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Last night my e-mail program started breathing fire at me or somesuch but it's working fine now. Anyway, tomorrow Rob Parton, one of our new New Media staffers will be guest hosting. He knows plenty about the FF series obviously, as well as Star Ocean 2, Legend of Dragoon, Breath of Fire 3, Wild ARMs 2, and Tales of Destiny. There's a few in that list that I've never played, so it should be a good column.

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In the PSX:
Vanguard Bandits
I like mecha!
THis explains a lot.
I love Ultra Relax as well. The answer to why that parody video is screwed up is because it is a parody video! It's based off of the second opening video for Kodomo no Omocha (Child's Toy), an absolutely spastic anime, which has not been brought over commercially to the US. (Some of it is available fansubbed, however.) They really didn't do that much to make it weird, except substitute Eva characters for similar KoDoCha characters, and add in the live action version of existing dancing insanity.

Anyway, if you would like to see the original video, you can find it in several places, some of which have both the original and Eva parodies of both openings. (Yes, there's another parody video with chibi Eva characters!) One place can be found in the "Goodies" secion of

which also has viewable Kodomo no Omocha episodes for you. You can also get tapes of the series from


A few people explained this to me. Now I feel all informed now. Thanks.

LoM stuff
Hello, Googleshng (No funny nicknames! Wow! Super! Ok! This part will probably get cut off! THE AQUABATS ROCK! Ok.)

This is too answer Jason's question about spirits in LoM, but since you usually want some actually material with these questions, I will ask something first. It's also a LoM question. Ok. Do you understand the logic block thing at all with the golems? I've read the Basic Golemology book Prof. Bomb gives you and it makes no sense to me. I am not stupid, it's just VERY confusing. I would like to understand this because the golem thing is really cool. Better than the monster pets. Ok, now to answer Jason's question. There are specific areas in dungeons in which when you enter either; a.)a monster egg will appear; b.)elemental spirits which play music will appear; c.)a battle will happen. Everytime you reenter it will be one of these three things. Hope that helps you out.

Nyoro, "Don't cut off my entire name like Brad did OR I WILL SMACK YOU," Frog of Darkness

Yet more helpful information.

At least you don't command it with a watch.
From what I have played so far of the game its GREAT! I have always loved Shining Force and the thrill of commanding my little people is great. Very interesting how you said to keep your back to the wall I tried to keep my partners covering my back at all times and get close enough to hit them in the back. Plus battles get very tough not as in game over tough, but trying to keep all of your characters alive is not an easy task at all. Just thought i'd comment on how great the game is plus the opening to the game grows on you I suggest you play it some more. Long live the Ultragunner!

Yes, as far as gameplay goes, Vanguard Bandits seems to be right up there with Vandal Hearts. It's not always a simple plane with your guys on one end and theirs at the other. There's fights where one character is surrounded, a fight in the dessert where you can move the normal ammount, but the cost in AP (which is used for moving and attacking, kinda like in FM3) for moving is doubled, you get to use weird tactics like having everyone gang up on a mech they can't hit so it overheats from dodging too much... all very great. Also, am I the only one who sees a lot of similarities between the Ultragunner and Gunbuster?

Good shot Red 2
I just discovered a stunning revelation. But first, a question: Will Biggs and Wedge be included in FFIX? Now for the revelation. The other day I was watching Star Wars (the first one ever released w/ Luke and Han Solo) and the movie was to the part where the Rebels are making their attack run on the Death Star. Everybody had died except Luke and his small squadron of 2 other X-wings. Can you guess what the other pilots' names were? Here's the answer anyway: Biggs and Wedge!!! Holy crap! Is this a coincidence? Are the creators of FF super Star Wars freaks? Or is George Lucas the son of the devil? We need answers!!!


Well, originally Wedge and Biggs are obviously a little Star Wars refence put there either by the designers, or more likely the translator, and after that became something of a running gag. You have to admit, they're great names for disposable troops.

Hello there Children!
Didja notice that the food contest jobbie in "Star Ocean 2" is almost exactly like the Food Network (Yes, I watch food network) show "Iron Chef"? Both have that short guy with a mustache holding a fruit. For those of you who don't know "Iron Chef" is a Japanese cooking show which is a combination of a cooking show, a race, and old Godzilla movies. The dubbing makes it sound messed up. The one guy is like "I SUMMON THE GUINEA FOWL!" and then everyone has to cook with it.

I never got that far in SO2, although I HAVE seen The Iron Chef. That show's just plain cool. Everyone on it acts like everything is a matter of life and death, plus the Iron Chefs look like some kind of screwed up superhero team. As a whole it's strangely hyptotic.

Finally, here's a real question!
Dear Googleshng,

I cant help but notice that the Fan Art section hasn't been updated in a LONG time. Yes, I read the message about her going to AX, but is it normal to be this long? I am hoping to get some pieces of my own up there, so I cant wait. ^_^ You seem to be the answer guy, so please help! Also, I check your site every day, and every day I wonder more and more: Where the @#!$%#^% did you come up with the name Googleshng?!? Its really cool, but what ever made you think of it?

Onto the Rpg question: I have a game enhancer that lets me play all of the in game videos. I was using this on Lunar SSSC, and I found a bromide video of Mia at the bathing springs, and many strange voice-overs....that are not in the game.(no, not the outtakes, but other wierd things) Anyway, It may be that I have just not found the spring for Mia, but what are those voice-over things?


PS(I saw your cats and wondered: do yours ever decide to wake you at 3am by licking your eyelids? mine do. a lot.)

Yes, Lore's basically back now, so she should be updating this weekend wil all that backlog. I wish I'd know she'd be gone so long so I could have covered for her, oh well. The Lunar movie you're talking about sounds like the female hot springs, amazingly difficult to get there. Not sure on weird little sound files, I'd have to hear them. Finally, as for your PS there, no, they don't. Some of them used to wake my mom up that way all the time though. Oh, and Lucifer sucks on people's necks in their sleep... and has fangs twice as long as they should be... and came from Transylvania. Cool huh?


Hey did you know that Weird Al is doing a song for the new Pokemon movie (shudder). The song is called "Polkamon". When the soundtrack comes out ITS NAPSTER TIME.

You know, I wasn't planning to see that movie before, but NOW...

are you troubled by the amount of people that are too broke to get any RPGs?


Not really. I AM surprised that Diablo 2 is so high up, I mean, last time I checked our readers were mainly console oriented.

its not my birthday but post this anyway 8)


No! Wait a sec... DOH!

i use to have a wren action figure that came with one of those mellons

Mmmmmmmmmmm....... manga mellons.

Thanks a lot for that video. It may very well have pushed me off the deep end.

-Makkuro "Tell me people, am I going insane?"

Happy to be of service.

I used the money to buy these cool Alf pogs. Remember Alf? He's back, in pog form.


You sold my soul for POGS?!?

July 6th is my birthday, I will be 18, now if only someone would give me a playstation so that I can play all those nice games...


Too many birthdays lately...

The Last Laugh:

Radisol seems to be getting into a habit.

Nice to have a new daily submitter of pics for down here. I wonder what ever happened to C.C. I was thinking of offering him a job on one of my long term pipe dream projects even. Oh well. Today, as you notice, I was oddly lacking in actual QUESTIONS. Hopefully you'll all send in plenty by tonight for Rob, right?

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