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Googleshng - July 21 '00- 1:00 Eastern Daylight Time

Hiro is a stupid name. I know it's a fairly common Japanese name, and it doesn't translate literally to Hero, but when it's the name of a main character in something dubbed, it really gets on my nerves. In other words, I finally broke down and played the Lunar 2 demo a bit. Found some empty memory card space. The plot is serious, and starts pretty much right off, which is just plain WEIRD for Game Arts. Anyway, here's Rad.

Radrisol: Ooo, look at me! I'm guest hosting *does happy dance* Well, I'm the fellow who does those little comics. Hope you're all enjoying them because there will be lots more. Well I hope you people have Threads of Fate questions because it's an awesome game. Good graphics, fantastic translation, perfect music, and of course it's REALLY fun! And I think I'll end my intro with a shameless plug of my site.

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Radisol and Googleshng

I was wondering if there is a second ending in ToD, I heard that there is one if you beat Leon the first time.

Nope, sorry, that one ending is all you get. Yeah, it's pretty lame. But hey, it was a lot of fun to play right? Here's hoping to Tales of Eternia!

I haven't played ToD.

Have a few questions for you...

First off, you getting the RPG Maker for the playstation? From what I've read it's pretty good.

What's your take on massive-multiplayer RPGs?

Finally, what do you think of the Final Fantasy movie? Will it be great, or will it just bomb?

Arcane One

No intro! How rude! Kidding :) Well, with RPGmaker I could make an RPG of Paws bent on world conquest. Or someone can finally make the Legend of Thor gets Some . But I'd recommend a rental of it first. Making nice looking Sprites is a pretty smurfing hard. Numero 2, massive online RPG's are cool as long as they're like Blizzrds Battlenet. Phantasy Star Online free, goood. Final Fantasy XI monthly fee, baaad. The Final Fanatasy Movie will sell in huge gobs because all us FF fans will blindly go see it and everyone else will see it because it looks pretty, and isn't that what's important in today's shallow culture?

I am not going to get RPG Maker. I've already made my own RPG engine thank you. I don't like MMORPGs. 4-player on the other hand... mmmmmmmmmmmm... PSO. Finally, I'm sure going to see FFM!

We're not one dimentional!
Is it me, or does Legend of Dragoon reminiscent of the Power Rangers? You got their leader, Dart, wearing red, and you can tell their Dragoon spirit by the color of their clothes.

-The Skeptic

"I'm not prejudice; I hate everybody equally!"

Well, I personally haven't played Legend of Dragoon yet, but if there's a part where all the characters just stand there and hit air, of if the cast of characters changes 6 times before you finish the game, OR if all of the dragoons take ten minutes to form into one huge super dragoon, then YES, it is exactly like Power Rangers.

I don't think anyone can deny that the characters in LoD correspond to their elements.

I'm Bad Ash, and you're Good Ash.
Xenogears Spoilers

Hey Guys,

How's it goin'. Do you think that Ash from Pokémon, is an obscure refrence to Ash from the Evil Dead movies. When you think about it, they have a lot in common. First both of them are hunt demons in one form or another. Secondly, both sets of demons are trying to take over the world (Pokémon succeeded though). Thirdly, ...well I can't think of anymore right now, but I'm sure there is more.
Here's a really RPG question. I heard that when Xenogears came over seas they cut out some stuff with Rico and his story, is this true? If so what happens in the part that got cut?

Rincewind (What's that from smart guy or girl?)

Um, I never saw the Evil Dead movies *hangs head in shame* So I'll babble for two more sentences. La la la la la. Okay, well, as for your Xenogears question; What you got is all there is. Rico's mom ran off for some unknown reason and gave birth to Rico in some small town. He was a demi-human because of Solaris' experimentations on lambs. I would imagine Rico's mom told him of his lineage or he realized his status when He smelled him mom's room (There's a bizarre sentence.)

You capitalized that he. Rico isn't god. He is however Blanka. 8)

Behold the RUNNING GAG letter TITLE!
hola goog and radisol. i have a few new-game related queries (and an old-game query) that have been begging to be asked by me:

1. goog, how many endings in koudelka did you get? did you ever kill the gargoyle?

2. about how long is vanguard bandits? i'm renting it from a friend (yes, i know it's probably illegal) and at a dollar a day it's a pretty good price, but i don't want to spend my whole paycheck on it...

3. rad, how long/good is threads of fate? i'm thinking i might get it pretty soon here...

4. how in god's name do you kill shinryuu in ff5? i tried 5 times and he ALWAYS whupped me... it's odd; exdeath only took 1 try and did about 2,000 total damage before i killed him; is shinryuu sposed to be like a weapon from ff7 or 8 or something?

uhhh... i think thats aboot it... thanks :)


Now that I actually got a Threads of Fate question I'll take advantage of it. Threads of Fate moves pretty fast. I've been playing Mint's quest and I'm certain I'm over halfway through it, but I've also played non-stop because it's so much fun. In ToF you don't get experience. Your max HP goes up as you get hurt. And MP goes up as you use magic more and more. The way you use magic is really cool because there are numerous ablilities and you can backtrack to certain places and use your new abilities to find certain things. The translation is FANTASTIC, no spelling or grammar flaws and there are a few times where you can't help but laugh. I recommend it to anyone who loves action RPGs.

I got 3 endings in Koudelka... I'm pretty sure that's all of them. As for the Gargoyle, no, I didn't kill it... yet. The length of Vanguard Bandits is hard to gauge, considering there's 5 endings. Maybe 20 hours minimum? As for your FF5 question, RPGamer has a really really good FAQ/Walkthrough on it, I seem to recall there's a whole subsection dedicated to that boss.

What does dungeon crawling have to do with Darwin?
You Goog and Radisol,
In Evolution do you get anything for completing the last dungeon after you beat the game (the one that the empire occupied)? And is it possible to repay your second debit to the Society? Just wondering. Plus Goog, a agree with you whole heatedly about people blindly following sony without even looking at the alternatives. The truth to the whole matter is here:

Well, the final dungeon that becomes available has nothing amazing in it. But you should be able to get CyFrame attachments (eventually) that you couldn't get in the other ruins. As for that second debt; Good ole fashion dungeon crawling. My advice for Evolution players is this: When playing Evo. Mute the TV and go here and listen to stand up comedy while you play, it's the greatest thing ever.

I don't have much to say to a lot of these questions.

I'm-a tired!
Google and Rad, specifically Rad-

In Threads of Fate, there is an Inn and a Hotel. Whats the point of going to the hotel when the Inn costs nothing?


Well, the first time you spend the night, if you look in the corner you'll see a sparkle, it's some sort of item you can sell for big bucks. Also, you'll have to stay there and go to sleep to get the "Secret monkey tree-trunk short-cut" dream, and then you can find another treasure to sell for big bucks.

Too broke. Must resist.


Quatre Raberba Winner, why do you fight?

Radrisol: Because all you bad guys have horrible aim! That's why!
Google: Need Cartoon Network


Radrisol: WHY ARE YOU YELLING AT ME! I can barely remember that movie, everyone stop talking about it, you make me feel old (and I'm only 17!:)
Google: Labrynth good. Watch it.


Google: ... ... ... NEWT!

Fwd: we are the nighty who say...

Google: I'll bite yer legs off!

Is it boiling hot?
Well, then I guess we'll just kick it later...

Radrisol: Summer bad, annoying toursists come. Winter good.
Google: Hey, do you live in my neighborhood or something?

Short on quickies.

Just as well.

It's pushing 5.

Sleep is a habit I should form.

The Last Laugh:

Radrisol: Well, that was definatly fun. But it's back to the comic scene for me. Hope you all keep sending in the bizarre questions because that's my scource of insperation for the comics I do. I feel I should say more. Oh yes, you will all go out and buy Threads of Fate. And Evolution 2 is cool also, all Japanese voice-acting. Well, so long.

Google: Sun's almost up. I hate when that happens. It's the weekend. Enjoy Brad. Farscape tonight. Wee.

Googleshng "25 Days"
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