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Googleshng - August 17 '00- 1:00 Eastern Daylight Time

I really can't convey how happy I am with my mail today. It's full of questions! Questions of a highly varied nature! Granted, they're just about all Chrono Cross questions, but still! I can barely remember the last time I had so many legitimate questions!

Now then, a few announcements. First of all, let me appologize for not finishing last week up myself. I ended up working so hard that I ended up so sick I couldn't sit up for more than a minute. It wasn't pleasant. Let me just publicly thank Gin and Chrono for covering for me on just a few seconds notice. While I was lying in bed, Chrono Cross arrived and I started playing. 11 hours in my meory card decided to die. Whee. I've largely recovered from that little problem though, and I hope I'm farther than most of you, so I can actually answer these.

Moving along, as you probably haven't noticed, I finally snapped and renamed the Q&A directory. It was /rpguru/, it is now /ask/. I did this for a number of reasons. First of all, rpguru came from the title of a previous Q&A host who nobody liked, so it has a nasty association. Plus, this makes the urls much spiffier. For example, if you want to read yesterday's column by Gin, the url is just! Much easier to remember no? Not that you'd have to, I'd be worried if someone actually typed out column links like that.

Now then, for my final announcement, which was made last night WAY before it was even nearly official (AHEM), since none of the people I originally had asked to take over for Brad have replied to me, and he actually did a very good job covering for me, Gin will be the new weekend person. Before you ask what I have against Paws or Chrono, well, they don't want to do it anymore. Granted Q&A seems like fun on the outside, once you've actually done it, sitting there, reading through 100 letters, 20 of which are illegible, and 60 of which are corrections to a mistake someone else made the previous day, very few people still find it enjoyable. I'm one, and it seems Gin is one too.

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Ooh, hi Ronnie!
I have a question. I ran this column for three months (out of my butt, I know) and I have a Chrono Cross question. Boy, that's great.

Although I'm actually past this particular part of the game, I'm still a bit curious about it. According to an FAQ I've read, one can acquire the "Tornado" Element by trapping it from the Taurusoid in Fort Draconia. I'm always up for ber powerful attacks and such (MeteorShower ^-^) so I decided to go buy an actual trapping element for it... before I found the same thing in a treasure chest in the exact same area. *sigh*

Well, really, the point is... I couldn't allocate the elemental. In the game, aren't you supposed to fight an even number of bosses and be on a pretty constant Star Level? The Tornado trapping Element can only be allocated in a Level 6 slot. Even if you go in every other room in Fort Draconia and defeat the really large fuggly blue glob of grape jelly (I'm too lazy to look for its proper name :P) your party's star level doesn't rise high enough to give you the Level 6 slot until AFTER you beat the Taurusoid. Did I happen to miss a boss fight somewhere before then that prevented me from allocating it before the fight?

-Veronica "The Chrono Cross Addicted Gamera" Henry

Well, Chrono Cross does have a LOT of branching, optional side quests, and so on, so in theory you might be able to get someone up to six levels before then. I have come across that sort of problem myself though with other elements. There really is something to be said for the lost art of thourough exploration of the world at all oppertunities. By the way, in case you forgot, Veronica used to do weekend Q&A here, then Information Station, and, after leaving for a couple months, she's coming back to take over music. Glad to have her around again.

Welcome back G,

Yet another Chrono Cross question, no spoilers either.

Do you know how the Star Levels are refilled after using a summon element?

I used one and my star level became 13/14, then when I beat the boss it became 14/15... The manual said only that summon elements "consume" a star level, but nothing about how to go about replenishing them, and I panicked because I thought it may be permanent, and I'd always be one short. Anyway, I checked after the next few fights and it was still 14/15... Even after the next boss it became 15/16... still one short. Then after playing some more I noticed it was back to full, but I couldn't remember when it happened. What causes it to refill? Any ideas? Does it just take a certain amount of time?

Thanks in advance

Like MP in any RPG, it refills when you stay in an inn. Now then on the subject let me just say how much I love the fact that summoning takes very little time, and is extremely difficult to do. Also, since each summon only takes 1 MP, I can't help but wonder what kinds of hideous boss marathons will occur later in the game. So far the most I recall fighting in a row is about 4. Also, on the off chance that you missed this little fact, there are certain materials which can only be obtained as the byproduct of using summons on normal monsters. So, since MP is not exactly limited, use those summons whenever you have the chance.

Off topic
Google, Could you kindly explain to all of us lower life forms what exactly is so different about the original Escaflowne versus the Fox one? Some of us aren't blessed with the time, money, and patience to import cartoons from another country and then watch them in a language that we don't understand. I actually thought the Fox version was turning out pretty good, if not too short. What's the big difference? More dialogue, better drawings, more music, what? And while we're on the subject, if Fox's animé shows are butchered, how do you feel Cartoon Network is doing? Is CN doing a better job or something? Much thanks if you answer this. -Red Raven, who doesn't think he would be able to read and watch what's going on at the same time in subtitled animé

This isn't an RPG related question, but it's a popular subject, so here we go. First of all, Fox lopped off the first episode. Granted, it's slower paced than the rest of the series, but it contains a large number of things which are absolutely vital to the plot! For example, why there's a Japanese schoolgirl, what's up with her pendant, and where the series takes place. They also removed all the original music except for 1 track, and replaced it with what's relatively complete garbage. The soundtrack is one of the best things about Escaflowne. Next, they censored the HECK out of it. That episode isn't even one of the gorier ones. I don't want to think about what they're going to do to episode 14. Finally, for now at least, they did some very very bad things when voice casting. Specifically, Dilandu. Everyone I know who has seen the show before started screaming upon hearing that horribly wrong voice. Now then, as for the little comment in your signiture, while I shared that sentiment once, it really isn't that hard to get used to subs. In fact, if you play RPGs, you're pretty used to them already. People talk during plot points where important things are happening for you to look at all the time in RPGs. In regards to anime though, it's even less of a problem, since there's voice acting. If everyone is sitting around chatting, there won't be anything important going on in terms of visuals so you can sit back and read. If there's a major action scene going on, nobody is going to say anything that you can't figure out from context/intonation. Plus, if you watch subtitled anime long enough, you eventually get to the point where you can read the subs out of the corner of your eye, and you might even pick up some Japanese while you're at it. If that still bothers you, nearly all anime is released both subbed and dubbed, so if you can stand some lousy voice acting, you get the show in it's original form, and you don't have to read anything. Oh, and to answer another letter I recieved on this topic, anime fans have every right to complain when a US network takes a Japanese series not geared at children, then butchers it completely, sacrificing plot continuity and man other things that make the series what it is, in order to censor it, and/or make it "cooler", which is generally done by redubbing every character into an arrogant loudmouthed jerk. So, in conclusion, if you want to see anime in any sort of watchable form, at this point you're stuck paying for it.

Chrono Cross Stats
Hey Goog,

Question about leveling up in Chrono Cross. When I beat up a boss and my star level goes up, I was wondering what effects how much your character stats can increase? I've noticed that some characters stats go up a lot more then others do. Does it have to do with how much your characters fight before they hit a growth level? The instruction manual doesn't give much help either. Sheesh, Square finally starts translating well and now there manuals suck, go figure...


Well, the one thing I can definately say is that Star Levels have nothing whatsoever to do with your stats. I'm not entirely sure, but either there are actually hidden EXP which slowly creep up and increase your stats, or there's a random chance of each stat going up based on the difficulty of whatever it is you're fighting. I'm sure that if anyone knows, someone will send me a nice detailed explaination of exactly what causes your stats to increase, but let me just remind everyone that I can't do a column if everyone sends the same thing, so if you are sending such a thing, try to stick a question on there too please.

This JOKE is getting BORING.
Hey Goog I got A question about Chrono Cross. One my friends owns the game and he tells me that the story is very Cliched. I want your opinion on this, because he says he may loan me his copy because he's not sure he wants to play it anymore.


I can say beyond the shadow of a doubt that the most significant aspect of Chrono Cross' plot has NEVER been used in an RPG before. In fact, I don't recall ever coming across it to this degree outside of a Roger Zelazny book. Your friend must be crazy.

RPGamer Exodus
Hey Goog,

Odd way to come back after a weekend. Three of the section admins all announce they're shifting off to something else. I can just see Mikel sitting somewhere shaking his head going "What the?"


Three? It's 5 by my count, but then I have more information than you do. Anyway, that's the way things go with a site like this. Just about everyone on staff has a day job, college, and some other obligations in addition to being on staff. So, nobody lasts forever. The interaction staffers as a whole generally deal with the juggling act better than most, just look how long Lore's been around. Anyway, between school starting back up, and the general stress that builds over time, a whole bunch of interaction people are clearing out at once. It's somewhat sad seeing them all go, but that's the way things go, and I wish them all luck. Oh, and actually, I'm the one shaking my head. It's my job to replace all these people, and it gets a bit tricky.


Eva's Angels are male, and I think there are a few Eva games in japan.

First of all, that topic is dead. Chrono made a little slipup, saying they're all female, let's move on. Second, I don't care what anyone says. In my book, city destroying d8s don't have genders. 8)

I could say I told you so, but that would be silly and immature. Heh.


(This was regarding Paws and Scar) Well, I figured if two people that I talk to literally constantly were dating, I'd notice. Would have printed a correction, but that'd just be odd. Anyway, it just goes to show you how little I know about your Human emotion... I'm not a robot!

I pre-ordred ChronoCross about 4 days before it came out at and it's not here. Bah

That's because everyone else ordered it 4 months ago... or more.

Googleshng.. I.. I.. I LOVE YOU! Have my baby!! Or.. Let me have yours.. or.. um.. er.. Dangit. It's not funny anymore. You're genderlessness ruined the joke. I hope you're happy. >:(

Uh, I wouldn't want to do either of those, and if you'd actually be able to do both of those, why not just have your own baby like in that one really lousy Foundation book?

I just heard Dilandau dubbed, courtesy of Fox kids. Heads will roll for this. -Folken Lacour de Fanel

They sure will!

quick CC question...
what do the characters color's (inate colors I think) do for them?

If you're white, your white spells do more damage, you take more damage from black, and you can use white summons.

Are there Multiple Endings in Chrono Cross like Chrono Trigger?


There sure are you green haired mage you, there sure are.

The Last Laugh:

Well, there you go. A bit heavy on the Chrono Cross questions, but that's to be expected. I could have sworn there was a LoD question here somewhere, but I can't seem to find it. Anyway, I guess I'll see you all tomorrow.

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