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Googleshng - August 30 '00- 1:00 Eastern Daylight Time

Ack! I'm being bombarded with debates and important messages from all sides! Good thing that yesterday I promised this column would be full of funky pictures instead of promising it'd be on time. That reviews update I got roped into doing took me longer than I thought it would. By the way, ever since I put that weird little song bit around the mailto link, I've had that song stuck in my head. I really think it's possible to set a complete summary of Xenogears to the tune of We Didn't Start the Fire. For example:

Xenogears Spoiler

Sewer monsters with bells!
Undead reapers called -Wels-!
Cute pink hampster that swells!

Dost thou see the Power?

Spoiler Over

What?!? Quit looking at me like that! You should know by now that I like 80s music and Xenogears enough to reach untold heights of dorkiness cramming them together. Speaking of Xenogears, the first weird little pic I'll cram in here was sent to me by Chronodin not too long ago.

So obvious, and yet I've never seen it in pictoral form. Now then, on with the column!

Dost thou seek the power?
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In the PSX:
Chrono Cross
My mistake
Hey there,

I just thought I'd clear something up, the Star Wars game shown at Spaceworld was actually a game, developed by Factor 5, it's Rogue Squadron 2. I have a video on my hard drive of someone playing it, destroying towers over the deathstar.

The confusion comes from the fact the X-wings in it are the exact same models ILM used in the A New Hope remake. Each X-Wing is 30,000 polygons, and the character was 4000. Altogether is was going at 60 frames a second and around 12 million polygons a second. Nice.

Although the most interesting thing I have heard about it was the head of Factor 5, Juilian Egbrecht (I think thats how you spell it) said in an interview that from their estimates, it's only using 50% of the GameCubes power. Also, to create the entire demo shown (and played behind the scenes) it took them 19 days.

Sorry about that,
White Space.

Spiffy. I recieved a few corrections on this, none of which were really consistant with eachother, so let's just clarify here: First, that wasn't a movie clip running off the system, it was rendered in real time and I couldn't tell. That's pretty smurfing impressive alone. This was playable and only took half the system's power, so it's possible for games to look that good. It took 19 days to make, which means development for this system looks to be VERY easy. SO, you can start drooling now. However, this is not an officially announced game in development or anything. That's not to say there's no chance of it being one per se, just that you can't count on it. Oh, and here's a pic from Black Rose.

Hey Goog!

1. The quote on the main page is from Suikoden 2. It comes from near the beginning of the game when Nanami breaks out from prison to rescue "hero" and Jowy. She managed to scare off a wimpy guard with it :D
2. "We Didn't Start the Fire" is a good tune but "The Piano Man" is my favorite by Billy Joel.
3. a) How many endings are there in Chrono Cross?
b) Who's your favorite character? I like Norris but I really wanted to Glenn.Oh well, I guess it's new game + time for me.
c) Which game coming out before the end of the year are you definatly buying? FF9 may be great but right now I'm positive that I'll buy Lunar 2.


Yup, here's your tilde ~ and some for all the other people who got it. ~~~~~~~~~~~ Now then, Chrono Cross has 11 endings. The good ending, the bad ending, and the 9 + Game endings, don't really have a favorite character. Games I'm planning to buy include: FF9, Lunar 2, Zelda:MM, I suppose I'll get VP now that someone who disliked SO2 for the same reasons I did has told me it's good, ooh, PE2, Skies of Arcadia, PSO, Grandia 2, Ogre Battle 64, Pokémon 2, that new GB Zelda.. and I believe that's all before the end of the year. Now the question is how many of these will actually come out, and how the deuce will I pay for them? Also by Black Rose:

Rad htmlizes his letters, why don't you?

Ahh! All my beloved RPG's are packed away as I march off to college. I can't play anything for the next 3 days :( What do I do, WHAT DO I DO!!! Also, since I be a movin' to college (University At Albany, if anyone else is going, e-mail me and you can meet the comic guy with no actual drawing talent :) So no comics for a couple of days till I get nice and settled in. And I have a really good Gin'Irochi comic too! Dern it!


PS: Yes ROWSPAN does suck *inside joke :)*

Heh. Everyone's moving off to college... except me. That means I have the world to myself while you're all in class! MWAHAHAHA!
This pic from Pete contains CC remake spoilers... sorta.

Look out! It's the clowns!
Hey what's up G-Slime!

Hey is it just me or are Sazanka from Bushido Blade 2 (which unfortunately I am just getting into right now... Dude what a kick ass game!) and Kefka from Final Fantasy VI the same person? I know both games are from the same company but did Square intentionally copy Sazanka from Kefka or is it just a big coincidence?


There is definately is a resemblence there. More importantly, they both have their own spiffy sounds. Kefka has his laugh, and Sazanka has his death rattle. It's most fitting when you throw a katana through his throat. 8) Oh, and I seem to be out of pics until the big one at the bottom.

RCR Rules
In your professional opinion, is River City Ransom a RPG? It is a question that I've been wondering for a while. I have some River City Ransom files that I wouldn't mind contributing to RPGamer, including a 25 page guide (hey, I was bored this summer). I think the NES section is way too small, and this would give it a nice infusion.

Hmm... I personally classify it as an Action/RPG... or beat'em'up/RPG I suppose if you want to get technical. I mean, it has experience, and money, and shops, and an explorable world, and hey, I'd like a 25 page guide on it even if nobody else would, so, I think I'll pitch it to people. 8) Oh, and gimme?

Common Questions
Although many people seem to know about the RPGMaker 2k and I have seen some OHR users, the best and unquestioned greatest RPG making program is Verge. It permits the most freestyle RPG creating methods, with the programmer able to make his own battle system, style of moving, character stat methods, and sprites any size he wants. At this is definitely a good thing to see. It is so customizable that even an action game much like Super Mario Bros. but better has been made with it.

Just a note: At least some simple programming background will be quite useful.


The catch is that Verge is closer to actual programming than RPG Maker is. Oh, and you know, there's still a lot to be said for actual programming. 8)


Bob started the fire. Now give me those cookies before he comes back. By the way... no more Billy Joel for you.

OK, I'll switch to Devo for a while then.

I have 3 cats, awdend th67e like to wmkalk on the keybopo[;ard to get my attention, does it show?

A bit.

Some people have been saying that GameCube is really big. I just wanted to make the clarification, and let people know the actual demensions. They are: 6in x 6in x 4.3in. It's actually quite small.


That's not a perfect cube! Seriously though, find the pic of putting a disk in it we have up. It's freakishly small... like, Dreamcast small.

Think you cat sitting on your hands is bad, mine has learned to step on the power button when I play my RPG's more then I pet him.

One of mine once stepped on my hard mousepad shell at such an angle that it fell off the desk, ricochetted off my chair, and hit the switch on the power strip my computer is plugged into.

Hey Goog

What transfers over to the New Game+?

The Wandering God

Everything that isn't plot. Plus you get a speed controller and the ability to switch out Serge. It's spiffy.

Mr. T has cancer. =(

OK, someone told me Mr. T died of cancer over a year ago, now you're saying he has cancer, someone else is saying he has AIDS (and thus losing T cells), think he was just confused or being odd though, and in any case, he's been on TV lately, alive, healthy and bursting with Secret 80s Energy. So, if he DOES have cancer, he doesn't seem to be letting it get to him.

Don't you wish that Working Designs translated Final Fantasy Anthology instead of Square USA?

I would also be happy if the translators of FF5 didn't try to be funny... or at least if they pulled it off. SALSA?!?!?

The Last Laugh:

Now for the big pic, Paws vs. Chrono:

There. Hopefully all these pics balance out my lateness this week. Since I haven't made any other insane promises yet, tomorrow's column should be right on time.

Googleshng "Still singing"
I STILL want to know what happens if a werewolf bites Gin!

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