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Googleshng - July 25 '00- 1:00 Eastern Daylight Time

Well, it took me seven hours, but I finally got the Wargod Calling from that chest in LoD! Now I can finally get on with actually playing the game. First of course I have to do this column.

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In the PSX:
Legend of Dragon
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Vanguard Banditos

I just finished the Kingdom branch of Vanguard Bandits, got the good ending (I'm assuming it's the good ending anyway), and here's the thing: during the entire game I didn't see one single anime cutscene. Is that right? Are all the cutscenes on the other branches? The other endings maybe? I mean, there are pictures on the box from cutscenes, so you know, I'm assuming they're in the game SOMEWHERE, right? Right??

You kids today with your anime cut scenes! Back in MY day... Seriously though, the only anime in Vanguard Bandits is in the intro, and in the orignal Japanese ending that you only get to see after beating all 56 missions. You know, when you have to finish the game to see an intro, is it REALLY an intro?

Heh, cool
Hey, Google!
Did you notice that in FF7 in Dio's showroom at the Golden Saucer, there's a diving suit labelled "D-Type Equipment" and it looks just like the D-Type equipment used by Asuka and Unit 02 in Evangelion?
Was that a coincidence or a reference to Evangelion?

That increases my respect for FF7 a little, but not enough to make up for the fact that I killed Sephy in 1 hit... well, one action if you want to get technical.

ToFu Spoilers

Heya Googy,

Well, I can answer two questions from Brad's column yesterday. The best place to find cash is on that one island (god it's been a long time) the captain of the Thames talks about. Just kill those black dragons and sell the swords they drop for megabucks. AS for the Threads of Fate question:

To get the orbs:

  • Blue- put out the two end flames with a water spell.
  • Green- Use a wind spell to light the kindling flame, put out the far left with a water spell, and light the middle one with a fire spell.
  • Red- Just light the two center pedestals.
  • Yellow- I BET this is the one that's giving you trouble. To get this one extinguish the two flames and then light them again.
Oh, I also beat Threads of Fate with both characters and for those who are interested the New Game+ feature is available :)


There you go, info for a game not many people seem to have.

Watching the FF movie trailer, I fail to see any real fantasy in it. I'll probably see it anyway, but it may not really be fit to carry that prestigious nomenclature (hehe, big words) But, the presence of actors James Woods and Ving Rames means could shine mainstream's light on the dark corner of RPG obscurity.

Hey Google,

A few questions, if you please.

1.I'm going to buy a ticket for the FF movie a year in advance. Does Uematsu do the music?
2.Why haven't we seen any langrisser games in the US after Warsong(crapy trans. version of Lang 1)?
3.Where the HELL do I buy Pocky. I need some for Otakon!
4.In the FF movie, are there going to be chocobos(there better) and moogles and mako reactors and SeeD and espers and gilgamesh and dragoons and Cid?

Thank you very much(I'm still your friend even if you don't post this).
P.S. My last name isn't urushihara even tho my email says so.

Hmm, will the FF Movie contain things like Moogles and Dragoons? No. It has FF stuck on it for the same reason Mystic Quest has FF stuck on it. The term Final Fantasy is a lot more recognizable than the term Squaresoft. I could see it having a Cid though. As for those other questions, I believe has Pocky, which tends to be sold at anime cons anyway, and, well, Lang 1 didn't do to well here.

Some people prefer the DREAMCAST to the PSX2.
In response to Metroyed in Brad's column yesterday asking where the best rpg's are gonna be-Dreamcast or PS2, I'd just like to say that the Dreamcast is going to be awesome for rpg's. Shenmue, Skies of Arcadia, Phantasy Star Online, Grandia 2, and a rumored Panzer Dragoon Saga 2(I hope this is true!!) are some of the games coming out pretty soon for the Dreamcast. The PS2 has FFX and FFXI (which you have to pay something like $10 a month to play online. That's crappy) and a few others that don't seem terribly interesting. And the Dreamcast being half the price of a PS2(DC-$150, PS2-$300), that's 3 more rpg's you can afford to buy! I just hope that people overlook the Dreamcast and buy a PS2 on blind loyalty.


I really shouldn't print letters like this before a fight breaks out, but I've been getting a lot of questions lately about released/upcoming Dreamcast games, so, here's a few. I don't know why people ask about that stuff though, you could just click the Games link there, or better yet the releases link, and have it all laid out for you. Oh, and actually, last I checked PSX2 games are expected to cost $70 each, so I think that works out to more like 4 more games. To be fair, there's a few PSX2 RPGs announced that aren't FF, just that none of them appeal to me personally.

Lot's of this...
Ok, well, here goes:

1) In Wild Arms (this is really sad btw), I still can't get the three to meet in Aldehude, they've all done their little respective stories, and the online walkthrough thingie that I've looked at says just have them talk to each other, but they treat each other like total strangers, and then ignore themselves. Am I missing something?

2) Is Koudelka worth buying? I mean... it looks impressive and all, but the reviews of it have been less than great (at least the ones I've read)

3) What's that smell?

4) In Legend of Legaia, any tips on defeating that dude with the awesome Astral Blades attack at the top of the Sol tower? I've levelled, gotten the Spoons Seru but his double super attacks, and quick recharge time keep beating me down.

Many thanks,

Prisma - The Insane halfelven sorcerer

In WA, talk to the people in that town. One person asks you to help them with something, then you can recruit the others because it's not a one person job. Koudelka, I personally really like. It's a tad short, so if that bothers you, just rent it. No real problems though. I smell nothing! The air here is sweet, and pure, and no one may pass without my permission! I just gave you a nice long Labrynth quote which I hope makes up for the fact that I never played LoL.


Hey... again
Not really a question...
Okay Chrono Cross is going to be released on August 15th according to your site... BUT I called an Electronics Boutique (Newmarket, Ontario) to reserve a copy and I was told that it was to be in on August 2nd!

Squaresoft says the 15th. EB says the 2nd. EB has the nasty habit of making up their own days for games which can be extremely unrealistic. In fact, according to them, FF10 and 11 will both be out this year, in this country, on the same day. Good place to buy games, bad place to check dates.

Hey, your cousin that left for Japan is part of the JET program, right? That's cool, because I'm applying for a JET position for next year.

- Hiedran

Yes he did. Hopefully he'll find himself an ISP soon...

What would be the odds of me getting a date with Ultimecia? She's sexy in her first two forms.

JK, I'm really after Celes. Do you have her number?

BL Alien


Brad claims he's not a witch, but he turned me into a newt, so I don't believe him. Let's put him on the scale with the duck.

Oh sure, don't save any lines for me. 8(

So, Google...

I noticed Brad says that he plays Starcraft. Do you?

Yes, not recently though, and I am the only person I know of to have ever had a game of StarCraft end in stalemate... well, except the person I was playing against of course.

The CD that came with Parasite Eve had a demo of Xenogears on it along with other things, I just can't remember them.

-Robert Gill

BFM and FF8 movies, and the intro to Bushido Blade 2. The XG demo is playable, and has some weird jokes in it.

Escaflowne will be on US TV August 19th.
- A whole bunch of letters that were too long to fit in quickies.

People have been asking me enough about Escaflowne to warrant the making of an Escaflowne page. I'll add it to my to do list.

The Last Laugh:

I don't like where this is going...

There's the column for you. Now I'm off to do various things!

Googleshng "Chesty!"
7 hours well spent!

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