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Googleshng - August 23 '00- 1:00 Eastern Daylight Time

I just had to go look in my back yard to see if coyotes had killed my cats, or just some racoons. I've found most of my cats alive and well, and didn't find any dead, so I'm pretty sure it's the racoons. Still though, that wasn't fun. I'm still a tad shaken (2 cats being unaccounted for is the main reason for that) but hopefully it won't distract me TOO much.

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In the PSX:
Chrono Cross
Was fixing a printer all day.
Better late than never?
Hey Goog,

I've got a slight problem. I stopped playing video games when Playstation and N64 came out and now I'm just starting to find out about all the good RPGs I missed! I'm now torn between which console and what games to start off with. If I get a Playstation, I'll get Chrono Cross and Final Fantasy VII. If I get N64, I'll get Zelda: The Ocarina of Time and Zelda: Majora's Mask when it comes out. In your opinion, which would be better? I know Playstation has more RPGs, but I'm a diehard Zelda fan. Also, is there another RPG that you would get first instead of FFVII?



Well, that's an interesting question. The N64 is a nice system with quite a few good games. However, the Playstation has more RPGs than any other system. What you should really do if you're short on money though is just get an N64, and one of the many many many alternative methods of playing PSX games, like Virtual Game Station. Not only is it just $50, but it makes screen captures oh so much easier. Oh, and Xenogears is the must have PSX RPG if you ask me. That and FFT.

On the off chance nobody corrects you about the Star Level/Stat's the answer, cause it came into discussion while planning Mythri.

Because some gamers like to explore and level up..and others just go through the game running half the time...some game designers (or in our case, the guy balancing the game...) want to control how strong the player is. Meaning you can't get STRONGER than *I* want you to be for this point! Sounds pretty totalitarian, ne?
The way they do this is to put a "cap" on experience. While you're in Area X, you can reach level 15...but you can't surpass it.

Square, the CC team in particular, came upon a brilliant way to do this, without angering the player or sacrificing gameplay. The Stars are "level caps". Once I beat a boss, I have a new star level. Within the star level, the first five fights (according to my observation) give you stat increases. After a certain number of fights, you stop increasing stats, and don't start again until you achieve another star. This way they control how strong you are. If you wanna' get stronger--you can't just sit there and fight have to go find yourself another boss.

According to the manual, those members not in your party gain stats too, just slowly. So basically beat a boss, fight battles till you stop increasing, and then dodge enemies. Fun :)
Oh...unless you want to upgrade equipment or get free elements...

Yeah yeah, I said to include a question and posted one that didn't have one, this is one of the more concise explainations of it though. Also, getting your HP up to the cap tends to take a few more fights than that I believe. Anyway, just to rephrase that, when you beat a boss, your star level goes up, and the absolute maximums for all your stats increase. The stats themselves climb towards these caps as you fight normal monsters. So, you can't go out and character build until you hit level 99, but you still have to fight normal monsters to get better... not to mention so you can nail them with summons and get shiny stuff. I like it. Also, seeing as the developers of Mythri read and often right into this column, I can't help but wonder if any other industry types with unremarkable e-mail addresses do.

Major Multiparter
How's it hangin'?
I got plenty of questions and comments for you.Here goes:

1.What's the purpose of all those pouches,bones,claws,bottles and other crummy stuff in LoM?Are they only good for money?'Cause if they are,you should've told me sooner!

Google: They're used for making your own stuff in your workshops.

2.Still in LoM,can you please tell me what the mana level of the areas do?

Google: They affect the chances of finding elementals to get coins from, and strengths of spells/monsters of those elements.

3.Each time you finish an event,the little tree up there grows bigger and bigger.Do we really care?

Google: Yes. 8)

4.What's your favorite weapon in LoM?I use 2-handed swords.

Google: Me too.

5.How much time does it usually take you to put up a column?

Google: From 1-6 hours depending on how many things I get roped into between start and finish, like conducting interviews.

6.Do you remember when you asked us if we could find a game that's not about saving the world?Well,I got two very good ones for you...Suikoden 1 and 2.In both of them,you fight a war to free your region,or country.You're not saving the world,you're saving your land and your fellow man.Surprisingly enough,even if the strories aren't epic ones,they still kick ass!

Google: There's a world destroying evil at the end of the first Suikoden I know, I'd assume the second also. Therefore, they don't qualify.

7.Have you found some good double and triple techs in Chrono Cross?

Google: I haven't been trying, my parties are all widely varied.

8.Who's your favorite music composer?Mitsuda's the man!

Google: I think I'll have to agree there.

9.Do you own any soundtracks?

Google: Just ones I got for free, I'm perpetually broke.

10.What's the record for the most questions in a single letter?

Google: 15, but most were fluff. Think this is it for not fluff.

11.Can you guess where this quote's from:"As for my source of energy,my chili chessburger dissapeared a little earlier"?

Google: This is what I mean by fluff.

12.Can I get some of that?

Google: No! Mine!

I'm always happy to litter your column!Chiao! Xeros89~Enjoying Chrono Cross,of course...

That took longer than anticipated. Let's move on.

So many Escaflowne letters!
hi goog
I wonder how many kids are going to talk their mom's into buying the subbed escaflowne tapes (since the dubs will not be out for a while). it's going to be quite a shock for them ;-) also with the change of Dilandau's voice I wonder if they are going to completely ignore the complete psycho aspect of him/her

I got a ton of Escaflowne letters today, had to print one. Anyway, yeah, I REALLY can't imagine the cheak rubbing scene with that voice.

Find the "8" pieces "LINK!"
Dear Googleshng:
Is it just me, or are not many people looking forward to The Legend of Zelda: Mjora's Mask? Zelda: The Ocarina of Time had a good deal of hype surrounding it from conception to release and was hailed with much fanfare... Yet none of that seems to be accompanying Mjora's Mask. Any guess as to why that is?

Best Regards,
Dan Calderman

First let me just thank my friend here for allowing me to use the letter title I've wanted to use so badly. While highlighting important words is a growing trend lately, the first game to do it was the original Zelda in it's amusingly translated intro. Now then, I agree that it's odd how little hype MM is getting. So very few games include shape shifting, and I for one always think it makes them so much more fun. Really I can only see two reasons not to be excited. First, Miyamoto isn't playing such a pivital role in the creation of this one... but I don't think he has to hand craft every aspect of a game for it to be great. The other is that, well, apparently there's only 3 shape shift masks. I want to turn into a stalfos to solve puzzles! A gerado would be cool too (Ra-n-ma!) but I digrees. Oh, and it has an odd visual style.

I thought I had more non-Escaflowne questions...
Oh, revenge is a dish... best served SWEET!

Err... what I mean to say is, you neglected to comment on the quality of anime on Cartoon Network. So I thought I would write a letter with my opinions on that, translated Escaflowne (which I've already expressed my hatred for, but I'll elaborate on it) and tack on a question at the end. :)

First of all, the most obvious to anyone having seen Esca... where'd the first episode go? And not only did that slash it off and try to sum it up in short recaps (and did a poor job at that) but then, by doing that, they shortened the actual episode they started with, and thus gave the episode a VERY rushed feel, which really took away from part of what made Escaflowne so great. Secondly, music. Techno? TECHNO? What was wrong with the music Escaflowne HAD? By the way, they kept two songs.... I heard the original Escaflowne theme in there, plus also the action sequence theme ("Dance of Curse") which is one of the coolest ones... however, they didn't play it for more than what must have been 10 seconds or so, before replacing it with... yep... MORE TECHNO. >:^P

Now, as for Cartoon Network's anime, I enjoy it much more than Fox's (obviously). Voices aren't THAT bad, they aren't afraid to show a little blood here and there, and best of all, it doesn't have that Fox "hurry up, we have to squeeze in another commercial" feel to it. All in all, I don't know what I'd do without my Toonami. :)

Finally, my question. And believe it or not, it's NOT a Chrono Cross question... this instead is for Xenogears. Near the end of the game, where do I get anti-Angel equipment for my gears? I won't say why, because, first, you already know, and second, it'd be a spoiler. Thanks.


Someone wrote in saying they were getting sick of hearing about bad translations, and I can kind of see why. While it is fun to badmouth Fox for butchering Escaflowne, it isn't really getting us anywhere. Now then, to address your points here, I did comment on the Cartoon Network's anime, I said the few times I've seen it, I've noticed it's less butchered than most. Also, while generally I really like techno, I like Escaflowne's music more that THAT techno. As for Xenogears, just fight in the last dungeon, things drop Angel Armor +3 there. Two per character leaves you in pretty good shape. By the way, this is a very good example of attaching a question to a letter on a subject I'm getting flooded with.


I've had CC for 3 days, and the time thing says 45 hours played..... O_o

That can't be healthy

Feh, anything under 48 is fine.

yay! Roger Zelazny! Too bad the guy went and skipped shadow on us...

Heh, any real Zelazny fan wouldn't believe he was dead without seeing a body, and even then there'd be SOME doubt.

Come get some.

-Bruce Campbell


I know someone out there must know... but does CC have a Game+ mode?

-The Snoremaster of Trafalgamore

Yes, and multiple endings, and the CT remake will not be released in the US. Now could people stop asking those 3 questions?

I agree with Folken about the dubbing job fox did on Dilanau, but at least he still sounds like A chick :)


Doesn't sound like a bloodthirsty psychopath though, there's the thing.

Have you walked The Pattern?

Can't walk the pattern without going to Amber, can't go to Amber without walking the pattern. Stupid catch-22.

Remembr.... BOOM!! is from Magic Knight Rayearth. Specificly Clef and Precia's Mysterious Cefiro Lecture #2 (at least I'm preaty sure it's #2) it's the one where they're talking about running into walls and smashing them. I love that game it made my Saturn Worth owning.

(Don't ask)

Yup. One of the best lines in the game. Only you guessed it (largely because someone accidentally removed it, and STILL haven't fixed it?!?) so here's your tilde: ~

The Last Laugh:

OK, I have verified that all my cats are alive and well. That's good to know. Also, someone pointed out to me that the first Q&A person to go by RPGuru was Allan Milligan (Good) and not Josh Reid (Bad) like I thought. My mistake. Still, the dir name bugged me. Anyway, I had to delete 2 or 3 letters because they had massive massive CC spoilers. Let me make you a deal. Lay off the spoilers for now, I'll try to win today, or at least some point this week, plus on Friday someone writing a walkthrough will be guest hosting. OK? Good. Bye for now.

Googleshng "Broke"
Job interview tomorrow.

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