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Googleshng - July 7 '00- 1:00 Eastern Daylight Time

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn. Don't know why I'm so tired right now. Maybe because appearently I've gone insane from lack of sleep and Sharkey really is my imaginary friend/multiple personality disorder who takes control whenever I fall asleep and updates his page. Either that or he was just making a reference to a certain bleak angsty generation Xy movie that I was recently forced to watch. In any case, maybe I'll suddenly wake up halfway through the column. Yeah, and maybe I'm a Chinese jet pilot. Now while I go saw off my hand and feed it to the Sharkticons, he's Rob to tell you all a little bit about himself.

Hey all. I'm Rob Parton, although most people know me as Scar or Scarmiglion. I just started being a New Media guy a few weeks ago, and I love it! After a week's holiday back home, I'm back in the city, and ready for some Q&A! Let's go!

P.S. Since nobody even attempted to guess this week's quote, this tilde will go a charity, which is in reality a front for an evil organization bent on stealing your weasels. I hope you're all happy. Oh, and if you're curious, it was from Roger the happy lich from Koudelka.

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In the PSX:
Vanguard Bandits
I like mecha!
Off the shelves.
Hey, I know I've been directly beneath dark, mind-retarding rocks before, but can I ABSOLUTELY, in NO WAY, purchase Lunar Silver Star Story Complete PSX ANYWHERE, EVER AGAIN?? Gah, I *need* to know--I played that Lunar 2 Demo yesterday for the first time and I realized that it's a *friggin' awesome* series! Oh, please answer me Google!!
Wow, I'm all excited now.
Napalm gal

Lunar SSSC is starting to really become scarce. I was lucky enough to pick up the last copy at my EB in my town. You might be able to find them here and there. You might also want to check around at different shops, to see if you can find one used. The series rocks, so even a used copy is worth it, if that's all you can find.

Really there isn't ANY game that's ever in production for more than two months or so, the big deal with Lunar is just that it was packaged with all sorts of goodies. I suppose it's possible that way down the line there will be a rereleasal, with one of those garish green bars on the side, and none of the cool extras, but for now, yes, dig around stores, and hunt for a used copy. I hunt down old games all the time, and trust me, Lunar isn't that hard to get relative to some of my little treasures.

Power Up
I have only one question for you it's about LoD, how does Dragoon gain level it says in the booklet that you need to have gain point by doing additions, but do you have to change into dragoon when the bar become full or just let it be full and earn point (Sp I think).
Volrath the Fallen

The booklet's right. To gain Dragoon Levels, you need to successfully pull off standard Additions (not the dragoon ones). Also, I'm pretty sure using the Wargod Calling item stops this from working. You need to do them manually. However, the Ultimate Wargod (fricken expensive), lets you build up. Sadly, by the time you can get one usually, you've built up a ton already. But it's all worth it to see those Dragoon spells....mmmmm.... :)

Specifically, all the SP you gain also basically counts as Dragoon EXP. So, if you're an efficient character builder like me, just keep using the addition that gives you the most SP over and over without ever actually going Dragoon. I never actually stopped to character build anywhere and I got Dart up to DL4 by the end of disk 1, so the system works.

Not quite a WA2 spoiler.
Alright, this is mainly for Rob, but I had to Include Google too because he's posting my weird little comics ^_^ So on to the question. In Wild Arms 2, when you reach the Alchemic plant, how in the name of all that is sacred and holy do you get past that damn door with the password!!! There are all these people in rooms with radio's and I found a book of passwords but it doesn't help any since there are three of them and they're all one character too big. I haven't touched Wild Arms 2 in nearly a month since I can't solve that damn puzzle.

GoogleRob? That's.....different. :) I think you mean the voiceprint door. You need to get the voice recorder, check that locked door again. Then use the recorder on the door with the guard arguing with Antenora. You'll grab her voice. Use that to open the door. :)

Ooh, sounds spiffy. I still need to get WA2.

Dear Googlybooglyshng and Rob---

My video game privileges are suspended *sniffle* but when I get them back, (and yes, I will get them back despite what my dad says) I plan to use the knowledge that I seek of you. So, here goes...
1) In Wild ARMs 2, how do you find the location of the Fab Lab on disc 2? My walkthrough says, "talk to the bartender in Damzen with Kanon in the lead," but that doesn't work.
2) Why does Indalecio of SO2 (as if there were any other Indalecios out there) have to be so smurfing hard to kill with his Limiter off? I've got Claude, Dias, Ashton, and Rena all set up with the best equipment (that means three Levantine Swords and the best armor/accessories straight outta the Cave Of Trials and from the Isaelia Queen) and I'm at level 255 and he STILL beats me (usually with the Earthquake spell). What am I doing wrong?
3) Google, does your cousin still have your Game Boy? My cousin's like that in that he never returns my stuff. And he somehow managed to lose Disc 1 of Baldur's Gate...urgh...
4) Rob, what's it like to work in New Media for everyone's favorite RPG website? I wanted to apply, but I have very scant HTML'd you do it? Get the job, I mean.
5) Would either of you happen to know what purpose the Clear Game serves in BoF3? I mean, I can get all the cool bonus items and stuff now, but beyond that it seems kinda pointless. I was disappointed when I found out it wasn't a New Game + type of thing...("Now," I had thought, "I can finally beat Balio and Sunder with Ryu, Rei, and Teepo!")
Well, thanks fellas. Much respect to both of you. Later.

1) I haven't quite gotten to that point yet....been away for a week. But from what I know, you need to chat it up with a woman in the bar at Damzen. That's all I know :)
2) Indy without a my opinion, the hardest boss ever, especially in Universe Mode. My secret to beating him is to use the party you're using, and set Ashton to use Sword Dance over and over. Once you get the first hit in with either Mirror Blade, or Sword Dance, just whup his butt, while having Dias attack with whatever, and Rena curing, casting Anti and Angel Feather. Turn all the crummy spells off :)
3) What's a battle?
4) If I told you, I'd have to kill you. :) But seriously, I was polite to the staff members, and I had already done some work for Darien in the Editorials section :) The job rocks, but it's a lot of work. Luckily, I've got way too much free time.
5) The Clear Game does one thing as far as I know. It allows you to go and get the Master fishing rod, and the best lure from the Master Fisherman on the peninsula off Steal Beach. Then you can catch Whales! Also, it allows you to go back and try to fight Beserker and ArchMage, the two 'WEAPON's of BOF3. They're both in the Container Yard near Caer Xhan.

Oh! I can answer one of those! Well, suffice it to say that my cousin stole my gameboy and hasn't given it back. I don't know if he still has it, he might have lost it.

Star Wars Fans... Yikes
Hiya Googs!

I'm sure you'll get many corrections about this, (which ensures that mine will be the only one), but Biggs does die in star wars. He gets blown up by vader while protecting Luke. Wedge gets damaged and has to retreat to star in a great series of books, the X-Wing series. All 9 of them are really good reads.
Vanguard Bandits is lots of fun too! I just got my first game over though, around like chapter 16 or 17. This is the first 'tacstratrpg' that I can remember that has a 3 way melee fight. Don't let Ultragunner get surrounded :(
Oh, and in the original FF, I just beat Kary with a single fighter. The rest of my party was killed by the red dragon's blaze attack :( The funny thing is, the dragon was worth just as much exp and much easier to kill because of the dragon sword. Now to the useless questions:
1. Ever played/heard of Terminus? It's a PC/Mac/Linux space shooter game thing. Think Escape Velocity + Unreal Tournament. It's fun, but multiplayer is really buggy at the moment.
2. If you don't post the entire letter, can you use one of the three top paragraphs for a quickie? Because, um, somebody that I know knows somebody who might know somebody who possibly is having their birthday today (!?)

Yeah! Star Wars! I really need VG...but money comes first in that timeline. Kary is a suck. :P I crushed her with my superior firepower! 1) I read about Terminus somewhere....I should look that up again. 2) I'll just stand over here....

I own a grand total of 4 pieces of commercial Mac software. If it's uncrippled shareware or freeware though, I'll have to check that out. Also, about Wedge not dying... I don't recall saying he did, just that it's a good name for someone who does. Like half my mail reminded me of this little fact.

Loose ends
Hello google,
1. Recently, with all the Chrono Cross hoopla and stuff, I started playing Chrono Trigger again... My question is about a weird segment that I had completely forgotten. When you're about finished with the game, there is this one scene where all the characters crowd around the fire and speak about an "entity" that seems to have control over them, or something. I remember thinking at the time that Square was a adding a reference to the player or something, so you could "feel" you were really "into" the game... But now I'm not so sure... If that was the case, it was a poorly realized idea, because there is no other referance to that "unique feature" throughout the whole game...
So what's the deal with that "entity" thing on Chrono Trigger? Think it would make a comeback on Chrono Cross?
(PS. i'm not making that scene up... it does exist...)
2. have you heard the ffix battle song yet? I love it! It sounds pretty much like a mix between the battle songs from 4,5, 6... nothing like that yucky song from 8! It even has that classic percussion intro.
So, what do you think of it?
a. mckelligan

1) Chrono Trigger is the bomb. I love it. That scene does exist. It happens after saving the forest in 600/1000 AD When I think back (haven't played it in at least a year), I really think that the entity IS the player. Back when I first played it, I thought it was Lavos...who knows? I think it's all a matter of what the player believes. 2) While I do this, I'm listening to the FF9 battle music. I love's really well done. Also, I love the boss music. Uematsu seems to be going back too :)

The whole deal with "the entity" is one of those odd little loose ends in CT. Same with the whole Shala deal. Nobody can really give you a completely straight answer there.

Ohio, Googely-boogely and Rob-man!

Question time! Um... I'm playing through Suikoden 1, and I want to know, can you bring back Gremio if Pahn is dead? Also, can you get the 108 stars ending with those guys dead?
Did you know that Chairman Kaga from Iron Chef was the first ever Japanese Jesus in Jesus Christ Super Star and the first Japanese Tony from West Side Story? He's supposed to be really good in those too. I wanna see them!!
Hugs and Kisses,
Carolyn "who is trying desperately to sell Evangelion tapes, so could you please post the e-mail address in hopes that someone will read this line and want to buy them?" Chen

Hmmm...Suikoden...I really need to get/play that. I've played through Suikoden II, must play! Evangelion? WHERE? MINE!

To my understanding, you don't get the best ending if anyone is dead. On the other hand, to MY knowledge, Gremio stays dead, so what do I know? I'm sure Brad will explain it all tomorrow, so don't ask him about it.


If you liked that song, you can try other Shinohara Tomoe songs too. I especially recommend Loop People and Love Bang. They're crackified.
~ Tonberry

Rob: Is crackified a word?
Google: I need to find my dealer.

You didn't answer this yesterday,maybe it's because you don't care,but I do.So what's the code for the damn treasure chest on the Phantom Ship in LoD?

Rob: The code changes at random...dare ya to get it first try without save/load/save/load/sa......
Google: You do know I prefer not to print walkthrough type stuff, right?

Is Vanguard Bandits better then FF Tactics?

Rob: Must...get...VB! Tactics rocks though :P
Google: There is no way I could answer that without being lynched. Therefore, I abstain.

Why do people portray you as a slime in their art all the time? And how do slimes type on keyboards?
"Ryu recovers with willpower"

Rob: Slimes are an artform in themselves!
Google: Whenever you get associated with something, people send you stuff related to it. Like Gallagher and watermellons.

Have you played the game
called Rhapsody, and if so,
do you enjoy it?
Should I buy it, or
is it a waste of money?
Please let me know soon.

Rob: Music and RPGs...these are a few of my favorite things.....
Google: I heard it's short, easy, and has dubbed singing.

I've bet my life savings that you won't post this quickie.
-Zeik T., stealing the patent for the Enyoslev wanzer

Rob: You lose. Pay up!
Google: What can I say? I have an evil streak. >8)

Which one should I get first: FFVII or FFVIII?

Rob: FFVII. Nuff Said.
Google: Assuming you've already played the others, 7 first. Less shocking that way.

I beat Limiter-Off Indalecio and Iselia-Queen earlier this week... not many people have done that
- „”gh mŒ¨Ž

Rob: I've done it more than five times :P
Google: It all depends on the difficulty level now doesn't it. 8)

The Last Laugh:

Rob: That was quite a bit of fun, actually. Maybe I should do it again sometime! (kidding Google :P ) I'll be doing an Editorials update sometime this weekend, so I hope you go read them! Well, a six-hour drive kinda tires you I've got work to do, then sleep. Lates!

Google: Well, there's the column for you. Rob took a bit longer than I expected answering stuff, and then once I had it all my connection started falling apart... I should get a cable modem... and a way to pay for one. Anyway, as I write this I'm ecstatic because my accurséd sky lights have finally been fixed! They'll stil leak, but I can open them, so now I have 3 gaping holes in my roof venting out the hot air. It's bliss. Plus soon I'll have a gaping hole in my floor so I can get my super comfortable couch to actually be in my room! YAY! Have a good weekend all.

Also, if you haven't already, go check out all that new FF9 stuff we have... unless you're like me and you're avoiding all FF9 info. Speaking of info, I have an IS update to do later on. Better get on that.

Googleshng "Cool"
Words can not convey how great this is.

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