FF8 save file. Is it possible, with another save file, to get other kinds of pets? I mean, maybe a moogle from FF6, or one of those white ..things... from Brave Fencer Musachi (What was it, Minku? something like that?), or why not a big, juicy mutant rat from PE? Is there a similar trick with golems? (Hmmm... Xenogears...)

2) In PE2, will it be possible to start a game From a PE EX-save file? I mean I know I have somewhere a Handgun able to deal more damage than the missile launcher... Without counting Burst attack, Cyanide... Would be nice to start with this in your inventory, don't you think?

3) Is it possible to use a Game Boy Color-only cartridge with a Super Game Boy? You know, the giant GB-SNES adapter? If it can work, I wouldn't need to buy a GBC nor to wait until the GBA to buy Pokemon2... It would be nice...

4) Will Zelda MM have an expansion pak included, just like DK64? Or will the price be reasonable enough so that broke people can buy one? Will Paper Mario require one as well?

5) What the hell is going on with Lufia3? Since I didn't had a chance to go on the net this summer, I kind of lost the track of info on this one...

6) WILD ARMS 2 ROCKS!!! I just CAN'T get over it ...yet... Anyway, I only noticed this recently, but is there a link between the people who made the 2 Wild ARMS and the 2 Lufias? I was kind of completely freaking out when i realised that my 2 favourites series had the same kind of engine, with cross-shaped menus

7) Er, crap. I lost this one...

Anyway, thanks a lot

The Nameless Pikachu

OH! What a terrible waste! 6 really good serious questions all wadded into one letter. If I really wanted I could have chopped this up and had a whole column. As far as LoM and PE2 go, I doubt it. Square's not big on the whole data from other games deal. Konami has that market cornered. 8) You can play any game on a Super GB that you can on the regular variety, period. They way they handle color is different though, so, if a game is GBC optimized, and you played it on an SGB, it wouldn't have the cool color features, but you could still pick which 4 colors you got. Zelda MM shouldn't come packaged with an expansion pack, since many people already have them by now. A third party one only costs $10 though, so dont sweat it. The game itself shouldn't run too high either. Lufia 3 is in limbo right now. As for WA2, I haven't played it yet. Still need to win the original. Not the same developer to my knowledge, but I wouldn't be surprised if there was some spillover between teams. Don't flood Gin with corrections if I'm wrong... flood me and send him real questions. 8)

Okay, you've asked several times, so the question ceases to be rhetorical.

Straight off, a werewolf can be killed by a silver bullet through the heart (or brain in some stories), and possibly a silver-tipped stake to the heart. Werewolves are not immortal, but can live extremely long lives. Besides silver bullets, the only other way that I think you can kill a werewolf is by fire, but you would have to keep them burning since they will eventually recover (with heavy damage of course).

Silver, itself, is believed to be a very potent, magical element. It can cause damage to a werewolf if it comes in contact - i.e. scarring. So what happens if a werewolf bites someone who has silver blood? Well, if no blood makes contact with the werewolf, nothing happens to him. If some blood does make contact, it will burn and most likely leave a scar, but it will not kill him. Gin, being bitten by a werewolf, now has tainted blood and becomes a werewolf. Silver being bad for a werewolf would start eating at Gin from the inside. But who knows how long he would have to live since the silver would be making contact with his heart.

So in the long run: the werewolf would live to see another moon, possibly with a scarred mouth. Gin would be dead, and there would be an opening for a weekend Q&A host.

- Surge

This letter has no relevance towards anything, but it's fairly amusing, and I needed a breather after that multiplarter. 8) Anyway, now we know.

Dear Google,
I have spent the last five hours making a pic for you. No lie. I really didnt intend for it to be so complicated, but well, I think it was worth it:

(pic attached)

This is my theory on what really happened when you chose a new weekend person. My theory is you, Chrono, and Paws all got in gears, and Paws and Chrono fought it out. (you are the green 'god gear', chrono is the blue one with the hammer, and paws has the white and pink one)Then, Paws and Chrono tied, so Gin jumped in and beat both of them, making him the new weekend person. Oh, well. just an Idea. Its now 1:00am, and I started at 9:00pm. I am loosing coherent thought, and I have Cross Country practice tomorrow at eight in the morning. I now crawl off to sleep....

hope you like it.


Wow. That's actually some pretty darn good mecha design there. I'm impressed. Oh, and just for the record, you officially have WAY too much free time. 8)

Fri 4:30:12 AM

-Google's clock.

Point taken.


I am a werewolf in deep depression, so and really wouldn't mind being killed at the moment. . . I personally volounteer to bite Gin in the name of Science.


Your personal favorite - Phantasy Star series or Final Fantasy series?

And take a better picture of Lucifer! I may be half blind, but that picture was black! ^_~


Hmm... I don't care for FFs 1 2 or 3 all that much, 5 and 6 are great, 4 7 and 8 I have mixed feelings on. I love PS1 and 4, 2's OK, 3 I like but it doesn't really count. So, I think when you average it all out, PS wins, but PSO and FF9 can still alter that.

I was playing diablo 2 on the europe server and I saw a game called Come on Goog. Ring a bell?

Interesting. When I do hop onto Bnet, it's always on the USEast server though.

How small is the Gamecube? Roughly the size of 9 CD jewel cases stacked on top of each other. That's beyond small.

~Jason, who plans on getting the black Gamecube and displaying his Borg stuff around it.

I have such a stack right here actually. Anyway, I belive it's a LITTLE bigger than that, but from a top view, it's smaller than the DC, and that's saying a LOT! What's with tiny ultrapowerful cubes these days?

Do you have any idea how F@#%ing hard it was to type this?! Stupid damn wolf...


I love jokes that are only funny to a rediculously small amount of people.

Just to clarify the whole Mr.T issue, he's gone through chemo and as far as he knows, has beaten cancer. Mr.T should be around for quite some time, bringing all the joy and pity we loved him for in the 80s.


Yup. Oh, and did you know that he copyrighted "I pity the fool"?

The release dates say CC is never coming out on PAL. True or false?

True, sadly. You have my deepest sympathies.

The Last Laugh:

5 AM. I'll have to save this darn funny pic for Tuesday. Have to get to sleep before the sun comes up... stupid skylights.

Googleshng "Nocturnal"
Off I go!

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