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Googleshng - June 30 '00- 1:00 Eastern Daylight Time

I am VERY impressed with Koudelka's voice acting. This is the first time I have ever heard english speaking voice actors convincingly gasp or scream in anything. There's a lot of that too, because, well, the characters don't exactly get along. Surprisingly enough, I didn't get a single question about Koudelka today though, so I guess I'll just give you the three big facts. I'm REALLY enjoying it. The combat is a bit like FFT. It seems to be short... like, disc 1 took me 2 hours short.

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In the PSX:
Shouldn't take too long.
I am Alph-zzt! zzt!
Gah! My playstation has just turned into a giant paperweight! The cd-rom just started whining every time it had to load something and now it has all but refused to boot up any game at all. I remember vaguely hearing about problems with playstation cd-roms on here before, so I beg help from anyone who sees this! Hmm.. this has to be rpg related you say? okay, well my busted playstation is keeping me from finally trying xenogears (after waiting far too long)
--Ham On Rye--

The traditional way to solve that problem is to turn the PlayStation upside down. The fact that this is common knowledge is kind of sickening if you ask me. If that doesn't work, there are a number of more dependable ways to play PlayStation games. There are emulators available for Macs, PCs, and the Dreamcast, all of which go for something like $50. Then of course the PSX2 is backwards compatable... mostly. The only problem with the first few options is, of course, controllers, but there ARE adaptors.

SaGa Frontier
Hey Google, figured I'd finally write you,
I'm writing in regards to Rei who talked about the similarities between SaGa Frontier (1) and Legend of Mana. These conclusions are very valid, as I noticed the same thing almost instantly. The non-linearity (is that a word) and even character setup is almost identical. I am also one of those people who enjoyed SaGa frontier (1) and am one of the few who can claim that they beat the game (yes my social life is shot hehehehe). To clarify something for you I don't understand where people could say that you had to fight a lot of enemies moving place to place considering their was not even a world map in the game and all traveling was done by a sort of airplane that went place to place, you just selected your destination and ~poof~ you were there. I think that if anyone out there that enjoyed Legend of Manas quirks should go and try out SaGa.

Well theres my plug...
Jared (Dodongo dislikes bad translations) Berbach

Interesting. Well, I know someone who's so disgusted with it that they're sending me their copy, so I guess I'll be able to see for myself then. Now I'm really curious.

Great FF Debate Part 1
I'm really getting tired of people complaining that FF7 and FF8 sucked just because it's not in a "true" Fantasy setting of an old sword and sorcery epic. I happed to like both games (and I disagree on the great Google's comment that FF8's character designs were lame... Squall ruled), and I don't see why giving it a futuristic setting made it unenjoyable. Chrono Trigger is probably one of the greatest games ever made and it had a somewhat furtueistric setting to it, but noone ever complains about that. So did Xenogears. And FF6 in my opinion had alot of advancement in technology other than just airships. It was a bleedin' scientiffic revolution period to me. Just because a game's a ssinged to a certain title doesn't mean the setting has to be exactly the same.

I didn't say FF8's character designs were lame, what I said is that they were a tad dull. Anyway, I myself am always explaining to people that (until now) the technology level has been on the rise throughout the FF series. I'll skip over the NES games because, well, I haven't played enough of them. FF4 gives us large fleets of airships, tanks, even a spaceship and a mech! FF5 shows a little bit of industrialization, particularly in regards of the various cities harnessing the energy of the crystals for their own benefit. FF6 is downright steampunk. FF7 has one technological superpower which is just beginning to start a space exploration program. FF8 is basically the near future, everyone has cars, nice civilized cities, and there's one VERY high tech civilization with a well etablished space station. If FF9 continued this trend, it would have to just go all the way up to Space Opera. If everyone had space ships and stuff, there REALLY wouldn't be any need for Chocobos, and well, can't have that. Plus people REALLY seem to want fantasy settings for their RPGs for some reason.

I was just a little curious, but how many characters will be allowed in your party in: A) Chrono Cross
B) FF9
C) Legend of Dragoon

Also, what did you think about Front Mission 3? My birthday is on the 30th of June and I'm hoping to get it. Thanks a lot, Googleshng.

Andrew Walo
"I will gladly pay you a Q today for an A on the 30th's column."

Happy birthday then. Anyway, the answers are, I believe: 3 4 3. The only one of those I'm sure on is LoD since I have it. As for FM3, well, I found it to be a VERY enjoyable game, so, if you like TRPGs, it's worth picking up.

Great FF Debate Part 2
Dear ogglebooglegoogle

Some people writing to you suck ass, what's aload a rubbish about making RPGs look "realistic". If you want realism, take a walk down the street. RPGs are for escapism, I don't summon a big dragon everytime i get cheesed off at someone (although I wish I could) so no amount of "realistic" *ack* graphics are going to change things. We must have MORE Mogs, MORE chocobos and I have to say complaining about how long a summon animation takes shows up the many people playing these games as extremely FEEBLE. If you're relying on GFs to get you out of a mess all the time, then you shouldn't be playing FACT! (and i can go and make a cup of tea while the KOTR or eden are doing their stuff)

I am looking forward to FF9, i will love it and kiss it and call it george. It will have all the best bits of FF6 (which I'm playing now), FF7 and FF8. Plus hopefully there will be more humour cos FF8 was abit po-faced if you ask me. And it will have Mogs to (did i already mention them?).

soopytwist RPG people

Falsehead (who wishes Celes was real cos..damn she's hot!)

Well, there was some oddness in there, but I think there's a good pont or two. ARGH! I can't take it anymore! It's not Mog it's Moogle! MOOGLE MOOGLE MOOGLE! Still though, FF9 is shortening summons, and the concept of fixed classes REALLY has me drooling. Sure, every other RPG works that way, but for the FFs, having one character who is a black mage, period, for the entire game is almost a first! FF1, you pick your classes, 2 has a use it and it gets better type system I'm told, FF3 you can change classes whenever, FF4 has fixed classes, and there's Polom and Porom, one of which is basically a black mage, 5 has class change, 6 and up everyone can learn almost everything. See why I'm intrigued?

Cave Dwellers

The guy who asked about Chrono Cross being a CT remake isn't really a cave dweller. For example, I work at an EB, and A LOT (say 70%) of people who buy games are just casual gamers. They don't memorize release dates, know who Amano is, or know that most video games come from Japan. In fact, we get at least one person a day ask why we don't have any Super Nintendo games.

Speaking of EB, today was a bear at work. Diablo 2, Icewind Dale, Marvel vs Capcom 2, Kouldeka, Evolution 2, and all sorts of randomness were ALL released today. We had a nearly 3 page call list for Diablo2 pre-buys. It's interesting to note that most of the people who bought D2 also bought the strategy guide WITH the game. Back in my day we got stumped and we LIKED it.

Anyway, Kouldeka is by SNK, which is cool. What are your thoughts? I love SNK, that's why it broke my heart when they left the US. That's why, out of boredom, I whipped up this little tribute.

Finally, the Arc the Lad Collection info page lists the release date as "24.2000" Is this some sort of secret code?


There's basically 2 kinds of people in the world. Cave Dwellers, and Obsessive Freaks. The previous statement has the potential to offend EVERYONE now that I think of it. So, I mean no offense to either (and hey, I've been both). I also don't see why people want strategy guides with games... but then I don't see the point of Game Genies/Sharks either... well, except for overriding import lockouts of course. Technically, Koudelka was developed by Sacnoth (one of the myrad developers who used to be parts of Squaresoft), published by SNK in Japan, and by Infogrames here. So really there's no reason for the SNK logo to be on the packaging like it is. Publishing has some odd rules to it. As for the Arc the Lad collection... uh... the last year of each millenium is twice as long? Yeah so it'll be out this uh... Grektember! OK fine, I'll go fix it.


saw my baby, cryin' hard as babe could cry, what could i do?

I always wondered why the Goblin King was so bored that he kidnapped some loser's brother... well, I guess it is fun to force people to go through your huge maze. 8)

Arrrgggg!!!! Why does Square have to make so many good games?? Every time I finish one, BOOM! There's another one out that I HAVE to have! What's up with that??
Insanerest of AOL

You have a point, but that's not something to complain about!

Is Koudelka really cool? It damn well better be since I just ordered it! ~Janus 0f Zeal~

Oh, HERE'S a Koudelka letter. Well, I love it so far.

Escaflowne's not in the TVGuide for tomorrow. Time will tell, I guess. "I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 10, and I don't know why." -Cantatrix

Me too! Oh, and yeah, August appearently.

Now that you are playing a bunch of games at one time are you starting to get the plots mixed up?

Of course not! Now let me just find a new artifact to open up a location to try to find Koudelka's dragon spirit and find Sydney!

What's your problem goog?
I send you lots of letters
which you never print.

-Adam E.

One hundred letters
In my mailbox every day
I just print sixteen

I think the other Genesis strategy rpg you were thinking of was Herzog Zwei.

No, it was Warsong, I was just trying to remember the Japanese title, because it was the first of a huge series. Langrisser Millenium I think it was. If I'm wrong, tell me, not Brad.

The Last Laugh:

Every day this week, just as I was about to start the column, someone has had something freaky important to tell me. Weird huh? Anyway, I'm going to go play Koudelka now. Bye!

Googleshng "O'Flauherty"
That's a hard one to spell!

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