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Googleshng - August 15 '00- 1:00 Eastern Daylight Time

Well, today's the day Chrono Cross comes out. I personally should have a solid 12 hours to play it before tomorrow's column. On another note, someone seems to have passed off a jug of antifreeze as Gatorade. Actually, come to think of it, antifreeze would probably taste a whole lot better than this. It truly is repulsive. Come to think of it, I think I'll stop drinking it.

One last thing before I get rolling. Since I'm going to drop everything for Chrono Cross, this is probably my last chance to say this. Thank you very very much Blizzard for porting Diablo 2 to Macs so quickly. Now it shall collect dust for a while, but really, it's great. 8)

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Suik 1 and 2 Spoilers!

I've given you a bit of spoiler space (both Suikoden games) since I know you hate being spoiled -- the spoilers below aren't big ones by any means, but better safe than sorry.

1) McDohl's relationship with Gremio. There's obviously total devotion there -- not quite brotherly, friendly, or paternal. For all of Kasumi's mooning in both games, you end the first game by going off with Gremio and are still living alone with him three years later in the sequel. She doesn't rate any kind of reaction from the hero in her big scene in the sequel (Gremio's death rates a bowed head), nor is there any serious implication in that scene that there was ever more between the two of you. (Notice, too, Gremio's horror at the thought of you spending the night with Odessa.)

2) The second hero's relationship with Jowy. There is again a mooning female (Eilie) who is out of her league; she ends the game by going back on the road with her siblings. The female lead, Nanami, is not a potential partner for either of you despite how much she clearly loves you. And Jowy never seems to consider having a real relationship with Jillia, though she may feel differently. That leaves the two of you as the most important people in one another's lives -- your relationship is the clothesline that the whole game is hung upon. It finds a parallel, too, in the relationship between Han and Genkaku that's described in the exposition. Two unmarried generals who had to sacrifice their relationship to end the war... Wonder if there was anything going on there?

3) Viktor and Flik. Each has one or two tragic hetero romances in his past... but the two of them always seem to wind up together, including the three years between the games. And neither is doing very much to pursue females -- Flik just flips out when Kimberly makes him have "tea" with her, Viktor doesn't make a move on Anabelle when he has a chance (though she seems interested), and Flik won't have anything to do with the eager Nina. (The last is quite understandable; who wouldn't run away from that psycho?)

4) Sheena. The dialogue in the second game (though not the first) makes it clear that Lepant and Eileen had a son and not a daughter... but with a female name and an androgynous 'do, I get a very clear feeling that Sheena's actually a skirt-chasing lesbian.

5) Vincent and Simone. Duh. As the most overtly gay couple in the series (though not quite obvious enough to raise concerns from "family friendly" groups), they are the least interesting.

All of the real hetero romances are on the back burner in this series -- Hix and Tengaar, Kirkis and Sylvinia, Teo and Sonya, Clive and Elza, Lepant and Eileen, and whoever else I'm forgetting. Not forgotten or denigrated, but distinctly less important than what's going on between characters of the same sex. The gay subtext may not have been intentional, but it's a unique and irreplaceable part of the chemistry of the Suikoden games.


I don't think anything else needs to be said on the issue.

Ledu Dulagon!
Hey Goog, just thought I'd fix something you said about the almighty Infinity AD&D games.

Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale don't have dragons for two reasons. 1) They're big. The engine couldn't handle dragons at first. 2) They could mop the floor with parties from either of the games. A dragon could kill your characters with one hit.

If you didn't see my Baldur's Gate II update a while back (here and here), there you go. No one knows for sure if the dragon will be a unique creature, or if there will be more than one *shudders*.

Also, you made a comment about an RPG where you didn't have to save the world. Neverwinter Nights, baby. Single-player fun, multiplayer mayhem. Expandable out to extremes not even thought up *drools*. Not only this, but on the official site, they've mentioned periodically releasing official modules to play. Not only will most not be about saving the world, but that's a lot of gameplay right there.

And, just to be fair... Pool of Radience: Ruins of Myth Drannor. Beautiful graphics, 3rd edition D&D rules. Need I say more?

So, look for great things when it comes to (A)D&D games for the next year or so. I know I will

Matt Prince, RPGamer's resident AD&D game person-guy-thing.

A few people apparently thought that by REALLY REALLY GOOD, I meant alignment. I meant stat wise. As for your comment on not saving the world, open endedness doesn't count. I want a nice console style RPG with a clear cut ending that doesn't involve the fate of the world... and I don't want Rhapsody. 8)

Well then...
Okay, I'm sure you'll get a million emails on this, but here's another: There IS an escaflowne playstation game actually. I've never played it, but it exists, and you pretty much follow the plot of the anime throughout it. Needless to say, it's available only in japanese ^_^ Ashley

Eh, Xenogears is still enough for me. 8)

Square will release FF1,2 and 3 on Wonderswan (Stupid Name by the way.. sounds like a swan super hero)?????? That is the most stupid thing they've done. Maybe its one of the stupidest things done in the video-game industry since the Virtual Boy. Why does square make the games for the SuperSwan and not the Gameboy? Because they hate Nintendo.. Gee.. It seems like Square doesn't want to make money or something. There arent as many Mightyswans as there are Gameboys in people's hands. Oh.. Why do I write this hateful crap? Because that Sony loving Nintendo-hating attitude is bad for.. Nintendo? Yeah, but it's also bad for gamers. Square should be like Elecronic Arts (Their americanbuddies) and release games on all pltaforms.. No.. they should be like Capcom and Konami and release different (and good) games for all platforms. Sometimes I think Square's president is a bigger a$$munch than Nintendo's child eating Hiroshi Yamauchi. Oh yeah.. and FF9 looks cool! BTW: Is your game going to be 3D like the one your Microsoft-hating friend is doing? BECAUSE it looks so cool!!!!! It's like a 8-bit FFT.

"Retteb si Erog." That;s Spanish for I dont like to talk about politics too!

This is probably the most extreme letter I recieved on this subject, but the rest were all quickie sized. Anyway, general consensus is that the gameboy would be a much better system to port FF1-3 to... but it's FF1-3! They really aren't all that great. So, I'm not too worried over the issue.

It was just brought to my attention that RPGamer's mail server is down. I wish someone had told me that earlier. I've been checking my mail for the last 4 hours looking for more letters.

Oh well, I guess I'll have a lot for tomorrow.

Here's Radrisol for ya.
Heys, this is the first comic where i'm the main character. mainly becase it's easier to draw my alter ego holding a hammer and having aged 50 years. Enjoy. Want Chrono Cross SOOO bad.

This comment isn't even remotely print worthy, but I have space to fill. 8)


Gay men? icky. It would be nice to have to women in a very serious relationship though.

Mail server's down, so all quickes are printed, regardless of sexist content.

So, if you had to vote for one of two equally matched candidates supporting the exact same things, but one was a man and one was a woman, who would you vote for?

Probably the Democrat... this letter's subject was Paws. People don't still think I'm Paws, do they?

Why hasn't someone created an RPG yet where you play the villain?

Insanerest of AOL
Servant of Darkness and D.D.S.

I have a half made one sitting right here on my computer. In the meantime, there's Dungeon Keeper! 8)

That quote is all over Dragon Force. Too many generals say it to name them all. It's one of the sonic boom launch messages.

Spanky"Sonic BOOOOOOMMMM!!!Shanks

Bingo! Here's your tilde! ~

i got chrono cross!!!
and the soundtrack!!!

and... and alarm clock!?!

Then what are you talking to me for? Play the darn thing!

apparently, the video game characters are boycotting! why isn't this in the news section?! wouldn't ya think this was pertinent?!

Did you read the article? That's platformers. Still, Onion funny.

Hey Googleshng
I just used Yahoo! for the first time in about a year, and i saw it was powered by Google. When do you sleep?

I don't. That's kinda why I'm trying to take a vacation!

The Last Laugh:

Like i siad, my mail server's down for the night, I'm sure I'll get smacked with a huge flood of decent letters when it gets back.

Now I'm going to sleep, wake, and play Chrono Cross until my eyes bleed. Then I'll be back to answer questions on it. Bye!

Googleshng "Jazzed"
"Fate has but one soul. Rated T for Teen."

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