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Googleshng - July 12 '00- 1:00 Eastern Daylight Time

This is sick. The street is lined with stopped cars do to traffic, my house is full of people, so far the case to LoD and 1 N64 controller have been totalled, and I repeat, my house is full of people. So, I write this column with great difficulty. As for WHY there are people everywhere in my sleepy little town, it has something to do with those big boats out my window. In any case, column time.

Oh, and tomorrow's guest host will be Jeff Hagadorn. In addition to being one of RPGamer's new news staffers, he's also graciously hosting my page, and has helped me out with a number of other things, so, I really owe him a guest host spot. In additon to the standard games, he can handle questions on Legend of Mana, BOF3, Star Ocean II, Brave Fencer, Final Fantasy 4,7, 8, and Xenogears... wait I just included the standard games in there. Oh well.

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In the PSX:
Vanguard Bandits
They play it!

What's the deal with RPGs coming out nowadays that re-use old names? Neverwinter Nights was originally an online RPG on Prodigy or AOL based on the SSI "gold box" games many years ago, and now there's Wizards & Warriors, which I would hope has no connection to the NES action game of the same name. What gives?

Also, why are Vanguard Bandits and Rhapsody both $50 instead of the now-standard $40? Legend of Dragoon is only $40 and I'm sure it cost a LOT more to make than the aforementioned two. Grrr.

I don't know about Rhapsody, but Vanguard Bandits is full of Working Designs treats! There's the big shiny box, and the big shiny instructions, and the big long Lunar 2 demo. What's sick was the $80 and $100 price tags on Phantasy Star 1 and 4 when they came out.

The good ol' days
Did you ever stop to think about how the RPGs from the old Snes period compare to the ones nowadays? I mean, then there wasn't many RPGs out there but there weren't any terrible ones either ( count out Secret of Evermore ).

Nowadays we are presented with alot of RPGs and that's GOOD, but alot are crap. Examples? Sure! Shadow Madness, Guardians Crusade, SaGa Frontier to name some. So, what I'd like to do is say that RPGs were better before.

Dissagree? Of course you do, so fill me in!

PS Square goes back to their roots with LoM DS


There were just as many bad RPGs back in "the good old days" as there are now (well, ratio wise), it's just that they weren't translated. Now, everything gets translated. So, you can chose for yourself whether to buy lousy games or not. If they suck, don't buy them. Anyway, the fact of the matter is, more great games come out nowadays, faster! Look at this year! Chrono Cross, FF9, Lunar 2, LoM, LoD, VB, just to name SOME of the games that did/will come out THIS YEAR. If you look back a few years, ONE RPG, maybe 2, would come out. The ratio of good games isn't what matters, it's the number. Now is better.

You don't even care if Barlow dies!
Yayyy, I finally got Vanguard Bandits. It's so great its hard to stop playing. Anyway, my question is simple. What is the purpose of the interviews you can do before each mission? I know that some of the people give you advice about various things, but others just talk about useless information. And why is it that you can only talk to 3 people? I know it has something to do with the relationships you have with the other members in your party, but what is the main pupose of talking to them?


Those relationships have a MAJOR impact on the end of the game. Basically, if you let people die like crazy, and do stupid things when you have choices, they'll like you less. Talking to them makes them like you more. So, chances are, you want to keep them happy.

Better late than never...
Hi Google and Mr. Parton.

I have Star Ocean 2 which I started playing back in November of 1999 and built 14 hours of game time into it. Last time I played was December 1999 just before going to the Hoffman Ruins in the First Disk. This is a game which never grabbed me from the very beginning and it just kind of went away with each hour of gameplay. The graphics are great, the story is *I don't know yet* so far and the Item creation and ability system are great but I think the battle system is the main problem for me in this game.

I selected at the very beginning of the game Real Time Active battle and I remember there were a couple of more choices. I seem to like best turn base battle system than a real time active one. So my questions follow:

1. Is one of the other choices a Turn Base Battle System? (like FFs, Lunar, etc.)
2. If so, can you change it after starting playing?

Thanks a lot!

Johnny Nouel

Yes, one of the choices in turn based, but from what I've heard, it's just a weird crippled version of real time so it sucks. As for changing mid-way, nope, you're stuck however you start. I really just don't like that game myself.
Oops, someone just told me that you can change it anytime from options. I stand corrected.

Go WEST to find the KEY.
Hey Goog..
I was kinda curious about FF9.. not about how old school it is or anything.. but about a feature introduced in FF8 that bothered me. Yes, I am referring to one of the worst ideas ever to grace an RPG: Idiot Text. I'm not sure if there's another name for it.. but I know you know what I'm talking about. "I think a saw a suspiscious man THE MOUNTAINS TO THE WEST . The place it really stuck was in Breath of Fire II. I was so glad it hadn't appeared in Final Fantasy 6j, but it shows up in 8, BLINKING nonetheless!! It's bad enough to have text in pretty colors so that it sticks out to people, but BLINKING. (the scene I'm referring to is when Quistis asks Squall if he's been to the fire cave) Have we become this stupid? I sincerely hope that this is not a trend that continues in the series. In nearly all cases, you are able to go back and check what they said, if you didn't realize it was crucial information before (call me a glutton for punishment, but I prefer it to figure it out on my own than have blaring text tell me something). I was also curious if these kinds of things are added by folks who think that English speaking gamers are stupid, or if they actually do add blatent hints like that in Japan as well. I realize it sounds like a pretty stupid question, but I don't know all that many people who enjoy being forece-fed they could have gotten just as easily and comfortably themselves.

, (that's KAMA, with a K)

You can be , or Kama, but you have to pick one! Anyway though, that does seem to be a growing trend. I don't have any feelings about it either way myself... so, I'm going to stop now.

huff huff CLEAR! Bweeeeee
oh high and knowledgeable google.. i have a Nes question for you.. i havent used my Nes in 6 months and now when i put in a game... ie:Zelda it comes up with a green screen.. and it flashes at me.. do you know any way to get my Nes fixed?.. thanks alot for the help


Well, if it's the old model, you more or less have to give it CPR. Blow out the dust, remove the game, put it back in, push it down, then back up, then down, and try it... agter about 20 reptitions the game should work for a good few hours. If it's the new model that actually works... I think Nintendo still offers to fix them actually.


Hey Goog,

As a big Phantasy Star fan, I know where the quote is from. "Can you spare a cup of cola?" is said by a bum in the town of Gothic, in the original PS for the Sega Master System.

- Andrew P. Bilyk, "Aegis"

Here's your tilde: ~ and here's some for the other people who got it: ~~~. Also, since you all played the great PS, go get yourself cookies.

Hey Googleshng,
Did you know that if you spell your name backwords it spells gnhselgoog? Isn't that weird and disturbing?

Yes. I have friends who call me that actually. Sounds like a pastry.

Hey Googleshng,
I heard Koudelka was a real stink bomb of a game. Have you played it? What do you think? The highest score I've seen for it was a 6.8. Lovely :\


Hey, our reviewer gave it a 7, not that numerical scres matter at all. Go by content. Anyway, I personally really enjoyed Koudelka. It seems like it was designed expressly for me... although that involves some paradoxes. Still, it's a fun one, with a good plot.

Why Sire, what a way with men you seem to have!

-Xeno(I'm not ashame to slap my name on senseless quickies!)chick

This is the priestess of Suzaku, and this is some gay guy!

Can you ask paws to do the pronunciation of Gau from ff6 and Irvine Kenneas from ff8 i can prounounce Irvine but the last name is tricky.

Thank you,

P.S, Im Moogleshng and moogles will rule the world soon.

You know you can just email her right? Oh, and Gau rhymes with Ow.


Why are you crying little ascii-art?

Dear Google,
for those of us not very proficient in Japanese, what does "Yaoi/shounen ai" mean?


Let's see... how to put this delicately... OK, let's say you found some fan art of Cloud and Squall kissing, that'd be Yaoi.

The Last Laugh:

Radisol nixed the blueness...

OK, I started this when I woke up, and once I finish, I'm going to bed. You see, there's this thing called OpSail 2000. It's some thing with tall ships from various countries sailing around the world. They were here just now... and so were a huge number of people. Some were in my house for some odd reason, including relatives of mine. Doing columns with one person throwing your N64 controller into your LoD case killing both, having people kick you in the ribs, and having people steal your chair when you get up for a drink makes writing columns basically impossible. They're all gone now though, so tomorrow will be just fine. Don't forget to send stuff for Jeff.

Googleshng "Blessed sleep"
LONG few days."

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