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Googleshng - July 5 '00- 1:00 Eastern Daylight Time

Behold the walking dead. The fireworks hitting my roof MIGHT have started a fire, but the sudden MAJOR storm after put it out if it did. While all this stuff was falling from the sky, I got a whole bunch of really cool quickies, but almost nothing else. In any case, I am going to finish this column BEFORE dawn. Then I am going to sleep. For a very very long time.

On another note, appearently Paws has been getting more or less no reviews. How could that be? You all like Paws, don't you? You all know that Paws posts every review people send her (after a revision of two sometimes) don't you? So, when you finish the column, why not throw some things her way?

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In the PSX:
Legend of Koudelka Bandits
No time to play! 8(
Me? Want to hear about Koudelka?
Hi there. I heard you were wanting some input on this new game. Okay here's the thing I have been talking non stop about it for the last few months BEFORE it came out. When I finally got it and started playing it, I couldn't help but think the wait was worth it. I really really like it. I work at an Electronics Boutique and I have been promoting it as much as possible.
The story line is very good, with a lot of creepy images and unusual souls(literally speaking). At first I didn't like the battles but once I figured out what I was doing it really grew on me. The characters are very interesting and Koudelka is a strong female lead, for all of us female players. The conversations between her and her two male partners can be both interesting and funny at times.
Oh and lets not forget about the movies. They are so vivid and beautiful. It just took my breath away. Okay so maybe this game won't come out top on the lists but it is definetly worth a shot. Believe me, give it a try. You might just find a game you can't put down. Thanks for your time.

Didn't I just say all this yesterday? Oh well, I'm glad to hear I have SOME readers who've played it... and, you do know that it has 3 endings, right?

Vanguard Bandits
Hey buddy,
I just got my tax refund back [ a whopping $41 !!! yippee] and am planning on getting Vanguard Bandits. It's tactical, Xenogears-ish and done by Working Designs, all of these are strong incentives to get it, but...yet, I am unsure. Could you fill me in, my colloidal amigo? Give me the skinny. Or the chubby...errr...nevermind.

p.s. Monkey poop

From the very little I've played, Vanguard Bandits is VERY MUCH worth buying. If you want more info on it, da big boss wrote a review which I haven't read, and a preview which I have, that should be quite informative.

It's the spirit of Ricky Myron!

I'm 11 hours into LoM and I only ran into a spirit only one time, I did get thru the 101 intruments event at 3 hours into the game. how do you get spirits to appear??? I just found out that the instruments are really spirit spells and need some coins! Do you also have any tips for getting spirits to come closer to you?

Jason Swanson

Spirits appear in particular places, I believe whether/which/how often they do so depends on the mana balance in that location. Also, I think you can have 2 instruments playing one sond which works extra well.

People are obsessive at times...
There WAS a Labyrinth action/rpgkindathing. Of course, it was only released in Japan. How stupid is THAT!? An AMERICAN movie gets a JAPANESE game! :P But yeah, it was a Famicom game. You played as Sarah, had 13 hours (where one minute passed every five seconds or so.) You were immortal, so to speak, but whenever you got hit, time got knocked off the clock. It was a weird game.

Actually, I think Labrynth was mostly done in England... a lot of Jim Henson's stuff is. It is odd that the game only came out in japan though, and YES, it is amusing to hear the various songs from the movie converted into NES midis. Technically though, I believe that was just a top view action RPG... I never seriously played it (because emulation is bad m'kay) so I could be wrong... doubt it though. Anyway, literally half my letters today are about the thing.

Name that tune!
Did you notice that the weather song in Zelda 64 is EXACTLY like one of the songs in Willy Wonka. Like note for note exact. Check it out, play the part in WW&tCF where Wonka introduces them to the Candy room. He sings a song about a dream is a wish that the heart makes or something of the such (this is not the rather famous Ompa Lumpa Song). Then play the weather song in Zelda. Exactly the same!


It isn't note for note the same, but now that you mention it, yeah, close enough. It also plays that song at the very end when they're in the elevator.

I ran out of questions, OK?
Ok... so it's 2:28 AM here... Stressed out... talking about stuff in the Staff Channel... and you reccomend.... the ultra relax video.

For those of you who don't know, The Ultra Relax video is kind of a Music video featuring Chibi versions of the EVA characters, and a bunch of Japanese people doing a Macarena-esque dance.


I mean seriously... just watch it. You'll see what I mean. A dinosaur guy dancing around, a bunch of cartoons fraking out. There's one thing this spells out to me.


'nuff said.

oh yeah, I almost forgot.

Why is pocky so damn addicting?

-- Jeff Hagadorn (Gin'Irochi)

Just so you know what we're talking about: Anyway, a bunch of Japanese people doing the Macarena in front of Microsoft HQ, spliced with chibi dancing Eva characters, as a video for one of my favorite songs. If you don't know why that's entertaining, I can't help you. As for why it's screwed up, ask whatever sick depraved freak created it. Finally, Pocky is laced with SOMETHING. I don't know what, but SOMETHING. 8)


Chungolungo, slime! Never speak of Wren again, or get fed to the Krelds!


Noi Jitat! I miss that show so much. 8(

When does Lunar 2 get released? I need to know cause I want my Ghaleon bopping bag... hehe. Anyway, I'm asking 1 question and thats it. Later.

Uh.. some time next month if it isn't delayed.

i see london,
i see france,
i see google's underpants
(the question is whether or not these "underpants" are boxers, briefs, or panties)


If you were actually looking, you'd know.

Am I the only person on the planet to have never seen Willy Wonka??? I never did. My friend almost hit me because I never did. Am I bad???


No, there's one other, but your quickie was quickie sized. Anyway, yes. You are very very bad. Go play Persona in repentance.

whatever happened to alf?

Smeagol ''it hurttsssss''

I seem to recall on the last episode he returned to his home planet... then they made that screwed up cartoon... then like 3 years ago there was this made for TV garbage Alf movie that sucked except for Alf being in it. Yo!

You should have had another choice: o None because I didn't want any of them.

I could have been real stiff and just had the 9th choice be none, but mine's cuter, so 8P


Return of the blank quickie!

The Last Laugh:

Well, there we go. Column on time! Now then, before I drop dead or something I should really get to bed. Been awake since sunday morning. It is currently Wednesday, 4:00 AM. Me sleep long time. You go send reviews to Paws. If you're willing to fix your mistakes, she will post them... although now that I've told 5,000 people that they can get their reviews up on RPGamer more or less guarrenteed, I'm sure she'll change that policy.

Googleshng "Plunkett"
That name is kind of uh... odd.

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