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Googleshng - July 18 '00- 1:00 Eastern Daylight Time

My cousin left for Japan this weekend. For the next year at least he'll be teaching english to Japanese Schoolgirls. Good for him. Unfortunately that means I have a whole lot more free time. Too much free time makes me lose it.

On a totally unrelated note, would any of you be willing to pay oh.... $1500 for my Magic cards? I don't really play much and I need the money. It's mainly Dark-Mirage.

Finally, one of the newer staffers here is running a little contest off his webpage, getting people to draw odd pictures of him. He's giving away various games he never got around to playing while he's at it. Actually I sent him one, so plugging it for him is against my own best interests. Oh well.

Looking back, this intro looks kinda commercialish... blech.

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Hi, As a RPGamer I have some concerns about how to spend my money and how RPGs will be affected by the next generation consoles.

1. Do you think it would be worthwhile to buy a Segs Saturn for its RPGs?

2.I heard a lot about Grandia 2 for the Dreamcast but do you know if there are any plans to release it for the PS2? Even though I own a Dreamcast I think it would be a lot better for the PS2.Will there be many multiplatform RPGs?

3.Do you know if Konami has any plans to bring its Suikoden and Vandal Hearts series to a next-generation console?

4.What game do you prefer, Koudelka? or Rhapsody?

5.I heard the final stages of Saga Frontier 2 are almost impossible. I am nearing the end of the game but I am afraid to continue in fear of being stuck before a boss unable to backtrack. Are there any preparations I could take to make the final stages of the game a bit easier?

6.Do you hate Saga Frontier? I liked it.


I considered it worthwhile to buy a Saturn for the RPGs on it, so I did... now I just have to track down the games. There are no plans to port Grandia 2, or any other DC RPG over to the PSX2 at this point, and I'm 99% sure there won't be, ever. I don't see why people prefer the PSX2 to the Dreamcast. The DC has better graphics, a huge library, and it's cheaper. Of course my job requires me to get a PSX2 when FF10 comes out... doh. Oh, and don't you dare rebut my last statement, I won't print it, and yes I have seen both in action. Konami seems to be really pushing Suikoden, so it will probably stick around, no official plans though. I haven't played Rhapsody, hear it sucks, so, Koudelka. The end of SF2 is insanely hard, too bad you can't really character build... just get everything. Finally, I don't have SaGa Frontier... yet.

Dear Googleshng:

Wow. Brad answered all of three questions in Sunday's Oracle. Not that I could necessarily do better... but...

Anyway, here's a question for you. What was your favorite NES RPG? Back in the days when graphics were unimportant by necessity, rescuing a princess wasn't a cliche, and horrible translations were forgiven, what made a game great? What is it about the original Legend of Zelda that makes it so much fun to play today, even with graphical powerhouses like Final Fantasy VII? And do you think that this magic could ever be reproduced in a modern game? Because it couldn't be just that the games didn't have good graphics... just as visuals don't make a game great, lack of visuals don't either. Do any of today's games, in your opinion, make it into this class of fun-to-play-over-and-over games? And just in case the original question got lost by now, what is your favorite NES game?

- - StormDrake (
"Quietly it crept in, new horror... insanity reigned..."

Favorite NES RPG eh? Well, since you said didn't give me permission to say an Action/RPG, that's a tough one. I can only name 7, and 4 of those are sequels. I guess FF1, although I hear good things about DW4. As for Zelda's appeal, it's the first game of it's kind. That's enough really.

You don't even care if Barlow dies!

I'm trying to widen my horizen by learning japanese and I've gotten stuck on something. I've decided to import some games from Japan (i.e. FF9) but before i do, what set of characters are used in Japanese videogames? I'm hoping all katakana and hiragana... but I wanna know for sure. Do you know?
Thanks either way!


Unfortunately, the average RPG contains all three for different things. In theory though, for some games at least, if you know the easy two you can probably read around the kanji.

Helllooo Eugene! I have questions and comments..First Koudelka good? I really wanted it to begin with..but then everyone is all saying it sucks, so who wants to waste money on sucky games?

Next..I'm playing LoD right now..I enjoy it but yet its not what i thought it would be..theres barely any movies, and the towns are major confusing! My favorite character is Meru, because shes spiffy. I think Shana sucks, true..but in the end she'll probably end up being the best one or something..How many movies or whatever are there? And when do you get to hear the characters speak like in a convo? I love voice acting! I want to know hows the easiest way to beat Mappi and that one dude that Haschel trained..and WHY did he hurt my Meru?? *Breathes*

Also..I heard that Parasite Eve movie was coming to the states? When is this or do you know? I absolutely LOVE that game! Thank you, and by the way...I know your name is not Eugene silly...MUAH! *KISSSSSS* Aww dont ya just feel so embarrassed now? :-

Your Admirer

Meru..AKA Stacy

P.S: Why is it I love the annoying characters? I liked Rydia..and Selphie..And Meru..and Yuffie!!

Yes, being kissed by someone who identifies with Yuffie/Selphie and calls me Eugene is a disturbing premise. As far as your actual questions go though, I personally found Koudelka to be very enjoyable. LoD does seem to pack in surprisingly few movies. With 4 discs you'd figure they'd be constant. As for the PE movie, everything regarding movies takes so long that you end up thinking they're scrapped until they're out. That's why I don't follow movie news.

Go More random stuff to find the KEY.

I have maaany questions but lack a catchy opening for them. Ooops.

1) Is the Grandia soundtrack any good?
2) Will Parasite Eve 2's battle system be simliar to Vagrant Story's? 3) Do you prefer coffee or tea?
4) Will Chrono Cross be diminished in impact for people who've never played the first?
5) Are all the battles in Vanguard Bandits as slow-paced as the first? Sorry about my english, I'm an Aamerican..


Yes, Grandia has decent music, I assume that combat in PE2 will work like combat in PE1, which is kinda like Vagrant Story. Chrono Cross will probably be better for people who played the first, but it's not like it's a requirement or anything. Finally, fights in VB get quite interesting later. Keep playing.

The Last Laugh:

Sorry to cut things a little short, but a MASSIVE storm is picking up and I'll have to shut down. See you all tomorrow!

Googleshng "Battening down"

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