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Chronodin - August 19 '00- 23:30 Eastern Daylight Time

Welcome to another heart-pumping edition of Ask Chrono, your temporary fill-in for Googleshng. Tomorrow, you'll be rid of me, and Gin, the guy who filled-in at the last minute the other night without warning you all first, will take over for a few days. So everyone make sure to give Gin as great of a reception as you gave me.

Well, still got a lot of Chrono Cross questions, but got some other ones, too. So, not too bad, and, hey, it's to be expected. First off, though, I'd like to apologize to a bunch of people that sent in good questions, but, as always, I got a lot of letters that said pretty much the same thing, so I had to be very picky in choosing which ones to print. (Google has the same problem, as do other Q&A'ers, so that's usually the only reason why they don't get printed.)

Let's see, what's next... oh yes. On the subject of angels, several people pointed out to me many other examples of male angels, which I had forgotten. The biggie was, of course, the infamous "One-Winged Angel" in Final Fantasy VII. I'm ashamed to have forgotten it, and thanks to all of you for correcting me on that. Others included the final forms of, well, a good many last bosses of RPGs, including Final Fantasy VI. Some anime series and movies were mentioned, as well.

Speaking of angels, that brings me to the first letter...

Chinese fire drill!
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Chrono Cross

Boy, they're really ahead of everybody else, eh? Ugh.

Sure, female angels are fine, but the question the person asked was : Why is it on their HEADS?

And CC rules

Kudos to you for being the only person to realize this. And my answer to why are they on their heads...

I have no idea.

Clocks, angels and Bleemcasts... oh my!

G'day Chronodin,

Wow, they're was a lot of stuff from yesterday's column that I can comment on :)

It sounds like a lot of people weren't fortunate enough to get their hands on the CC clock. I was fortunate enough to get one. IT's REALLY cool. Very nice looking, small, and it doesn't make an annoying ticking sound. It's actually the clock that Square of Japan sold on the Japanese market (the directions and everything are in Japaneses). Anyways, go cry if you didn't get a clock cause it's like the coolest clock ever. I just wish it was bigger.

On the subject of male angels, here is a picture of one from a Japanese only RPG called Baroque. Cool, ne.

And one quick bleemcast thing; the bleempaks only come with 100 games each. bleem! refuses to announce the games for the first bleempak until they're sure that all 100 titles are compatible, which is why the first bleempak isn't do out till September 14th. Don't forget that you can buy a PSONE which is do out this fall in the states.


PS-got an alternate ego you want? :) I'll put you in the funnies.

I'm not happy. I didn't get a clock.

That is a darn cool picture.

And thanks for the info on Bleemcast. I don't think I really have to say anything in response to this letter, Rad seemed to cover everything very nicely. :)

Saturn? What's that? ;)

howdy chronodin, how's guest hosting treatin' ya? since you asked for non-cc questions (i won't have it till tomorrow... :( ) i think i'll ask you some hard hitting questions about the issues that matter!!!

uhhh... or not :). anyway, here we go...

1) i recently picked up castlevania: SotN and i think it's probably one of the best games ever, BUT ever since i learned of the saturn version where you could play as maria (circa two hours ago...) i've been wondering where i can find it... all i know is it's called 'nocturne in the moonlight' which is DEFINITELY a better name...

2)do you need a mod chip to play japanese saturn games?

3)is the new weekend host gonna be determined by a bare-knuckle boxing match between you, gin, and paws? i put my money on paws, cuz cats can fight dirty ;)

4)uhhh... what's your favorite game?

that was probably inordinately long, but it's getting late and i need to burn time before daylight... anyway, good luck in that boxing match :)

-shramoon, searching for something clever to say...

1) Yes, in the Saturn version of SotN you can play as Alucard, Richter, or Maria from the very beginning, and there's more areas to the castle. However, it was never translated.

2) Yes the Saturn does have import lockouts, but rather than putting in a mod chip, you can also get an "ST-Key" which is pretty much the same thing, except that it goes in the cartridge slot. Much more convienient. (Thanks to Google for those last two answers.)

3) Probably not, but that would be intensely cool. And unfortunately, my money would also go on Paws, because she scares me. (Intimidation factor alone would win her THAT match.)

4) Right now, it's a toss-up between Chrono Cross and Diablo II.


Hey Chronodin,

About Chrono Cross , doesn't the '20 years after ChronoTrigger' thing make no sense? I mean , correct me if I'm wrong , but that places it in many , many different places , including 20 years after the end of time. We are talking about Time Travel , after all. Also , anyone know if there are cameo's from the origional crew in the game? Time Travel makes cameos very easy , you see......and although we don't know if Robo still exists after all that time meddlings , there's nothing to stop you from meeting at least one of the others.


When it says 20 years after Chrono Trigger, it means 20 years after the time you start in (1000 AD). And the concept of time travel can get VERY confusing, so I'm not going to think anymore about all that mumbo jumbo you wrote after your question. ;)

Goog might scold me for this, but...

Sent this to Goog a while back and he/she/it/whatever ignored me. Maybe I'll try you, Mr Chrono..

This here is a pic I (pan &) scanned from a Japanese gaming mag that did a recent exclusive on Suiko-gaiden vol. 1. There's Sierra on the right (WOW what a hottie! And in lingerie too!) and that bum of a Harmonia swordsman on the left. She's one of the leads if I ain't wrong.

Shouldn't we start some kind of chain letter to Konami petitioning for this game's release? I mean I'd love to get me hands on her. Ahem....the game I mean.

And er.. I got the 800x600 uncompressed jpg version in case you're wonderin...

Chill dude. :)

Well, I thought this was a particularly spiffy picture. As for your suggestion of a petition chain letter, a) chain letters are BAD, and b) It would take literally THOUSANDS, if not more, of signatures to a petition to get Konami to give consideration to a project such as translating an RPG. It would be nice if they translated it, though.

If you ever visit #rpgamer, I suggest reading this

Hello there,

Don't know if this belongs in Q&A but I have a Q that needs an A, so what the heck. Also, you're a regular in #rpgamer, which is the topic of my question.

What's the deal with #rpgamer? Every time I go there for some chat, I have a bad experience with the people there. Examples:

I go in the channel, say hello to everyone and nobody says a thing. Then one of the regulars enters and everyone jumps at the chance to welcome them. Talk about feeling ignored and unwanted.

Another time, I noticed someone who came and left right away three times, so when they returned the next time, I made an action saying that I nailed them to the floor so they would stay. Next thing I know the person's all pissed at me and says they have no patience for newbies... Is everyone this nasty there? I was just trying to make a friendly joke.

Finally, I managed to get myself banned by an op in a bad mood who thought I talked to much and my jokes weren't funny. Of course I can't be sure this was why, since I had no warning and no explanation why I was banned. Then when I questioned them I was ignored. I guess I broke one of the cardinal rules or something. I've seen people act pretty bad there and never get banned so quickly.

Anyway, any tips on chatting there? Should you not bother if you're a "newbie"? Things you should never say maybe, or who to avoid contact with at all costs? Or maybe a list of things that would get you banned without notice? Maybe it can help someone else have a pleasant experience there sometime. I would suggest adding a section in the IRC faq detailing this kind of thing. I know this sounds like a "waa waa" letter, but I just needed to vent so I'm sorry if I wasted your time.


Well, I figured I'd use this opportunity to kind of spell out some unspoken rules and well-knowns about #rpgamer.

About being ignored, that was probably only because they didn't recognize you. The people there almost always greet regulars because, well, they know them. If somebody you know comes in a room in real life, you greet them. But you usually won't say hi to a complete stranger walking in a room, would you?

As for "nailed them to the floor so they would stay", if that's all you did, I don't see what's wrong with it. But I can't say, because I wasn't there and couldn't see exactly why it was they got mad. No, everybody isn't usually that nasty there, I'm not sure why that happened.

Ops in bad moods are not good. Sometimes they will kick you for fun, I know it's not good. If you think you're being harrassed by an Op or the Op is kicking/banning unnecessarily, talk to Mike (FireMyst) about it. But be nice when you do. And remember that Mike is often not at his computer, so if he doesn't reply, that doesn't mean he's ignoring you.

Yeah, just like real life, people break the rules and get away with it... "It's not illegal if you don't get caught." If an Op doesn't see it, they won't punish you for it, obviously. But don't take that chance. Good rules to follow are: Don't flood. That means nick flood (changing nicks repeatedly) or anything else that'll take up a lot of room. It's annoying, people don't like it, and that's a big red flashing light to the Ops that says "Kick me!" And try to limit your cussing... use swearing sparingly, if at all, and avoid the "F" word at all costs. We can't control the ages of people that come in #rpgamer, so have a bit of respect for them.

(Although I don't recommend anybody under the age of 12 or 13 coming in, given how often the channel gets talking about sex. :P )

An alternate to Bleem? Sounds too good to be true.

Sadly, i'm one of the poor saps who bought it the day after it came out....which i find amazingly sacreligious considering i still own the Chrono Trigger Cartridge. Anyway, i have never owned a playstation, and never considered emulation until a few weeks ago, my Friend Handed me BRave Fencer Musashi. Cute Another friend of mine sent me this program called VGS (Virtual Game System) which, as it turns out (and i've tried both) is 100% better than bleem. Ever PSX game we've ever tried has run on this. Ragaurdless, it ran like a dream on my system, so i fugred,what the hell. I mgith as Well own the sequel to my favorite game if i can't play it. Bought it, took it home, and it runs pretty much better than a PSX on my system (save a few graphical errors because my sad Voodoo III has sustained to many injuries)

So Roger the Shrubber, get VGS and Chrono Cross. Its well worth it.


PS: Did anyone else get anoyed as hell with those Beeba bastards in the Hydra Marsh?

Oh yea, Good job so far Chronodin. Jude gore, eh? No realtion to Al gore..i hope?

(in the unlikley event of this getting posted, you ccan include my e-mail adress if people want to know where to get vgs, cuz i dont have the site at this time, but i CAN get it.)

Well, you asked for it, VGS, according to Googleshng, stands for Virtual Game Station, rather than system, and supposedly does do what you said it does. Goog said that he knows it does run Xenogears, Chrono Cross, and some others. However, he also said that this is a Macintosh emulator (Yay!).

PS: YES! Except I think that I was WAAAY past "annoyed as hell".

PPS: Thanks. Relation to Al? Beats me. My high school law teacher seems to think so, though. He said that Al Gore does have/had family just around where I live, so it's possible. And what do you have against Al Gore?? (Btw, *NO* e-mails expressing political opinion. I can guarantee you that Gin will NOT print them.)

"Crah... Croh... Croo... gah!"


how do you pronounce Chrono? Is the first 'O' a sound akin to 'NO' or 'POND'? I think it is like 'no' but my girlfriend thinks it like 'pond'. Help me Chronodin... you're my only hope... (do you get the joke?)


The first 'O' is pronounced as in 'NO'. A little pronunciation practice never hurts. ;)

Some words from our resident Chrono Cross/FFIX expert

Yo Chrono,

Wondering how you're enjoying Chrono Cross now, after having played a bit more. Also had a few questions about the english version.

1. How has the translation come out? I've heard, since I don't have my English copy yet, that it's done really well, but I've also heard that some bits were censored. There's one scene where Kid is supposed to mutter "shit!". I've asked quite a few people, and they all say she didn't. Blimey.

2. Mind explaining the EXP system a bit more? I never paid attention to it, just that I got HP bonuses occasionally, and stat bonuses after boss fights.

3. What tracks are on the soundtrack CD? Did they include good ones this time?

4. And one about a town, a question nobody has been able to answer yet. Check out Termina. To the left of the entrance is the docks area. To the far left is NIkki's boat, with a guard nearby blocking you from a festival. Now, check out signs nearby. There should be one near the guard and boat, with the word TELMINA written down. There's another sign for the "Telmina Festival" nearby. I was wondering if these signs were taken out or altered from the Japanese version, since the town is now called Telmina. Also, posters for Nikki read his Japanese name, "Slash". Do they still, or were they changed to Nikki?

And lastly, two comments.

1. For those who complain and don't know, Lynx's name was always Lynx. Yamaneko, as he's called in the Japanese version, is Japanese for mountain cat, or, lynx. So it isn't a name change, it's what's meant to be.

2. Next time make sure to change the mailto to chronodin@ and from googleshng@ at the bottom of the page. :P


I'm enjoying Chrono Cross immensely. The translation is pretty good, for the most part, so far. I haven't seen any parts where Kid utters the S-bomb.

Basically, you don't grow stronger by levels. It all happens gradually. For instance, after a battle, a character's HP might go up a little bit, or their STR, or both, as opposed to all those stats going up all at once (aka gaining a level). As for Growth Levels, that doesn't affect your stats. So, basically, you get experience points, you just don't know how many, and stats grow individually, not all at once.

The tracks on the soundtrack CD are:

  • 1) Scars of Time
  • 2) The Bend of Time
  • 3) Chronomantique
  • 4) Magical Dreamers - Wind, Stars and Waves
  • 5) The Girl Who Stole the Star

I don't know about the Termina one, but I do know that the posters read "Nikki", not his Japanese alter ego, Slash.

Thanks for the info about Lynx, and correction has been made. ;) Thanks Hyuga!

Of emulation and hypocrisy


Is it not a little ironic that a website that wholeheartedly disagrees with game emulation, suggests Bleemcast! to a reader asking advise? If I have seen any kind of pirating Bleemcast! would be it. Who came up with the idea of playing a rival company's games on their own system anyway? That whole idea will eventually come back to haunt us as game companies will lose big money to lack of hardware sales. It might seem like fun now to all the Dreamcast owners, but in the end it will hurt everyone involved. We'll all just buy one system and be able to play every single game that comes out, but those games will probably cost a whole lot more.

As a side note, just what is it with Dreamcast owners? It just seems like you all make yourselves out to be 'rebels' to 'fight the system'. You and Google are especially guilty of this. You act as though there is a war to fight, against the PS2 of all things. You two remind me of a couple of Macintosh users who crash a Microsoft convention. In fact, I rest my case.

-Red Raven, testing the new guy

Boy, they all gotta test me, huh?

I agree that Bleemcast! hardly seems legal. (By the way, thanks, I forgot about the ! at the end of Bleem!) My only guess as to it's legal uses would be the fact that Dreamcast can enhance the games. If this were not the case, Sony would undoubtedly lay a big fat lawsuit on Bleem! faster than you can say "Johnny Cochrane". The same applies to Bleem! for computer... PCs with 3D cards can enhance the game, thus giving PSX users a reason (albeit not a very good one) to buy Bleem! and use their already-owned PSX games on it. Either that or Playstation consoles aren't selling well enough for Sony to waste the money on a civil trial.

It's not the fact that we're Dreamcast owners, it's the fact that Sony is evil. Sony is in cahoots with Bill Gates and Microsoft. Actually, the fact is that Playstation is a crappy piece of hardware. Lord knows why all the companies decided to make it their main system, but they did. I only hope they realize that the Dolphin's hardware already is outdoing PS2's. Oh, and Google and I still think Sony is evil.

PS: Goog's is a Mac user... I'm not, but I AM a Mac supporter. So nya. :P


That snake bite thing could be a reference to 'The Little Prince'... that isn't a line in it, but it's the only thing I can think of where somebody know's that they're going to be bit by a snake and doesn't really care...


Oh. Thanks for clearing that up.

What are your oppinions, in general, of the ethos religion?


PS: Kahaha!! I have to test the new Q&A guy, it's nothing personnal.

Again, I'm not 'the new guy'... not now at least. I'm just fillin' in for Google

The Ethos religion reminds me greatly of the novel 1984, except that the Ethos hides the fact. If you've read the book, you'll know what I mean.

Hey Chronodin-

Is it just me, or does Nikka resemble Marilyn Manson?

-The Freelancer

Let's see... both have a female-sounding name, look like girls... hmmm... nah, I don't see the similarities.

I just found a new game to play! It's called poke yourself in the shin with a fork! You get a fork and start POKING yourself with it! Hours of enjoyment!


Call today! Kids, be sure to get mom or dad's permission first. Some assembly required, parts and instructions sold separately.

Wahh! My PSX broke and I can't play Chrono Cross! Now I have to wait for my friend to finish. (Pops Chrono Trigger in SNES) Ahh... Much better...

Order today and get a free bottle of Dehydrated Water! (Just add water)

I'm sorry, I just have to say it: Hey Jude!

Ohh... I hear it all the time in real life, why should this be any different? ;)

Oh Great Chronodin answer me this question.Am I the only one on the planet that wants Valkyrie Profile more than Chrono Cross? All I see is everybody talking about how good CC is or how good it will be. Does'nt anyone care about VP besides me?


Yep, you're the only one. :)

"But the most wonderful thing about tiggers is I'm the only one... I'm... the only one!"

How would you rate this game in storyline and over all popularity possiblity? 10 being final fantasy VII, 1 being a game that looks up to Mario RPG

What game? You couldn't mean Chrono Cross, could you? ;)

PS: If you DO mean CC, then I'd give it an 8.5 or a 9. Although I wouldn't give FFVII a 10... but let's not get into THAT argument.

Chronodin: Sigh... how quickly two days hath passed. Another mention on the issue of angels and wings, several readers were quick to point out that Morrigan and Lillith from Darkstalkers are Succuba (pl. form of succubus), which is a female demon that engages in intercourse with sleeping men. Hmm... they have to be asleep? Sheesh. ;)

Anyway, this is where I go back to the coal mines that is New Media. You all can find me often in #rpgamer, so catch me on there. I now pass the flame of "subbing-for-Google" on to your friend and mine, Jeff "Gin`Irochi" Hagadorn. Treat him well, kids! Chrono, signing off.

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