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Googleshng - August 8 '00- 1:00 Eastern Daylight Time

Yesterday I woke up earlier and went to a friend's house. I had a great time, played some games, borrowed his copy of Dragon Force, and then came home to find out Brad had abruptly quit. That really killed my fun. Not only are there the obvious facts that wahwahwah Brad's gone, and I have to find a new weekend guy, it REALLY supports a creepy fact. Whenever I leave my computer for a day, someone here quits. It's happened every single time I've left for a day since I've started working here. Hmm... I just showed how little of a life I have, didn't I.

On another note, I haven't heard from Cheshire Catalyst in forever. Just mailed him, but I don't know if the e-mail address is still out there. Oh fine, that's not a totally unrelated issue, he did a darn good guest host spot way back when. So, C.C., you out there?

Oh yeah, I should probably explain the title of this column. Vicki is what I named my Blood Golem in Diablo 2. Those things are icky looking.

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Tough, you can't have it. 8P
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Turn 4: Gongos, Reinhart, Gigg joined. 8D
Oh hi Paws
Hiya Goog! I know I probably could have asked you this another way but since I'm going to visit Scarmiglion I don't know when I'd see you.

I finally got all 32/32 ATACs in Vanguard Bandits, which to my pleasure unlocked the opening movies. The problem is, all the blooper ones look the same! So I'm sorta wondering what's different. I *think* it might be the music, because I could have sworn I heard 'To be free / How much heinie will you have to bare?' rather than the correct line (which is in the instruction manual of course). I also could have sworn I heard spincter in there somewhere but I was doing a reader review and wasn't listening with all my ears. So is it the music? :)

My second question was what was unlocked when you got all 56 missions. I'm at 52 right now (I think I missed 2 in the kingdom and 2 in the empire), and I'm curious if it's worth anything other than bragging rights.

My third question is (yes, this is becoming quite a long letter; feel free to snip if ya want) whether you think the main characters in the game are the 2 characters or the 2 ATACs (you can guess which ones I'm talking about :)? I'm leaning more towards the ATACs.

My final question is can I guest host again sometime soon? I miss Q&A, I wanna do one again :)

-Paws, Points of View

No, your ears weren't playing tricks on you. The "bloopers" intro has... different lyrics. Anyway, I'm told that when you beat every single mission, you can also watch the original Japanese intro (with the original Japanese lyrics). Your third question is kind of odd, I think I'll have to say characters because you don't start with Ultragunner. Oh, and I suppose you can do this weekend's Q&A if I don't get a permanent replacement before then.

Search for the missing link
Heya Goog...

I've been an avid visitor to this site, ever since it was the UnOfficial Square Homepage, or whatever... and when it transformed to RPGamer, i started visiting practically every day. I'd just like to say that I'm going to miss Brad (for the second time), but I hope that he finds joy in whatever he ends up doing.

Errr... I guess that I should put an actual question in here, soooo.... A friend of mine and I were argueing over what game was the first to have RPGish tendencies. This friend said Gauntlet was the first game (no?), and I argued that the earliest game that I could remember resembling and RPG was Adventure, for the Atari. What's your opinion on the matter?

Magus "guy, girl, whatever. you're still a slime to me" Nantell

That's a very interesting question. Rather than spending a few hours looking up dates though, I thnk I'm just going to cheat and say D&D. 8)

Hail and well met oh mighty Googleshng.

Poor Brad hope he has a good life. Anyway time for my question.

I know this has probably been asked, but I wasn't here then so I'll ask now, seems more appropriate with CC coming. On the Chrono Trigger box cover Marl is casting fire, however, Marl knows only ice magic. shouldn't it be Lucca casting the fire spell?

-- Dedendre Ormauve --

Box art never seems to be accurate. My guess is that the cover is a preliminary sketch from before he really got going on everything. Marle doesn't have the right outfit either there.

Skiffy Anime
Dang it, Brad wouldn't know. I don't know when I'll get a reply, but have you actually heard any real information of Evangelion on the sci-fi channel? I've only seen 4 episodes from my blockbuster and I loved them, but unfortunately I am not rich, so I really can't buy all the others realistically (at least until they come out on dvd with more episodes/disk). So is that guy just saying something, or has some information come out (I didn't see anything on
Thanks for reading!


Well, nobody sent me any concrete confirmation, and I couldn't find any on my own, so, my guess is that the reader who said that was just hallucinating.

Bye BRAD! We'll miss YOU!
Hey Goog,

I'd just like to say that the Goog and Brad team were awesome. Everyday i'd go on and check RPGamer's Q and A, and i'd crack up, and no one else in my house would know what the hell was funny. You always had something funny to say, and you always mocked the losers that said gay things, and you were always just damn good. Now, Brad has left, and I'll be frank, it may sound like i'm a total loser, but his last column almost made me cry. It's like we knew him, and then one day, he was gone. I hope he comes back and does the Q and A a few more times, and I hope he realizes that it was never 15 min. or fame, it was a lifetime of fame, because he kicked ass now, and will kick ass forever. And Goog, keep on writing kick ass columns too, because you are just as good as Brad, but since he left, i have to give him his respect now. Thanks Brad, for making this the best damn site on the Net. And thanks Goog, for keeping it that way.

Thanks for reading,

The Mean Man Mino Man

Well, I had to print one of these, especially since I ran out of remotely serious questions. Uh, I already covered this in my intro.

You vultures!
Though you'll probalby get a million of these, too, but how would I go about volunteering to be his replacement? I'm knowledgable about RPGs (probably a lot less than some of your other readers, but I can get the job done, I assure), know some HTML, and gosh darn it, I'm a fun guy! Plus, I'll never reveal your gender (though Brad says you're a guy : P) Any who, you can just file this with the other 545 of these that came before mine. Thanks! DJ "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! No more Brad!!!" Takashi

You know, I got more "Can I take over for Brad?" letters than I did "Wah! Brad's gone!" letters. That's just not right. I also got practically no real letters. Anyway, like I also said, I already have a list of replacements, so, quit begging. 8)


Say it ain't so!

That would be bad grammar!

I know what your trying to do! Your plotting World Domination as we speak! Look! I have pictures! You can't fool me!

1 | 2

Wow. Your skills in 16-bit image editting are admirable.

how many "Is it true, goog?"s did you get today?

None. However I got about 30 "How many 'Is it true, goog?'s did you get today?"s. Most attached to real questions. That means you collectively listened when I said not to try to prove my gender from things other people say! That makes me so happy! I'd give you all cookies, but they're really really stale and they won't fit in the drive.

Hey Mike,
Who's the new weekend guy?


Mike? That's a new one... *Meows, blows holes through walls, and chases mice*

My horse's mother is WHO? ~Odin

A joke that requires knowledge of Norse Mythology. This is officially my favorite quickie of the day.

Brad didn't do a column for sunday OR monday! Just because he's quitting doesn't mean he gets to skimp on the letters.

I just wish he did a parting column so that I didn't get stuff with all the Bye Brad mail.

Googleshng attacks! AHHH!

I've had that sort of thing happen. It's horrific.

The Last Laugh:

I'm about to drop dead due to heat stroke and stress. Just thought I'd share. I also had like no real questions today. Think it's time to prime the pumps. If you can't think of anything else, try to come up with some Game Arts questions for tomorrow. Thursday there'll be a guest host.

Googleshng "Gigg rules"
I love Dragon Force.

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