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Googleshng - August 1 '00- 1:00 Eastern Daylight Time

Too bad it's the first of the month and I had to use that topic. Otherwise I would put something about my new cabal modem. When I got it I cleared about 300 megs off my hard drive because it gets a tad cranky when it's too full and I thought I'd actually use the bandwidth now that I have it. Didn't find anything until fairly late last night when I was poking around in hotline. When I hit the 30th or so server full of cool toys that only let's certain people download, the person running it messaged me saying he was a big fan. So, I wound up talking to him while downloading things at 200k/s. Wound up pulling 1.5 gigs of stuff... that's a quarter of my hard drive. So much for saving space. ^_^;

In other news, Brad posted a big huge icky debate very very late. So, I don't have a very wide selection of letters here. Oh, and I woke up 5 hours earlier than usual to call my cousin in Japan, so if it seems I start hallucinating, blame it on sleep deprivation. 8)

Covet my broadband?
Ask Google
Dial-up was getting too expensive! 8(
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Legend of Dragon
Disc 4
Hey goog,

well, the mini-series comes to a close. I plan to do more after this of course. ^_^ I added those dern frames and it wasn't as much of a hindrence as I thought it would be so if the Frames REALLY help the comic then I'll stick with them so let me know.

Also, if it's okay, I just wanna leave a little note to the readers:

Hey everyone, hope you enjoyed this little mini-series thing. I'll be doing more of course. You all didn't think I was really going to kill Google in the end did you? ^_^ Anyways, I really want an anlter ego for myslef so I can put myself in these comics. If anyone has any ideas, e-mail them my way. Also, I think I'll be putting other staffers in the comics at some point. Maybe an all out death match between Lore, Goog, Paws, Silkenray and Joshua (the editorial guy, i like him :)

Thanks a lot Goog!


Yeah, but those two don't have corresponding small animals... unless you count Silken's elf obsession and Darien's Psyduck obsession... but then you'd be classifying elves as small furry animals, and that's just odd.

Party time!
Could someone please tell me the difference between First, Second, and Third Party Developers? That way I don't feel so ignorant when I hear ( or read ) people talking about them? Thanks.

They call me Butter

I know I've answered this before, but it's a slow day. OK, Let's say Companies A and B make consoles. If Company A makes games for it's own system, those are first party games. If Company C makes games for Company A's system, and Comany B's system, or if they just make games for one of those with no weird contracts involved, they're 3rd party. If Company D really really likes company A, they might sign an exclusive contract with them, and in return Company A might collaberate with them on stuff, and let them in on the next console they're working on, and that sort of thing. That's second party. It's also comparitively rare.

Hello there, Mr. Google-slime-type person-thing.

I have a comment about the polls on this site. Almost all of them have a wishy-washy indecisive response which usually gets voted in the majority. Taking the current poll as an example, most people will vote a "Balance of linear and free form gaming" because they don't have to decide. In that case the poll basically fails to prove anything other than "most people are indecisive when they aren't forced not to be". Think about this classic scenario: a man likes 2 women, each for different reasons. A friend flips a coin and while it's in the air the man is forced to pick the one he likes more rather than let fate decide.

Sorry for ranting so much. I would like to hear your what you think. Maybe I'm taking the whole poll-thing too seriously. What do you think?


Have you ever heard of a bell curve? Basically, when you put enough people on any kind of scale, most of them end up in the middle. So, you have a point. However, this week's poll is not an example of that. I can't stand it when an RPG is completely linear (Like, say, Lunar). I also can't stand it when a game is completely non-linear (like, say, Ultima Online). I like having a good plot, and then a chance to eplore the world doing optional side stuff for half the game or so. Phantasy Star breaks down like that. FF6 breaks down like that. Come to think of it, I rest my case. 8)

Reused characters
So, are the characters in wild arms 2 the same as the ones in Wild ARMS?
are there any new ones, if they are the same?
what about chrono cross?
are there any of the old characters in it from chrono trigger?

Thank you friend Google

WA2 evidently goes the road of having characters who look like the ones from the first, but aren't. Chrono Cross is set 20 years after the original, as odd as that statement is. I don't think any characters from CT are playable, but they are there. I know someone who imported it, so I'll double check that for tomorrow. Don't flood me with corrections. 8)

Ok, maybe its because I haven't played Final Fantasy VII in awhile, but I was just thinking...Why the hell do the weapons go crazy? I mean you are exiting the crater right, and they just burst out of the ground and cause hell, I mean they are hella cool, but what's their deal?


Well, they're frozen in the ice there, forced to watch your characters standing around talking about stuff that doesn't make sense. Heck, didn't YOU go berserk after that scene? 8)

Poor poor soul.
Escaflowne premieres Saturday at 11:00(EST)! Or at least I think so. That's what the commercial said. Either way, YaY!

Yes. That is what the commercial said. Also, the dubbed Fox version looks like it's going to contain a good 1% of the original dialog. I'm frightened.


From yesterday's column... "Larh Orb" is NOT an anagram of Brad's name!

-Lord Xyyn Dragon-


Mooglebang, wearer of slimy pants:
My best frined just jumped off a bridge. NOW what do I do?
Sir Chargon, the insane Gary Oak

That depends, do you care what your friends think of you?

I don't have a playstation. Can I have yours? I'll give you this button for it!

Cool little link button, but CC's out soon.

Don't drink and drive, you might spill you drink. Thank you.


Good point.

Alucard is half vampire, which means that he's half un-dead, which means that he's only un-.

No, he's totally undead. It's just that instead of being unaffected by the passage of time, he turns into an amano character and starts hanging out with hippies.

I beat Diablo II! Nyah!

I'm actually getting it tomorrow.

how many rpgs could a rpgamer game if a rpgamer could game rpgs?

Paws just asked everyone on staff something like that... I'll have to take inventory.

The Last Laugh:

I was going to update my page this weekend, but nobody sent me a scary pic, and while I had an idea for one, it's hard to get Sydney Lossarot with a pink angora sweater, you know?

Wow, I had JUST enough letters today. Hopefully tomorrow's mail will be bulkier. Bye!

Googleshng "Cabalist"
Ooooooh. Faaaaaaaaaaast. Oh, and no, I'm not Paws. Nor am I Heather. Nor is Paws Heather.

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