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Googleshng - June 28 '00- 1:00 Eastern Daylight Time

Since a couple people seem confused by it, let me just explain the little scheduling adjustment. Basically, Brad started putting his columns up in the mornings, then it sort of dragged into the afternoon, until it was at the point where no column actually went up on Thursday (since I do mine the night before), and 2 went up on Sunday. Anyway, I suddenly noticed that it would work out better for both of us to just switch friday and monday, so, now every column goes up late the night before, Tuesday-Friday is me, and Saturday-Monday is Brad. Very spiffy for everyone, and I'll probably bump guest hosting back to Friday also.

Now then, in theory, Koudelka and Vanguard Bandits will be out today, although chances are I won't actually be able to obtain them until tomorrow. Anyway, I'm going to put everything else on hold a bit and get through those as fast as I can so that I can answer questions about them. Anyway, on with the column.

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I want to be an assassin, just like my dad!
Has anyone not won FF6 by now?

Hey, Googleshm, Googlesnghh...Goodlesam...Uh, hi.

I've a question which you've probably answered in the past, but, well, I didn't see it. :-)

FF6--I've seen many, many, many (ad nauseum) people do everything from hint, to suggest, to come right out and say that Clyde "Shadow" is Relm's father. And, ok. I'll give them that there are clues to suggest a definite tie between the two of them, if not this very one. But, I wonder has Square ever come out with anything official on this matter? One reason I am hesitant to accept this concept (aside from having heard no official word) is that, when equipped on Shadow, the Momento Ring still reads "Departed MOTHER'S love protects from fatal magic attacks," or something darn close to that. The important word being "Mother's." Anyway, if you've any clue about any official comment from Square on this, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.


OK, as far as the Momento Ring goes, FF6's engine is not set up to change item descriptions based on who has them equipped. As for why it's common knowledge that Shadow is Relm's father, there's the fact that he can use the Momento Ring in the first place (hey, maybe she was actually named Mother), Interceptor, Relm showing up where Shadow should if you let Shadow die, and of course all those Inn flashbacks which basically say flat out that he is. 8)

Hand Drawn Pink Stuff
Possible Xenogears Spoilers

Hello hello!
I just got LoM the other day, lucky me! I absolutely love the look of the game, especially the backgrounds. Are there any other games that have that hand-drawn look to them? I thought there were, but now that we're awash in RPG's this summer I can't remember anymore! I guess that's what happens when you overdose on news.
Also, why is it that Elly is one of the most important, powerful people in the world in Xenogears but is given a pink gear with skirts? I mean, even that wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the little hearts that pop up when Vierge whacks something. Even Chu-chu commands more fear than that! It's as mystifying to me as letting Reis from FFT equip only purses as weapons in the Dragoner class. Sure, you can tame dragons and breathe fire, but if they get up close let 'em have it with that fine quality stitching! Argh...
Anywho, have fun with your 10 unwon games, and the many many questions that will be pouring in about them in the upcoming weeks!


The only recent game I can think of that looks like LoM would be SaGa Frontier 2. The entire game is in watercolor, except the sprites. Even at that, I think the monsters might be. As for Elly, well, nobody knows. I just reassure myself that at the beginning of the game, when Elly has her own choice of gear, she's piloting a big evil looking one. Reis on the other hand, well, hard to keep up one's practice with a sword while being a dragon, you know? A purse doesn't need much training.

Short Memory
Dear Great Googleshng

I was just wondering if there were any newer 2 player rpgs out? Because me and a friend get together and play rpgs day and night for about a week and lately we have to take one- hour shifts. We've beaten all the us released ff series and others. We have nintendo super nintedo nintendo 64 sega genesis and playstation can yopu help me out thanx.


Legend of Mana! I'm pretty darn sure I've mentioned the fact once or twice. Not only can you give control of NPCs on your party over to a second person, there's a place where you can load the main character from someone else's game to play with you, and I'm told there's even an arena where you can fight them if you want to. It's all very nice. The second newest multiplayer game I can think of is Tales of Phantasia. Appearently there's an item that let's you control other characters on your party in fights with a second (or third, or fourth) controller.

Button Whamming
Hey what up Goo? I just got legend of dragoon and it seems purdy cool.... BUT, it is like impossible to nail additions consistently. I have only played for about 7 hours, but I am already so sick of messing up additions that I really don't want to play... what I'm wondering is if it gets any easier as you play or is it a pain for the whole game, cause if it is there are plenty of other RPGs out for me to waste my time on at the moment. Why did they make this battle system so annoying?


What's annoying to you is the best part of the game for others. All a question of taste I guess. Anyway, if you absolutely can't get used to the timing on them, which really isn't all that hard, except on those spear ones, there ARE items which, when equipped, make you do them automatically. The catch there is that with the first one, you get half the damage, half the SP, and it doesn't count towards bringing up the level of the addition. There's a better one later on that does full damage and gives full SP, although I'm not sure if it counts towards addition level ups. Finally, even if you flat out can't do additions, and don't pull off a single one the entire game, regular attacks still give you some SP, which means you can still become dragoons, and get up to DL5, it's just going to take you a little longer. Plus don't forget there's Shana, who doesn't deal with the whole mess at all. For you, she'd be a GREAT character.


Hmm, about the 108 thing (Suikoden characters, LoD races). On Hindu prayer beads (japa mala) there are 108 beads. On Christian rosary beads there are 54 beads on the main section (54 * 2 = 108). Anyway, the number 108 figures prominently in religion. I think it figures somewhere into Buddhism as well. Aren't most Japanese people Buddhist? Perhaps that explains it.


Interesting. Then of course there's the story Suikoden is based on, so you can add China to the pile. Very odd, but apearently 108 is a very religious number.

More on 108
108 is a magic number in Oriental thinking. Often all the moves in the kata of a martial arts discipline will add up to 108, too. It comes up in a lot of stuff. I don't know why.
Aren't the fights in Robo awesome? :)

Also interesting. You know, this is the only person who seems to have caught the Giant Robo reference in my title. Watched the whole series this weekend. 8) Oh and yes, they are. By the way, have a tilde: ~


In relation to the EarthBound quote, it's "Fuzzy Pickles," not "Fuzzy Pixels."

Oh yeah, my mistake.

What happened to pics by CC!?!?

Well, C.C. got out of school, then stopped sending them... I guess he's too busy partying.

Hi goog.

I've been playing LoM and when i looked at my diary i noticed the events were not in the order i completed them. Does it matter which order i complete the events?


Nope, it's non-linear.

Stardust is given to a lady with a crying baby. She will give you rare items.

Yeah, and if you get all 50 there's an optional boss.


Isn't Fox starting Escaflowne in like... 2 days? Where's that TV Guide?

One of those cute little sproutlings says it in Dominia, awful blunt thing to say, isnt it?

Here's your tilde: ~ and here's some for the others who got it: ~~~~

Did you say hello?
No, I said allo, but that's close enough.
That was from Dark Crystal! :)
Odd question- pets or golems? Like I can't figure the answer to that...

Actually, it's from Labrynth. Both cool movies. Here's some tildes for the people who caught that: ~

The Last Laugh:

A bunch of people confirmed that yes, much later in the game, Shana doesn't suck quite so much. Good to know. Anyway, turns out I can't get to the mall today, so I'll have to pick up Koudelka and VB tomorrow. Oh well, don't think they've arrived here yet anyway. In other news, someone just offered to sell me Dragon Force and some other Saturn games. Yay! Now I don't have to pay an arm and a leg at Funcoland! Now I'm off to play Legend of Something.

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