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Googleshng - August 4 '00- 1:00 Eastern Daylight Time

I only got 4 hours of sleep last night. Didn't have enough letters to put this column up last night, so I played Diablo 2 for a while, died, and spent half an hour trying to get my stuff back. That kept me up until 4. Then my cousin who I got myself sick trying to call on Thursday called here to say he finally got an ISP. Lack of sleep well spent. 8)

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In the Mac:
Diablo 2
Dying sucks.

I'm going to Otakon tomorrow. Yay yay, lucky me! I can go like, start harassing everyone until I find the Undercover RPGamer staff members. Once I find my wallet, it should be a blast. I wonder what to buy? Any suggestions for game artbooks and soundtracks?

And just wondering, what RPGamer staff members _are_ going to be at Otakon, anyway? I know Lore, but whom else?

(For the record, Otakon is a really, really big anime convention in... *gasp* BALTIMORE! I know, the world has ended. It's website is . How surprising.)

Rabuuri chaami na kataki yaku,

~wonkycyber / ANDREW Ingle

Let's see... to my knowledge, the only staffers going are Lore and Darien. If anyone else tells me they're going, I'll be sure to post it so you can all stalk them. Oh, turns out Darien decided against it.

I happened to buy the latest issue of PC Gamer and was reading it when I got to the last page, an interview with John Romero. The question was along the lines of "What would the perfect game be?" and his response was "Someone's already made it. It's called Chrono Cross and I've been waiting 5 years for it!"
Interesting, huh?
Light Magus

You know, based on what I've seen, there isn't ANYONE who isn't drooling over Chrono Cross. Hope you've all preordered! Come to think of it, hope I've preordered.

Lots of stuff
VB spoilers

Ewwy gooey Googleshng,

Thanks for the tip to stick with Vanguard Bandits a while back. The problem is, I have know made it to mission 24, with Zakov and eight (maybe more) Sharkings, which I cannot beat. Any tips?

My sister has devoloped a monster addiction to Harvest Moon 64, is there any way to stop her madness? (It's worse because she started over, after several seasons...)

I'm trying to convince my parents to go for a Mac for our next computer, but Windows brainwashing runs deep. I know this isn't really RPG related (though it's probably the only way I can play Diablo II) but I shumbly solicit just a few ways you think Macs are superior.

Thanks and everything


I'm not about to deal with the Mac thing in column. No way not to get flamed there. Harvest Moon is an evil demonic game that steals people's souls. Hopefully your sister will eventually realize that there isn't really anything to buy in Harvest Moon, so playing it is a bit pointless. Now then, onto your real question. The most impportant thing to do is get your whole party together as quickly as possible. Then just take out each Sharking like you would anything else big. Surround, freeze, kill, repeat. In otder to minimize damage, I'd suggest getting over to a corner, or at least a wall. You also might want to grab some earth stones and wind stones. A few more come in as it goes on, but don't worry, they're not infinate.

Where are all the questions?
Just a note to Thorn/StarJon Martin who wrote "Fancy E" and anyone else who doesn't know... you can get the "é" by typing ALT+0233. Pokémon can now be done justice to by all!

-Khyros (ASCII Master)

Better yet, you can just type &eacute; so that I don't have to convert them to HTML. 8)


Um, maybe it's just me, but don't you think that Nintendo is going a little far with Pokemon? 6 Gameboy games, one N64 game, lord knows how many card sets, Burgerking Kids meals with small usless pieces of plastic and cards, a t.v. show on the WB, 2 feature length motion pictures, and toys galore. I know that pokemon sells, and Nintendo isn't going to stop just because I want it to, but come on man! I want to know what you think about all of this because you generally come up with a good opinion and people listento you. So... thanks.

Andrew Walo

Heh. ONE N64 game? Let's see... 3 Stadiums, Snap, that weird Pikachu think, and then you count count Smash Bros. too. You're also at least one GB game short. Red Blue (Green?) Yellow Gold Silver Pinball TCG. Alternatively you could call that as few as 4.5. In any case, whenever I start feeling overwhelmed by the crushing fist of Pokémon, I just remind myself that it's all based on one weird and very fun RPG... with a REAL sequel coming out here in the not too distant future.

Wake up Mr. Corpse!
Yo, Goog! Hey, you're a Necromancer on Diablo 2, aren't you? I am, too. And so are 3 of my friends. It seems that people are either a Necromancer or a Paladin. Weird. Well, bye. ~Joey~

What can I say? I like undead. In Blood Bowl I made a skeleton team and beat a team of minotaurs. In Warcraft 2 I made Dan the Deathknight's Dance School (death and decay some peons, animate them, have half patrol a short distance, and the others follow those, do it right and they look like they're dancing), and then I made this here AD&D character who's main goal in life is to become undead. 8)


Umm..somebody yesterday said there was no good slimes! But uh...does he recall chapter one in Dragon Warrior 4!

I still haven't played that...

Greetings 100^100thshng! As a slime, couldn't you just squish yourself under the locked door?

Ron "I'm too tired to think of a good quote" Hall

For the umpteenth time, one googol=10^100. Google=short form of my name.

What are FF trappings?

Cid, Chocobos, Moogles, Wedge and Biggs, Ifrit, Ramuh, Shiva, Bahamut, Alexander, Fire1, 2, 3, Steal, Mug, Dragoons, etc. etc....

Hello sir or madam,
In Legend of Googleshng, why does Goog wait outside in the rain to make a phone call? That's what houses are for. Game designers these day; don't even try to make sense.
-Lard Lad

What's really funny is that I change my IRC nick to LoG when I'm alternating between LoM and LoD. 8)

print this and i'll laugh (again).

I love spreading laughter.

ARRGGGHHH!! slayers and evagelion are going to be aired on sci fi

This is the end of the world. Imagine the flood of lina fans we ARE doomed!

Well... I own the whole first season of Slayers and GAH! It'd be dubbed! AAAAAAAAAAH!
Eva's a decent dub though... and it's not TOO graphic...

We're the Spacebaaaaaalls!
~ Colonel Screw

I haven't seen that in so long I don't even remeber if it's funny or stupid.

The Last Laugh:

A lot of people tried to tell me that FF7 was indeed planned for the N64, and that there were even screens in Nintendo Power. I believe these people are all thinking of the Tech demo featuring Locke, Terra, and Shadow fighting Golem. I don't think I said FF7 for the N64 was an UNFOUNDED rumor, just that they never really started development. Similarly, FF10 won't contain the dance scene from FF8 rendered in real time. Now then, I've eaten into enough of Brad's time, so, I'm off.

Googleshng "Ooh Friday"
I loooooooooove Farscape!

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