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Googleshng - August 3 '00- 1:00 Eastern Daylight Time

Well, this has been an interesting week. On monday I got a cable modem (it's cheaper than my ISP was). On Tuesday I woke up 5 hours earlier than usual, and wound up sitting outside in a cold drizzle wearing a teeshirt and trying to call my cousin who is now in Japan. In retrospect, that was really really stupid, because by the time I sat down that night to do Wednesday's column, I was not in the best of health. Would have done it in the morning except that A- I slept a good 13 hours, and B- My computer wasn't here. Most of the day my computer was sitting in a shop waiting for someone to take 5 minutes of there time to stick some memory in it. I would have done it myself, but the guts of an iMac are packed so tightly I don't trust myself to mess with them. So, the bottom line is, I was sick for a day. Stom had to cover for me yesterday, I have more memory, a faster connection, and Diablo 2. Come to think of it, every single time I've gotten a memory upgrade or a new computer, it coincided with a new Blizzard game being ported to Macs. That's fairly creepy.

In other news, Stom somehow avoided printing any of the 50 or so letters from people guessing this week's quote. So, here you all go: ~50 You know when it's THAT obvious, I don't see the point in guessing. Maybe I'll just keep people from putting easy to get quotes up there.

Do you like my helmet?
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Oh yes Jogurt. I do.
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Diablo 2
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7! 7 DQs! Ah! Ah! Ah! *BOOM*
Dear Gogleshng(btw, are you related to the famed googleplex?)

Me and my friends were just sitting around at about two o'clock in the morning and started wondering how many RPGs have been released for the PSX? The guess range from about 25 to 100.
If you could share your vast wealth of gender-less slime knowledge, it would be greatly appreciated.


I've been getting questions like this a lot. I have a very simple answer. Look at our releases page! Not only can it be set to display all the games on a given system, released, upcoming, or both, it can sort them by date, or alphabetically, and it has links to all the stuff about those games. Not to mention it has release dates for every game which are updated as soon as they change. Going there and counting for yourself also gets you answers to questions like this a good 24 hours sooner than asking me. 8)

Stom slipped and made a gender reference!

Goog should be back to deal with my mess tomorrow, but if not, well, uhh, expect someone else? HE's just having his computer worked on. It happens. HE's not really locked in the basement. Not at all. I have to go feed HIM, err the cat, now. Bye.

::Evil Laugh:: We have you now! ::Inserts data into the database::


Hey Google You don't print most of my letters, but hey, I understand. Even if you don't print this, can you reply to it? This is something I'm really curious about.

Yeah, I know you didn't want to hear any more crap about pronunciation, but I was just reminded of the many uhm, fairly *ahem* bad pronunciations by Paws, and I figure I might be able to throw in my two cents.

Aside from the first one, I cut these as soon as the point comes across. I get letters like these three ALL THE TIME. I can't stand that, because I know I've explained why I don't print them frequently. Let's recap. First of all, nobody who knows my gender for a fact has ever had anything printed on RPGamer. The reverse is also true. People often say he by default when refering to anyone whose gender they don't know. Others say she just to be different. I don't care which people say. For all I care, you can think of me as a rabid 30-foot tall lesbian elk, just DON'T SEND ME "EVIDENCE" BACKING UP YOUR THEORY! Next, I get roughly 100 letters a day. I print 6. 16 if you count quickies. Do the math. I'd love to print, or at least answer, every question that I get, but there's just not enough time in the day. Finally, if you have a problem with the way Paws pronounces something, Tell her so yourself. Next time I get a chance I'll stick a mailto to her on that page. Also, don't pick on the Suikoden one. That is the correct way to pronounce Suikoden, just with a french accent. Paws has a french accent. Most of the people who send in the "correct" way say it with an american accent. Besides which, the letter U isn't really pronounced very strongly most of the time in Japanese. For example, the word desu is not pronounced "dessoo" like most people I hear say it, it's more like "dessu". I'm actually fairly sure that isn't the case with Suikoden, I'm just getting onto a tangent. Oh, and I'm sorry if I sound ticked off here, I'm not. I'm just trying to prevent people from sending me things along those lines in the future. The not printing letters one was honestly I bad example but I didn't get any "How come u never print ne of my letters u jerk!" today. I did get 20 or so "Stom said He so your a guy!" letters though, so you can see where I'm coming from here I hope.

Who wants CT?
I know this is an outrageous request but could you please post a link for me to an ebay auction I am having. I am very poor and finally have been reduced to selling my copy of Chrono Trigger, truly one of the best RPG's ever made. Here is the link...
I don't know if you do this or not, but please consider it. I would also be obliged if you didn't just print this letter with all of my groveling and begging in it. You can edit the embarrassing parts out.
Even if you don't print this could you please spread it around to your circle of friends or something. I really need money for necessities,not luxuries, I'm talking food and stuff here.

Thanks a million.

I don't generally print this sort of thing, but people ask me where to get a copy of CT all the time. As for cutting out the grovelling, well, I'm in a hurry today. 08)

Do you know if there will be a PC release for Legend of Dragoon, like there were for FFVII &FFVIII? If so, do you know when? If not, do you know where I should look or who to ask to find out if there will be a PC release????

There will not be a PC port of LoD. As a general rule, console games don't get ported to the PC. The only ones that do are FF games, because they're cash cows, and Lunar games now it seems, because there's apparently a law that says Lunar must be ported to everything. You just watch when they port it to the Atari 5200! 8)

I have a problem with legend of dragoon. I need to know the fastest way to get $10,000. I think it has something to do wiht an enemy called OOPARTS located by the black castle. He gives $500, however i am rarely able to beat him and i dont know why, i have tried everything. If u could tell me how to kill him everytime or a better way to get rich i would appreciate it, thanx,

This site rocks by the way!!!!!

There are places where you can get about 200 GP per fight, with much faster fights, so don't bother with those. The bottom line is, there is no fast way to make money in LoD. If you want stuff that costs 10,000 GP, you'll just have to character build for a LONG TIME.

Poor poor soul.
Hey Google

Is it true that Final fantasy 7 was suppose to be for N64? If so why wasn't it?


What is with all the weird old rumors resurfacing today? Way back when, it was taken for granted by most people that FF7 would be for the N64, since there was no other logical choice. This assumtion was later proven wrong. Oh, and before someone decides to ask about the good old Aeris rumor as a joke, no, you can't. 8)


You're friend Stom's been watching a little bit too much Dogma. Good movie, though.
- Jeff

I still haven't seen that...

Admit it, Stom did yesterdays column so you could play Diablo II all day.


Well, seeing as I didn't have Diablo 2 until about 6 PM last night, obviously you're wrong. Diablo 2 IS however one of the many reasons today's column is a bit late, although not a very big one.


Which Pok(fancy e)mon, Gold or Silver, do you think most people will buy? I made the mistake of buying Blue instead of Red, so I'm still searching or someone with an Electabuzz...

Thorn/StarJon Martin

Hmm... well, if I say what most people are telling me they're getting, the majority would just get the other. Here's an idea, if the day of the month you were born is odd, get gold, even, get silver.

Gimmie a tilde. Chrono Cross comes out on my birthday! ^^

I don't see the connection.

Are you getting Chrono Cross? FF9? Which are you anticipating more?

I'm getting both, and I'm drooling over CC a LITTLE more, just because I know more about it, and it's coming out sooner. Plus it won't have all the trappings of FF which I'm starting to get a TINY bit sick of.

I recently acquired this game, and started playing it. I'm not to far... I just saved Pearl, and helped sell some lamps. Does this game get more exciting?


Well, you get more toys, I know that... I'm not too far myself.

Yo Google Man, The googlrama, the googloemeister, the googlnater! Whens Earthbound 64 a.k.a Mother 3 coming out?
Some Dude

Probably when hell freezes over. Although as Afterlife teaches us, that DOES happen every once in a while, so, keep your hopes up.

The Last Laugh:

Sorry if this column seems cranky or naggy or anything. The ratio of garbage in my mail was a lot higher than usual. Anyway, hopefully tonight I'll have a better selection, then I can get the column up on time, and go sleep for a day or two. Sickness sucks.

Googleshng "Bleh"
In retrospect getting up 5 hours earlier and standing around in a cold drizzle wearing a teeshirt was a STUPID idea.

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