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Chronodin - August 18 '00- 1:00 Eastern Daylight Time

Wow. So THIS is what it feels like to be Googleshng.

Allow me to introduce myself, for those of you that don't already know me. My name's Jude Gore, but many people in #rpgamer and other places know me better as Chronodin, and because real life is a scary, scary place, Chrono or Chronodin will do fine.

Before I get started, I first want to extend my deepest "Get well"s to Google, who, not 24 hours ago, was, and I quote, "on his deathbed." This man's one heck of a worker. As staffers, we've come to realize (and take advantage of) the fact that when someone says "Who will do this?" Google almost always volunteers. And now, well, his extreme lack of sleep has finally caught up to him. So, a moment of silence for the recovering slime.


Ok, that's enough. On with the questions! ;)
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Chrono Cross
As if anyone had to ask.

Ooh! A Chrono Cross question! Imagine that!

Hey Chronodin,

I don't have Chrono Tigger yet and was thinking about buying it, but what I really wanted to know was what did Googleshng mean when he said there isn't any EXP in Chrono Trigger. Do you not get experience and gain levels? If not, how does it work? Thanks.

What? You don't have Chrono Trigger? Ok, I won't make you feel TOO bad about it.

I think you must be referring to Chrono Cross. CC doesn't give you experience points and such after battles. In a way, you do gain levels, although they're called "growth levels", and your stats can be raised in between "growth levels" (which, by the way, growth levels don't affect your stats, stats are raised separately). So, in essence, you do get experience points, it just doesn't tell you how many. :) Don't worry, I was a bit skeptical at first too... you won't miss it.

Columbo, step aside

Hey Chronodin!

I just had one thing to say. Namco's RPG for the PSX2 pretty much ahs the same plot as a game never seen int he US, Fire Emblem 4. That series is great but Nintendo screwed us over there, no surprise. I've played the game and the plots are pretty much identical. If anyone read about the game on RPGamer (new as of this letter) then FE4 has the same plots as that game except they have 12 warriors instead of 6. -.-; Anyway, this makes no sense unless you read the article. But what do you think about that? I mean people say how plots are unoriginal, cliche, or too similar. This basic plot outline is pretty much the same exact thing! I have never even heard of anything like this except for sequels, such as BoF 1 and then BoF2, where the destined member of the dragon clan and his seven firiends save the world from evil. Well this is different. Two games, one is from 96 and was on the Super Famicom, did great in Japan, spawned a sequel just last year. The other is on the PSX2, nothing is known much about it except that is basically RIPPED THE PLOT OFF. I just find that odd. And if no one has figured out, these games aren't even y the same company at all. And if no one believes me the basic plot is the same, then find some FE4 rom or cart and read the intro (if you can). It's the same thing in the article.

Tristan Adnade

Maybe Namco agreed that the US should see this game, so they did this. Or maybe they DID rip off the game. Or maybe it's a weird, quirky coincidence. Or maybe...

To Bleem or not to Bleem...


In responce to Roger the Shrubber (that guy who wanted to know if it was better to get a PSX, a PS2 or Bleem to get to play his PSX games), I would like to give my two cents on that matter!

While of course, Bleem actually isn't fully compatible with most of the games out there (from all the PSX games a own, only Street Fighter Alpha 3 runs correctly), the situation is about to change! According to Bleem's website, a new version of Bleem is about to be released and believe it or not, it's a software for the Dreamcast! The people from Bleem say that it will run 400 PSX's most popular titles and all being 100% compatible!

The good point in all this is that Bleem for Dreamcast doesn't just play PSX games at a resolution of 320x240, since Bleem will take advantage of the "next generation" hardware in the Dreamcast, rendering game graphics at 640x480 pixels, four times the resolution of most PSX games. Bleem will also uses Dreamcast's graphical enhancements habilities like full-screen anti-aliasing and bi-linear filtering! They even say that PSX games look better running on the Dreamcast than on the PS2! (yeah, the PS2 only runs PSX games at a resolution of 320x240, with some graphical filtering).

So if I was Mr.Roger the Shrubber, there is definitely one thing that I would NOT do, and that is to buy a PS2 (at least for now, it's still way too early...). Buying a Dreamcast and Bleem for dreamcast (retail price of $19.99) is defenitely less expensive than a PS2 and it does 4 times what PSX does... Plus you can access to many good games on the Dreamcast! On the other hand, a PSX is less expensive, but it is kind of growing old...

Anyway, just thought I should inform you about that! :o)

- Death Motion

I had actually planned on commenting on this situation, but Death here beat me to it. Many good points in this letter. The force is strong with this one... oh, wait.

Your plan is a good one, with one minor/major flaw: and I quote, "The people from Bleem say that it will run 400 PSX's most popular titles..." May I draw your attention to "400 PSX's most popular titles"? First of all, that means popular now. I'm sure Chrono Cross, for example, is not on that list. (while I'm on the subject, it seems PSX RPGs are not easily emulated and often aren't 100% compatible for a good while.) And in addition to that, who's to decide what the 400 best PSX games are? Sure, your favorite PROBABLY falls under that category, but what if you were to shell out the money for your Dreamcast and Bleemcast (which is the official name of the software), only to find out in horror that your favorite game... (build up to suspenseful climax...) isn't on the list? ("AHHHHH!!!!").

That wouldn't be good at all, would it? If you want PSX-compatibility for RPGs mostly, Bleem or Bleemcast is probably not your best bet. To tell the truth, a regular Playstation would be my suggestion. As for PS2, I refuse to purchase one myself... at least for a while. And Google is with me on this boycott. ;) Oh, and you're right, it does 'supposedly' render game graphics at a higher resolution, making them, again 'supposedly', look better. I haven't seen this for myself. So, make the decision for yourselves based on the given information, and if a Bleemcast looks the most appealing to you, find a list of compatible games (a list which I have yet to find, myself) and make sure that the game(s) you want it for are on that list, mmkay? It's all so complicated.

Chrono Cross again, but at least it's a legit question

Okay, I can't figure this out. When you use the Element command to put your stamina in the negative, is there any penalty? Do you take more damage, recharge stamina slower etc. ?



As far as I can tell, there are no penalties other than the longer time it will take you to reach full stamina again (7). So, obviously, if you only have 1 or 2 stamina points, and you use an Element, setting your stamina way down to -5 or -6, it'll just take you a lot longer to get back to full, giving your enemies more chance to attack while you're recovering. That's what I like about CC's battle system, adds some unique strategy in there.

A non-Chrono Cross question! I'm shocked!

Which is more important to work on in Vagrant Story: class or alignment? If I'm fighting a fire dragon, for example, would it be better to have a weapon with high dragon or high water? Thanks


This is a tricky question... especially since I know very little about Vagrant Story, unfortunately. So, for the answer, I momentarily turn the helm over to Darien.

Damage Type (Blunt/Slash/Pierce) is most important. The next is the creature type affinity, which is followed closely by the element affinity. However, certain monsters are weaker against certain types, which makes exceptions to that general rule.

All together now- "Awww..."

Hello Crono's din

Is it just me or am I the only one who picked up Crono Cross while on vacation out-of-town? I even reserved it from an EB in Ft. Myers while I was home in St. Louis knowing I'd be down there when it comes out. When I got there at noon Wednesday there was only one poor soul working there on a busy day which I felt pity for. So I got the game which they had 80 and the music selection but no clock. So I thought that was weird after having many more reservations, but i remembered that I asked (shnookered) $20 more dollars from my mom so I went down the mall to pick up 6 packs of pokemon cards of the new set that also came out this week for $2.99 each. So all's well that end's well and, I had a good feeling.


Crono's Din? Not only did you misspell my name, but... well... you just did some weird stuff with it. Ok, say it after me... "Chronodin"... "Chronodin"...

Decisions, decisions...

Dear Chronodin-din (Do I hear a dinner bell? Wait, its only lunch time nevermind)

Im looking to buy a PSX. Will there be games made only for PSX2, that wont be able to play on PSX? Now the reason I want to buy a PSX, (Obviously) is because of the RPGS. Which RPGS would you recomend getting that are already out?

Im already planning on getting FF tactics, FF Anthology, and Xenogears (And I already have FF7 on PC). What other ones are good?

Cid "Remember the Alamo!" Highwind

Oh, do the puns on my name ever cease? Yes, there will definitely be games for PS2 that are PS2-only... in fact, these are the main reason why anybody would get a PS2. ;) As for RPGs I recommend, the ones you mentioned are all good, also FF8 is good, many people like Lunar: SSSC, if you're into the old school RPGs, and, of course, Chrono Cross! :)

Angels among us... agh! Too many!

'Lo there, Chronodin!

I wanted to speak of something that's been bothering me for a while. What is it with women and wings on their heads? Look at Siren from Final Fantasy 8: Knockout body, but...she has wings on her head! And Emerelda's Gear, Crescens? Wings there too, but hers were used as hands, as Emerelda's Gear didn't have any arms. And Morrigan and Lillith of Darkstalker fame too had lil' bat wings coming out of their head! So I ask ye: Why wings?


Um, I'll do the best I can to explain this...

Women = pretty
Wings = angels
Angels = good
Male angels = cool, but not as appealing

Take what you can and go from there. :) Although it does bring up a good point, male angels would be a spiffy diversion from the female angel trend as of the past few years. Although, one male angel reference I can make would be to the two statues from Xenogears, one of a male angel and one of a female angel, and to avoid spoilers, I'll stop there. :)


*Cough* Hi there *Cough*,

Thanks again for covering on such short notice. Being too sick to situp is quite unpleasant. It's amazing what bed rest and a really fun game can do for you though. Anyway, I just thought I'd remind everyone that if they really like CC's big nosed drawing style, and don't mind seeing a great show mutilated beyond recognition, Fox is showing the first episode of Escaflowne tomorrow morning at 11 Eastern. Both feature character designs by Nobuteru Yukki and darn cool music. 8) Now it's back to bed for me. Oh, and what do you think of Chrono Cross by the way?
- Googleshng "Wait! I still function!"

What else can I say? :) Oh yeah, Escaflowne. I have to agree with Google 100%... Escaflowne is a great anime, highly recommended... even if it is on Fox. Now, Google, back to bed with you!

Oh, Chrono Cross... come back here, Goog, I'm not finished. ;) Chrono Cross is a great game, I'm really enjoying it, especially the battle system... very unique, but effective. Good music, too. Now, the problem of splitting my spare time between CC and Diablo II... argh!


whay do you do your colums soo late?

a) I don't have a 'column', and b)...well... ::snickers uncontrollably::

I don't have the money for Chrono Cross! Somebody give me theirs, there's a half a chocolate bar and my left shoe in it for you, come on what do you say?

Clarion Dragonknight of the Royal Order of Starlight a.k.a. Christopher Good

Oh ho ho! You strike a hard bargain, Mr. Good, now GO GET A JOB!!

Do snake bites itch or sting? I need to know what to expect when it happens tomorrow.

I don't want to know.

Am I the only one that can't comprehend why you can't just take your fur from Lynx when you need it to make armor in CC? I mean, you have to grab it from some animal in the end, anyway.


If you needed SKIN to make armor, would you want someone taking it from you? Would you? Huh!?

I don't check RPGamer for a while, and all the sudden you're here ... ...are you the new weekend Q&A guy..? BRAD WA SHI!!! (I don't know japanese, I'm more or less making that up). ...Or something.

PS. Have I seen you in #artcorner?

Ooh, scary scary scary! No, I'm not... yet. I've expressed interest in taking over, though, as has Gin. So there's the possibility of it.

PS. No

hi.Hows it going.


(I hope this shows you people how strapped I am for decent letters!)

Chronodin: Well, that was fun. Hopefully, we'll soon get some non-Chrono Cross questions. But I guess that the amount of CC material is directly proportional to Chrono Cross's yummy nougat-filled goodness. I'll be doing Q&A again tomorrow, send me some spiffy non-CC questions. ;) Seriously, though, CC questions are ok, if they're actual questions. But be warned, "CHRONO CROSS RULES!!" questions will not get printed. Really.

Oh! Almost forgot! Foxworth sent me a link to this page, featuring graphical references to RPGamer staffers... minus one in particular (COUGH-AHEM-WHATABOUTME-COUGH) but cool nonetheless. You'll see this logo on it and more...

Cool, ne?

PS: Do not attempt to take your Chrono Cross CD or your PSX apart to look for nougat, then come whining to me. It's an expression, durn it.
This is my final plea. I am a gecko, not to be confused with Geico, which can save you hundreds on car insurance... so stop calling me!

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