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Googleshng - August 29 '00- 1:00 Eastern Daylight Time

Chrono Cross, when on a + Game, there is a very good feature available. Speed Control. When playing a game through a second time, being able to speed it up is NICE. Hmm... for some reason I'm not in a very introish mood today. So, on with the column.

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How do you pronounce...?
In the PSX:
Chrono Cross
On the pronunciation of Gin's name:

The thing is, all "g's" in Japanese are hard--that is, you'd pronounce g as you would pronounce it in "gold" and not "gem". If you want to pronounce the j sound, you'd use a j. The word silver in Japanese is indeed "gin", but you'd pronounce it with hard g. If you pronounce it with a j sound, the Japanese word corresponding to that pronunciation would be "virtue." Hence, you'd pronounce it Gin ear-row chee, not Jin ear-row chee, unless you want to say "virtue blood". Glad I could "help"...

"This was the darkened items won't appear."

Hey! The person who wrote this didn't think it would get printed because it pointed out a mistake Gin made. Actually, since any mistake made in a column tends to be corrected by 50 people, he would normally be right, but for some reason, nobody else caught that, even me. Heck, I don't even recall Gin saying how to pronounce his name. He honestly does know, just that he wrote that while mixing nyquil with dayquil or something like that, so he wasn't quite right in the head. To review, it's Gin (as in begin as opposed to ginger) ear oh chee (as in cheese)... hey, if Gin has silver blood, does that mean if a werewolf bites him they both just drop dead?

Hey! This isn't about Chrono Cross!
Hello there Googleshng!

I'm having a serious problem in Koudelka, and I need some advice.

Of the three characters that join your party, I have a magic user (Koudelka) and a fighter (Edward), and they both kick butt in their respective fields, but I have no idea what to do with James! I want to make him a good all-around character, but all that has resulted is him having a weak attack and even weaker magic. So what do you recommend I do with him?

Also, is there any way to prevent your weapons from breaking? I found out that they break the hard way.

Thanks for your time!


Well, since you have COMPLETE control over your characters' stats, no one character is really good at any one particular thing innately. Since however it's fun making them follow themes, here's what I did: Koudelka was solid magic. Never attacked the whole game, all points on speed, and the magic stats... some on HP too of course. Edward was guns, and physical stats. James I wanted to be a healer, so I cranked both flavors of his defense, and had him cast healng/defensive spells constantly. In doing so, I learned something the hard way. DON'T BRING UP THE LEVEL FOR REFLECT. Since each time a spell goes up a level, the MP cost doubles, and the effect is just mutiplied (meaning after 2 level ups, a spell does 3 times that damage and costs 4 times as much), maxed out spells are inherently innefficient. Reflect and revive in particular just get too expensive. The only spells you should really try to max out are the damage spells, and maybe healing. Now then, as for weapon breakage, it's unavoidable. If you use a weapon enough times, it breaks. Period. Therefore, it's generally a good idea to use really awful weapons to bring up your skill when fighting normal monsters, then switch to decent stuff for bosses. Oh, and for the record, the best equipment consists of 2 swords (but one is harder to get than it is to win the game), a crossbow (rifle), and that fabulous demon horn (it gives HUGE magic bonuses. Give it to Koudelka but don't attack with it ever). So, stock up on gallahad swords and rifle ammo. 8)

CC and RZ
Hi, Goggle.
well, this is the 3rd time i've written you, so i'll be straight to the point.

I have recently acquired a copy of Icewind Dale, which is a pretty kewl game!!!! but.. I have NO IDEA how to gain Lvl 2 or lvl 3, or lvl 4.. ect.. spells!!!! can some one at your office or you yourself tell me!? I lvled my mage to lvl 2 and he didn't learn any spells! I'm confused!

Second, GameCube, worthless, or actually a good investment? That Star Wars game looks pretty good.......... ergh! I hate this... Star Wars, or RPG's.....

Thrid, have you ever played Dungons and Dragons?

and lastly, how is Chrono Cross? should i pck it up when i get PS2? (my current PSX is broke! grrrrrrr......)

thanks, man!....erm....... it!
Kim "eye can speel!!!!!!!" Sung-Won

OK, let's see, first off, Chrono Cross is great. Icewind Dale and friends all try to recapture the experience of playing AD&D with a bunch of friends, and, I'm told do so quite nicely. Bottom line though, mages don't learn spells by going up levels. You have to actually go out and find them. PLUS, you can't cast level 4 spells when you're on level 4. I seem to recall the progression works something like this: At level 1, you can memorize 1 level one spell. At level 2, 2 level 1 spells. At level 3, 2 level 1 and a level 2. Then 3 and 2, then finally at level 5 you get to learn a level 3 spell, which is good, because all the level 2 spells honestly kinda suck. So, if you want level two spells, go up another level and go find them, FINALLY, on the subject of the cube... it's too soon to answer that. What makes a system worth buying is the software library. ZERO games have been announced for it at this point. Therefore, nobody can make any predictions about it at this point in time. On the other hand, Shiggy will make games for it, Shiggy is god, and therefore I will get one. Just to clear up some confusion by the way, that demo at space world wasn't showing clips from a new Star Wars game, it was showing a clip from the movie (New Hope remake) running off the cube. Big difference. Speaking of wanting consoles before there's a library, everyone I know seems to be saving up for a PSX2 because they need a new PSX and a DVD player. I don't know anyone who wants one for PSX2 games. Kinda funny really. 8)

PAL is a misnomer.
Hi goog

Noticed a letter to Gin on the 27th. Seems someone from the UK can't get his copy of Chrono Cross to work in colour, due to the different TV standards. Well I can help, he needs to get a SCART lead and connect his PSX to the TV using this instead of the normal RF lead. The SCART socket is a rectangular mutlipin one on the back of the TV. If you don't have one then you can't play import games on the PSX in colour and you have to buy a new TV. Which is what I had to do with FF anthology and Xenogears.

Hope that helps.


Ah yes, the infamous troubles with importing from the US. It's pretty nasty the other way too by the way, but that only comes up when dealing with Terranigma.

LoD stuff
LoD spoilers.

Oh i see then, Well maybe you can help me! On LoD, How the heck do you beat the thingy for the block staff? Im all out of healing stuff So ill proably go back and buy some stuff..and also What town is the Gigantos Dragoon Spirit in? Is it Lohan? And on Parasite Eve..How do you beat the Centipede that turns into 4 little centipedes or such, and what levels are good for where im at on LoD and PE. Hey when does the PE movie come out? I love that game its great! Oh by the way I have two kittys named Fat Cow and Big Mouth!

500 Kisses,

In PE, I beat that just like I beat everything else. With my HEAVILY modified Pistol. Shotgun shells, double actions, first strike. I love it. However, I don't recall if it's available at that point, so, just concentrate on killing one to get dodging room, then another to get MORE dodging room, and the last two shouldn't be too much trouble. As for LoD, yes, good old Lohan, the town that has all the cool stuff, is where you get the big guy's spirit. By the way, am I the only person who has a problem with the fact that Dragoons are supposed to be humans who team up with winglies to fight dragons, and yet 3 or four aren't human, and you tend to kill dragons? Ooh, almost forgot. Mean little trick with Anti-Dragoon bosses: If you're only powered up to level one, you can transform, cast a spell, and turn back all in action, allowing you to use your best stuff without being smacked. Sneaky eh?

Common Questions
Chrono Cross Spoilers

I have two questions about Chrono Cross

1. How do I get Glenn in my party? Everyone says he's an awesome character, but what are the requirements, when, and where do i find him? So far I've taken everyone into my party with the exception of Korcha. 2. I just helped the pirates defeat the ghost ship. Afterwards, someone said something about getting the Water Dragon's help before going to Fort Dragonia(or whatever), but the dragon isn't on the island. Do I just go through Mt. Pyre without his help? (the fire hurts my feet very much badly)

I've been answering all the other CC questions I got personally, but these two are quite common. Chrono Cross has a lot of plot branching. Mainly, this affects what characters you end up with. If you treat Kid like complete dirt, you are rewarded. If you don't let her join you at the beginning, you can get Leena. If you don't go find the cure for her poison, you get Glenn. What's particularly odd, is that on the Glenn path, more hints are given regarding the whole water dragon island bit. Go back to your home world and talk to the guy fishing off the dock in your home town. The fact that the hint for this is on the Glenn branch indicates that they expect you to do that FIRST, which you'd have to be pretty sick to do on your own. Don't sweat not getting him though, it takes 3 times through to get EVERYONE.


What word do I think of when I hear Two River City? That's right, ransom.

Well, of course Ransom. What else would you think of?

Will you be picking up Valkyrie Profile tommorow/today? I know I am.

Uh... I need to research it a little bit more. I also have to get money.

Do your cats sit on your arms/hands/controller when you pay more attention to a Videogame then them. My Black cat, Vader, does it all the time

Not anymore. My cats have a tendancy to weigh an average of 15-20 pounds, so they don't fit. They find other ways to get my attention though, like sitting on my mouse or keyboard.

Tell Gin that it's Justin Bailey. The e is important, otherwise the password wouldn't work.

Although I have to say, I'd like to see some old tricks get reused in newer games, like the old Konami Code. That'd be nice.


Fun fact: JUSTIN BAILEY is not someone's name. It's Just In Bailey... which is a rather obscure term for a bathing suit. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle!

Doesn't Gamecubes controller look a lot like Playstation's?

ooh....stupid pounding head.....

No moreso than any other controller. However: The PSX controller is a dead ringer for the SNES', the Saturn's looks a lot like a turbo Genesis controller. Genesis controllers are interchangable with SMS controllers, and SMS controllers are just like NES controllers with a nicer D-Pad, and fewer buttons.

Dear Googlepants,
In Chrono Cross, my brother named Pip Satan, syaing he's "Fwom the fiwey pits of hwell!" Is it just me or is that mildly disturbing?
-Mojoy, The anthropomorphic hayseed

Actually, that sounds about right to me. 8)

Mr. T rules, he was the bomb specialist and BLEW UP STUFF. MUHAHAHAHAHA MUHAHAHAHAHA <Choke>

Ah yes, Mr. T. Wearer of gold chains, drinker of milk, and all around symbol of the 80s. What's really interesting is that not only has Mr. T NOT dropped off the face of the earth, but he still looks the same.

The Last Laugh:

People sent me weird hacked pics. However, this column is running REALLY late, and I have to go update reviews since Paws is unable to connect, and then do another column. Busy day. Anyway, sorry this is late, I'll make it up by posting weirdness tomorrow, just make sure to send me questions.

Googleshng "Singing"
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