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Googleshng - August 17 '00- 1:00 Eastern Daylight Time

Woohoo! Chrono Cross totally rocks! The game mechanics can be described thusly: Take every system Square has ever made, throw them into a blender, squeeze in some cool element stuff... which is a LITTLE like LoD's, put it on full frappé. Amazingly enough, it's simplistic, strategic, and fun. Heck, I don't even really miss EXP, MP, or the initiative meter. Oh, and yes, it DOES have the same feel as Chrono Trigger.

I'd love to go on, but unfortunately 3 straight weeks of getting no more than 4 hours of sleep a night has finally caught up to me. I have to go lay down for 48 hours or so. I should be back up and kicking by the end of the weekend, but in the meantime, you're in for a wild ride of guest hosts. 8)

I guess this is where I pick up! Jeff Hagadorn here (Alias Gin'Irochi. The Red Eagle flies at midnight) updating an interaction section for the second time this week (Who knows. it might become a trend). I'll be answering your questions today, then Jude Gore (AKA Chronodin. Send letters over yonder.) will be answering tomorrow and Friday, then I'll be back for your weekend Q&A bliss! Now that the intro is over with.... Let's rock! </cliché>

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"To Whom it May Concern" works too, ya know...

Dear Sir. . .or Madam. . .or, well, IT. . .

You've played Chrono Cross. . .*jealous, envious*. . .Does the battle system work out well? Is the storyline any good? Is the gameplay fun? I _must_ know! My local video doesn't rent multi-disc games, so I'm not sure if they'll get it. If they don't get it, I'll have to sit on my bed and pretend to play Chrono Cross until they haul me away to the asylum. The only thing I can do is go on the biasless opinion of a generless person!

Well, I'm not a genderless slime, but I'll try to offer my own opinion. Deal. ;)

From what I have played so far, the game is a good play. However, I will admit it isn't the greatest game ever made. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I don't like it, I just think it was a little overhyped. Otherwise, yes it's quite neeto keen. :)

Lyrics 101
Hi. I'm guessing you don't even bother about LoM since you've all got CC now (which, btw, won't be released here)... However, Here's the lyrics of the song in the beginning... In swedish and in english. Didn't see it on the LoM- page, don't know if you have it... The swedish is official, the english is my translation... basically word- for- word. So don't blame me if it's crappy.
Skyndar mig fr att f vara dig nra
Om och om igen, lngtar jag
Efter dig jag skyndar mig
Fr att f vara dig nra
Om och om igen, lngtar jag efter dig
Hurrying to be near you
Again and Again, I long
After you I hurry
To be near you
Again and Again, I long for you
Min lngtan ej nn diamant
(Bara en liten kristall)
Ett sandkorn i knen en droppe i havet
Men med hgmod kommer jag
My longing not some diamond
(Just a small crystal)
A grain of sand in the desert a drop in the sea
But with pride, I come
rstider kommer och gr
Och jag fljer i samma spr
Allt jag vill r att sova
Omfamnad i din sng
Allt jag vill r att vnta
Kura ihop i en drm
Jag fljer min lngtan till dig
Seasons come and go
And I follow in the same track
All I want is to sleep
Embraced in your song
All I want is to wait
Huddle up in a dream
I follow my longing to you
Stt ridande p en vind
Ekar lngt din sng
Kastad av vgor, svallar jag mot dig
Sweetly riding on a wind
Your song echoes far
Thrown by waves, I surge towards you
Ung energi (En nostalgisk sng)
Ditt leende jag hller s nra i hjrta
Och jag fortstter min frd
Young energy (a Nostalgic song)
Your smile I hold so close in heart
And I continue my journey
Det r ont om tid och jag mste skynda
Mig trodde att jag var fri
Fri frn det frflutna
Men mngfrgade minnen,
Blommar djupt i mig
ntligen ntligen nr jag dig
Hr min sanning och se min drm
Min vackra drm
There's not much time and I have to hurry
Me thought that I was free
Free from the past
But multicolored memories,
Blooms deep inside me
Finally Finally I reach you
Hear my truth and see my dream
My beautiful dream
rstider kommer och gr
Och jag fljer i samma spr
Trodde att jag var fri
Fri frn det frflutna
Men mngfrgade minnen,
Blommar djupt i mig
ntligen ntligen nr jag
Hr min sanning och se min drm
Min vackra drm
Seasons come and go
And I follow in the same track
Thought that I was free
Free from the past
But multicolored memories,
Blooms deep inside me
Finally Finally I reach

...There. Yeah, I'm swedish and my english is not perfect. Some grammar and spelling errors might be my fault... But believe me, it was rather strange even in *my* language. And I got the text from Super PLAY, the biggest and best Gaming- magazine in Sweden. They got it from Square.


Spiff! Thanks for the translation! I actually liked Legend of Mana, so a translation of the Song of Mana is always welcome in my book.

More Chrono Cross

So today was the day, all right: the day of the dying vehicles! I picked up Chrono Cross first thing this morning, but then spent the next four hours criss-crossing Cedar Rapids trying to get my friend's car into a shop. She's out of town with a critically ill grandmother, and I promised my friend I'd make sure her car was fixed before she got back (or else she'll be unable to go to work Monday). So, it took four hours of back-and-forth before I finally got to sit down and play the game I've gone crazy waiting for!

At least this story has a happy ending: I'm now eating dinner, having played three hours of CC already, and absolutely loving it. I was immediately enraptured by the game when it essentially recreated the opening of CT, with Serge being woken up by his mom, meowing kitties in the house, and a friend I had to go meet.

I love this game! I've been grinning like a little kid at how well it preserves the feel of CT, and I can't wait to play more after dinner. Too bad I work the next three days and can't play as much as I want to!


To be honest, I didn't catch that at the beginning of the game. Hidden throught the game are a bunch of cryptic little references to Chrono Trigger. Can you spot them all? (I've already proven I sure as hell can't ;)

You know, the way I see it, Serge is a puppet and Kid is the ventriloquist...
Does it bother you at all that Serge doesn't talk? Crono could pull it off, he was a regular chump kid pulled into strange circumstances with a mom and cat waiting for him at home but Serge has a whole dark, mysterious past. When he discovers things, there's no way to tell what he's thinking! Personally, it's keeping me from getting into the game. And heck, Chronocross isn't impressing me at all that much. The graphics aren't any better than FF8's (though they're GOOD, just not groundbreaking) and the story is boring so far. Oh hell, I shouldn't be writing you, I should be writing a review. :P

Actually, while Serge doesn't talk directly, you (the player) sort of... 'make' him talk through the use of selections. Imagine this Scenario:

Kid: Hey, Serge! Lets go jump off a bridge into the river!

  • Cute Girl + white shirt + water = Hell Yeah.
  • I'd rather not. You're sure that white powder is sugar?

(Hopefully I don't get reprimanded for that. :P) Anyway, when the player chooses one of the choices, the person being addressed will react as though Serge had actually said the choice. Kind of a sneaky way to get around it, but hey... suits me just fine.

Hardware issues

Hey Goog,

This is a very important question and I REALLY need you to send me an answer, and you don't have to print it. I have a SNES, a halfway decent computer (Pentium 200 Mhz, 32 Megs RAM, No 3D Accelerator), and an N64. I really want to get both Chrono Cross and Final Fantasy IX, but I'm not sure what I should do. I can think of three main options:

1.) Buy a PSX and both games, despite the fact that after FFIX is released, there will be hardly any RPGs to come out for the PSX.
2.) Buy a PS2 and both games, even though it will cost a butt-load of money, and, supposedly, the PS2 will not be as good as Sony is building it up to be.
3.) Buy Bleem! even though it more than likely won't work on my puny comp. and might not even have support for the games that I want.

Please tell me which of these ideas would be best. If you can think of a better idea, tell me that one. Please help me out, b/c I desperately want these games, and one is selling out as we speak. HELP ME GOOGLESHNG!!!

-Roger the Shrubber a.k.a. "Frustrated from Georgia"

Just in case you guys havn't gotten the idea yet, I'm not Googleshng. ;)

This is really a tough call. The decision between a PlayStation 2 and a PlayStation is yours to make. I personally would go with the less expensive original PlayStation and just buy the games. That way, I'd still have a kickass system with a bunch of lower priced RPG's (Older ones that made greatest hits and such.) that I hadn't played, but could bring me new experiences anyway. you'd also be saving yourself a hefty hunk of cash if the PlayStation 2 fails. God forbid, of course....

As for Bleem, I would actually reccommend against purchasing a copy. My reasons for this isthat Bleem's emulation has not yet been perfected, and they havn't released a new copy in almost a year. I own a copy myself, and am extremely disatisfied with it, as it does not perform to what I expected. I own a total of one game (out of my library of 20 or so) that is fully compatible with Bleem. In my opinion, that's piss poor. (In case you're curious, the game is Bushido Blade. And even then, I have an Athlon 700 mhz computer with a Voodoo 3 card, and it still ran slower than molasses on a log in January..) I guess what I'm saying is, I wouldn't purchase a(nother) copy until they perfect the emulation and speed it up a bit.

It's good to be bad...
In response to one of the quickies about why there aren't any RPGs that you play the badguys, well, I can think of at least one beyond the Dungeon Keeper series, though if you haven't played it, you probably don't wanna. :) Wizardry IV: The Return of Werdna. Essentially, you played the guy that your characters in Wizardry I beat up, after regaining just enough power to start working your way back into control of your dungeon, and crawled your way out to the town above and payed those dang do-gooders back. :) But, well, being Wizardry IV, it was one of the OLD-school Apple ][-style line drawing, 16-color image, pc-speaker kind of RPG, so if you don't have a soft spot for games you grew up on, you might wanna stay away before it attacks ya with its datedness.


. o O ( Wow. It really does suck when you run out of letters to post. )

Anyway, I felt this worthy to post for one reason: If you think games are no good because they're dated... then... to put it bluntly... YOU SUCK! :P

I had actually had one hell of a blast earlier today digging out my old NES, dusting it off, and putting MegaMan 2 in it. Only thing is, it just didnt have the challenge it used to. I was averaging about 2 minutes per level... But seriously. Old school games are like crack - you'll always come back for more... eventually. ¬ ¬



That weird motorcycle guy from CT is Jonny!


That's good to know.

Does Crono Cross take place in the same universe as CT?

Same universe, yes. Chrono Cross is set 20 years after Chrono Trigger.

I need to know if Chrono Cross has a modchip lockout, as I'm planning on importing it (I live in Europe)

Hope you can help,

Chrono Cross does not have a modchip lockout.

Don't you think the Red Hot Chile Peppers should make a real game based on their "Californication" video? That would be spiffy X 10.

I don't know about that. Red Hot Chilli Peppers give me heartburn...

Im so busy playing Chrono Cross that i dont have enough time to send you this quickie.

-Ranklchick, the lonely lactose intolerant ghoul from Europa

I'm so hammered from lack of sleep that I'm not actually typing this.

I feel sick...why am I using the computer?

Close all the windows with naked pictures of Linda Tripp and you wont feel sick while using the computer anymore - trust me on this one.

i know you'll get a million of these but Chrono Cross is Amazing! Hope you got your copy or you're getting it soon

Why don't I just call this "Q&A: The Chrono Cross Edition?"

Gin'Irochi: Right now, it's 3:30 AM, and I've just finished the column, so I'm going to go get some much needed sleep. Be sure to send your letters to Chronodin for tomorrow's column! Hopefully, he'll get some decent letters and not suck as bad as I did tonight. ;) Anyway, I'll see you guys again on Saturday night. Until then!

Googleshng "Jazzed" and Gin "Not in the Face"
"Fate has but one soul. Rated T for Teen."

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