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Googleshng - July 27 '00- 1:00 Eastern Daylight Time

Before you ask, no, the title of today's column does not mean that Thor is guest hosting today. Sorry if I got anyone's hopes up. However what it DOES mean is that Thor is guest hosting tomorrow. It took me about 3 months or so to set it up, and I'm sure you'll all enjoy it... or at least 90% of you. Rather than a normal guest host, who I just feed the questions I'm going to print to, I figured for old times' sake I'd just give him the full run of the show. With that in mind, Thor told me to tell you not to send in questions about where he's been (he'll mention that anyway), whether he's "coming back" (no), or, and I quote, "Measurements of various body parts". Oh, and don't go saying columnist X is better than columnist Y. Either way it'll get cut out. 8) So, to recap, send all your questions to

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Legend of Dragon
Disc 3
LoM Questions
Dear Googleshng,

I know you've play Legend of Mana, so I think you should be able to answer these.

1. How do you unlock the harder modes?

2. Is there any way to position the lands so that they all have every element at maximum?

3. Would you like to be a Jumi?

4. Did you choose the male or female character?

Well that's it. Thanks for reading.

{*} the Wise "When the mighty sleep the lowly prowl"

You get higher difficulty options after you win. You can't max all the elements universally, because they have the whole opposition thing going. I haven't played far enough to know anything about Jumis. Yeah right, like there's really a male character. Dilandu is more masculine!

Quote fun
The quote this week comes from Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete. It occurs in the gypsy camp when a girl is talking about the animal that drives all of the gypsy trailers. This girl has obviously succumbed to the power of Square. I have a better Lunar 2 quote: "Is a 'boy-toy' anything like a regular toy? If I play with it, will it bring me pleasure?" Lucia is such a twit.


Only 3 people got this, and none answered in quicky length. As for that there Lucia quote, well, that's Working Designs for you. They can be cruel to characters at times... better than than AO's Valley Girl Fairy. Anyway, tildes: ~~~

I can get Pocky snacks at any of the local stores here. They're in the ethnic foods next to the rice candy with that cool edible plastic. They come in chocolate and strawberry flavors, although you don't get as many per box with the strawberry as you do chocolate. And even if you don't have them in your area, they pretty much taste like unsalted pretzil sticks dipped in chocolate/strawberry. Get yourself some Nestle Pretzil Flips to hold you off until the order from gets through.

I think this will be both the most useful and most useless letter I have ever sent into the Q&A - JooJooFlop

I recieved a frighteningly large number of letters about Pocky. Oh, and you forgot about Men's Pocky, which is quite possibly the most frightening name for the dark chocolate flavor of anything.

FFA movies
I've been playing Final Fantasy Anthology, and was pleased greatly with the opening FMV (it really did the game justice). Still, I was wondering where the other two are. I got to the end of the world (floating continent), and after seeing it all explode, was waiting for that second FMV...and got nothing. I still haven't finished, though I assume there's one at the end. Where, exactly, ARE the other two?

FF5 has the intro and ending. FF6 has the intro, ending, and opera house scene, which is only available after you win.

Is this JOKE getting OLD?
Dear John Jacob Googlehimer Shmitt (his name is my name too)

Ok, so we know that the team that did Chrono Trigger and Xenogears left Square and is now calling themself Monolith Soft. Thats fine and dandy, but theres one thing. Theres been talk of a Xenogears sequel. Now I heard that even though the rights to the names is owned by Square, Monolith Soft may still make a Xenogears-like game thats not quite a sequel, but damn close, just because of what a kickass game Xenogears originally was. Now heres the question. Is there a remote possibility that either Square will lend the rights of the names to Monolith Soft for a sequel OR they would both team up for a sequel? I ask because Im a HUGE fan of the game. My fear is, if Monolith made a game like Xenogears without rights to names, it wouldnt truly be a sequel. And if Square makes a sequel on their own, it wouldnt be with the original people and wouldnt be much at all like the first Xenogears (somewhat like chrono trigger and chrono cross) Basically, if theres a Xenogears sequel, is there a possibility that it will be just like the first, with the original names and style as the first, without a huge lawsuit involved?

Oh yeah, did you ever end up telling what sex you were? From recent letters, im assuming that its still a question. I wanna know! Id ask you something like "what movie would you prefer? Escape from L.A. or Waiting to Exhale?" but if I asked you that, Id probably get a "Its Pat!" from SNL-type of answer about how you like hardcore movies, but soft ones too. Does anyone know your sex? Your mom does, right? Your boy/girl friend? Wait a sec...lemme guess...the only people who know your sex, dont know that you write a column for RPGamer, right? So in actuality, your a total secret. Well, how bout this? If your a girl, how about a date? Im a nice guy from what everyone tells me. If your a guy, I know a beautiful, big-hearted gamer girl whod love a date with the allmighty goog. Sound good? Either way, ya cant lose! Wait a could end up being a GF or a summon or something weird...Hey goog, are you a dragon? If you are, I know another single dragon whos lookin for love. No? Ok, fine. I tried my best. But ill find out someday...

-Zelliss "looks like Fei, but smells like Bart" Greystone

I seem to recall hearing that the team who made the Bushido Blade games but they still get to make BB3, so evidently Square's pretty cool about that sort of thing. So, I suppose there is a chance that some day there will be a sequel to Xenogears by the same exact team, but you really really shouldn't hold your breath. As for the rest of your tangent, I didn't see either of those movies, both look stupid. Plus I have no interest in going out with guys, or girls, or dragons. Although I do work for someone who would take you up on that last one I bet.

You get ship if I get trip!
Hi Darling its me again, Anyway, On the Ghost Ship..How the heck do you beat the stinkin' ghost captain? Everytime i beat him he comes back to life, do you have to knock him and all the soldiers out at the same time? I never got the chest open i gave up LoL. Id like to apologize to Brad also, I didnt know that Heather was on vacation :-) MUAH!

Stacey/Meru/...You get the drift....

That boss can be beaten in a very very simple manner. Give Dart the MP doubling accessory. Go special. Have him use his best spell twice. Don't have Dart's best spell? Work on that chest for a while, good way to kill the character building time. 8)


I know how we can test if Brad's a witch..Build a bridge out of him!!

Ah, but can you not also build bridges out of stone?

Ten bucks says Working Design is going, or has, put a completely overused "Whaaaaaaaaasuuuuuuuuuuuuup" joke in Lunar 2.

I don't recall seeing it in the demo, and it's a long demo.

TIME magazine's July 31, 2000 issue has an article on the Final Fantasy movie-- page 56. Has a few interesting tib-bits of information.


Many people mentioned this too.

You tell that BL Alien guy that Celes is MINE. Ya hear that Alien? MINE!


You people are disturbing, oh wait, yuo're Locke, that makes it OK.

Tell the person who does the comic with paws in it that they need to use panels. They make it much easier to read.

The Incomparable Gai Daigoji

Good point.

Ha Ha! I'm higher on Toastyfrog's Lucky Dan Fan Club than you are!!!

Signed, Richard M. Nixon

Maybe, but I'm the one quoted on the index so nyah! 8P

Heather is on *vacation*, huh? ::wink wink nudge nudge::

I can't help but wonder what evidence there is that I'm Brad's girlfriend. I seem to recall that she doesn't play console RPGs at all, plus Brad says she's on vacation in Scotland.

The Last Laugh:

Nobody yelled at me for yesterday's lack of a column. Woohoo! I really an sorry for that though. I was yanked into meetings from like 8 PM to 6 PM. That's the nice thing about Thor wanting you to all e-mail him dirrectly, it means I have less work to do, so I can just relax or something. Oh, and for the record, a few people mailed me in support of the PSX2, which is a relief, because I was starting to get worried it had no support around here. Also appearently my $70 price quote is really outdated. I shouldn't quote year old magazines like that. In any case, enjoy Thor's little visit! I'm off to relax and maybe update my page of rantings.

Googleshng "Bringer of Thor"
No, I'm not joking. I got Thor to guest host. What's so hard to believe?

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