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Googleshng - July 14 '00- 1:00 Eastern Daylight Time

I'm helping my cousin prioritize his worldly goods and vital software because he's leaving for Japan in the morning, won't be back for a year. Forgive me if I seem a little distracted. Anyway, here's Jeff.

Jeff: Well, here I am, guesthosting Q&A. A lot of you guys may know me as Gin-Irochi on EsperNet. Or not. Anyway, I was a bit dissappointed that I didn't get many (any, other than the guy asking about trading FF Tactics) querstions about Xenogears. I love that game! Oh well... Anyway, I tried to answer the questions as well as I could, but we didn't get that many. Is that a blessing or a curse? Anyway, here we go!

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Crazy week
Did you notice that in the Offspring song, "Pretty Fly for a White Guy" there is this lyric: "He's getting a tattoo, yeah. He's getting ink done. He asked for a 13, but he got a 31" Could this be an obscure reference to Red XIII of FF7?

Actually, I believe it would be a reference to "13" being an unlucky number, and that the 'fly white guy' is unlucky to have around. But hey...

That song is less than 10 years old, so I haven't heard it.

South of the border
Hi Google and Mr. Hagadorn

I would like to know what is the common Game Company (Japanese or American) Position regarding Latin America. There is, simply put, no game releases for us people in Latin America as far as I know. I live in the Dominican Republic and all we do is import our games from the US (it's not really that hard you see) or buy them from retailers who import them from the US and sell them more expensive than usual. This is why I always buy my games online and get them the same day they're released most of the time.

Most of us players in Latin America know English to play any RPG but it would be a nice treat to see any Final Fantasy in Spanish sometime. I know that Final Fantasy VIII was released in Spanish in Europe but that would not count because they use the PAL system.

Also, will PlayOnline be available to the whole World or is it going to be only for Japan, the rest of Asia and North America?

Thanks a lot!

Johnny Nouel

To be honest, I havn't got a clue. Some help I am, eh? ;)

I believe the answer all around is "Haven't really thought about it." Now I'm suddenly interested in the state of gaming in Central/South America. I assume Square's going world wide with their network, otherwise FF11 will REALLY bomb here.

Hi mom
in almost all rpgs focus around the hero who has no idea where hes from or what he is, Why cant they forget that crap and include his mom or dad in the game, for instance Chrono Trigger features crono's mom and that is arguebly the best game on the snes, and it featured the heros mom, so why dont other rpgs follow that ????

Well, as I recall, in Star Ocean: The Second Story, the beginning of the gae features Rena's mother quite prominently. Claude's father is also plays a minorly significant role as well. There may be more gaes with 'parental guidance' than you think. Heh... I made a funny...

Almost all? I don't think so. In over half the games I can think of off the top of my head, your parents figure quite prominantly. In SaGa Frontier 2 and Phantasy Star 3, you control 3 generations of a family, FF4 5 6 and 8 all put a lot of emphesis on your parents. Xenogears also. Need I go on?

Better late than never...
Hey Googleshng and Jeff,
While I was in a crunch for games with no money, I started playing that game that came with the FF8 demo. It actually turneed out to pretty fun until....... TOPO! I can't beat her. Is there a trick to doing this, because I've spent way too long trying to do this having her bounce me out after the second note of the song.

The other trivial question iswhat is the deal with the bottom of the soda fountain? In the cinema it looks like the bottom of the spiral tower where you get Lumina.
Thanks for your help.

"Yes I'd like a gnhselgoog and a cup of latté please"

Ahh, Topo... She was one of my favorit charactars. Basically, it's a Parappa the Rapper type deal. You need to watch what she does, then copy-cat her moves. Once you get it down, it's a lot of fun! :)

Someone was going to get me BFM for Christmas, but they couldn't fine it, so I've never played it.

Tough choice
Hiya Googie babe....Hiya Jeff dude.
I know this isn't much of a question for you....but I was you think it's a good trade to swap my FF Tactics for either Xenogears or LOD ?
And if you know anyone that would like to trade (feel free to post my e-mail addy).
What would you do?

BTW Googie........YOU ROCK!!!.


Well, to be honest, Final Fantasy Tactics wasn't my favorite game..... But Xenogears kicked a lot of ass. So I'd say "Go for it" if you're going to swap for XG.

FFT is great. Xenogears is great. LoD... well, LoD's pretty good. If you're sick of FFT, I guess it's a good deal. Ok, and that address is

huff huff CLEAR! Bweeeeee
Heyyy Goog,
I have 3 Vagrant Story questions to ask, and I will be very angry if they arent answered.

1. I just got the game, as it just came out down here in New Zealand, and I like it so far but does it ever have a break from the cramped rooms? Are there any big open spaces and/or outdoor areas? (I am at 17% map completion)

2. I've read in lots of reviews that the game is very hard, but I havent died once, or even come close to dieing. Did you know if they toned down the PAL version?

3. When I am fighting the early bosses, I can only seem to do damage in very small denominations (1, 2 and 3 points at a time). Is this normal? Do I need to do level building? Is ther such a thing in this game?

Well that turned out to be 6-7 questions, but your always complaining you never get enough proper questions anyway.


OK, I can answer these!

1. - Outdoor spaces are coming. Actually, shortly after the point you're currently at. Fairly soon you will actually emerge into the town of LeMonde.

2. - I also thought the game was very easy... about until about 25% finished. After that, a lot of the bosses bacame night impossible, but, with a bit of strategy, they are killable. Two words sum up most of the frustration with the game that I've encountered - Snowfly Forest. These two words are the same as the saying 'Welcome to Hell' in my mind.

3. - My suggestion would be to check the attributes of your weapons. You're likely using attacks and weapons that the boss is strong against. Try different combinations to see which moves and equipment work best. Good Luck!

Hey, I liked the Snowfly Forest. It had a whole Lost Woods deal going for it.


I don't have enough EMS memory to play Ultima Underworld! :(

Jeff: Doh!
Google: That's just plain sad.

What the hell is Pocky. A long time ago you used to talk about getting some Pocky. Is it that priestess from Pocky and Rocky?

Jeff: AhHA! I can handle this one, because google... uhh.... told me before. -.-'' Anyway, pocky is a japanese snack which consist candy covered saltless pretzel type things. Tasty...
Google: It's addictive though. I've seen someone eat $200s worth in one sitting and still want more.

If RPGamer had a hit counter, what do you think it'd be up to by now? (not counting, just RPGamer itself)

Jeff: Probably up near 2,000,000
Google: Hehehe. Q&A alone gets over 2,000,000 hits in a week, and that's not even couting Brad's days.

Hey hey! If that one guy is Moogleshng then that would make me Galvatronshng right? LOL

-Galvatronshng who wishes the shng could be big bold and flashing :)

Jeff: Well, I think you guys have inspired me to take out my long lost nickname..... Gin'Irochi...shng! yeah... ¬ ¬
Google: Glad to be of service.

I like Shadow Madness!

Google: So YOU'RE the one!
Jeff: I like Rice!

Not enough Quickies.

Annoying when that happens.

Jeff left already.

Can't send him more.

The Last Laugh:

Jeff: Well, that wasn't so bad was it? I didn't come out with any gaping flesh wounds or anything, so I think I'll live. Anyway, I want to thank Googleshng for allowing me to guest host, I really enjoyed... what little I did. Hope to see you guys again!

-- Jeff Hagadorn, AKA Gin-Irochi.

Googleshng: Well, it's 4 AM, my cousin has gotten the nessessities of life onto his laptop, and the column is done. I've noticed lately that you all seem to be getting a tad sick of new Newsies and NMers guest hosting. I guess you can only ask about gathering news and such so many times before it gets dull. The rest of this month's hosts should perk you up though I think. On that cryptic note, I'm out of here.

Googleshng "Stupid Dawn, tricks are for kids."
The government doesn't seem to like marriages of convienience.

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