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Googleshng - July 19 '00- 1:00 Eastern Daylight Time

The storm that chased me off yesterday actually didn't last too long. I was going to put something in my closing about how my mail was 75% flame responses to that letter bashing FF9. I just have one thing to say on the matter. FF9's graphics look like Jim Henson did them. Some people don't care, some people are bothered by that, and some people, like me, think that's darn cool. I was also going to print this quickie here from someone who appearently thinks I'm Heather. I wasn't the last time I checked. Come to think of it, I don't ever recall checking if I was Heather. If any of you DO check that sort of thing, quite frankly I'm worried. I'd check now, but unfortunately I am in Dark, so I can hear nothing smell nothing feel nothing taste nothing and I'm not even sure who I am. I can see letters though, so let's get going.

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Legend of Dragoon
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Vanguard Banditos
Hello Googleshng....Eugene?'s Googleshng....ok. (letter from yesterday?)

In Vanguard Bandits the instructions explain how to get the kingdom and empire paths but is there another path? I thought I heard there was and right now there are no good faqs on the net anywhere it seems. Which path(s) have you finished? The empire path is kinda hard to get into but i'll keep trying til Bastion reaches level 8.


Actually, if you really want to gut the game, you have to get all 5 endings (although there are only 3 branches). They are as follows: Play the game normally and have your party not like you (Kingdom Branch, bad ending), play the game normally and have your party like you (Kingdom Branch, good ending), get Bastion up to level 8 by the end of the third fight (Empire Branch) then there's 2 endings depending on which of the girls likes you more, and finally, get the good kingdom ending (maybe an empire one too), play through Kingdom again, and there's a choice partway through that takes you to the Ruin branch (I believe it's something like "What are you going to do with Ultragunner?" "I'm going to conquer the continent."). If you don't do all 5, you don't get everything unlocked in the options menu. It's a good thing it's such a fun game. Oh, and the Empire Branch is DEFINATELY worth it.

Shoot legs and feet!
Word up to the somewhat-unpronounceable-named knower of some.

Since I'm good at missing the most obvious things, I just wanted to know if, in Front Mission 3, you're able to actually target which part of the body you want to destroy with single-hitting weapons. Thanks.

The FunkE One
The Only One
Da Funk
Former Writer of The High Spot
"We spent all night learning an important lesson: You can't judge a sewer by its manhole cover. No sir, people can be very different under the surface than they might seem. Quiet, mild-mannered souls just might turn out to be Roaring Lions of Two-Fisted Cool. And Roaring Lions of Two-Fisted Cool just might have some crippling lobster problems. Listen, man, it's all crazy down there, under the surface. A lost wallet could bite you in half! A bar of soap could save your life! Egad! A disgusting mound of much just might have some very compelling ideas!" -The Tick

I almost chopped off that really long quote, but then I noticed it was from The Tick. There's a typo though. Anyway, while you can't target specific limbs per say, there are skills that target a specific limb, like Arm Smash.

The Rhapture
Hey Google I don't appreciate what you said about Raphsody. You have'nt even played the game yet. I've never played it myself, but From what I've read in various gaming mags it sounds like fun to me. I know it's suppossed to be kind of cutesey, but I won't let it stop me from playing it. I know it's kind of pathetic of me to try to back up A game I have'nt even played yet, but I've got high hopes for it.


Well, why I personally haven't played Rhapsody, I have friends who have played it, and told me a great deal about it, giving me the impression that I really wouldn't like it. Besides which, Dark beats Sappy any day. 8)

Give us our dolls back!
Dear Googleshng,
I'm stuck in Koudelka. How in the world do you get the Green Key from the little mummies? They never attack me and everything I do to them just misses! I've even thrown cheese at them. Can you help me? Also, I seem to be collecting a lot of statues of animals. Are they going to come in handy and how many are there? Thanks a bunch!

Don't fight them. Run away, go find their dolls, and bring them to them. I'm really glad that Koudelka has so many puzzles, it's a shame that most of them are just inventory puzzles though.

Go Game Arts to find the KEY.
Hey Goog!
I religiously follow your column since, hell, well... a long time ago anyway. Questions:
Well, I wonder if there will be a Lunar 3 someday (probably for Dreamcast, I presume). I've heard there was like a Gaiden or something, but I don't know anything about it, and I'd find it quite more interesting to see a NEW sequel rather than another "Complete".
On another subject, did Game Arts first intend to release Grandia for PSX? Cause if it was not originally intended to be released, I can presume Grandia 2 will be released for PS2 sooner or later. I like dreamcast better too, but Saturn was a great console, and, well, we can see where it is now...
Ah, by the way, the Quote is from Chrono Trigger. Well. See ya «round.

Xerdo "If it were any uglier, it'd be my butt!" Pw‘rko

Well, it's been a long time, but I seem to remember reading long long ago that Game Arts is planning to release Lunar 3 sometime after Lunar:EBC comes out. The other game you're thinking of is Lunar: Magic School, which from all accounts is Icky. Now then, as for making your analogy there, it would be a lot more accurate to relate the PSX2 to the Saturn and the Dreamcast to the PSX. The Saturn came out later, had better specs, was a pain to develop for, and handled polygons in an ugly manner. Same thing here. Also, By the time Grandia came out, the Saturn was dead in the US, and dying in Japan, so not many people got to play it. Hence the rereleasal. The Dreamcast is alive and kicking, so I really doubt they'll need to rerelease the sequel.

3G, Why is it you feel you need to add a sentence of complaint every time a person mentions wanting a PS2? I would think at some point you'd realize that people are going to buy it no matter how loud you shout about how dumb it is to do so.

Now that I have dared to rebut your last statement and disqualified my letter for print, I have some questions:

1) Is it worth playing through the old RPGs? I'm talking FF1, Shining Force, Phantasy Star, ect. I have the opportunity to play them, but I've tried like FF1 and it all seems like too much trouble to go through. I'm in it more for the experience of plot more than anything else. Yes, no?

2) Just bought Saga Frontier 2, how does this 'Free Scenario System' work? I know you've been off the game for a while, sorry. What happens when you pick the events out of order? Like Gustave's 19th birthday party before he's 15? If you'd like, just point me to an older column.

3) Why is it that Legend of Dragoon is getting utter crap reviews, yet everyone is still buying it? Is it as bad as they say? Seems to me that all the people who have bought it are happy with it. Are the reviews wrong?

Sorry for egging you on in the first paragraph. Answers would be unexpected, but appreciated.

-Red Raven, now 7 RPGs away from being hardcore

Yes I do realize that enough people will probably buy the PSX2 on blind loyalty for it to be successful, but that's no reason not to encourage peope to support it's competitors. I think the DC is a better machine when you take everything in, so I'd like people to buy it, to encourage developers to stick with it, and get the most out of it. I'll push Nintendo's new system wheen it comes out if it lives up to it's hype too. Last I checked it has better specs than everything else, will cost $100, cure cancer, and bring about world peace... or something. Moving on to your actual questions, FF1 has no real plot, so you can get by without it. Phantasy Star however is quite cool, and playing it enhances one's enjoyment of 2 and 4, so I'd highly recommend it. Shining Force isn't really that old, and the plot isn't that great, but it's a pretty fun game and it has some really cool characters. Plus it's the only game I can think of where you can be turned into a hen and run around. In SF2, I believe it makes no difference whatsoever what order you do things in, that's what's odd about it. Finally, as for LoD, I haven't read any bad reviews of it, but I'll just say this. LoD is extremely generic. Playing LoD is reminding me of all the cliches and conventions RPGs have. On the other hand, the combat system is a little innovative, and as generic (and dated looking) as the game is, it honestly is just inherently fun. Possibly BECAUSE it's so generic. There's a little naustalgia factor.


Aiieee! Good lord, Google is making Macintosh sounds. *sounds of apocalypse and carnage* Aieee! The world is collapsing ....Ow.

Lord of the Blades Dragon

I don't know what you're refering to, but beep, dingdong, quack, stapler. 8)

So, you need some money? Do you have/want to see Lunar:SSSC? I'll pay good money for that. ~~TREIZE~~

I don't need money THAT badly. I'm keeping Lunar... for Lords of Lunar if nothing else. 8)

What do I get for identifying the quote on the RPGamer banner? Anyone should be able to tell it's from Lunar: SSSC

I always find it interesting when people guess wrong about the quotes. Have an asterisk though. *

Hey Goog
Did you import Chrono Trigger 99? Because i heard there were alot more endings that connect it to Chrono Cross and i was wondering if that was true.


I didn't import it, but I no someone who did. I'll have to have him rip the movies. Oh, and yes.

Having read Brad's recent column, I have to ask you something: Is Brad the reincarnation of Daravon?

"Ryu recovers with willpower"

No, Brad's much less coherent. 8)

Hey goog!

That quote comes from Chrono Trigger. Some random townsperson in 600 A.D. describes Slash, Flea, and Ozzie as 'tone deaf'. Also a little joke, Slash & the gang are names of real-life musicians.

~Casey Edwards

A ton of people got this, so here's tildes for all: ~~~~~~~~~~~ On another note, someone was telling me that in Japan, those three are named after food, and the Flea Vest is the Mayonaise Bra. I seem to recall anyone can wear that too. With Magus or Robo, that'd be pretty funny.

These are not my pants
Whose pants are these anyway
They're too tight. No! AAAAAHHHHHH!!!


There's a disturbing haiku.

The Last Laugh:

Wow, it's late.

Today I saw a commercial for Escaflowne on Fox. That's an amazingly maimed dub. Van does not brag. Van screams big spiffy war cries and cuts people in half. Shame on you Fox. Anyway, 5 AM means I need to sleep.

Googleshng "Big Nosed"

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