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Googleshng - June 29 '00- 1:00 Eastern Daylight Time

Koudelka is sitting right here. I'm going to start playing it as soon as I get this column up. Vanguard Bandits isn't here though. My local EB didn't have it in yet. The good news is, I know someone who's won it, don't ask how. So, any questions about Koudelka, Vanguard Bandits, or for that matter LoM, LoD, or anything else can all be answered by me tomorrow. Needless to say, I'm delaying my guest host to next week because of this.

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Chibi Black Mages

You probably already answered a question like that before, but i'll ask anyway. What do you think of FF9 ? What do you think about squaresoft going backwards not only in the genre of game but also in the graphical appearence? There have been many complaints about FF8 being too sci-fi but did that mean to bring back those ugly malformed characters? I think there was other ways to bring back that darned black mage than reducing the quality of the graphics. Also, I have seen FF10's screenshots, and it seems very realistic to me. I find it strange that Squaresoft would take a step back, then forward.

My personnal opinion is that ff9 should be as realistic than ff8... and in a fantastic-medieval setting. But I guess i'll have to go with another ff6. Not that I disliked ff6, it's probably the best in the serie.. but it's getting old! FF9 will be the first of the FF serie that i'll have to rent before I buy... just in case.

The Bloody Maniac

Well, I've been going out of my way to avoid all information about FF9, and Chrono Cross for that matter, because I know I'm going to love them from what little I know, and want the rest to be a surprise. However, from what I have seen, the quality of the graphics is not being reduced AT ALL. The style of the graphics however is changing. FF8 had a very realistic style and setting, and, let's be honest, boring character designs. Vaguely punkish looking guy, cowboy looking guy, 70s-style girl, girl with a blue trenchcape, girl with pick bellybutton revealing vest, ANOTHER vaguely punkish looking guy. Nobody really jumps out at you. FF9 however has Amano doing character designs again, a thouroughly fantasy setting, and fixed classes for the characters. If they tried to make the characters look as realistic as FF8's, it would look like characters with halloween costumes of FF characters. It should also be noted that FF7 and 8 have really disappointed a lot of long time fans of the series, so FF9 is going back to it's roots a bit. Personally, I think all the characters look kinda like muppets, and, well, Muppets are darn cool!

Is Escaflowne really starting on Fox in a few days? Someone needs to post the schedual because I haven't been able to find out when it's going to be shown. This is gonna be so...uh...captivating. In a train-wreck, how-many-episodes-can-they-fuse-together, how-bad-can-they-voice-act, how-badly-can-they-mutilate-the-plot kinda way. It'll be good for a few laughs, anyway.

SLADE "It's a Gundam!"

I know what you mean. I plan to watch Escaflowne on Fox with a morbid curiousity, afterwhich I will probably foam at the mouth for several hours, so I might just get a rant up this weekend. Anyway, commercials on Fox have been labelling tomrrow (Friday the 30th) as Anime Invasion Day. This makes my brain hurt because traditionally, U.S. networks are known for hiding the existance of Japan wherever possible, let alone say the word anime. Anyway, I can't confirm it, but I assume that they'll start showing Escaflowne then, seeing as the rattled off all the anime they have that they're showing and said "and more". I've also heard that the music from Escaflowne will be completely unchanged, and they will show all 26 episodes. My guess is that they're going to stick in a LOT of commercials. Episode 14 will be particularly hard to get past the translators, to my recollection it's just fight, hospitalization, fight. 8) Anyway, if it's not tomorrow, I guess I'll have to look it up.

Am I the only one interesting in Rhapsody: A Musical Advanture? I think it good game for stratrgy fan since about 5 or 6 stratgry game( VH1,2 FM3, Tactic, that other game by Atlus anf some other military game) actually made it to the State. What's you option on it?

You are missing a LOT. There's Shining Force 1-3 and something else the name of which elludes me for the Genesis, Tactics Ogre, FFT, Kartia, Vandal Hearts 1 and 2, Front Mission 3, Vanguard Bandits, Rhapsody, Koudelka surprisingly enough (at least I think, more on that tomorrow), SaGa Frontier 2 contains a lot of tactical fights towards the end, the Arc the Lad trilogy which will be out shortly, and then Rhapsody. Actually, TRPGs are becoming incredibly popular all of the sudden to the point where hardly anyone seems to be making normal RPGs anymore. Maybe that's why LoD seems like such a change of pace. Personally, I think I can get enough of a fix from all this other stuff that I can live without Rhapsody.

SaGa of Mana
Questions for ya:

Tales of Phantasia hasn't been released in the US. Tales of Destiny has. I have Tales of Destiny, and it's great... but Tales of Phantasia? I've heard plenty about it, so if it IS out in the US, I'm gonna go get it...

Also, is it just me, or has anyone else noticed very striking similarities between Legend of Mana and SaGa Frontier? The FIRST one that almost everyone (excluding myself and very few others) hated? Except for the battles, the two games strike me as very, very, very similar... right down to the way each character walks, to the non-linearity of it... The dialogue is better in LoM, of course... But from what I've played of both games, SaGa has more of a story! All 7 of 'em! As far as SaGa 2 (which I also really like)... I think the only similarity there is the map - certain events and places open up only after others in SaGa 2, and events and places open up as you use artifacts in LoM. That's about it... I think the graphics are very different (LoM's are watercolor?)... contrary to popular opinion.

Don't get me wrong, I love LoM... but I loved SaGa Frontier, too. I just think it's somewhat offensive that people LOVE Legend of Mana and HATE SaGa Frontier... when the two games are so similar.

Just my two cents.


Well, I haven't played SF1 (although someone claims they're mailing me a copy) but from what I've heard, the main problem people had with it is having to cross the world, fighting, a LOT. This isn't a problem in LoM, since there are no fights on the world map. As for the graphics, no, LoM isn't watercolored, but it does have that hand drawn look, with a lot of animation in the backgrounds, and that's something you really don't see too much of.

Hi you kind-hearted Google,

I have a couple of questions which I've been dying to get answers for.Please,oh please answer them.(Especially question #6)

1.Did you,or anyone else,get that super big spell with Feena that requiered water and wind at level 99?What's it like?

2.What's your favorite town of all time in any RPG?Lahan is so cool.

3.How could I possibly find the time to beat all those games?I guess what they(I) say is true:"Too much is like not enough."

4.Why don't you give the suikoden series a chance?It's one of the finest series there is.

5.Is Evangelion:The movie available here in America?

6.And finally,have you or one of your readers seen Death and Rebirth of Evangelion and End of Evangelion?Does it explain some more stuff?In my opinion,the last episodes were cool,but there's like something missing between Genesis 0:12 and Genesis 0:13.Words cannot describe how much I like Eva(I like Xenogears above all,but...),and even after watching it all 3 times,there's still a lot of stuff that I don't get.I found this good site( explains a lot of stuff,but I'm still not satisfied.I tell you,I wake up at night because I'm thinking too much of Eva.Help me!


I know of one person or two who actually got that spell, I think, but you'd have to be REALLY bored to get it. Suffice it to say that I won the game without taking a hit from anything, including the last boss, and I didnt get that spell. As for a favorite town in an RPG, that's a tough one. The first Layan town you go to in PS3 has pretty cool music, but I guess I'll have to say Midgar from FF7 actually. I often think how much more interesting FF7 would have been if you never left. Huge enough to set a whole game in it, laid out nicely, and it's conceptually cool. Although I hear one of the towns in FF9 is Alexander(a), and, well, that has a whole Metroplex syndrome going on that I'm already drooling. I will beat all the games I'm getting, because I can write it off as working. Seriously. All my answers in this column come from my own memory. Going to spend today playing Koudelka. I have given the Suikoden series a chance. I played the first, and I didn't particularly like it. Finally, out of the 3 Eva movies (which you can find fansubbed easily enough) I have seen The End of Evangelion. However, asking if they Eva movies explain stuff is like asking if molten lead is a good thing to stick your hands in if you burn them. In other words, NO. There are clips of actual crowded streets (meaning not animated) towards they end. There is a lot of... melting. Everyone is just completely and utterly insane, and many things are reduced to horrific gorey messes. The folks at Gainax started losing it about halfway through making Gunbuster, so by the Eva movies, they're so far gone they're incoherent.

Have you ever noticed that LoD is like...the exact same game as FF7? They even have the same movements (Clouds infamous shoulder shrug). Also, I played the demo and the plot was really lame. They were in some house and the main character told this girl his entire past just because she asked him "What was your past." I think the people who did the story of this game are horrible. If you want a real RPG, go and get Vagrant Story. Now THAT is a game!
-John (sorry this is my cousins ugly font)

Yes, LoD is very much an FF7 clone. It DID take them 3 years to make it, do the math. 8) As for the plot, well, I haven't seen the demo, but if that's the bit I'm thinking of, there is context for it. Still though, LoD has a LOUSY translation, but what I've seen of the plot IS pretty good. As for your final comment, no, Vagrant story isn't a "real RPG", it's an Action/RPG of the Dungeon Crawl variety. I admit it has a darn good plot though... although it isn't really attached to the game, but that's another tangent.


Estuans interius ira vehementi,
Estuans interius ira vehementi,


You know what's really funny? Just before I got this I was talking to someone about how Lloyd is THE WORST name for a character who is, simply put, Sephiroth with a haircut.

I was wondering if Chrono Cross is a remake of Chrono Trigger or if it is a sequel.. Thank you!
-Jamil (A.K.A Roo)

I think I'm going to start passing out Cave Dweller awards. I don't mean any offense by that. Honestly I used to love being able to pick up a game occassionally without knowing anything at all about it. My job doesn't allow it now though. Anyway, as your prize, take this large stick: |, and this answer: Chrono Cross is the sequel to Chrono Trigger. I believe it takes place roughly 18 years after the original (so, the year would be 1018) and involves interdimensional travel. it contains characters from the original, a HUGE cast of characters (over 60), and character designs by Nobuteru Yuuki (SD3, LoM, Escaflowne). That cover it?

For Big Fire!


Who the heck names their daughter FARMER?!?

Itchy. Tasty.

-Simon Von De Ruprecht XIIV

Zombies can use e-mail? Also, you forgot the 4.

Come inside, have a nice cup of tea, meet the mrs.!! ^^


If she'd kept on goin' that way, she'd've gone straight to that castle!

Does its tastes good, my precious?

Needs salt.

About how long is LoD?


45 hours. I've gotten that from few people I know who've won.

The Last Laugh:

There's your column here's Koudelka, I'm going to play it for 6 or 8 hours then come back to answer questions about it. Bye!

Googleshng "Iasant"
These are such great names!

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