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Googleshng - July 20 '00- 1:00 Eastern Daylight Time

The guest host I first had lined up for today cancelled on me and it took me a little bit to find a replacement. Anyway, tomorrow's column will be guest hosted by Radisol, the person who's been making those comics at the bottom my columns lately. His specialties are Xenogears (obviously), ToD, Evolution, and Threads of Fate. Anyway, get those questions in fast because I've been running a little late.

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In the PSX:
Vanguard Banditos
What's your opinion on Vanguard Bandits? I've read a review where it says the second half of the game is rather dull and much too easy. I saw a screenshot that seems to confirm this because the hero is way more powerful than his enemy (like 668 vs 75 according to their life bars). So Im wondering if the game is worth buying or renting and why...Thanks!

While it is true that about halfway through the game the main character gets a mech powerful enough to take on 15 to 1 odds and win, this doesn't make the game too easy for the following reasons. First, it IS important to keep your other characters alive, second, if you just charge off, you get surrounded, frozen, and then die quite quickly no matter how good you are, and finally, towards the end you start fighting a lot of big nasty stuff, and they throw in some big surprises towards the end which keep things quite interesting.

Parasite EVIL, 2!

In response to your reply to a letter on Tuesday's edition (Ahem!), here's a brief synopsis of gameplay in Parasite Eve 2 (Thanks to EGM issue #133!).

Gameplay in PE2 will be very much like a Survival Horror title (Resident Evil, Dino Crisis, Fear Effect...). Movement is character-respective, so that UP is forward, DOWN is backward, and LEFT and RIGHT are their respective turns. The Parasite Eve/Vagrant Story vector bubbles have been abolished, along with the ATB-esque system from both titles. Battle will be conducted in real time, where the heroine Aya shoots, reloads, and evades attacks much like any other Survival Horror game. Magic has been implemented yet again in the form of Parasite Energy, but instead of a PE meter that refills over time, traditional MP is in place.

And that's it. As you can see, PE2 is different from the original in quite a few ways. You can do the math.

A very perturbed Frank...
Just Kidding, you slimeball

Interesting little facts there. Just one little correction for you though. Vagrant Story does not contain any form of ATB. You can attack as often as you want, it just increases your Risk Meter. No dodging either, which takes some getting used to.

I recognized that part about not seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling or feeling anything, and not even being sure who you are. It's from the old Hitchhiker's Guide game by Infocom! I don't expect a tilde, but can I at least get an asterisk?

Javahead Jones and His Chopped Espresso Maker

Yes, only 2 people caught my reference to that good old text adventure. It really captured the feeling of the books, and you could die in some odd ways. Have a tilde. ~ Oh, and here's one for the other person. ~

Have I ever answered this?
After a couple hours hunting for some of the old letters I got printed here at RPGamer, I decided to send this mail. I got the idea last year but never did send it.

Why not make an RPGamer Q&A Search Engine? It would make hunting for stuff much, much easier. Looking for Vagrant Story help? Type in "Vagrant Story" and it would show the columns that mention the game. Want to read some opinions about FF7's Ending? Type in "FF7 AND Ending" and voila, it'll pop up. As I said, it would save avid readers hours. And if you don't want to do it (chances are 95% towards that), put this letter on the site and see if a hardy fan with great CGI skills, lots of free time and a desire for fame and glory is up to the task.


~JM Stalker

Actually, I've been tossing that idea around for a while. I might write one up myself if I ever get the time.

The CT REMAKE isn't available HERE.
Hey goog, (Nice and short huh?)

Okay I have a few questions about CC. First, it comes out on August 15th right? Well do you know an approx. price for it in Canadian?

Anyway thanks for your time!

It will cost exactly $64.99 Canadian plus tax! Sir yes sir! It helps to know people who work at Canadian EBs.

Lot's of this...
Goog, I've got a question and a small bit of information about the Escaflowne dub.

In the commercial you saw, did they say when they were going to start airing it? I want to see just how badly they mangled one of the greatest animes I've ever seen, and then there will be some destruction.

Also, have you seen some of the voice actors they've chosen? Some of them are terrible. Except when I say "some", I'm referring to their choice for Dilandau. They're using the same guy that does GOHAN'S voice. That is just evil. Dilandau was my favorite character because he had such a great voice.

- A.E.Isthill

"He's very instinctive, isn't he?"
"No, he's just a moron."

Normally I try to avoid printing this kind of thing, but half my box was like this, and I CAN stick an RPG spin on it. First off, I still haven't heard an exact starting date, but I'm sure I'll work it into a tirade when I do. Next, I simply must scream the following. Gohan?!? GOHAN?!?!? Who the SMURF casts the same voice actor as a cute nerdy little boy and an insane bloodthirsty extremely bishonen psychopath?!?!? What the SMURF were they thinking!?!??!?! Now then, that being said, here is my promised RPG connection. Dragon Ball was first shown on US TV around the time Chrono Trigger was released. They had the same character designer (Akira Toriyama) and you could really tell, especially with those ears. Escaflowne is now coming to US TV around the same time Chrono Cross is being released. They have the same character designer (Nobuteru Yuuki) and you can really tell, especially with those noses. Does anyone notice a pattern here? Now, if they made a third game and got Rumiko Takahashi to do the character designs...


Have you ever wonder what you would sound like as a valley girl? Try the link below and put in one of your column URLs. It's like, you know totally bitchin'.

People like, send me that sort of thing all the time, but this one is like totally less buggy than most of them, fer sure!

ADV is actually premiering the PE movie at some event on July 28th in Texas.

Ooh, spiffy.

Is it just me, or does Zidane look strikingly like David Bowie in Labyrinth?


I've been avoiding all things FF9 related, but from what little I've seen, yeah, I'd believe that.

I love you


The Final resting place Of the Holy Grail shall be In the Castle Aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaa aagg ggh hh hh h

This is really spiffy, but making it look right in a quicky is nigh impossible.

Yo, Googleshng...
Is that the sound that comes from a sword being quickly unsheathed underwater?
Just curious.


Hmm... wouldn't it go the other way around since the water would rush in after it was drawn?

Dear Google,
Can you tell me where I can find the little mummies' dolls? It's hard to see stuff in Koudelka, isn't it?Thanks!

I CAN, but I won't. You don't find those dolls for a really really long time, and it's not like they're hidden. There comes a point when you can't go anywhere else, and you're forced to go through that door. You WILL find them before then.

The Last Laugh:

Hey, Radisol didn't send a comic in today. Presumably he'll bring one when he guest hosts tomorrow. In any event, I got this column up a tad on the late side, and I hate depriving guest hosts of letters, so, send them in quick.

Googleshng "26 Days"
Until CC is out.

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