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Gin'irochi - August 20 '00- 21:33 Eastern Daylight Time

I'm baaaaaaaaack! Hey again, everyone! Looks like I'll be doing Q&A this weekend, as predicted. I really have to thank you guys - you sent me a wonderful batch of letters. Over 200! Too bad I can't print them all.

We have a large variety of letters today, which is quite a surprise. Well, to me anyway. I even got some Xenogears questions! :D Good stuff...

I guess that'll be it. As Cid would say, "Hold onto your drawers and don't piss in 'em, cause it's gonna be a bumpy ride!"


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Xenogears Spoiler Alert!
(Nifty, huh?)


I am having a real problem in Xenogears. I am at the part of the game where Billy and Citan try to destroy the gate under the Ethos HQ with Babel tower and the big gun thing. My problem is that you have to protect Citan using Fei and Elly. Winning the first battle is no problem but then you have to fight the same 2 guys again. But they are fully healed, but you get nothing. I am alway left with little to no fuel and almost no HP(I have to go all out to beat them) so I die within the first 2 rounds. I have played the game over and over again for a whole day and I still couldn't beat them the second time. Everytime it's the same. PLEASE help me. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!

-Kyro Nighttoung

And CC rules

Since you asked so nicely... ;)

Basically, I have 2 pieces of advice: 1.- Level 1 combos are your friend. 2. - So are Elly's Aerods.

The Aerods are not only strong, they don't cost much fuel. Just use them sparingly. Other than that, all I can say is make sure you have the best armor, engines, and accessories for your gears possible. You'll beath them eventually, I'm sure. If not, a little sugar in the enemies' gas tanks might help.

Much ado about.... stuff... or something.

Hey Gin! Long time listener, first ti-- *piercing wave of shame* ..just hi for now.

Well, on to the first, inevitable question concerning that lovable devil, Chrono Cross. Just a few questions about this little bugger should do me fine for right now. Primarily (and probably most importantly), is it any good at all? Is it worth the money that I don't have (because I'm poor) to pay for it? Is it going to render my senses of nostalgia to Chrono Trigger in such a manner that I'll suffer Cloud-esque seizures and flashbacks?

Concerning the guy who was whining about how he recieved such a bad rap on IRC yesterday... just stick around for awhile, deal with it, don't act like a lamer ("yo i m |337" does not net you many friends in #rpgamer), don't be drawn into any fights with me *hint hint* and you'll get along just fine. (By the way, if I was the offender in any of those cases, sorry about that.)

~ "Dragoon" Raven Darkwind
The One and Only

Nice to have you on the program, Raven.

As for Chrono Cross, the game is definitely worth the cash. As for setting your tastebuds tingling like Chrono Trigger, it would really depend. The game does have a lot of similarities that point to Chrono Trigger, as well as events and little things that make you go "hmmmm...." along the way. (Yes, that was a C&C Music Factory reference.)

Regarding IRC, the main things you really have to remember is to read the FAQ!!! Hopefully you'll get my point. ;) Misunderstandings over the FAQ are often the cause of much unwanted grief in our humble little channel. On top of this, it doesn't hurt to be yourself. Honestly, I'd be much more inclined to be more stiff around someone who does try to act '1337' than someone who isn't making an ass of themselves. (As for those of you who do make fools of yourselves, I have one thing to say to you. Drugs are bad, mmkay?)


Here are the screen caps from the Barret/Cloud date.

Barret = Ryteria and Cloud = FireMyst

The Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills.


Very interesting....

Anyway, I couldn't print all of the photos, as there are simply too many. However, since Zook was nice enough to package them up nice and neat into a Zip, here. Heh. I just posted the most amusing ones out of the pile. Enjoy!

... OK, you know you have way too much time on your hands when you either A.) Make these screenshots, or B.) Post these screenshots.

Wow, someone actually took my advice!

To whom is may concern (that'd be you Gin),

Did by some chance you watch Escaflowne on Fox? I was really expecting something awful like along the lines of FFT's translation, and it didn't let me down. I have three major problems with Fox's version
1. Whats up with the title music? It's like some weird techno remix of....something
2. Do you start a book at the middle? Do you start CC at disc two? Do you start a meal with dessert(in most cases)? Then why start a series at the second episode?
3. Two words "bad dub"
I just hope Fox doesn't give this wonderful series a bad name. What are your thoughts on this?

Thanks for your time,
The Ahrman

Ah, the usual "wonderful" job Fox does translating their crap. I mean, uh... "Anime."

Anyway, I watched Escaflowne a little this morning, and to say the least, I was disgusted at the horrible butchering job they did. I honestly don't feel they salvaged the dub at ALL.

Heh. Wanna hear something funny? I've never seen the unmolested version, and I still know how bad Fox jacked it, just by the awful dubbing. ;)

Strategy Guide Strategies

Hi Jeff. Finally, after reading Q&A since its creation, I finally have something to submit!

I recently completed FF8 (just in time to play CC!), and it turned out that I used the strategy guide for just about the entire last 2 discs. Now that I've finally beaten it, I feel that I definitely cheated myself out of a good experience, since I let the guide do all my thinking towards. Now, since I have CC (and the very nice clock, and the soundtrack) and the guide again, how should I use (or not use) the guide this time around?


Aaah, the fabled strategy guide. Here's what I do when I buy one -

First of all, I NEVER read ahead. Spoilers suck, we all know that... and reading where you aren't supposed to is a sure way to spoil things. I always follow along in the strategy guide, and use it for things I miss, however I never let it do the thinking for me unless I am REALLY stuck, or I'm trying to get a perfect game. (I never try for a perfect on the first round. Hey! Just like in Marvel vs. Capcom 2! Mmmm..... Ass-kickin' goodness... *drool*) Anyway, whether you use the guide or not is up to you. I just hope that if you do choose to use it, you'll use it responsibly. Heh, I feel like I should be in an afterschool special for saying it like that...

Bleem! Test

Hi Gin,

Do you know if Chrono Cross (mmm....) works on Bleem!? Or how well it works, if it does?

Sabin Figaro

Well, I just popped my copy of Bleem! in and gave Chrono Cross a test, and... well, I have good news, and I have bad news. While Chrono Cross does work with Bleem!, you may be sorry to hear that it does not work well at all. In fact, there's no sound during FMV's, and the screen seems to jitter worse than a kitten on a crack high. (No, I don't know what a kitten on a crack high acts like... really... *cough*) While yes, there is sound otherwise, it's very buggy and desn't sound exactly like it does on the PlayStation. Oh well. You can't have everything.

Ah Lahk Diabler Tew!

I was reading all this talk of angels recently, and somebody mentioned a general absence of male angelic figures. If you want to see something truly beautifull (seriously!) and awesome, get off your consoles and pop Diablo II into your computer (if you have one). Get to the biggining of Act III and you'll see what I mean. Its an amazing sight.

Amazing indeed.

Possible Chrono Cross Spoilers!!


A few days ago I think Goog (or you) mentioned that they couldn't find any CT references in CC. I'm close to halfway done with the game, so here's what I've seen (spoilers, although not huge ones):

  • The battle ending/win music is a theme from CT
  • Same deal with overworld music on the Zenan continent in Home World
  • 'Heckran' Bones are mentioned (the blue guy you fought in the Heckran cave after coming back from the future for the first time in CT)
  • Guardia and Porre are also mentioned
  • The Prophet of Time shows up in Viper Manor, and he looks exactly like one of the gurus from CT - If you search the hidden room behind the prophet in Viper Manor, you'll find the dismantled Epoch!
  • Kid and Serge make a reference to Lucca in Fort Dragonia
  • The player travels through time to Lucca's burning house (there are some screenshots on the RPGamer CC page)
  • Also in Viper Manor, when Serge is confronted by Lynx, Lynx says first 'The Assassin of Time', then, 'THE CHRONO TRIGGER!'. He yells that out. If that isn't a direct reference to CT, then nothing is.

That's all I could find off hand, I'll tell you if I find any more.

- Azar

Thanks for the neeto checklist! Now us lazy folk don't have to go and look for ourselves. :P

Unoriginal little buggers, aren't we? ;)

I just bought Chrono Cross, and when I try to put Serge's name as Crono at the name entering screen in the beginning of the game and then try to confirm it, it gave me an error bleeping sound and can't continue until I change to another name. Does everyone gets this too? Maybe that's a hint to a secret or something?
I would greatly appreciate any answer to this little dilema Gin.


I would think that most likely the programmers of the game saw this possibility, and decided to lock the name 'Crono' out of Chrono Cross to force us to be a little more Original. Who knows? Maybe later in the game, something will take place that will point to the answer to your question. One can never tell... ¬ ¬

Of sea and skies...

Sorry about the Subject. I couldn't resist.

Am I the only one that loves the 'direction' most of the art takes in CC.... i mean, while in other games like FFs and stuff you end up with highely differing locations and backdrops, ranging from snowfields to underground caves- but most CC locals are seaside on a clear day- but none fo the backgrounds are repetitive. Although 99% of the backgrounds allow you to see the crystal blue sea they all look different- I love that. El Nido is such a beautiful place, isn't it?

Yes, I have taken notice of all the beautiful seaside backdrops. I think it only adds to the feel of the game, and makes it even more of a pleasurable experience. And yes, el Nido is a very beautiful place! :)


Have you seen the Chrono Cross comercial?

No. I don't watch a lot of TV.

i've been hearing things about a harry potter rpg for nintendo's next system--true? false? Please answer!!!!!!!

You're joking, right?

I find it odd that in the new poll there are only 9 votes for people saying they vote at least 15 times. Shouldn't there be at least 15 votes for that?

Must... resist...math.... gaaaaaaah!! <insert spontaneous combustion sound here>

Does vagrant story have a modchip lockout?


You don't get exp. points of any just go up a level after fighting something stronger in Chrono Cross

Indeed. The SaGa Frontier system done right.... sort of.

Chang! Come quick! Oven on fi-yah!

Uh..... OK. We really need to start getting better quickies.

No, I WASN'T making a reference to "The Little Prince," I just wanted to know if snake bites itch... or... sti-n-g... ohhhh... call...poison...contro-

.... He's dead, Jim.

Someone mentioned that VGS was a Mac emulator, but I have a Windows-based PC. Is there a Windows version or am I just screwed?

There's also a PC version, I belive.

Gin'irochi: Well, that's it for today. Oh yeah, Chronodin wanted me to announce that he is looking for someone to draw a pic of his alter-ego (Chronodin, dummy.). E-mail him if you're interested in the project. Until then, check out this comic Radisol did:

Heh Heh Heh... Nothing like poking fun at a slime, an artist, a cat, and .... uh.... whatever the hell Chronodin is to tickle your ribs. Anyway, E-mail me your questions, and I will use my all seeing eye to answer them. Oh, and sit up. Didn't your mother tell you not to slouch? Don't give me that look. Heh... sucker. ;)

Oh yeah... DragoonRaven (Drew on of Scar's sig pics) is gonna draw me a proper sig pic. and Yes, I know full well that face is from RPGMaker 2000. I'm the one who "borrowed" it in the first place, remember? ;)

Gin "Off course!"

Mah van is fast, suckah!

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