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Googleshng - August 9 '00- 1:00 Eastern Daylight Time

Didn't I say none of you can do weekends like three times? I still have so many job applications here that I can barely find a question. To recap. Brad retired. I have 2 or 3 people lined up that I think could do a really good job. One of them is Cheshire Catalyst, which I mention to get his attention. If none of those two or three are able to do it, then I suppose there might be an open hiring. If so, look for it on the main page. As for the weekends in the meantime, there are literally over 100 people offering to do it, including basically the whole RPGamer staff. Paws will be doing this weekend's I believe. So, quit offering to do that too.

Now then, tomorrow, Alanna from Fanfics will be guest hosting. She didn't mention to me any games she wanted questions on, but in addition to running fanfics, she also uses a Mac, and is in the Society of Creative Anachronism. That should be enough to generate some questions I think.

Oh, and I forgot to upload this and this yesterday. What an I say? It was a weird day.

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In the Saturn:
Dragon Force
Teiris is doing GOOD? O_o
Dragon Force
My Saturn is down and out. Actually, I need AV cables for it. Funcoland gave me the wrong cables. But they were free.
I was just wondering, in Dragon Force, which character do you use as your main character? Personally, I always use Junon, even though Leon is best. Oh, and who's your favorite general? Mine would have to be...a toss-up between Vlad and The red dragon. I cant remember his name.

Spanky "Dragon Force does Rule" Shanks

Playing as Junon is good because then Junon keeps the helmet on. As for a favorite general... probably Mikhal actually. His second spell is REALLY handy... especially when combined with Breach against mages. 8)

~* Hullo Googleshng, *~

Just a NORMAL (yet hurried) RPG question for ya, since i'm running out of RPGs faster than i can buy them, i have to start looking for other titles again.

I hear everyone talking about Vanguard Bandits and all i heard is good, so is this really worth my money? And what about the Square Millenium Collection? I never got my own copy of Xenogears, BFMusashi or FFTactics, any idea on if these packages of goodness are coming to the States? Final question...Hoshigami, is it the Tactics Ogre or Final Fantasy Tactics team that's making this newest addition to tactical/strategy rpgs?

don't suppose you RPGamer people are throwing a going away party for Brad, complete with exotic-dancer-in-cake-surprise, eh?

OK, we aren't getting the millenium collections here, I love VB, and yes, Hoshigami is basically Tactics 3. As for your question after your "final question", well, no, we aren't. Mainly because Brad isn't going away. He's lurking right there in that little window behind my HTML editor.


Wow! Another person that was suckered into buying a Saturn! Not that the system was that bad, it just had about six good games. Anyhow. Onto the question, ne?

This is a wee bit of a spoiler, but it's still a question that's been on my mind. After you beat the game, you have the option to play as Goldark's and Reinhart's kingdoms on the replay. Now, when you play as Reinhart's kingdom, after a few Administration Sessions, a certain...incident occurs, involving Uryll, sans shirt or bra.
Not that it's terribly pornographic or anything, but still. This game got an E rating. Yet other games get "T" ratings for but a single utterance of the word "Damn" or "Hell." Was the ESRB high when they rated this game, or what? I'm hoping you, in your infinite wisdom, may be able to shed some light on this.

By the way, Dragon Force rules! :) It's one of the few reasons I keep my Saturn around. (The other three are the Panzer Dragoon series)

Under the table and dreaming,


Simply put, the ESRB is run by morons who distirbute rating apparently at random. Vandal Hearts' cheesy sprite blood geysers rate an M, but 5 year old anime Fei's face splattered with blood? That's just a T. That reminds me, the person responsable for all this videogame censorship may end up being the vice president. That's a disturbing thought. On the other and, the vice president doesn't do anything, and get's watched like a hawk, so maybe that would keep him from spoiling our fun...

My mistake
with regard to dedendre ormauve's question about the marle fire mistake, the illustration on the box is correct,just really specific...marle, frog, and crono are performing an arc impulse triple-tech(notice Frog squatting)in which marle casts a fire-like spell. as for the coat?'s winter on the cover...would you traverse time in a two piece?


If I were an anime character, yes. Anime girls are immune to coldness. It's a proven fact. Although technically Marle just has really big pants instead of a shirt, so your comment is just odd. Anyway, a couple people reminded me about the Arc Impulse thing. Don't know why I never realized that myself. I played the game 17 times through straight at least.

Bye BRAD! We'll miss YOU!
Hail thy wise slime,

I have questions here which have troubled the minds of zounds of scientists for thousands and thousands of years, and I know no one better than a wise slime to answer these:

Ichi- What sequence do you have to enter to be able to play Lords of Lunar?

Ni- What's that trick you told us with a Lunar CD to "unlock" the hidden Xenogears video on disk two?

San- What is the most efficient party to finish FF5?I have a lot of games to play,and I just want to finish it quickly.Could you include the caracter class,along with their secondary ability, please?

Shi- In the Wild ARMS 2 ending,after the credits rolled,you see a scene with people gathered around Argethlam.Then Marina and Ashley arrive with their twin babies(it's not a spoiler!),and Lilka asks what their names are.Ashley simply says:"Actually,it's ...erh...How embarassing!" and you never hear what their names are.Does someone know their names?

Go- Do you actually understand enough Japanese to be able to understand an Anime without reading the subtitles?

Roku- Could you do me a favor by watching Escaflowne on FOX? I was thinking of buying the series,but now that it's airing on FOX,I'm thinking of keeping my 100$.I know it's dubbed,and I want your honest opinion on whether or not they cut too much of it to really live the "Escaflowne experience".Remember kids,it's starting August 19 at 11:00 am on Fox Kids.

Shichi- And finally,is it OK if I don't want to replace the unreplaceable Brad?

I'm terribly sorry for my lame attempt at Japanese, but I'm truly grateful for your words of wisdom.Thanks a lot,and keep up your terrific job.

Xeros89~I'm gonna miss Brad...

OK, fun things to do with the making of Lunar CD: Put it in, and hit up down left right triangle start to play Lords of Lunar... which I think I spent more time playing than Lunar itself, and put it in, turn it on, then as soon as it starts swap it out for Xenogears disk 2 to see the ending and the music video. I hid question 4 because I don't believe you that there's no WA2 spoilers in it. FF5, there's a lot of good combos. Sshot and Redx2 are both EXTREMELY good. I can understand somewhere over half the Japanese I hear, more in some series. Escaflowne has a nice repetition thing going, and some characters in Slayers speak like textbooks. Oh, and I suppose I will try to wake up at the ungodly hour of 11 AM to watch Escaflowne and tell you all how butchered it is. 8)

Most of my mail is stuff like this:
Yeah, yeah, I'm sorry, but I'm afraid you can throw this message onto the big pile of letters marked "burn".

I want Brad's job! So there!

C'mon, I know you're not just going to give it to me, but at least give me a chance! I'm witty! I'm RP-knowledgable! I own a copy of FF1 with the original box! I'm tall and have long hair just like Thor! I own the Xenogears OST! I won't call you Gramblebang! I can reference obscure Norse mythology and the Tick in the same sentence! I beat Indelacio without his limiter on Universe mode! My grammatical abilities're brobdignagian! I'll give you pie! I even guest hosted once, way way back! Beg! Beg! Beg!

Oh, who am I kidding... but if I have a chance of being added to the short list of people you're looking for, I'd be happy to write up a sample column, or send you a list of references from my past employers.

-Urban Zombie
-I quote YOU, on April 18th: "We need to hire someone named zombie"

Actually, Veronica and Hunter don't work here anymore, so that angle doesn't work now. Plus, talking about making references to The Tick and Norse mythology is not as good as actually doing it. Seriously though, the position has been BASICALLY filled. 8)


Darvon - a powerful sedative used in hospitals
Daravon - a powerful sedative used in FF Tactics
Coincidence? I think not.
The Keeper of the Sacred Words: Ni! Ping! Pang! and Niiiiiiwomp!

OK, that's cool.

Hey Google,
Do you ever have Post RPG Depression? Seems like whenever I finish an RPG I like I go into a funk until I get into another RPG. You can just imagine how bad it was when their was a three year wait on the next Final Fantasy!

I know that feeling. Only seems to apply to Square games though. Especially Xenogears.

I can't find anything about Escaflowne being on Fox by watching Fox or looking on their website. Please, please help me.


Saturday, August 19, 11 AM Eastern.

unfortunately, sine brad's gone, why don't you go kidnap Thor and force him to do weekends for rpgamer? That would be sweet

Didn't Thor JUST guest host and say he didn't have the time/stability/whatnot to come back here? Of course I offered anyway. 8)

"My horse's mother is WHO? ~Odin"

>whistle~whistle< >shuffles feet< >bmfg<


That myth brings up SO MANY QUESTIONS... especially when you can only find weird summations of it rather than a nice narrative.

I recently read that slayers and Evagelion were going to be aired in a wizard magazine as for a question, When is the expected date for lunar: eternal blue, my guess would be somewhere around 2121 late fall, but that's just a rough estimate.

I would like more confirmation than that. As for Lunar 2. It will be out when it's done... heck, maybe even this year. 8)

Hey, I just realized.....Chrono Cross comes out in less than a week! BOOYAH!

Esquire J

You know, the word Booyah just STARTED dated. It's incredible. I think it didn't induce snickerings for like 5 minutes total. 8)

The Last Laugh:

This time I WON'T forget to post the Radrisol pic.

The really really freaky part is that someone has been sending me a picture like that over and over again. It's called aeristifa2.jpg though, and thanks to my wonderful power to block out the memory of anything that I don't like, that's all I know about it. Now then. A reminder. Alanna is guest hosting tomorrow. Send in questions for her. Ideally about Fanfics. Failing that, uh, about putting on a suit of chain mail and partying for a weekend?

Googleshng "Ackum!"
For starters I want a weekend person who carefully reads my columns, which most people didn't seem to do yesterday based on these letters. 8)

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